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Anti Static Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is a one of the fabricators of numerous anti-static polycarbonate sheet. We have many years of manufacturing experience. We use the finest quality materials for producing high-quality polycarbonate sheet products. We are proud of having the ability to meet precise customer specifications. Send us an inquiry!

Get WeProFab Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheet Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is an environmentally friendly manufacturer of anti-static polycarbonate sheet. We have different kinds of anti-static polycarbonate sheets with good quality, nice service, and reasonable prices.

8mm Anti Static Polycarbonate Sheet

8mm anti-static polycarbonate sheet in Weprofab fully prevents the buildup of contaminants which can cause static charges. WeProFab can provide your 8mm anti-static polycarbonate sheet required.

Anti Static Coating Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-static polycarbonate sheet of Weprofab is useful to prevent dust from accumulating on coated substrates as this can cause serious damages.

Clear Anti Static Polycarnonate Sheet

If you are needing reliable clear anti-static polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, Weprofab is the best choice you have. We are maintaining good characteristics of our clear anti-static polycarbonate sheet.

20mm Anti Static Polycarnonate Sheet

If you want a high-quality anti-static polycarbonate sheet for your brand, WeProFab can offer you a complete solution. All products in Weprofab have been proven in the polycarbonate industry.

Anti Static Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab offered the best anti-static polycarbonate sheet that will keep your brand productivity. We are dedicated to offering custom-made service to own specifications.

Anti Static Polycarnonate Sheet Cut-to-size

Weprofab is always ready to provide an anti-static polycarbonate sheet with your exact and perfect size. We are glad to cut according to the size you needed.

WeProFab: Your Leading Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

WeProFab offers the best anti-static polycarbonate sheet for you. We have a wide range of sizes and styles and we also manufacture in clear or colors.

As an excellent manufacturer,  we offer standard and in good performance of our anti-static polycarbonate sheet. Contact us for more information!

Custom Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Solid Roll Anti Static Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab offers an innovative solid roll anti-static polycarbonate sheet that can be easily customized to meet own specifications. We can help you develop an item to showcase your brand.

Anti Static Solid Plastic Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is the premier source for anti-static solid plastic polycarbonate sheet. Our anti-static solid plastic polycarbonate sheet is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Lexan Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The Lexan anti-static polycarbonate sheets are suitable for outdoors, roofing, skylights, and more applications. These sheets are also functional as they insulate sound and resist impact.

Custom Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

Custom anti-static polycarbonate sheet comes in various colors and designs. They are typically used in office buildings, roofing, and greenhouses. These sheets have UV-protected coatings.

Embossed Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The embossed anti-static polycarbonate sheets are easy to bend, cut, and punch. They have impact-resistant, lightweight, and high-strength features. These sheets are ideal for construction, hotels, and apartments.

Solid Roof Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The solid roof anti-static polycarbonate sheets have strong quality. Their colors and sizes are customizable, depending on your specific requirements.

Coated Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

Coated anti-static polycarbonate sheets have a lighter weight than glass, making them easy to ship, handle, and install. They provide up to 90% light transmittance.

Transparent Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The transparent anti-static polycarbonate sheets are suitable for construction applications. They can withstand even harsh weather conditions, making the sheet ideal for outdoor applications.

Anti-Static Dissipative Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-static dissipative polycarbonate sheets guarantee about 10 years not yellowing. These sheets provide about 18% to 82% light transmission. They feature flame-retardant, perfect for sunroom applications.

Anti-Static Marble Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-static marble polycarbonate sheets feature excellent mechanical functions and perfect vacuum formation. They have glossy surfaces. These sheets come in various designs and patterns.

Anti-Static Farmhouse Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-static polycarbonate sheets for farmhouses are durable and coated with UV-protected layers. These sheets save energy and have a lightweight structure.

Anti-Static Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-static fireproof polycarbonate sheets are available in various colors to suit your applications. They are produced using molding and cutting processes.

Honeycomb Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

Honeycomb anti-static polycarbonate sheets have modern styles. They are applicable for skylights, hotels, awnings, and roofings. These sheets are available in various thicknesses.

Flexible Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The flexible anti-static polycarbonate sheets have lightweight and weather resistance features. They are easy to install, ship, and handle. These sheets are perfect for roof terraces. 

Corrugated Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

Corrugated anti-static polycarbonate sheets have 99% Ultraviolet ray filters. They have about 12% to 88% light transmittance. These sheets are perfect for roofs, advertising roofs, sheds, and more.

Greenhouse Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The greenhouse anti-static polycarbonate sheets are available in multiple sizes, suitable for your applications. Request your customized colors and thicknesses!

Anti-Static Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-static hollow polycarbonate sheets have milky white, tawny, royal blue, silver, and more color selections. These sheets have strong shock resistance, making them not easy to break.

Anti-Static Electricity Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-static electricity polycarbonate sheets are ideal for machine guards, skylights, and roofing applications. They usually have anti-fog and anti-scratch surface coatings.

Extrusion Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The extrusion anti-static polycarbonate sheets are practical for food and health facility applications. They are perfect for lighting and have high-impact resistance properties.

Multi-Wall Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-static multi-wall polycarbonate sheets are applicable for bus stop shelters, riot shields, and more outdoor applications. They have a multi-wall shape, allowing them to withstand strong impact.

Twin Wall Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-static twin wall polycarbonate sheets are suitable for awnings, carports, and skylight utilization. They isolate sound and provide the needed level of light transmittance.

Frosted Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

Frosted anti-static polycarbonate sheets diffuse lights. These sheets are suitable for offices, schools, and business buildings. Transparent, white, and your requested colors are available.

Dust Free Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The dust-free anti-static polycarbonate sheets are perfect for workshops. They come in numerous colors and size ranges. These sheets typically have frosted or glossy surfaces.

Anti-Static Pet Case Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-static polycarbonate sheets for pet protection are durable and long-term. They have outstanding surface hardness, transparency, and chemical resistance characteristics.

Insulation Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The insulation anti-static polycarbonate sheets are processed by cutting and molding. They are suitable polycarbonate sheet that insulates heat, perfect as partitions.

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Why Weprofab Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is a professional anti-static polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in China.

We manufacture the best and up to date anti-static polycarbonate sheet to our valued customers.

We are the anti-static polycarbonate sheet manufacturer that can make a different kind of anti-static polycarbonate sheet for you.

We strictly control the quality of the anti-static polycarbonate sheet.

WeProFab offered you an excellent anti-static polycarbonate sheet base on your own design.

WeProFab is one of the best OEM anti-static polycarbonate sheet manufacturers.

Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheet

Our full capacity of fabrication can support OEM different kinds of anti-static polycarbonate sheet.

We can cut your required materials efficiently and accurately.

Most of our clients prefer an anti-static polycarbonate sheet because it has the ability to prevent the formation of contaminants which can cause damage charges.

At this time it’s not easy to find a reliable anti-static polycarbonate sheet manufacturer with a reasonable price, WeProFab is the right one for you.

Weprofab focusing on customers requiring custom; sizes, colors, finishes and custom material combinations.

We pride ourselves in providing product and materials management solutions fitting any application and budget.

Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheet

We work for you offering a range of fabrication of components.

We are your choice for custom and specialty fabrication, satisfying all customers, handling all products.

Since we have full capabilities in plastic fabrication, we can give some advice that you may use in your business.

Weprofab is your one-stop solution in all of your anti static polycarbonate sheet needs.

If you are interested in our anti static polycarbonate sheet, contact us now.

Antistatic Polycarbonate Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know probably you would like to import or learn more about the antistatic polycarbonate sheet.

This guide is for you – to teach and make you an expert in various aspects of the antistatic polycarbonate sheet.

It covers everything, from the basic definition, production, properties to features, amongst others.

Let’s learn more together:

What is Antistatic Polycarbonate Sheet?

It is a special polycarbonate sheet with antistatic (ESD) coating on the outer surface.

This coating prevents the generation and buildup of static charges or electricity.

Anti-static polycarbonate sheet

Antistatic polycarbonate sheet

Typically, the antistatic coating is permanent.

However, depending on the use, it may degrade after some time.

In most cases, an antistatic polycarbonate sheet is also called an electrostatic dissipative polycarbonate sheet.

The good thing about this antistatic property is that it does not affect other performance features of the polycarbonate sheet.

Which Industries use ESD Polycarbonate Sheet?

Polycarbonate box with anti static properties

Polycarbonate box with antistatic charge properties

Manufacturing and assembly industries commonly use this type of polycarbonate sheet, since it is resistant to turbocharging under all circumstances.

In the electrical and electronic industry, it reduces possible losses of electrostatic discharge from various electronic components.

Also, you can use cases made from antistatic polycarbonate sheets to store components that are sensitive to electrostatic charges.

Furthermore, you can use an antistatic polycarbonate sheet on floors.

Additionally, the oil and gas industry uses it in regions with highly flammable substances.

Such substances may explode as a result of electrostatic charges build up.

In the food and beverage industries, it is suitable where high hygiene standards is a priority.

This is because the antistatic polycarbonate sheet will not attract contaminants.

In the textile industry, the ESD polycarbonate sheet applies mainly in machine rolls, dryer casings, and fabrics, among others.

It helps to reduce static discharge defects.

This material is common in the construction sector for designing a cleanroom plant for the semiconductor industry.

In the aviation industry, this antistatic material is best for preventing static buildup on equipment surfaces and floors.

Is Antistatic Polycarbonate Sheet suitable for Outdoor use?

Absolutely yes.

This material has numerous properties that make it ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications.

For instance, it has excellent weather resistance.

This makes it stable in most weather conditions.

It is flame retardant; therefore, it does not burn quickly even when there fire outbreak.

Another property is flame retardant.

Normally, this vital since it confirms that an antistatic polycarbonate sheet cannot burn quickly to a certain level.

The impact resistance of this material is also excellent hence preventing it from shattering as well as reducing the risk of damaging the sheet.

Moreover, an antistatic polycarbonate sheet also has excellent clarity, which is critical, especially for applications that would never require visual distortion.

In simple terms, this material is highly suitable for several outdoor applications.

Anti-static polycarbonate sheet

 Antistatic polycarbonate sheet

Does Antistatic Polycarbonate Yellow in the sun?

Not necessarily.

Modern antistatic polycarbonate sheets have improved UV resistant coating.

Also, this is essential in preventing discoloration and yellowing in the sun.

Often, what could cause yellowing of polycarbonate sheets in the sun is its exposure to sunlight for an extended period.

In such instances, the UV rays tend to get directly into the sheet hence causing some form of discoloration or yellowing.

But in this case, it would be difficult since the antistatic polycarbonate material is coated with anti UV treatment.

Furthermore, this blocks them from getting into the surface of the material, thus preventing possible yellowing.

How Flexible is ESD Polycarbonate Sheet?

It is highly flexible, both concerning uses and fabrication.

This is the reason why it is common in many applications.

For instance, it is easy to bend polycarbonate to fit virtually any configuration.

Moreover, you can bend the antistatic polycarbonate sheet without breaking it.

It is flexible, and you can manipulate the polycarbonate sheet into any shape.

Also, the polycarbonate sheet can as well be used in a wide range of applications.

In other words, it is not limited to a particular or merely a few uses.

And for that reason, it makes it quite clear that this material is highly versatile.

Is Antistatic Polycarbonate Shatter-resistant?

Most definitely.

It does not shatter easily.

This because it has excellent impact resistance, which makes it ideal, particularly when it comes to safety.

How do you make Polycarbonate Sheet Antistatic?

Like most plastics, the process of manufacturing the antistatic polycarbonate sheet is systematic.

It involves:

i. Choosing high-quality polycarbonate material, which may be available pellets ( It can be recycled or virgin polycarbonate)

ii. Investing in the high-quality plastic sheet extrusion machine

iii. Test the quality of polycarbonate pellets

iv. Pour polycarbonate pellets into the machine hopper

v. Configure the machine to produce the right thickness of the polycarbonate sheet and initiate the process

vi. Apply the antistatic or ESD coating on the polycarbonate sheet. Remember, this coating offers a permanent solution to the electrostatic charge problem.

Is ESD Polycarbonate Sheet safe?


ESD polycarbonate is one of the safest materials that you can use in many applications.

It naturally reduces static electricity, which goes a long way in protecting or containing flammable gases or liquid.

Now, this is essential since it helps in creating a somewhat safe environment, especially in the manufacturing and industrial set-up.

Additionally, it helps in protecting kids from electric shock, especially at home should they come in contact with different home appliances.

In other words, this material is quite safe.

What is the Alternative Material for Antistatic Polycarbonate Sheet?

The ideal alternative material for the ESD polycarbonate sheet ought to be an antistatic acrylic sheet.

Whether in sheet or film form, PMMA appears like an excellent substitute for this material.

This material is quite economical and easy to machine both for antistatic applications and aesthetics.

Anti static acrylic sheet

Antistatic acrylic sheet

The antistatic acrylic sheet offers a better alternative to polycarbonate sheets, especially where extreme strength is not a necessity.

This material is also lightweight, just like polycarbonate, and also has a high resistance to impact.

However, antistatic acrylic sheet, in most cases, appear as either translucent or opaque.

The fact that it is also relatively easy to fabricate also makes it a suitable substitute for polycarbonate sheets.

You can bend this material into any particular shape merely by heating it.

And, the great thing about it is that it still maintains its strength upon cooling.

Moreover, just like the polycarbonate sheet, the PMMA sheet also offers permanence and thus not susceptible to humidity.

It also has exceptional resistance and strength to abrasions as well as chemicals.

And for that reason, you can see it is a perfect alternative material for antistatic polycarbonate, especially if you cannot afford the latter.

Does Antistatic Polycarbonate Scratch Easily?


In comparison with other alternative materials, it seems to be more sensitive to scratches.

This polycarbonate sheet has an anti-scratch substance as a coating, which makes it quite difficult to scratch.

However, you need to maintain antistatic polycarbonate properly to ensure it remains scratch-free.

But without the anti-scratch treatment, this material will always be susceptible to scratching.

The good thing, even so, is that you can choose to remove the scratches using recommended substrates.

This will restore it to the original form.

What are the Characteristics of the Antistatic Polycarbonate Sheet?

Some of the main characteristics include:

Better Anti-scratch Properties

The essence of the ESD polycarbonate sheet is to provide adequate antistatic protection.

Otherwise, it remains unimportant.

For optimum efficacy, this material must have excellent surface resistance elements.

What this means is that – it must have sufficient numbers to determine the possible buildup of static charge on any provided surface.

Excellent Clarity

It is also crucial for this material to be transparent.

Naturally, it allows ideal light transmission, which is critical, especially in applications that require high visibility.

So this property is vital since it helps in reducing visible distortion.

Resistance to Humidity

ESD polycarbonate material has ideal humidity independent static charge control.

It is a critical element since it helps in avoiding the inconvenience that revolves around maintaining high levels of humidity.

It also helps in preventing possible damage that might arise from such humidity.

Superior Flame Retardant Properties

This material is also flame retardant, which helps provide additional protection for the component when exposed to fire.

High Surface Resistivity

The ESD polycarbonate sheet has a surface resistivity of 106 – 108 ohms per square.

Now, this is essential because it helps in providing for antistatic control without necessarily the need for ionization.

Chemical Resistance

A suitable antistatic polycarbonate sheet must have excellent resistance to chemical and organic materials.

In other instances, the coating might come in contact with numerous chemicals frequently, depending on the application and end-user setting.

In such instances, chemical degradation might eat up the protective layer, albeit gradually.

And in the end, it eliminates the antistatic properties of the material.

For that reason, a quality and highly effective ESD polycarbonate sheets have to offer outstanding resistance to chemicals.

Impact Resistance

It enhances the durability of the material and application in general.

Also, it makes the surface hard hence reducing possible risks of damaging the sheet.

Additionally, excellent impact resistance also helps in providing exceptional shatter resistance, which is ideal for safety.

How does Antistatic Polycarbonate compare to Antistatic PMMA acrylic?

Both of these materials tend to share quite a lot of properties, thus the reason you can substitute one for the other in many applications.

For instance, they are both lightweight, which is critical.

This makes it possible for you to handle and maintain them easily.

The other similarity is that both polycarbonate and PMMA antistatic coatings offer permanent solutions.

What it means is that they are not affected by humidity at all.

Both PMMA and polycarbonate antistatic sheets have incredible chemical resistance.

Additionally, they are also excellent impact resistance.

However, polycarbonate is seemingly more durable than PMMA and can handle more pressure without breaking than PMMA.

PMMA and polycarbonate antistatic sheets are both easy to fabricate.

You can choose to thermoform, mold, machine, drill, or route, among others.

Polycarbonate antistatic material is seemingly more sensitive to scratch compared to PMMA antistatic material.

You need to take great care of antistatic polycarbonate to prevent it from scratching, which compromises its aesthetic value.

The other difference is that PMMA is quite affordable than Polycarbonate.

PMMA is a bit cheaper hence relatively common in most applications compared to polycarbonate sheets.

The fact that it can substitute antistatic polycarbonate in several applications at an affordable rate is a clear indication for its widespread use.

Are there Size and Thickness Limitations when it comes to ESD Polycarbonate Sheet?

Different thickness of antistatic polycarbonate sheet

 Different thickness of antistatic polycarbonate sheet

Not necessarily.

The size and thickness limitations for ESD polycarbonate sheet is entirely dependent on the application.

What it means here is that different applications require different size and thickness of this material.

Some particular applications or projects would require relatively thin and small sheets.

Also, some would, on the other hand, require thick and larger sheets of this material.

Therefore, you’ll need to assess your project to find out the right size and thickness of this material.

This is key before going ahead to choose a particular material.

Does Antistatic Polycarbonate Sheet Block UV?

Most definitely. ESD polycarbonate sheet blocks UV radiation to a great extent.

In most instances, you’ll find that an antistatic polycarbonate sheet has an anti-UV substrate.

The coating process takes place during the manufacturing process.

It helps in preventing the penetration of UV rays into and beyond the surface hence protecting the component from the UV radiation.

For that reason, it is suitable for safeguarding artworks and applications that exhibit UV radiation.

What are the Disadvantages of Antistatic Polycarbonate?

First, ESD polycarbonate material is quite expensive.

This limits its usage since many people would instead opt for other alternatives such as ESD PMMA sheet, which apparently can also offer similar features for their applications.

The other disadvantage is that antistatic polycarbonate seems to be more susceptible to scratches in its natural form.

It will thus require you to treat it using anti-scratch coating as a way of reducing or eliminating its susceptibility to abrasion.

What this implies is that you’ll need to spend an extra amount of money as well as time to achieve this.

This material requires a high level of maintenance.

It thus implies that you need to give it the necessary attention if you have to benefit from it.

In some instances, ESD polycarbonate material seems to discolor or turn yellowish.

Well, this might happen after exposure to sunlight for a long time.

Even so, it compromises the appearance of the material hence reducing the aesthetics of the application.

How do you Clean Antistatic Polycarbonate Sheet?

It is quite easy to clean the ESD polycarbonate sheet.

But while at it, you need to ensure that you do not scratch it.

Here is the best way to do it;

Colored anti-static polycarbonate sheet

Colored antistatic polycarbonate sheet

  • Take lukewarm water and use it in rinsing the antistatic polycarbonate sheet.
  • Then wash the sheet using a combination of mild soap and lukewarm water
  • Take a soft piece of cotton cloth and use it to clean the sheet in an up and down motion.
  • Rinse the piece of cloth and at the same time ensure that you change the water
  • Repeat the rinse and then dry it using a soft cloth to prevent water from spotting.

Is ESD Polycarbonate Sheet safe to Laser Cut?


You can use a laser cutting machine to cut the ESD polycarbonate sheet to the required size.

It is even recommended since this method helps in enhancing accuracy and speed at the same time.

Therefore, you’ll notice that you’ll at the end of the cutting have accurate measurements of the cut piece.

It will only take a short time to achieve this process.

How do you Trim Antistatic Polycarbonate Sheet?

An ideal and recommended approach of trimming the ESD polycarbonate sheet is by using a laser cutting machine.

This machine uses computer software, which is integrated to ensure that it trims the sheet to the required piece.

Can you apply other Coatings on Antistatic Polycarbonate Sheet?

Most definitely.

It is an ideal method because it enables you to customize the antistatic polycarbonate sheet to meet your requirements.

Ideally, some of the conventional coating treatments that you can apply include anti-fog coating, anti-scratch coating, anti-UV coating, and anti-reflective coating, among others.

All these coatings and many more are necessary for ensuring that you attain the best results when using an antistatic polycarbonate sheet.

How much does Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheet cost?

The price of antistatic polycarbonate sheets often varies depending on numerous factors.

In most instances, the price depends on the thickness and size of the material that you are purchasing.

However, you’ll notice that the cost will also vary from one region to another, depending on other factors such as shipping costs and related taxes.

The most important thing here, nonetheless, is ensuring that you shop this item from reliable suppliers such as WeProFab.

This way, you’ll be able to get the best deals and quality antistatic polycarbonate sheets suitable for your varied applications.

With this information, you should be able to choose high quality and solid antistatic polycarbonate sheet.

Still, if you find it challenging to go about the process, feel free to contact WeProFab Team.

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