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Polycarbonate Stickers

WeProFab is a superior polycarbonate sticker manufacturer in China. We have polycarbonate stickers with different uses. We are supplying stickers and customizing based on what the customers demand. You can design your polycarbonate stickers. Message WeProFab now!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Stickers to Delight Your Customers

As a polycarbonate sticker manufacturer, WeProFab always ensures to delight customers. We ensure our stickers supplied fitted on your requirements. WeProFab fully supports to those who connect a great relationship with us.

Commercial Polycarbonate Stickers

WeProFab created polycarbonate stickers for commercial use or applications. WeProFab is a trusted sticker manufacturer with excellent and tops graded materials.

Custom Polycarbonate Stickers

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer since we are able to customized demands from our customers. Our polycarbonate stickers are affordable to purchase at any time.

Industrial Polycarbonate Stickers

We also have created polycarbonate stickers for industrial applications. You can select what your project demand like branding, wholesaling, or even for your factory business.

Polycarbonate Glossy Stickers

You can orders polycarbonate stickers in a glossy type. WeProFab will custom all your orders based on what you requested. We offer an acceptable price for  polycarbonate stickers.

Polycarbonate Matte Stickers

WeProFab polycarbonate matte stickers are durable and cost-effective when it comes to finding a better quality. WeProFab offers ensured the business you have will be successful.

Standard Polycarbonate Stickers

We have standards of polycarbonate stickers. It is fitted to your applications and needs. We are the leading sticker provider in China perfect for you to trust.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Sticker Manufacturer

As an ISO 9001 certified polycarbonate sticker supplier, WeProFab provides and supplies polycarbonate stickers for labeling, branding, and a lot of uses and purposes. WeProFab is a joint-venture company of WeeTect Material Limited and also a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer.

In this industry, fabricating polycarbonate stickers are very easy through advanced and modern technology we have. We have the complete facility which helps us easy to create any shapes, etc.

We, WeProFab follow all the standards and possible processes in manufacturing products like stickers. We are 20 years of supplying effective and durable polycarbonate stickers and supply them around the world.

Custom Polycarbonate Stickers to Boost Your Business

Polycarbonate Branding Stickers

WeProFab created different stickers for branding. It is affordable for many ways and accessible in many shapes, colors, and prints. Choose suitable stickers for your applications.

Polycarbonate Instruction Stickers

At WeProFab, you can request your ideal polycarbonate stickers customizations. Stickers are offered at a cost that helps save a budget.

Polycarbonate Labeling Stickers

WeProFab polycarbonate stickers are popular for branding or labeling. It is durable polycarbonate stickers with a water-resistant abilities to keep it new.

Polycarbonate Personalized Stickers

We, WeProFab can sustain the client’s business needs. You can request WeProFab to personalize your polycarbonate sticker orders.

Polycarbonate Printed Stickers

You can send polycarbonate stickers prints based on your brand and layout. This is high-quality and cost-effective for any project and business.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Stickers

WeProFab is the superior distributor and manufacturer of polycarbonate stickers in China. Polycarbonate stickers can be applicable for many applications like overly, nameplates, keypad labels, and home appliances.

WeProFab created polycarbonate stickers in many features that you could benefit from. We have different resistance like impact resistance. We also have polycarbonate stickers for great thermal properties. It is attainable with a vibrant color that is fitted on business because of great adhesive capabilities.

WeProFab can customize every customer’s desired features, shapes, colors, and prints. We can support whether your polycarbonate stickers are needed for wholesale, supply, retail, and any business.

Polycarbonate Stickers

There are polycarbonate glossy and matte colors for stickers. It is available in a wide range of needs. Choose various sizes, shapes, customizations, and more. WeProFab polycarbonate stickers are available in stylish and attractive for any applications for this.

If you order polycarbonate stickers, WeProFab ensures the packaging and the smooth process. Through our staff that supports from different services, we can give a lot of effective polycarbonate sticker’s suggestions. WeProFab is online 24/7 to focus on customer’s request.

WeProFab manufactured many thicknesses for polycarbonate stickers. It depends on your orders. You’re free to demand your ordered quantity for polycarbonate stickers.

Polycarbonate Stickers

If you have owned a factory if you are manufacturing, or branding, WeProFab polycarbonate stickers are unique and most durable to apply. We can deal with you smoothly for the applications.

Send us your drawing for polycarbonate stickers so we can custom it for you.

WeProFab polycarbonate stickers are a tear-proof, high-quality, great strength, and long-lasting. It has also fine finish offers which surely sustain every customer’s needs.

What are you waiting for! WeProFab is the best and right choice if needed an amazing polycarbonate sticker. Deal with us immediately and have our affordable and budget-saving polycarbonate stickers. Send an inquiry!

Polycarbonate Stickers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Polycarbonate stickers are pieces of plastic film with written or printed information or symbols usually affixed to different material surfaces.

These stickers are largely used in various applications, and they come in different styles and sizes.

This article covers numerous features regarding polycarbonate stickers used in day-to-day activities.

Take a look:

What Are The Available Textures For Polycarbonate Stickers?

polycarbonate stickers

polycarbonate sticker

You can find polycarbonate stickers in a wide range of surface finishing.

The common ones, however, include the following;

  • Clear glossy polycarbonate surface texture
  • Matt black surface finish
  • Brushed polycarbonate surface finish
  • Velvet textured finish

Nevertheless, you can also go for a customized surface finish that meets the specific conditions of your application or your preference.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Polycarbonate Materials For Making Stickers?

Ordinarily, polycarbonate as a base material for making different stickers provides a host of benefits.

Of course, this is vital, and it is the key reason it is becoming more popular in several modern-day applications.

Some of the notable advantages of polycarbonate stickers include the following;

  • Guarantees excellent optical clarity and cleanliness, which is a fundamental aspect of most of its applications.
  • You can easily print on the surface material of polycarbonate sticker and attain clear images.
  • It offers immense dimensional stability thus can withstand various applications where temperature fluctuation is a concern.
  • You can find it in plenty of finishes, which can effectively hide scratches.
  • It is available in Hardcoat, and this enhances the ability of this material to resist abrasion, making it scratch-resistant.
  • Exhibits incredible chemical resistance, dielectric properties, and thermal stability range.
  • The surface material is relatively soft; thus, you can easily cut it into size and still attain clean edges.
  • It features strong mechanical strength and puncture resistance making it quite durable.
  • You can find it in different versions, including flame-retardant and medical grades recognized by a wide range of quality standard certification agencies.
  • It offers low moisture absorption and is easily embossed.
  • You can use it in various applications and still attain desired results since it is immensely versatile.

What Is The Suitable Material Thickness For Polycarbonate Stickers?

The precise thickness of polycarbonate stickers varies based on a number of factors.

In many cases, a suitable material thickness for such stickers should offer perfect efficiency in the specific application.

Therefore, it is recommended to determine the specific needs of your particular application to establish the right material thickness of the sticker to use.

Nevertheless, most applications usually use polycarbonate stickers with material thickness ranging from 0.05” to 0.3”.

In some instances, you may find applications using polycarbonate stickers with a thickness size of 0.5”.

Besides, you can always get polycarbonate stickers with customized wall thickness based on what suits your application needs.

For instance, if your application involves curved surfaces, you may decide to get a specific thickness that guarantees its efficiency.

Also, applications, which are prone to moisture and heat may require a relatively thick material surface.

It is the reason there is no definitive thickness size for polycarbonate stickers.

Instead, your application demands dictate the specific ideal thickness size.

What Features Make Polycarbonate Stickers To Stand Out?

Polycarbonate stickers tend to be quite unique in various aspects, making them quite popular nowadays.

Ideally, this is attributed to its many features such as the following;

  • Non-corrosive – It can never react with any substance; thus, you are certain its surface material will never corrode.
  • Paperweight – Polycarbonate stickers are extremely lightweight since they are thin.
  • Waterproof – It prevents moisture or water from permeating through the surface, guaranteeing safety and efficiency, especially in moisture-laden applications.
  • Strong – The surface material of polycarbonate stickers can withstand abuse and aggressive handling without wearing out easily.
  • Weather resistance – It exhibits immense resistance to numerous weather conditions such as high temperature among others.
  • Malleable – Polycarbonate stickers are soft and flexible, making them easy to print, color and infuse different details into it.

What Customization Options You Can Get In Polycarbonate Stickers?

Technically, selecting polycarbonate stickers for your specific needs enables you to customize them entirely depending on your needs.

Since you can easily print almost anything on the surface material of polycarbonate, it means you can easily customize it accordingly.

Thus, an ideal customization option you may explore is printing texts, logos and symbols on the surface of this film.

Moreover, you can use different graphics on polycarbonate stickers as a way of customizing them.

Another perfect customization idea you may integrate is designing a polycarbonate sticker in custom shapes.

 customized polycarbonate stickers

ustomized polycarbonate sticker

Essentially, this involves crafting the sticker to yield specific shapes that are quite different from the ordinary ones.

Also, you may add different color shades on the surface of polycarbonate sticker to give you a vibrant finish.

You may also include barcodes or have cutouts incorporated into polycarbonate stickers used in different panels and gadgets.

Besides, you may choose to include other business or company details such as addresses and contact information.

In a nutshell, since polycarbonate stickers are malleable, it means you can easily use different ideas to customize them.

How Do You Stick Polycarbonate Stickers?

Most polycarbonate stickers are easy to stick on different surfaces since they are designed with self-adhesive.

When sticking such polycarbonate stickers, you only need to peel off the paper covering the adhesive then stick it on the surface.

It is the easiest and straightforward method you can use, and it guarantees solid bonding.

However, there are others that you need to apply different adhesives to stick on various surfaces.

In this case, you need to apply a thin film of the recommended adhesive substance on the back of the polycarbonate sticker.

You’ll then stick the sticker on the respective surface then give it adequate time to air dry for the surfaces to bond.

Mostly, it is recommended to use clear polycarbonate adhesive when sticking these materials on different surfaces.

Are Polycarbonate Stickers Durable?


The primary material used for making these stickers displays incredible strength features.

It, therefore, implies that it can withstand different harsh conditions such as aggressive handling and abuse.

Besides, polycarbonate stickers have low moisture absorption, incredible puncture resistance and good chemical resistance.

In a nutshell, this material can endure all possible harsh conditions it is likely to be subjected to.

As such, it means it can last for many years while guaranteeing efficiency and reliability in its different applications.

However, the precise longevity of polycarbonate stickers in many instances varies based on the actual application.

Simply put, different applications where polycarbonate stickers are used tend to exhibit various conditions.

Some are relatively mild, whereas others tend to be quite aggressive or abusive.

Therefore, the specific conditions of such applications determine the precise durability of this material.

Besides, the quality grade of the material used for making the polycarbonate sticker is an essential determinant of actual durability.

Stickers made from high-quality polycarbonate material grade will significantly outlast those designed from inferior materials.

What Is The Difference Between Polycarbonate Sticker And Polycarbonate Overlay?

Polycarbonate sticker is generally a thin film thermoplastic material, which contains symbols and information.

 polycarbonate sticker

polycarbonate sticker

This sticker is usually affixed on different surfaces of a product or component, or container.

On the other hand, polycarbonate overlay refers to a thin material layer containing printed graphics serving as visual indicators for human-machine interfaces.

Usually, they are designed to cover and different control and visual elements, mostly in machine interfaces.

 polycarbonate overlay

polycarbonate overlay

Can You Choose Adhesive For Polycarbonate Stickers?


The type of adhesive you can choose depends on the specific sticker you are using and the surface where you pin them.

Therefore, it implies the best choice of adhesive is wholly at your discretion.

Ordinarily, the types of adhesives for polycarbonate stickers are numerous to select from.

Some are designed for textured polycarbonate stickers, whereas others are manufactured for smooth surfaces.

How Do You Make Polycarbonate Stickers?

It is a relatively straightforward process, which requires hi-tech printers to execute flawlessly.

The process begins with designing the stickers to include the style and details.

After the artwork, the ideal background color is determined and integrated onto the back of clear polycarbonate material.

The polycarbonate material is then printed, and pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to the back of the sticker.

Afterwards, the polycarbonate stickers are cut to their respective shapes and sizes depending on the projected application.

What Are The Available Print Colors For Polycarbonate Stickers?

You can find polycarbonate stickers in as many print colors as possible.

Of course, this is significant because it enables you to choose the specific color, which suits your needs.

Ideally, the wide range of print colors available also allows you to enhance the aesthetics of the stickers.

In essence, this is an important aspect, especially for marketing purposes, since colorful stickers attract immense attention.

Nonetheless, the most common print colors for polycarbonate stickers include; gold, silver, Pantone color and spot color.

Besides, you can get customized print colors for your stickers, which resonate with your business or corporate colors.

What Is The Maximum Temperature Range Polycarbonate Stickers Can Withstand?

It varies based on the actual type of polycarbonate material grade used for making the stickers.

Also, it depends on the actual surface coating treatments and additives integrated into the stickers during manufacturing process.

However, most stock polycarbonate stickers can endure a temperature range from negative 80 to 250 degrees centigrade.

Therefore, it is fundamental always to figure out the specific environmental conditions of the applications you are about to use these stickers.

Where Can You Use Polycarbonate Stickers?

Polycarbonate stickers are widely used in various industries to provide different labeling solutions.

Ordinarily, this is important because it guarantees you efficiency in ensuring you attain best results.

Here are the common uses of polycarbonate stickers in different sectors;

  • Construction tools and equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Warning labels
  • Control panels, graphic overlays and nameplates
  • High heat applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Barcode labels
  • Parking decals
  • Factory and machinery labels
  • Prime product labels

What Are The Common Designs Of Polycarbonate Stickers In The Market?

They are available in different styles but mostly depending on the specific manufacturer you are purchasing from.

In essence, the commonly available polycarbonate stickers from WeProFab you can find around include the following;

  • Custom polycarbonate stickers
  • Commercial polycarbonate stickers
  • Industrial polycarbonate stickers
  • Polycarbonate glossy stickers
  • Standard polycarbonate stickers
  • Polycarbonate matte stickers
  • Polycarbonate branding stickers
  • Polycarbonate instruction stickers
  • Reverse printed polycarbonate stickers
  • Polycarbonate stickers with sub-surface printing
  • Polycarbonate labeling stickers
  • Polycarbonate printed stickers

Will Polycarbonate Stickers Wrinkle?

Not necessarily.

Polycarbonate material used for making these stickers has excellent tensile and mechanical strength.

Thus, it can withstand different levels of mechanical pressure without necessarily wrinkling.

The most important element is making sure you attach it to the surface correctly.

Do Transparent Polycarbonate Stickers Turn Yellow When Exposed To Sunlight?

It depends on the intensity of sunlight and duration the polycarbonate stickers are exposed to the sun.

Ordinarily, when you leave polycarbonate stickers in high-intensity direct sunlight, it is more likely to turn yellow.

In such an instance, the UV rays emitted by high-intensity sunlight weaken and break the molecular structure of the sticker, albeit gradually.

Also, when these stickers are designed using relatively inferior quality polycarbonate material, they are likely to yellow when exposed to sunlight.

Inferior polycarbonate material has a weak molecular structure, weakening and breaking easily when attacked by UV rays.

Are Polycarbonate Stickers Reactive?

Not at all.

These stickers are made from polycarbonate material, which is naturally a non-reactive material.

It can never react with any chemical or related compounds when it comes into contact with the same.

Ideally, this is imperative because it implies the stickers and safe and environmentally friendly.

They can never emit any toxic fumes or irritate your fingers.

What Are The Suitable Ways Of Making Polycarbonate Stickers Scratch-Resistant?

The most important element is ensuring you use high-quality polycarbonate grade to make these stickers.

Often, high-grade polycarbonate stickers rarely scratch because it is strong and features natural scratch resistance abilities.

Another suitable way is integrating the polycarbonate stickers with an anti-scratch coating during manufacturing process.

This surface coating protects the stickers from abrasive objects and mishandling likely to cause scratches on them.

What Are The Ideal Ways Of Buying Polycarbonate Sticker Cost-Effectively?

Often, different manufacturers price polycarbonate stickers different based on a broad variety of factors.

However, you can always get these items at relatively affordable rates.

One ideal tip you can use is by ordering the polycarbonate stickers in bulk.

Ideally, bulk purchases of these stickers in many instances attract higher discounts than purchasing a few pieces.

As such, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money per unit price when you buy in bulk.

Another practical method you can use is buying directly from the actual manufacturers of polycarbonate stickers.

Buying directly means you avoid intermediaries who, in most instances, often inflate the price of these stickers.

Moreover, when you purchase directly from the manufacturer, you are certain extra services such as printing, packaging and shipping at cost-effective rates.

Also, an ideal cost-effective practice when buying these stickers is ensuring you minimize the customization details as much as possible.

Often, the more the customization details to be incorporated, the costlier is likely to be and vice versa.

Thus, keeping it simple designs makes the entire purchase relatively economical.

What Are The Viable Options You May Use In Place Of Polycarbonate Stickers?

Ordinarily, you can use stickers made from a wide range of plastic materials in place of polycarbonate.

The commonly available ones include the following;


This thermoplastic material has features that are more or less similar to polycarbonate.

Technically, it is durable, malleable hence easy to print on when incorporating different prints and other details.

Besides, acrylic stickers are also easily embossed and superior as an insulator.


It is a plastic material derived from ethylene and chlorine processed to form polyvinyl chloride, often known as PVC.

This material also forms suitable stickers you can use as a substitute for polycarbonate stickers.

Ideally, vinyl stickers are quite economical and relatively versatile.

Moreover, you can find them in different color variations, which is suitable for translucent, opaque and transparent products and surfaces.


It is also a common plastic material you can use as a polycarbonate sticker.

Polyethylene sticker is also waterproof and easily printable like polycarbonate stickers.

Are Polycarbonate Stickers Reusable?

It depends on the specific type of polycarbonate stickers you are using and the surface where you are affixing them.

Mostly, these stickers are designed for a single-use once they are stuck to the specific surface, material or product.

In essence, they are affixed to such surfaces using a self-adhesive, which in many instances are broken once used.

Thus, in most applications where they are used, these stickers are rarely reused.

Moreover, they are somewhat cheap; thus, it hardly makes economic sense to reuse them on various surfaces.

However, some polycarbonate stickers can be reused by simply peeling them off the surface and applying adhesive before attaching them.

For all your polycarbonate stickers, contact WeProFab now.

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