• Shatterproof Mirror

Shatterproof Mirror

WeProFab is one of a huge fabricating corporation that operates in mainland China. We have high competence to fabricate and distribute the newest and latest Shatterproof mirror throughout our big clients operates in local or international locations. When wanting us to custom your approving designs, don`t hesitate on dealing with us.

Get WeProFab Shatterproof Mirror to Delight Your Customers

As one of the broadest manufacturers in China town, WeProFab continues on prefabricating the latest quality of Shatterproof mirrors. To reach each client`s specifications, we offer plenty of designs.

Double-sided Shatterproof Mirror

WeProFab becomes an ideal manufacturer of Double-sided shatterproof mirrors. As one international manufacturing executive, we highly recommend this.

Circle-shaped Shatterproof Mirror

WeProFab also offers various shapes and sizes of shatterproof mirrors. We do prefabrications for fulfilling each costumer`s condition.

Heart-shaped Shatterproof Mirror

If you are searching for the best heart-shaped shatterproof mirrors, here at WeProFab you can find one. We are an intelligent manufacturer done specific fabrication strategies for years now.

Rectangular Shatterproof Mirror

WeProFab offers custom shapes such as rectangular, heart-shaped, circle-shaped, and many more. These are offered at very affordable charges.

Shatterproof Mirror Cut-to-sizes

WeProFab is the largest manufacturer that operates mainly in China. All kinds of quality shatterproof mirrors are with cut-to-sizes availability.

Square-shaped Shatterproof Mirror

If you are searching for the most affordable rated shatterproof mirrors, a standard square-shaped are offered for fair costs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Shatterproof Mirror Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

WeProFab tends to manufactured Shatterproof Mirrors in most trusted quality and proven toughness capacities. We also provide custom and personalize types for designated applications.

Send your inquiries now, we will respond soonest.


Custom Shatterproof Mirror to Skyrocket Your Brand

Unbreakable Shatterproof Mirror

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of unbreakable shatterproof mirrors. We fabricate based on your designs wanted.

Magnetic Shatterproof Mirror

If you are finding the best magnetic shatterproof mirror, at WeProFab you can check the latest designs at very affordable charges rates.

Portable Shatterproof Mirror

WeProFab Portable Shatterproof Mirror is easy to install, to locate and easily removable. The most prefer mirror to be used for several mirroring uses.

Acrylic Glossy Shatterproof Mirror

The acrylic glossy shatterproof mirror comes with strong and mounting tapes. Engineered from a shatterproof acrylic with a glossy appearance. Features rounded edges for added protection and aesthetics.

Anti-Fall Shatterproof Mirror

The anti-fall shatterproof mirror is simple and comes with a fog-free coating. Complements in any interior design with impressive clarity. Can be mounted in any location without damage and without falling.

Full Length Shatterproof Mirror

Full-length shatterproof mirror looks nice and attractive. Arrives in full-length that is widely used in small houses, apartments, or condos. Accessible in a wide range of styles and sizes. Can be also customized.

Round Shatterproof Mirror

The round shatterproof mirror is stronger, more flexible, shatter-proof, and safer than any other kind of mirror. Round in structure and can be used outside. Best suited in reflecting light around gardens.

Shatterproof Face Mirror

A shatterproof face mirror is made with high-quality material. Well-known for its shatter resistance and rounded edge for extra safety. It Includes rubbers on all sides that avoids shatters and damage.

Anti-Fog Bathroom Shatterproof Mirror

Anti-fog bathroom shatterproof mirror is made of luxurious and super thick material. Highly unbreakable with polished corners. Available such as makeup mirror, wardrobe mirror, and bathroom decorative mirror.

Decorative Acrylic Shatterproof Mirror

Decorative acrylic shatterproof mirror functions as interior decoration and beautification. Also suitable for living room, changing room, gym, etc. Arrives with a high-sticky adhesive tape to avoid falling off.

Floor Standing Shatterproof Mirror

Floor standing shatterproof mirror characterizes smooth surfaces with varying dimensions and thicknesses. Provides an abstract design and is portable enough to be placed anywhere. Makes the area more attractive.

Frameless Shatterproof Mirror

A frameless shatterproof mirror is made of durable material that has a smooth surface. Free from scratches and will not break easily. Equipped with self-adhesive stickers available in a frameless structure.

Wall Mounted Shatterproof Mirror

Wall-mounted shatterproof mirror is made of a flexible and high-quality material. Can be freely bent and has a smooth surface. Typically mounted in walls and do not easy to break. Features also have a good texture.

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Why WeProFab Shatterproof Mirror

WeProFab Shatterproof mirror is very safe to use especially for industrial standard qualifications.

A strong impact resistance material sets wonderfully at trade and commercial areas.

It has a unique and most important smash compelling layers, acts as a very strong mirror compared to any ordinarily structured glasses.

Also, when set to an industrial area, it successfully lessens all the broken risks and personnel`s injury cases.

Shatterproof Mirror

Shatterproof mirrors demand strict safety directives when being used and installed.

Our shatterproof mirrors are available in the wide-ranging types of sources.

The best option of several blue-chip companies and clients in the leisure, retail, health, and residential market districts all over the world.

Our impact resistance provider, shatterproof mirrors are generally used at dance workshops, leisure centers, offices, clinics, schools, hallways, lobbies, and many more.

The smash compelling layers of our shatterproof mirrors have full abilities in providing an angular strength to endure and last longer from most critical situations.

Very helpful equipment that can hold out against all explosive storms and from strong winds attacks.

But if the panel or frames will be broken, mirrors won`t ever shatter.

But if used glass types, it`ll break safely and neatly.

Shatterproof Mirror

WeProFab Shatterproof mirrors are kept protected from any hazardous incidents.

Hence, these are manufactured at ease handling and easily set while using the adhesives.

Thereby, avoiding the implementation of awful-looking screw fixings uses, though, it will be installed at excessive mechanical proof levels.

Out standard quality range of shatterproof mirrors can be found at the top.

There, you can see different quality products useful for mirroring applications.

Mirror frames, panels, and tints are accessible in essence availability and quantity orders.

High-quality shatterproof mirrors are available at 8″X10″, 4″X6″, 8.5″X11″, 12″X24″, and 11″X17″ standard sizes.

It also can be manufactured from acrylic and polycarbonate materials.

Additionally comes from strengthening 2-sided elevating tapes. All of our shatterproof mirrors are durable, tougher, and the safest than ordinary glass.

It has particular rounded bottom edges and specifically available with different personalize cuts.

Shatterproof Mirror

These WeProFab Shatterproof mirrors are actually an optically transparent in looks and with ease maintenance solution.

All offered shatterproof mirrors are lightweight, easy to clean and install, suitable for all fitting activities.

It has the most unique construction designs, you can select yours now for very affordable prices.

WeProFab is a trusted and reliable manufacturer operated in mainland China.

We can show support on all your needed plastic and metal-related productions.

We have prosperous experiences in manufacturing, ready to do yours. Contact now!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Shatterproof Mirror

Extremely safe with strong impact resistance, the shatterproof mirror meets industrial safety standards.

Shatterproof Mirror

Shatterproof Mirror

It can be used by children at home and also set up in busy trade and commercial areas to avoid risk of shattered-glass and personal injury.

Shatterproof mirrors are lightweight, durable, and can be installed with great ease.

If you have a question about shatterproof mirrors, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to find out all you need to know about shatterproof mirrors.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Shatterproof Mirror?

You can get your high-quality shatterproof mirror in 8” X 10”,  8.5” X 11”,  4” X 6”,  11” X 17”, and 12” X 24” sizes.

Can You Cut Shatterproof Mirrors To Custom Sizes?

Custom Size Shatterproof Mirror

Custom Size Shatterproof Mirror

Acrylic and polycarbonate shatterproof mirrors can be cut into custom shapes and sizes.

Therefore, these mirrors have wider applications.

They do not chip or splinter during the machining process.

Is the Shatterproof Mirror Really Unbreakable?

Shatterproof mirrors made of acrylic have tensile strength in excess of 10,000 lbs. per square inch.

Acrylic shatterproof mirrors made with acrylic mirror sheets have nearly 17 times the impact strength of glass mirrors.

They may fracture under high impact into blunt-edged pieces.

If polycarbonate material is used, impact resistance increases to nearly 250 times that of glass.

These polycarbonate mirrors made of polycarbonate mirror sheets are almost indestructible.

How Does A Shatterproof Mirror Compare With A Glass Mirror?

Made of acrylic or polycarbonate, shatterproof mirrors are much stronger than glass mirrors.

They are made of several almost unbreakable layers that create a surface that has much better impact resistance than glass.

The shatterproof mirror does not break into splinters.

Shatterproof mirrors are lightweight and weigh less than half the weight of glass mirrors.

A shatterproof mirror made of acrylic can reflect almost 92 percent of the light in the visible range, as compared to around 86 percent by glass mirrors.

A glass mirror’s thickness can affect its glossiness, whereas shatterproof mirrors reflect soft light quite naturally.

The thicker the glass mirror, the cloudier it gets.

Since glass is made of hard material, it is difficult to scratch.

On the other hand, shatterproof mirrors are treated with anti-scratch coatings to prevent scratches.

Shatterproof mirrors are more machinable and can be cut quite easily, whereas glass mirrors may crack or splinter at the edges.

How Is The Shatterproof Mirror Made?

The shatterproof mirror is made by using vacuum to stretch a highly-reflective metallic film around an aluminum frame.

A durable foam core is then filled into the air space created within the frame to form the shatterproof mirror.

How Do You Cut The Shatterproof Mirror To Size?

Cut-To-Size Shatterproof Mirror

Cut-To-Size Shatterproof Mirror

The easiest way to cut the shatterproof mirror to size is by using a scoring knife.

Here is how it is done.

Draw a line across the shatterproof mirror where you want to cut it.

Make a narrow groove along the marked line with your scoring knife.

Move the mirror along the working table until the groove facing upwards is aligned along the edge.

Use a piece of soft carboard or cloth between the clamps that hold the mirror.

Bend the mirror over the side of the working table in one quick motion.

You can see the groove deepen as it propagates throughout the whole shatterproof mirror sheet.

If you have made a straight cut, the sheet will snap evenly.

Professional mirror manufacturers use power saws and laser machines to cut shatterproof mirrors to size.

Computer software help achieve high levels of accuracy.

This video shows you how to cut shapes in a shatterproof mirror and you can employ the same techniques to cut your shatterproof mirror.

What Are The Different Types Of Shatterproof Mirrors?

· Double-Sided Shatterproof Mirror

Double-Sided Shatterproof Mirror

Double-Sided Shatterproof Mirror

The double-sided shatterproof mirror gives distortion-free images and can be safely used by children and adults at home.

You can choose from several designs.

Adaptable feet help place the mirror in standing or horizontal position.

The double-sided shatterproof mirror undergoes special treatment to regulate emission of chemicals into the air.

· Circle-Shaped Shatterproof Mirror

Circle-Shaped Shatterproof Mirror

Circle-Shaped Shatterproof Mirror

The circle-shaped shatterproof mirror is round or oval based on your specific design requirements.

You also get these shatterproof mirrors in other shapes and sizes.

Choose from a mini travel makeup mirror or a personalized pocket mirror with your customized logo laser printed on the cover.

You can further customize it with magnification, color combinations, LED light circles, and true view features.

· Heart-Shaped Shatterproof Mirror

Heart-Shaped Shatterproof Mirror

 Heart-Shaped Shatterproof Mirror

The heart-shaped shatterproof mirror is available as a cosmetic mirror, wall-mounted mirror, standing mirror, or compact mirror.

The heart-shaped hand held folding mirror is very popular.

You can customize it in many ways and include a customer logo of your choice.

The frame blends naturally with this heart-shaped shatterproof mirror.

New molds are created to meet your specific design requirements.

· Rectangular Shatterproof Mirror

Rectangular Shatterproof Mirror

 Rectangular Shatterproof Mirror

The rectangular shatterproof mirror is cut from standard-sized rectangular sheets, so they are very affordable and ideal for OEM orders.

Whether you need a decorative rectangular barber shop mirror at competitive factory prices or a large LED-illuminated rectangular bathroom mirror, you can achieve a high level of customization with the end product.

Provide your custom rectangular shatterproof mirror design, and you can get smart temperature and touch button controls for your unique smart-home mirror.

· Square Shatterproof Mirror

Square Shatterproof Mirror

 Square Shatterproof Mirror

The square shatterproof mirror is the most affordable standard-sized mirror.

You can get it at very competitive prices directly from your mirror manufacturer.

These mirrors meet trusted quality levels and have proven toughness capacities that matter in different applications.

Apply square tile mirror designs or square chain mirror designs on your wall.

· Shatterproof Mirror Cut To Size

Shatterproof Mirror Cut To Size

Shatterproof Mirror Cut To Size

The shatterproof mirror cut to size is made of high-quality extruded acrylic or polycarbonate sheet with no limitations on the length.

You can get this in different colors.

Select the standard 3.0 mm thick mirror or provide custom requirements.

You can apply polyethylene protective coating on both sides of this shatterproof mirror after it is cut to size to prevent scratches.

· Unbreakable Shatterproof Mirror

Unbreakable Shatterproof Mirror

Unbreakable Shatterproof Mirror

You will find the unbreakable shatterproof mirror with soft vinyl padding protects children and other family members.

Align horizontally for children to play with this completely safe mirror.

The shatterproof mirror comes with anti-scratch and anti-fogging coatings, so it can be used in the bathroom and other custom location.

Polycarbonate mirrors are even stronger.

· Magnetic Shatterproof Mirror

Magnetic Shatterproof Mirror

Magnetic Shatterproof Mirror

The magnetic shatterproof mirror can be customized with silkscreens and printed fancy designs.

It has a stronghold with a well-designed suction cup.

You can swivel the mirror to any angle and LED lights can be added to illuminate the viewing area.

Some manufacturers release new designs regularly at very affordable prices.

· Portable Shatterproof Mirror

Portable Shatterproof Mirror

Portable Shatterproof Mirror

The portable shatterproof mirror is one of the most common travel accessories you have in your home.

There’s nothing to install or locate, and every feature you find in large shatterproof mirrors are available in these portable mirrors.

Lightweight handheld mirrors are customizable and are made in different shapes and colors.

Turn your portable mirror into a two-way mirror that allows you to see through it when there is light behind it. Use it as a mirror when there’s no light behind.

Move the mirror around to any location in your house and lock it in place with locking wheels.

· Shatterproof Car Mirror

Shatterproof Car Mirror

Shatterproof Car Mirror

The shatterproof car mirror is specially designed to offer a wide viewing angle of the backseat.

Made of shatterproof acrylic material, it can be adapted to a wide variety of car models.

Install it on the seat neck or headrest for clear views of the back seat through car bumps.

Use this shatterproof car mirror to monitor children or pets on the back seat.

· Shatterproof Garden Mirror

Shatterproof Garden Mirror

Shatterproof Garden Mirror

The shatterproof garden mirror is one of the key elements used in contemporary gardens to add depth to plant, flower, and tree views.

Adaptable and extremely strong, these shatterproof mirrors are weather resistant, demonstrate high impact resistance, and have highly reflective mirror surfaces.

Various designs are available that add value to the garden sculpture and enhance mosaic designs.

The shatterproof garden mirror comes in the form of a sheet that you can paste on custom-sized plywood with a good-quality mirror adhesive.

· Shatterproof Gym Mirror

Shatterproof Gym Mirror

Shatterproof Gym Mirror

The shatterproof gym mirror comes in two or three packs.

You can place them alongside each other for multiple views during workouts.

Highly polished with smooth finishes, these mirrors have safety backing that prevent fracture damage.

Large-sized gym mirrors can weigh close to 70 lbs. and are usually 5 mm to 6 mm thick.

Easy to install, these shatterproof mirrors come with installation kits that make it extremely easy for you to install them at home as well.

This video shows you how to install a shatterproof gym mirror.

Does The Shatterproof Mirror Have Disadvantages?

The shatterproof mirror does have a few disadvantages.

They are much costlier than glass mirrors.

Depending on the design, protective coats, and thickness, prices may vary.

The shatterproof mirror may develop scratches.

Even with its anti-scratch coating, it is likely to develop scratches faster than glass mirrors.

Shatterproof mirrors are affected by oil and grease stains.

It is difficult to remove them over time.

Avoid using these mirrors in oily and greasy environments.

It is difficult to recycle shatterproof mirrors made of acrylic or polycarbonate.

Even though these mirrors may not break, matting may take place with regular use.

Are Acrylic Shatterproof Mirrors Better Than Polycarbonate Shatterproof Mirrors?

Both are good alternatives to glass mirrors, but they do differ from each other.

Polycarbonate shatterproof mirrors are almost indestructible, whereas acrylic shatterproof mirrors may fracture into blunt-edged pieces under extreme duress.

Acrylic shatterproof mirrors tend to absorb water in outdoor conditions that may affect its performance.

Polycarbonate mirrors expand and contract less than acrylic mirrors, so they are ideally suited for outdoor use.

Both are easy to handle, irrespective of the size of the mirror.

Acrylic mirrors are more reflective than polycarbonate mirrors, but they cost less.

You must decide on these factors before you choose an acrylic shatterproof mirror or polycarbonate shatterproof mirror for a specific application.

How Do You Install A Shatterproof Mirror?

There are two ways you can do this.

· Installation With Adhesive Or Glue

You can apply adhesive or glue to the back of the shatterproof mirror.

You then stick the mirror directly on to the chosen wall or surface.

You do not need any brackets or fixtures to hold this mirror.

This is a permanent process, so the right location must be chosen.

· Installation With Brackets

This is the professional way of installing your shatterproof mirror.

You usually get standard brackets to hold the mirror.

This architectural element may be made of metal, wood, or some other material.

Keep the right tools handy including a masonry drill and drill bit, wall plug, and screwdriver.

A professional installation ensures the shatterproof mirror does not come off easily from the drywall.

This video can show you how to install your shatterproof mirror.

What Are The Advantages Of A Two-Way Shatterproof Mirror?

The two-way shatterproof mirror allows half the light to pass through while reflecting the other half.

Scratch-resistant and other protective films are applied on both sides.

This mirror is used as a surveillance mirror in a police interview room, bank, or other high-security zone.

Lightweight and adaptable, the two-way shatterproof mirror can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Does The Shatterproof Mirror Have Design Limitations?

No, you can get customized shatterproof mirrors made to your requirements.

The professional mirror manufacturer has a whole catalogue of standard shatterproof mirrors to offer.

Choose a specific design or mix and match designs in consultation with your mirror manufacturer.

How Do You Make A Shatterproof Mirror Fog Resistant?

A shatterproof mirror is usually coated with an anti-fog coating to make it fog resistant.

There are two ways to do this.

The first way is the manual way where you spray the anti-fog solution over your shatterproof mirror manually.

The right amount of substrate must be applied uniformly over the mirror.

Professional manufacturers use an intensive integrated process to complete the anti-fog treatment in lab conditions.

These anti-fog mirrors are of the highest quality and are ideally used in bathrooms, heated pool rooms, and locker rooms where humidity tends to build up quickly.

This video shows you how you can make your shatterproof mirror fog resistant.

How Much Does A Shatterproof Mirror Cost?

The price depends on several factors including thickness, design, size, and whether you need it for an indoor or outdoor application.

Polycarbonate shatterproof mirrors used in tough outdoor conditions are costlier than acrylic shatterproof mirrors.

Professional mirror manufacturers offer value-added mirrors with round bottom edges and personalized cuts.

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