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Cannula Dressings

Weprofab manufactures cannula dressing that features safety for pharmaceuticals, medical disposables, and rehabilitation purposes. We have a wide range of high-quality cannula dressing available for you.

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Get WeProFab Cannula Dressings to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab cannula dressing is manufactured using the best quality materials. We want to ensure that our products have passed the high-quality standards certifications. Weprofab is an expert company in this field.

Frame style I.V Cannula Dressings

WeProFab frame style I.V cannula dressings are made of polyethylene film material. It provides soft, breathable, natural, and water-resistant features.

Non-woven I.V Cannula Dressings

Weprofab manufacture non-woven I.V cannula dressings that are self-adhesive and sterile; easy to use. It is designed by a professional team of experts.

Disposable I.V Cannula Dressings

Weprofab disposable I.V cannula dressings individually packed. It is sterile, hypoallergenic, latex-free, and disposable.

I.V Cannula Transparent Dressings

These I.V cannula transparent dressings provide complete visibility of the site dry. WeProFab can do all manufacturing processes to cater to the needs of catheter fixation.

Cannula Dressing 6x7 cm

This cannula dressing 6×7 cm offers excellent catheter stability. This is made of highly comfortable film providing soft and breathable features.

Non woven IV cannula fixation dressings

These nonwoven IV cannula fixation dressings could fit different clinical needs. Weprofab can help you get the best product according to your needs.

WeProFab: Your Professional Cannula Dressings Manufacturer

Weprofab is your one-stop shop that provides all the solutions you need in this industry. We are a joint-venture company with WeeTech Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. Our company is producing ISO9001 and CE-certified products.

Weprofab has enough knowledge in developing cannula dressing more innovative and has the highest safety measures. We have a wide variety of cannula dressings for affordable prices. Weprofab can assure you that our cannula dressing is your perfect choice.

Custom Cannula Dressings to Skyrocket Your Brand

Transparent cannula retention dressings

Weprofab manufacture transparent cannula retention dressings are designed with water-resistant ability. This offers safety, comfort, and painless removal.

Hydrofilm IV cannula dressings

Hydrofilm IV cannula dressings by Weprofab are made of a semi-permeable polyurethane film. It is germ-proof and water-tight.

Self-adhesive cannula dressings

This self-adhesive cannula dressing is a form of transparent film, skin-friendly providing stabilization, protection, and fixation of intravenous cannulas.

U-Shaped IV cannula dressing

U-shaped IV cannula dressing is manufactured in the innovative production line. WeProfab can make an OEM design for this dressing.

Customize cannula dressings

At WeProFab, we can custom design cannula dressings to your own preference. Including the style, design, size, and all main features.

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Why WeProFab Cannula Dressings

WeProFab is one of the trusted cannula dressings manufacturers in China. We supply excellent product quality to the medical market all across the globe.

If you are looking for cannula dressings to deliver exceptional patient care, cannula dressings by WeProFab are your solution. We are dedicated to providing friendly service and a professional approach to all our customers.

Cannula Dressings Manufacturer (1)

WeProFab cannula dressings are manufactured from polyethylene film., providing soft and breathable features. It makes the skin breathe properly and naturally. Also, the dressings are water-resistant, they excrete water and air; effectively reducing the chance of infection.

The material used is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin. It allows air and humidity to pass through. Meanwhile, there will be no traces of the adhesive remaining on the skin after removal.

There is a wide range of cannula dressings in stock., including non-woven IV cannula dressings, hydro film cannula dressings, transparent cannula dressings, frame style I.V cannula dressings, and so on.

Mainly used to fix all kinds of cannulae lines, fix vein bleeding, and infusion lines.

WeProFab manufacture cannula dressings that feature medical hypo-allergenic adhesive and absorbent pads. It allows improving conformance and movements.

Also, because of hypoallergenic and proper viscidity characteristics, it enabled reliable fixation. Gentle and secure, limit the risk of allergic response.

3M I.V. Dressing for Cannula Securement | Praxisdienst

With a high absorbent pad with perforated polyethylene film, it can absorb the effusion, and be treated on the wounded surface. The WeProFab cannula dressings are simple to use, easy to apply, offering safety, comfort, and painless removal, unlike other ways.

Each and every cannula dressings are individually packed in peel pouches. And it is E.O gas sterilized. WeProFab design cannula dressings fully comply with the FDA, CE, and other quality standards. It is 100% anti-bacterial, waterproof, and breathable.

Moreover, as a professional OEM factory, we also provide customized service for your cannula dressings. Just drop everything., the material, features, and all other specifications, our team make your cannula dressings according to your details.

WeProFab is your ultimate source for cannula dressings and all medical items. We will provide a one-stop solution for your requirements. We are able to sell cannula dressing products to several countries around the world.

Welcome to get in touch with us for more details. We are looking forward to working with you. Please contact us at your convenient time!

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