• Acrylic Divider

Acrylic Divider

WeProFab is a top producer of acrylic dividers from China. We can laser cut your desired sizes, mold styles, and thermoform to support your projects. WeProFab will let you send your designs. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Divider to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab improves acrylic divider standards. We are offering a lower price so you will save your budget. We can delight customers through our effective one-stop solutions.

Clear Acrylic Divider

Clear acrylic dividers are popular and most home and business owner choice. It is affordable not like glass which is stronger and effective.

Acrylic shelf Room Divider

There are acrylic shelf room dividers for you to choose for business. You can also choose adjustable, lockable, or removable acrylic dividers.

Multifunction Acrylic Divider

WeProFab is a trusted producer of multifunction acrylic dividers worldwide. Acrylic dividers are accessible in many features, sizes, and customizations.

Social Distancing Acrylic Divider

WeProFab created a protective divider for many applications. It is applicable for countertops, tables, public areas, rooms, and many more.

Universal Acrylic Divider

WeProFab has a lot of stock of universal acrylic dividers. It is applicable in many applications. We can custom your design.

Custom Acrylic Divider

WeProFab can customize acrylic dividers. Just send your plans and we can fabricate your ideal customizations. We offer a competitive price for you.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Divider Manufacturer

WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified acrylic divider supplier in China. We are a joint-venture company with WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer that provides an outstanding solution.

WeProFab is a professional producer based on your request, supporting your growing business.

Get our awesomely fabricated acrylic dividers. We manufactured in high-class materials which is profitable for a business.

Custom Acrylic Divider to Expand Your Brand

Countertop Acrylic Divider

We have many styles and customization of acrylic dividers for countertops. We have patterned, decorative, and a lot of choices.

Mobile Acrylic Divider

WeProFab mobile acrylic dividers are commonly used for rooms, offices, hospitals, and clinics.

Room Acrylic Divider

WeProFab manufactured different designs for room acrylic dividers. We have amazing designs with unique colors available.

Shelf Acrylic Divider

WeProFab shelf acrylic divider is accessible at a very acceptable offer. We will help you gain excellent profits through our great offers.

Table Acrylic Divider

WeProFab can custom your table acrylic divider. We will manufacture your order based on your sent drawings.

2mm Acrylic Room Divider

all types of acrylic dividers are accessible with 2mm thickness. It has a variety of textures featuring the property of resistance to keep it longer and in good appearance.

Acrylic Office Divider with Tires

Acrylic dividers with tires or mobile dividers are applicable for office partitions. It is used to prevent viruses from spreading. Framed and frameless acrylic dividers are designed with different textures and coatings.

Acrylic Counter Top Divider

Acrylic dividers for counter tops is now important and popular. It is great health protection from this days. Available in clear and transparent colors in many dimensions and thicknesses. Durable and long-lasting divider.

Acrylic Office Partition Divider

Acrylic office partition dividers are lightweight and unbreakable. It shatters resistance which does not break easily from accidents, unlike glass. High-quality yet lower rates office partitions are available in various surface textures and resistance.

Acrylic Room Divider

Acrylic dividers are applicable for any kind of room. It is also used for decorating rooms or providing some privacy. Designed freestanding or mobile type which is easier to move because of lightweight material.

Acrylic Table Divider

Acrylic table dividers have plenty of selections from types of installation, textures, features, and sizes. It can be mounted, detachable, or freestand acrylic table divider available in various thicknesses and colors.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Divider

Acrylic dividers are impact-resistant. It has great durability featuring bulletproof resistance. Acrylic is easier and more durable to be glued. It is also used for soundproofing perfect for office partitions.

Hinged Foldable Acrylic Divider

Acrylic dividers are designed with foldable and hinged styles. Easier to use and carry applicable for table partitions and countertops. Foldable acrylic dividers have a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

Frosted Acrylic Divider

Frosted acrylic dividers has an excellent appearance which provides full privacy. Available in white and other colors including black, brown, red, yellow, etc. It is assembled mounted, freestanding, etc.  Proven highest-quality acrylic dividers accessible in many styles and uses.

Freestanding Acrylic Divider

Freestanding acrylic dividers are lightweight and easier to move. It is widely available in embossed and patterned surface textures which are also used for room decoration. It offers a wide space of protection which covers double person table.

Frame Less Acrylic Divider

Frameless acrylic dividers are available in whole body size and tabletop dividers. Acrylic dividers are easier to be glued to and do not need frames to stand. Frameless acrylic dividers are available with a number of compartments.

Floor Standing Acrylic Divider

Floor standing dividers are made of lightweight and great property resistance of acrylic which popular impact-resistant material. It has frames and installs on the floor with screws. It has great frosted and solid color options available in matte finish and glossy.

Clear Acrylic Divider

Clear acrylic dividers are durable for floor standing and tabletop applications. It has suitable sizes and dimensions available from smallest to large sizes. The clear acrylic dividers provide clear see-through background.

Long Table Acrylic Divider

Acrylis dividers for long table are designed with number of compartments. It is designed with frames and without frames using all types of acrylic sheets like embossed, clear solid, frosted, and more. It offered great impact resistance to ensure safety.

Movable Acrylic Divider

Movable acrylic dividers are also mobile partitions. Lightweight and easier to move in the other side created with lightweight frames. It has durable and effective wheels.

Pin-on Acrylic Table Divider

Pin-on acrylic table dividers have different installations which can be screwed or drilled. It does not break easily available in milky white acrylics at different thicknesses.

Tinted Free Stand Acrylic Divider

Acrylic dividers are tinted perfect for outdoor applications. It is freestanding and UV coated acrylic dividers which keep the color and excellent appearance even in high temperatures.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Divider

WeProFab provides great protection especially these days of the pandemic. Not just for that but also for daily routine and many more uses of this acrylic dividers.

WeProFab acrylic divider has a variety of uses. We have table dividers, countertop dividers, room dividers, and any applications that you will surely love. We will surely supply an effective and unique acrylic divider.

Acrylic Divider

WeProFab helps you with your hard times in decorating rooms and closets for homeowners. We also help business owners especially from offices, hospitals, and many establishments make their arrangements easier.

We are supplying bulk orders of acrylic dividers according to the requests.

If you need this acrylic divider for the purpose of supporting business, we will assure you to fulfill your request.

Purchasing acrylic dividers has plenty of benefits. It is very functional for rooms and living rooms. We have also fabricated acrylic dividers for public areas such as table dividers, counters, and many more that need decorative protection.

Acrylic Divider

At this time, we need security protection. WeProFab is a leading manufacturer with an expert designer who could help your problem.

If you are saving your budget, WeProFab is perfect for you. We can supply an affordable yet amazing quality acrylic divider.

For homeowners, acrylic dividers are more advantageous than glass. It is easier to install because of its lightweight material, easy to clean, and easy to detach. WeProFab offered amazing designs and fixtures for acrylic dividers.

Whatever your purpose on purchasing acrylic dividers, we, WeProFab can build our great connection for an easier process.

Don’t worry about the quality of your orders. WeProFab ensures each product to supply. We’re a certificated company with ISO 9001 in supplying an awesome acrylic divider worldwide.

Acrylic Divider

For further information, WeProFab will be great to entertain and answer your questions.

In running or handling a project, there’s always a hard time. But your successes are relying on your hands.

You can deal with us! We will help you grow your business through our quality tested acrylic divider. Send your instant quotes!

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