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WeProFab is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality surgical gown in China. We have a lot of experience in the production and distribution industry. We are a famous surgical gown manufacturer known for our top-quality and affordable cost.

As a professional surgical gown manufacturer, we have full manufacturing capacities to accommodate clients’ developing needs for surgical gown products.

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Choose WeProFab as Your Trusted Surgical Gown Manufacturer

Our company is amongst the major manufacturers of surgical gowns in China. We offer high-quality surgical gowns at a competitive price.

Disposable Surgical Gown

WeProFab disposable surgical gowns are available in different sizes and colors. Both colors and sizes are customizable according to your needs.

Stitched Isolation Surgical Gown

WeProFab stitched isolation surgical gowns are made from non-woven materials. This also comes with different customizable size and color variations.

Full Sleeve Standard Performance Disposable Surgical Gown

At WeProFab, we manufacture a wide range of full sleeve standard performance disposable surgical gown offered with high-quality at an affordable price.

Non-woven Surgical Gown

Our non-wovwn surgical gown are sterile, reinforced type, and made from non-woven materials. Our non-woven surgical gowns are customizable according to your specifications.

Laminated Surgical Gown

WeProFab laminated surgical gowns are fully impervious, sterile, and high-performance. These are available in customizable sizes and colors.

SMS Surgical Gown

WeProFab manufactures sterile SMS surgical gown are CE certified and FDA approved. It offers full body protection for healthcare providers and surgeons.

WeProFab: Your Leading Surgical Gown Manufacturer

WeProFab is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality surgical gowns in China. At WeProFab, we have the right surgical gowns for your applications. Our surgical gowns are manufactured to meet international standards.

With our advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities, we are able to manufacture high-grade surgical gowns at a very affordable wholesale price. Indeed, WeProFab is your reliable surgical gown manufacturer!

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Trusted Customized Surgical Gown Manufacturer

Reusable Surgical Gown

Our reusable surgical gowns are available in variety of colors such as blue and green. These are autoclavable, reusable, and washable. It features round neck and long sleeve for maximum comfort when used.

Cotton Surgical Gown

WeProFab manufactures high-quality surgical gown made from 100% pure cotton fabric. These are available in reusable and disposable type. At WeProFab, we can customize your cotton surgical gowns with your specification.

Sterile Surgical Gown

WeProFab is one of China’s leading manufacturer of high-quality sterile surgical gowns. We have a wide range of customizable sterile surgical gowns so we can meet your requirements.

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Why Choose WeProFab Surgical Gowns


surgical gown

WeProFab is an innovative, reliable, and trustworthy surgical gown manufacturer. We have a full capacity to manufacture thousands of surgical gowns to meet your requirements. WeProFab can provide the best solution whether for your business or hospital needs!

Through our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced manufacturing capabilities, WeProFab enables to manufacture a wide range of surgical gowns. Our wide variety of surgical gowns include sterile surgical gowns, SMS surgical gowns, reusable surgical gowns, non-woven surgical gowns, and more.

WeProFab surgical gowns are commonly used as a protective garment worn by healthcare personnel during surgical procedures. It gives protection to both healthcare personnel and patients from the transfer of body fluids, microorganisms, and more.

surgical gown

WeProFab surgical gowns are made from highly efficient and high-performance filtering protective materials. These are also specially designed with compact structure that can block particulates and liquids effectively.

Aside from that, WeProFab manufactured surgical gowns that are integrated with anti-penetration and a special breathable membrane. It helps in giving effective resistance to alkalis, acids, solvents, and more.

With its adjustable and elastic waist, WeProFab surgical gowns are comfortable to wear. These are also manufactured with loose style to meet your activity requirements. All our surgical gowns are FDA approved. Thus, you can assure a high-quality product while giving maximum protection.

surgical gown

At WeProFab, we are committed to providing you the best products while ensuring your safety. By producing surgical gowns with high-quality and integrity, WeProFab offers you one-stop solution for your needs. Thus, you can assure that you can find the right surgical gown for every procedure.

If you need a reliable surgical gown manufacturer, always choose WeProFab! We can give you a lot of advantages for your business. We are right there to help you in every step of your surgical gown needs!

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