• Polycarbonate Block

Polycarbonate Block

Weprofab is a leading polycarbonate blocks manufacturer in China. At Weprofab, we produce and designed high-quality polycarbonate blocks. You can easily find the right polycarbonate blocks in Weprofab. Send us your specifications and you will get an excellent product.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Block Delight Your Customers

In Weprofab no matter what your design requirements are, we can help you develop the perfect polycarbonate block that fits your needs and work well for your business. We can make polycarbonate which can give a good impression of your costumers.

Clear 8 mm Polycarbonate Block

Weprofab has a full capability to make polycarbonate block which can block harmful UV radiation. You can trust Weprofab as your clear 8mm polycarbonate block manufacturer.

Barricade Polycarbonate Block

Weprofab manufactures different polycarbonate blocks especially barricade polycarbonate blocks. We can help you to choose the right polycarbonate block according to your application.

Hollow Polycarbonate Block

If you are needing hollow polycarbonate blocks Weprofab is the right manufacturer for you. We manufacture with different designs for hollow polycarbonate blocks.

10 mm Polycarbonate Block

In Weprofab, our 10 mm polycarbonate block offers 90% light transmission and includes an anti-condensate coating to prevent dripping.

Coated Twin Wall Polycarbonate Block

Wepro coated twin wall polycarbonate block providing outstanding thermal insulation. In Weprofab, our coated twin wall polycarbonate block is designed by our expert engineer.

Polycarbonate Block Manufacturer

Polycarbonate blocks are ideal for applications where specific light transmission is required. So if you want great polycarbonate blocks, do not hesitate to choose Weprofab as your supplier.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Block Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

As an ISO certificated polycarbonate block manufacturer, Weprofab could offer you the best polycarbonate block. We can provide different standards according to your demands.

You can rely on us your business, contact us today!

Custom Polycarbonate Block to Skyrocket Your Brand

Printable Polycarbonate Block

Whether you need printable polycarbonate blocks, our staff are glad to help you to find it in Weprofab.

Cheap Uv Plastic Polycarbonate Block

In Weprofab there are many cheap Uv plastic polycarbonate blocks available for you. We offer this in affordable but in good standard.

Colored Polycarbonate Block

Colored polycarbonate blocks are good in blocking the sun rays and heat from the sun. You can find the great colored polycarbonate in different styles in Weprofab.

Custom Shape Polycarbonate Block

Custom shape polycarbonate block is perfectly suited for the daylighting system, sports venues, and architectural roofing. Various features are highly customized. includes strong hinges with ergonomic design.

Decorative Polycarbonate Block

Decorative polycarbonate block provides much greater impact resistance than glass. Engineered with decorative and shatterproof acrylic material. Accessible in various styles, dimensions, and grades.

Frosted Polycarbonate Block

Frosted polycarbonate block is admired for being incredibly flexible and versatile. Has high impact resistance and offers the ability to be customized with its shape and colors. Made with a high-quality and frosted polycarbonate.

Heat Proof Polycarbonate Block

Heat-proof polycarbonate block offers high surface hardness making it an excellent and durable solution. Typically used in the advertising, building, and aircraft industry. Available in various thicknesses with good scratch resistance.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Block

Impact-resistant polycarbonate block has high transparency and excellent light transmittance. Guarantees a good color performance and has excellent weather resistance. Highly resistant to impacts and scratches.

Rectangular Polycarbonate Block

Rectangular polycarbonate block is manufactured from a durable and strong material. Popular for having unmatched scratch and impact resistance. Arrives in a rectangular shape with various thicknesses.

Solid Polycarbonate Block

Solid polycarbonate block has high impact strength making it suitable for any applications. Widely used in industrial shops hood lighting, and greenhouses. Arrives with a solid structure with various thicknesses.

Textured Polycarbonate Block

Textured polycarbonate block is perfect for use in skylights, covered walkways, awnings, and carports. Comes with a textured surface with an appealing design. Provides a wide temperature range and is resistant to harmful UV radiation.

Tinted Polycarbonate Block

Tinted polycarbonate block is built to offer good light transmission with high surface gloss. Easy to clean, UV stable, and engineered with a tinted structure. Guarantees excellent temperature resistance.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Block

Polycarbonate Block

Weprofab Polycarbonate Blocks are designed as protection against sun rays.

Weprofab is well known in the polycarbonate manufacturing industry for many years and has a quality experience.

Any styles and any looks you want of these polycarbonate blocks are fully manufactured in Weprofab by our expert and professional engineers.

Weprofab is committed to providing innovative, full-service solutions for our costumers application needs.

Weprofab is a great supplier and manufacturer of polycarbonate blocks.

We have different types of polycarbonate blocks which readily available with speedy service.

We can ensure you the satisfying service of our polycarbonate blocks.

Polycarbonate Block

Polycarbonate blocks have great features, though it is made by different colors but they can’t affect their performance.

It is often used in eyewear, medical devices, greenhouses, and even in protective gear.

All of our polycarbonate block has higher dimensional stability and highest impact strength.

Polycarbonate Block

Weprofab is one of the largest manufacturer and high performance polycarbonate.

If you are in need of a polycarbonate block, Weprofab is an excellent choice for your business.

As a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate block, our products are used in a variety of applications.

We have a great team that willing to handle all of your requests personally and in professional ways.

Whatever your project requires, we can fully provide you with quality products.

We carry the brand names you trust!

We pride ourselves on customer service and offer the highest quality of polycarbonate blocks.

We continue to maintain the highest level of quality on finished products.

Weprofab is the perfect source for both small and large businesses.

We are ISO certified and aim to exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to find out more about our products!

Polycarbonate Block: The Ultimate FAQ Guide To Polycarbonate Blocks

Cost efficient and design friendly, the polycarbonate block helps businesses like yours create the perfect look and style for a wide range of products.

High performance polycarbonate is the preferred choice when it comes to creating goods with dimensional stability that exceed your expectations.

With full-service solutions offered by recognized manufacturers, you can choose polycarbonate blocks to create exciting and new products at highly competitive prices.

What Is A Polycarbonate Block?

Polycarbonate Block

Polycarbonate Block

The polycarbonate block is a dimensionally stable and tough thermoplastic block that is transparent or manufactured in different colors.

You can use the polycarbonate block for both indoor and outdoor applications as it is able to sustain its features in extreme weather conditions with temperatures ranging from -40 ̊ F up to 280 ̊ F.

What Are The Different Types Of Polycarbonate Blocks?

There are three types of polycarbonate blocks:

  • Machine Grade

Machine Grade Polycarbonate Block

Machine Grade Polycarbonate Block

The machine-grade polycarbonate block can withstand any amount of stress during the machining process.

You can thus use it for tough applications in different temperature conditions.

  • Window Grade

Window Grade Polycarbonate Block

Window Grade Polycarbonate Block

Able to replace glass, the window-grade polycarbonate block does not shatter or spall.

You will find it is optically clear and provides total luminance transmittance.

If you get window-grade polycarbonate blocks, they can withstand repeated blows because of polycarbonate’s inherent high-impact strength.

  • Glass Filled

Glass Filled Polycarbonate Block

Glass Filled Polycarbonate Block

Reinforced with glass, the polycarbonate block becomes high-performance principal material that can accommodate die-cast zinc and aluminum to meet varied design requirements.

It matches the coefficient of thermal expansion of metals because the coefficient of standard polycarbonate reduces by nearly 75% when it turns into glass-filled polycarbonate.

You will find that although glass-filled polycarbonate blocks are less tough than polycarbonate, they offer more impact resistance than die-cast aluminum and other plastic materials.

What Are The Advantages Of Polycarbonate Blocks?

  • Impact Strength

Virtually unbreakable in its unnotched form, you can safely use the polycarbonate block in areas where high-impact resistance is needed.

  • Machining Capability

The machining capability is so good that you can cold form a polycarbonate block into different shapes using standard metal working tools and platforms.

You lubricate polycarbonate blocks with the help of water or water-soluble cutting oils into shapes that do not split, break, or chip.

  • Bonding Capability

The polycarbonate block bonds easily when it is subjected to a mechanical machining process.

You can use adhesives like silicone, epoxy, and urethane to bond polycarbonate blocks.

Other solvents like methylene chloride are also used.

You can also achieve polycarbonate block bonding by ultrasonic or vibration welding.

  • Electrical Applications

You can use polycarbonate blocks in electrical applications as the polycarbonate block demonstrates high volume resistivity and dielectric strength.

These properties decrease slightly with humidity or with temperature increases.

  • Annealing

The polycarbonate block is stress relieved by annealing.

You can also do secondary annealing of semi-finished components.

  • Easy to Clean

You can use low alkaline and non-abrasive cleaners to clean the polycarbonate block.

  • Formability

You can thermoform the polycarbonate block into custom-made shapes using the proper pre-drying process.

You can also cold form them into thick blocks that demonstrate increased light transmission and UV radiation blocking capabilities.

  • Blending

You can vacuum metalize, print, and paint polycarbonate blocks into decorative products.

What Is The Average Thickness Of A Polycarbonate Block?

8 mm Clear Polycarbonate Block

 8 mm Clear Polycarbonate Block

A clear 8 mm polycarbonate block can block all harmful UV radiation, while a 10 mm block allows 90% of the light to be transmitted.

You can choose the thickness depending on where you are going to use the polycarbonate block.

What Are The Design Options For Custom Polycarbonate Blocks?

1. Clear Polycarbonate Block

Clear Polycarbonate Block

Clear Polycarbonate Block

The clear polycarbonate blocks harmful UV radiation.

You can use the polycarbonate block for many uses and it is available in many colors.

Clear polycarbonate blocks are used in applications where sound insulation, impact resistance, and fire-retardant properties are needed.

2. Barricade Polycarbonate Block

Barricade Polycarbonate Block

 Barricade Polycarbonate Block

Barricade polycarbonate blocks are used as transparent windows and cockpit canopies of aircrafts.

You can find uses for the barricade polycarbonate block in carports, roofing, greenhouses, sunrooms, and skylights.

The barricade polycarbonate block supplier can help you choose the right block for your application.

3. Hollow Polycarbonate Block

Hollow Polycarbonate Block

Hollow Polycarbonate Block

The hollow polycarbonate block can be manufactured to satisfy custom thickness and size requirements.

You will find these hollow polycarbonate blocks are light-weight and are resistant to fracture.

They possess all the chemical and physical properties of polycarbonate.

4. 10 mm Polycarbonate Block

10 mm Polycarbonate Block

10 mm Polycarbonate Block

The 10 mm polycarbonate block transmits 90% of the light.

You will find that many suppliers also offer an anti-condensate coating over this 10 mm polycarbonate block to prevent dripping.

5. Coated Twin Wall Polycarbonate Block

Coated Twin Wall Polycarbonate Block

 Coated Twin Wall Polycarbonate Block

The coated twin wall polycarbonate block has excellent thermal insulation properties.

It’s ribbed configuration traps air within the twin walls to increase insulation.

You can use coated twin wall polycarbonate blocks in areas that need specific light transmission.

You can use them in roofing and glazing applications, especially in extreme weather conditions.

The coated twin wall polycarbonate block is strong, attractive, easy to install, durable, and prevents the damaging effects of UV light.

How Do You Polish The Edge Of A Polycarbonate Block?

  1. Sand the edge of the polycarbonate block thoroughly with a piece of 240 grit sandpaper.
  2. Wet sand the same area again with a piece of 600 grit sandpaper.
  3. Wait till the surface is dry.
  4. Apply a few passes of a small butane torch to the wet-sanded area.
  5. Ensure that very little heat grazes the polycarbonate block.
  6. After a while, the edge turns clear and smoothens out.
  7. Allow the polished polycarbonate block to cool for roughly 10 to 20 seconds.
  8. Continue making a few more passes of the torch until you are satisfied with the result.
  9. Use a polish pad with clear plastic polish to finish your project.

Can Polishing The Polycarbonate Block Remove Scratches?

If you are using a butane torch to polish the edges of a polycarbonate block, then scratches are removed as the polycarbonate melts to form a smooth surface.

You can also use a non-abrasive agent like baking soda.

Mixed with water and Fuller’s earth, baking soda forms a paste that can be used to remove scratches on large polycarbonate blocks.

This video shows how you can remove scratches from polycarbonate.

Can Polycarbonate Block Polishing Remove Yellowing?

Yes, polycarbonate block polishing is one of the simplest ways to remove yellowing.

How Is A Custom Polycarbonate Block Pressure Formed?

Polycarbonate Block Pressure Formed

Polycarbonate Block Pressure Formed

With pressure forming, you heat the base material to a pliable temperature.

You then force air through male tooling from above to pressure form the required shape within a 3D mold.

Heavy duty pressure forming is done on platforms as large as 3500 mm to 2500 mm.

Custom specifications and drawings can be included in the pressure forming process.

This video shows you how the pressure forming process works.

How Is A Custom Polycarbonate Block Vacuum Formed?

Polycarbonate Block Vacuum Formed

Polycarbonate Block Vacuum Formed

You suck the air out of a custom polycarbonate block base material over a mold by vacuum from below to form the desired shape.

This video shows you how the vacuum forming process works.

When Is A Polycarbonate Block Pressure Formed Vs Vacuum Formed?

The polycarbonate block is ideally pressure formed in projects with lower tolerance limits.

You use pressure forming to manufacture parts with vents and louvers and to create complex shapes.

You use vaccum forming for the polycarbonate block in projects that demand molded in-texture, undercuts, and to create shapes with sharper details.

How Do You Vapor Polish A Polycarbonate Block?

  1. You can vapor polish a polycarbonate block with the help of volatile gas produced by Weldon 4 solvent.
  2. The volatile vapor of Weldon 4 chemically reacts with the polycarbonate surface.
  3. It appears when the Weldon 4 solvent is heated and reaches its boiling point.
  4. Spray this vapor over the surface of the polycarbonate block.
  5. The surface material begins to melt filling in gaps over the scratches.
  6. The polycarbonate block surface solidifies in less than a minute when you stop applying the vapor.

This video shows you how to do vapor polishing for polycarbonate.

Why Does Polycarbonate Block Vapor Polishing Need The Annealing Cycle?

Polycarbonate in its natural form can withstand a great deal of stress.

However, if you overtighten a screw or do a similar action, you can cause excess stress in the polycarbonate material.

It begins to crack.

This can be avoided by passing the polycarbonate block through its specified annealing cycle after the vapor polishing process is complete.

Can A Polycarbonate Block Be Buffed?

Yes, you can buff polycarbonate blocks on its exterior surfaces.

What Are The Benefits Of Vapor Polishing The Polycarbonate Block?

  1. Polishing removes burrs and smoothens out the polycarbonate block surface after the machining process.
  2. With vapor polishing, you can change the matte-finished block into a high-gloss, optically clear piece of plastic.
  3. Polishing improves clarity and gives a better view of liquids and shapes within the polycarbonate block.
  4. It improves the functionality of electrical devices like LEDs by allowing unobstructed light to pass through.

Is The Polycarbonate Block Non-Conductive?

You can use polycarbonate blocks for delicate electronic applications due to its high safety features.

Combine its good electrical insulation property with its flame-retardant and heat-resistant properties, and you have the perfect material for use in telecommunications and electrical hardware.

Are Polycarbonate Blocks Scratch Resistant?

You can find abrasion-resistant polycarbonate blocks with enhanced UV-resistance properties.

Even though it has the same impact strength of a standard polycarbonate block, it demonstrates a glass-like hardness that resists scratches.

Where Are Abrasion-Resistant Polycarbonate Blocks Used?

If you’re looking for a polycarbonate block with enhanced resistance against hazing and yellowing, then the Abrasion-Resistant (AR) polycarbonate block is what you need.

You can use it in high profile architectural glazing for its extended service life.

Can You Drill Holes Into A Polycarbonate Block?

Polycarbonate Block Drilling

Polycarbonate Block Drilling

Use a standard wood-working drill bit for drilling holes on a polycarbonate block.

Depending on the thickness, you can place a piece of acrylic or scrap wood underneath the polycarbonate block as a backstop.

This safety measure ensures drilling through will not blowout the polycarbonate block on exit.

Start by drilling a pilot hole well short of the required depth.

It’s best not to use a center punch, as this can cause damage to the polycarbonate block.

Can Polycarbonate Block Be Affected By Water After Exposure For A Long Time?

If the polycarbonate block contains only Bisphenol A (BPA) and is not combined with Cobalt Chloride (CoCl2), then there is the possibility that it can be hazardous when it encounters food.

In the absence of CoCl2, BPA is released during hydrolysis that can contaminate the food.

However, you can get BPA-free polycarbonate blocks in the market.

How Is Screen Printing Done On A Polycarbonate Block?


Polycarbonate Block Screen Printing

Screen printing is done on flat and cylindrical polycarbonate blocks of varied thickness.

This is a wet decoration process where you press ink through until the image is “burned” as it settles on the silkscreen board creating the image you require.

If you have multicolor images, several runs can be done until all the required colors are printed.

What Are The Benefits Of Screen Printing On A Polycarbonate Block?

Even large images can be printed on your flat or cylindrical polycarbonate block.

This is a very cost-effective solution to print high-quality images.

You can find a reliable supplier who can do screen-printing on a polycarbonate block that is steam proof, waterproof, and has a high service life.

What Is The Difference Between A Polycarbonate Block And Acrylic Block?

The acrylic block has 17 times the impact resistance of standard glass, while the polycarbonate block can withstand 250 times more impact than standard glass.

Thus you can use the polycarbonate block for applications like bullet-proof windows, while the shinier and more transparent acrylic block is used to make display cases.

Standard polycarbonate blocks may develop scratches over time, while acrylic blocks cracks more easily.

You cannot heat the polycarbonate block again once it is set, while you can reheat acrylic block and mold it into a different shape than the original block.

Are Polycarbonate Blocks Lightweight When Compared To Glass?

Yes, it is.

You will find a polycarbonate block is six times lighter than a glass block of the same dimensions.

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