• Acrylic Plaque

Acrylic Plaque

As your number one manufacturer, WeProFab is continuing on giving you precise services. We customize, coating, polishing, integrating, and manufacturing your desired acrylic plaque. In the procedure, we make sure the good quality will be produced. When finding an institution to help you with, Weprofab provides thousand of solutions.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Plaque to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab potentials are incomparable and valuable. We can powerfully-built your favored acrylic plaque to add for your business. We make personalizations for your specific project requirements. All of our selections are quite impressive and reliably proven.

3D Acrylic Plaque

Weprofab 3D Acrylic plaque is made with the highest toughness level. This means, our products can resist the longest time of usage.

Acrylic Bowling Plaque

When winning bowling contests, these Weprofab acrylic bowling plaque might be received. These are elegantly formed with different shapes available. Toughly used for honoring ceremonies.

Acrylic Plaque Manufacturer

If you are searching for the most trusted manufacturer, Weprofab is your leading choice. Within years in serving, we knew different tactics which helpful for a booming business.

Crystal Shield Acrylic Plaque

Weprofab creates crystal shield acrylic plaque with different capacity to impress. These are with the highest quality, intend for grand awarding ceremonies.

Flame-style Acrylic Plaque

This flame-style acrylic plaque is made completely with uniqueness. Weprofab is able to manufacture different quality flame-style acrylic plaque.

Laser Engraved Acrylic Plaque

All Weprofab laser engraved acrylic plaque is manufactured with premium quality. And this could never missed especially for awarding and honoring ceremonies.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Plaque Manufacturer

WeProFab is your all-time destination when searching for different quality categories of acrylic plaque. We have complete advanced machinery, important equipment to produce high graded acrylic plaque.

And as a result, our acrylic plaque is well-known for having anti-fog functions, moisture-resistant, sturdy UV resistant, etc. We can also integrate metal and plastic materials into one quality finishes.

For more updates about Acrylic Plaque, contact us now.

Custom Acrylic Plaque to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Plaque Holder

Weprofab acrylic plaque holder is necessary. These hold your acrylic plaque carefully, helpful for long-lasting endurance.

Custom Engraving Acrylic Plaque

Weprofab also features custom engraving acrylic plaques for your wide choices. We offer free text printing for your total satisfactions.

Acrylic Plaque Box

An acrylic plaque box is also significant when having numerous stocks at your business place. These help protects your acrylic plaque collections.

Acrylic Plaque Standee

Acrylic plaque standee comes in a selection of styles, sizes, and thicknesses. These plaque are transparent and can be added with UV color printing. Can be customized with own artwork and words.

4.5MM Acrylic Plaque

Weprofab 4.5mm acrylic plaque is one of our one-of-a-kind custom designs. The front is made of black 4.5mm acrylic with an aluminum title plate on the back. Acrylic front and back with white engraving.

Generic 2 Acrylic Plaque

Generic 2 acrylic plaques are made of double body plaque material. Ideal for use as corporate awards, sports awards, academic achievements, racing, etc. Shapes include portrait, rectangular, bond paper, or can be customized to any.

Floating Acrylic Plaque

This floating acrylic plaque is built with clear acrylic. Can be personalized with your artwork, it may be graphics, pictures, seal, and/or dedication. Thicknesses, mounting options, and overall size can be modified as well.

Acrylic Plaque 13”

Acrylic plaque 13” stands out in terms of look, durability, and affordability. Offered with free full-color printing. Enhances any corporate brand excellently. Comes with a large white acrylic canvas.

Scalloped Acrylic Plaque

Weprofab scalloped acrylic plaque has scalloped edges and the bottom color of your choice. Included with engraving and etching of standard acrylic plaque. Built from cast acrylic. Available colors include gold, blue, and clear, or can be personalized.

Acrylic Trophy Plaques

Acrylic trophy plaques come with simple and elegant designs and quality materials. Stylish acrylic plaques that effectively communicate your message. Made of thick crystal clear acrylic.

Acrylic Plaque 7 x 3.5

Acrylic plaque 7 x 3.5 comes in multiple selections of sizes, colors, and finishes. Weprofab offers 7×3.5 acrylic plaque at a more competitive price. Bulk orders is available.

Crystal Acrylic Plaque with Engraved Logo

Weprofab crystal acrylic plaque with engraved logo has a black acrylic area. It is used to highlights artwork on each side of the plaque. Can e stood on the desk or hung on a wall.

Black Acrylic Plaque

Black acrylic plaque back is made of felt for extra refinement. Included with two pegs that may be screwed into the back of the plaque for portrait or landscape standing. Material is available in various thicknesses.

Chroma Acrylic Plaque

This chroma acrylic plaque has an attractive design, may be sandblasted or laser-engraved straight on the front. Available in various sizes, finishes, and more options. Come in a standard white box that can be used to present the award as well.

Acrylic Business Plaque

An acrylic business plaque gives any business a very professional appearance. Size selection includes A5, A4, A3, A2, and A1. Made of lightweight but durable versatile material. Can be personalized with your text, logo, or branding.

Acrylic Plaque with Iron Stand

Acrylic plaque with iron stand comes in a diverse range of sizes, thicknesses, sizes, and overall sizes. Base dimensions can be customized as desired. Available in paper mask protective coating.

4 x 6 Acrylic Plaque

Weprofab 4 x 6 acrylic plaque is made out of a variety of materials, including acrylic that has been laser engraved to create an elegantly finished acrylic plaque award. Features an attractive combination of acrylic and wood to produce depth and beauty.

Diamond Shape Acrylic Plaque

This diamond shape acrylic plaque uses two mediums to create its floating design. It is mounted to an acrylic base and has opposing facing bevels. Diamond cut a shape that symbolizes achievement.

Acrylic Plaque 150MM

Acrylic plaque 150mm comes in a variety of colors and finishes such as gold, silver, black or white acrylic. It is a simple and elegant award option for any event or presentation.

A3 Acrylic Plaque with Stand

A3 acrylic plaque with stand is available in various colors. It can be engraved and personalized to recognize the finest achievement. Simply choose from the available options to create the perfect personalized A3 acrylic plaque with a stand.

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Why Choose WeProFab Acrylic Plaque

Weprofab Acrylic plaque is firmly known for its versatile shapes and compositions.

Been manufacture with magnificent quality and clarity volume.

These are helpful for taking off your boredom with related plaque designs.

Acrylic-made plaques are re-engineered and with brightly colored designs. These make it more eye-catching, best seller for small or large enterprises.

Acrylic plaques have described with different standardized features.

Acrylic Plaque

Known features of our acrylic plaque finishes are UV resistant, marble varnished, and with colorful actual features.

Not just durable acrylic substances, plaques made by Weprofab are produced from engraved and piano wood materials.

These are printed-free acrylic plaques and with broad selection availability.

Acrylic plaque creatively made to suit each of your specifications given.

These also made totally unique because of UV undertaking provisions.

Because of acrylic plaques durability, these are useful for honoring important admiration for your leading executions.

Used to award your loyal team or business employees.

You can freely choose elegant, glamorous, and high standard acrylic plaques for economically rated prices.

Acrylic Plaque

We have encompassing selections for you, helpful to freely avail these quality offers brought by Weprofab.

Whatever designs you select, whatever instances are, all our acrylic plaques with different varieties are available.

All of our plaques come from free and not limited complete colored UV printing processes.

Acrylic plaques that Weprofab been generated are giving the highest quality customize crystal, acrylic, and glass designs.

These complete designs are fitted for all occasions and corporate events.

All plastic specified materials, from polycarbonate forms to pure plastic formations these are 100% in quality.

We have always numerous stocks of Weprofab acrylic plaques.

We manufacture different quality for your retailer and business necessities.

We did faster customizations of your acrylic plaques’ demands. Trust for our premium quality productions.

Overall, we implement 18mm thickness materials all come from high graded materials.

All these productions are top quality and provide strong resistance for the superb quality of your acrylic plaques.

Your wish for this product will be fulfilled.

Acrylic Plaque

As your number 1 supporter, Weprofab manufactures your acrylic plaques’ drawings designs.

Precise manufacturing of acrylic plaques is extraordinarily provided through the help of Weprofab skilled manufacturers and engineers.

We did personalizing and custom your acrylic plaques demand.

We made it standard for your qualifications. Excessively polished aspects and ultra-careful handiworks are provided.

Product colors you see in pictures are what you get intimately. Totally available with different engraving conventions.

For your precise demands, contact us today!

Acrylic Plaque: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you buy an acrylic plaque, read this guide.

It has answers to questions you have been asking about acrylic plaques.

These include features, uses, engraving process, etching, and design options, among other aspects.

Let’s get started:

What is Acrylic Plaque?

It refers to a flat piece made of acrylic thermoplastic and contains writings, graphics, or logos on it, fixed on a wall or other surface.

It mostly serves as a commemoration of a specific event or outstanding persona.

It is often molded in different forms to ensure that it fits the particular requirements.

Acrylic plaque

Acrylic plaque

Is there a difference between Acrylic Plaque and Acrylic Awards?

Most definitely!

One of the differences is that acrylic plaque comes in an appearance that takes the shape of a traditional tablet or an ornamental plate.

Acrylic awards, on the other hand, is available in an appearance that takes any shape possible to design.

The other difference is that acrylic plaque comes in versatile designs compared to acrylic awards.

Ideally, plaques can be designed to take up a small part on a desk or hung on the wall.

Acrylic awards, on the other hand, can take up a larger space, especially in your office since they come in a wide range of sizes.

In a corporate setting, acrylic awards can be rotated among different employees, let’s say after every month.

On the other hand, acrylic plaques are specifically designed as customized gifts, thus given only to one recipient.

Acrylic awards can be customized to create unique and stunning gifts.

Acrylic awards, on the other hand, are limited to customization designs, thus hard to come up with various distinctive designs.

Acrylic plaques can be hung on the wall or freestanding on a flat surface.

Acrylic awards, on the other hand, come as freestanding to be placed on flat surfaces only.

How much does Acrylic Plaque Cost?

The price for purchasing acrylic plaque often varies depending on a wide range of factors.

For instance, the actual size determines the amount of money you’ll spend on acquiring this item.

The specific brand is also another factor that determines the cost of acrylic plaque cost.

Of course, different suppliers often price their plaques differently.

And the brand also looks into many factors in the overall pricing.

The types of texts, logos, or both to be inscribed in the acrylic plaque is also another determinant of its cost.

Some could be simple, whereas others could be relatively complex.

Then the shipping costs also add to the overall pricing on this particular type of plaque.

If you’re importing it, let’s say from China to overseas countries, the cost will be relatively high than when buying it locally.

Also, the quantity you’re purchasing as well as the urgency for this item determines the overall cost.

For instance, some suppliers would offer lower prices is the quantity is a bit more, and the expected date of delivery is also extended, and vice versa.

What should you consider when buying Acrylic Plaque?

You need to factor in several factors, which include the following;

Acrylic plaque

Acrylic plaque

Type – Acrylic plaque are often available in two major types; freestanding and wall-mounted.

It is thus vital to know well in advance the specific type that you’ll require when buying this item.

Budget – It is an essential consideration since it enables you to determine the actual type of acrylic plaque that you’ll purchase.

Your budget allows you to know the ideal quantity and quality of this piece that you need to order.

Purpose – Acrylic plaques are usually designed for recognizing or rewarding a spectacular event or outstanding performance.

It is thus necessary to identify the actual intent to enable you to order for plaques that befit the occasion.

Organizational theme – If it’s for a corporate system, it would be ideal for determining whether it needs to match the subject of the organization.

This is ideal since it helps in branding, which is critical in marketing the organization.

Design – Acrylic plaques often come in different designs, depending on various elements.

And design, in this case, implies shape as well as size.

Therefore, considering the ideal design when purchasing these items would be helpful.

Can you Engrave Acrylic Plaque?

Absolutely, 100% yes!

Most acrylic plaques available are often engraved as a way of inscribing the text, logo, or both on it.

Some of the most common techniques that you can use to engrave this piece include laser, rotary, CNC, and hand engraving.

What’s important is making sure that you have the right tools, and you’re using the specific procedure appropriately.

Remember,in most cases, acrylic plaques are often customized to reflect the occasion or individual.

And engraving offers the best alternative for ensuring that the wordings are permanently inscribed on the item.

How does Etched Acrylic Plaque compare to Engrave Acrylic Plaque?

Etched acrylic plaque is often marked with the use of material eating acids to create the letters and logos on its surface.

On the other hand, engraved acrylic plaque is usually marked with the assistance of gravers.

The other difference is that you can create intricately etched acrylic plaque as required using etching.

In this case, the needed lines produced end up clean and crisp since it provides fine details.

Engraved acrylic, on the other hand, engraved acrylic plaques are also fuzzy but not to the extent of etching.

This is because some finest works can be difficult to attain with engraving machines.

During engraving, the material tends to produce fumes, which can be hazardous hence the need for ventilators during processing.

Etched acrylic plaques, on the other hand, do not produce such fumes during etching, thus posing little or no danger.

How does Acrylic Plaque compare to Glass Plaque?

Ideally, acrylic plaque is relatively stronger than glass plaque.

Acrylic material, which is the primary material for this item is almost 17 times stronger than glass.

And this explains the reasons acrylic plaque has better resistance to impact compared to glass plaque.

Glass plaque has a relatively hard surface.

This makes it possible for it to have better resistance to scratches.

Glass plaque

Glass plaque

Acrylic plaques, in contrast, have a somewhat softer surface.

This makes it more susceptible to abrasion compared to glass plaque.

In terms of weight, acrylic plaque seems to be more lightweight compared to glass plaque.

Acrylic is almost half the weight of glass, which is vital because it makes it easy to carry around or even mount on the wall surface.

It is also easier to fabricate acrylic plaque than it is to do for glass plaque.

And this is the reason you’d find it easy to customize the acrylic plaque in unique ways that it is to do the same on glass plaque.

In terms of clarity, acrylic plaques stand out to better than glass plaque.

The former has high optical clarity and allows up to about 92% of light to pass through it.

Also, the latter, on the other hand, allows up to about 84% of light to pass through it, making it a bit inferior to acrylic plaque.

The other comparison is that acrylic plaque does not break, not shatter even when it falls.

In essence, this explains why it is quite durable.

Glass plaque, in contrast, easily breaks and tends to shatter, especially when it breaks.

And in that case, it reduces its resilience.

Can you make Polycarbonate Plaque?

Absolutely yes!

Polycarbonate material is more or less similar to acrylic since they share quite a number of features, with only slight variances.

For example, you can easily fabricate polycarbonate by engraving, cutting to size and polishing among others,

Additionally, polycarbonate is also lightweight, has ideal optical clarity and extremely strong.

Also, it has incredible resistance to several elements such as weather, impact, and corrosion.

And for such reasons, it is quite apparent that you can make an ideal and customized plaque using polycarbonate material.

How do you Customize Acrylic Plaque?

You can use several techniques to personalize acrylic plaque.

Some of the common ways include the following;

Engraving – It is quite common since it is often used to inscribe the letters, logos, or any information on the surface of this piece.

Engraving can be done by laser, CNC, or hand, depending on the complexity of the designs and availability, as well as knowledge of equipment.

Shaping – It entails modeling the acrylic plaque to form or create a specific shape that befits your requirements.

Cutting-to-size – This customization technique merely involves reducing the size of the acrylic plaque to suit the required dimension.

In most cases, this is often done using power tools since they help in hastening the process and enhancing precision.

Polishing – You can choose to remove unwanted debris or layer of a coating from the surface of this item by polishing.

Buffing and vapor polishing are always ideal when it comes to polishing this piece.

Drilling– You can always choose to customize this item by drilling its edges, especially if you are going to mount it on the wall.

Surface treatment – It involves the application of a particular coating to help in improving the efficiency, durability, and aesthetics of this piece.

For example, anti-scratch coating to prevent abrasive materials from scratching the plaque.

Why do you need Acrylic Plaque?

Custom acrylic plaque

Custom acrylic plaque

Acrylic plaques offer a wide range of advantages, making it a necessity, as far as recognition and rewarding are concerned.

Some of the advantageous reasons include the following;

  1. It combines the essence of using awards and certificates when rewarding or recognizing effort, performance, or occasion.

In simple words, it averts the need for using certificate and a trophy separately since it combines all these elements in one.

This, of course, helps in cost-cutting and value addition.

  1. It is easy to personalize acrylic plaque by inscribing the recipient’s name and other details.

The significance of this is that it helps in expressing and showing gratitude and sincerity.

  1. This piece, mainly, customized ones help in enhancing creativity, which is an essential aspect of promoting artwork.
  2. Acrylic plaque is also extremely durable, which implies that the recipient will have it for the longest time possible.

And this helps the recipient to relate with the message and appreciate the essence of the gift.

  1. Compared to other materials that can provide same solutions such as polycarbonate and crystal, acrylic plaques are quite affordable.

And this becomes vital when you are working with a limited budget.

  1. Acrylic plaque is also highly versatile.

This is in the sense that the recipient can use it as an award, paperweight, and in other instances as your office desk or living room decorative component.

What is Acrylic Plaque used for?

For honoring individuals or institutions for playing a particular role in a wide range of functions such as social responsibility and volunteering.

In rewarding learners, tutors, and other stakeholders in different levels of learning institutions for standing out in a particular field.

For instance, it could be exemplary performance in a learning area, excellent service, and successful completion of a project, among others.

To recognize employees who have displayed incredible performance as far as particular aspects are concerned in a corporate setting.

In most instances, this is always done as a way of appreciating their input and efforts as well as celebrating their achievements.

To reward the best performers in a particular sporting outing by recognizing the efforts of the athletes with exemplary performance.

In appreciating customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders in a business setting for standing with the organization from different perspectives.

Can Acrylic Plaque Shatter?

Not at all.

This item is strong, thus making it possible to withstand any form of impact that would likely break it.

And in the event that breaks, whether deliberately or not, acrylic plaque never shatters.

Personalized acrylic plaque

Personalized acrylic plaque

What makes Acrylic Plaque better than other Materials?

Excellent optical clarity – It transmits up to 92% of light compared to other materials, which allows a lesser percentage of light to pass through.

It extremely strong, far much better than other materials such as glass.

Hence enabling it to withstand impacts and pressure and consequently enhance durability.

Acrylic plaque also has ideal dimensional stability, which is critical in ensuring that the product suits the specific needs.

It is also lightweight, which is a necessary feature as far as handling and wall-mounting are concerned.

This type of plaque also has greater resistance to UV radiation, weatherability, and temperature tolerance than many materials.

Additionally, you can easily fabricate acrylic plaque compared to a number of materials such as glass.

This is helpful since it enhances customization needs, which is somewhat synonymous with plaques.

Is there Color Limitation for Acrylic Plaque?

Not necessarily.

What happens is that acrylic is often available in clear, colored, and multicolored shades.

It thus implies that you can choose the specific color shade that suits you for making your ideal acrylic plaques.

How do you Manufacture Acrylic Plaque?

There are different techniques for manufacturing acrylic plaques.

However, the ideal method will depend on the tools and equipment you have as well as your knowledge of producing them.

Acrylic panel is always placed and cut into pieces depending on the dimensions and quantity that you require.

There is a design prototype that is used in reducing the acrylic panel into the required shapes or designs.

Engraving and other different add-on features are integrated on each plaque, in case of mass production.

Then it follows by the necessary finishing, also depending on what suits your preferences.

Once everything is set, you’ll have your acrylic plaque in place.

What is the Ideal Thickness for Acrylic Plaque?

The thickness of this piece usually varies depending on different factors.

In other words, there is no standard thickness for acrylic plaque, and it all depends on your customization needs.

That notwithstanding, the minimum thickness for a suitable acrylic plaque should be at least 3mm.

Which Design Options are available for Acrylic Plaques?

The design options are quite numerous.

In most cases, the choice depends on your preference as well as what your ideal supplier can provide.

For instance, some of the primary design options that WeProFab provides include;

  • Crystal shield acrylic plaque
  • 3D acrylic plaque
  • Laser engraved acrylic plaque
  • Flame-style acrylic plaque
  • Acrylic bowling plaque
  • Star-shaped acrylic plaque
  • Diamond acrylic plaque

Does Acrylic Plaque Yellow in the Sun?

To some extent, yes!

But this has to be as a result of prolonged exposure of this item to the sun.

Its molecules will start to weaken, and subsequently, the component will start to lose its clarity hence eventually yellowing.

How do you Check Quality of Acrylic Plaque?

There are specific national and international quality standards that any type of acrylic plaque has to conform to.

So an ideal way of checking the quality is by making sure that you verify whether it meets all the necessary and relevant standards.

Some of the common standards for checking acrylic plaque’s quality include ISO, CE, UL, and ASTM, among others.

Which Add-on Features can you have in Acrylic Plaque?

Acrylic plaque

Acrylic plaque

Lighting – You can choose to incorporate LED lighting on this piece.

The lights help in illuminating the plaque hence enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Holder – You can also get acrylic plaques that come with holders.

These holders are suitable, especially for freestanding plaques, since they help in enabling them to stay standstill as needed.

Ribbons – These features are often used on acrylic plaque to help in complementing the item or the theme of the occasion or rewards.

What is the Size Limitation for Acrylic Plaque?

Ideally, acrylic plaque is not limited to any size.

It depends on different factors, but most importantly, your preference.

Additionally, the size would also depend on whether you’re designing one for your desk or wall-mounting.

Nonetheless, you can as well choose to go for standard sizes, which suppliers such as WeProFab often offer on request.

Can you print on Acrylic Plaque?

Of course, it is quite possible.

There are specific types of printers that are engineered to print on this type of piece.

And this is as a result of the nature of acrylic material, which requires meticulousness when it comes to printing for desirable results.

Whether you’re looking for stock or custom made acrylic plaque, WeProFab will help you in the design process.

Contact us today for the best designs and competitive prices in acrylic plaque.

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