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Medical Face Shield

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Full Length Face Shield

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer, We manufacture different types of Full-Length Face Shield. We are supplying Full-Length Face Shield in different shape.

Anti-Fog Mask Clear Face Shield

WeProFab offers the best and good quality of Anti-Fog Mask Clear Face Shield. We provide excellent and clear Anti-Fog Mask Clear Face Shield.




Key Surgical Face Shield

Key Surgical Face Shield of WeProFab is the best. We are offering the highest quality of Key Surgical Face Shield in different places.



Tear-Off Face Shields

WeProFab Tear-Off Face Shields are safe to use, you can assure that the virus is useless, if you wear it. We provide a unique Tear-Off Face Shields.

Splash Shield Medical Face Shield

WeProFab is an expert making Splash Shield Medical Face Shield. You can use our product for any face protection.

Face Mask with Eye Shield

You can use our Face Mask with Eye Shield for any antivirus. WeProFab makes sure that Face Mask with Eye Shield is making perfectly.

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Better Shield Full Face Shield

Better Shield Full Face Shield has a unique design. At WeProFab, we are supplying high-quality and great Shield Full Face Shield.

Disposable Face Shields

Disposable Face Shields you to Keep you fresh and ready for any activities. And to protect Against all viruses.

Full Face Shield Protection

WeProFab is the eventual provider of high-density Full Face Shield Protection. We provide it to every people that they need. We make sure for every people that they have protection from the viruses.

Ultra-Clear Medical Face Shield
Unisex Medical Face Shield

A unisex medical face shield is widely used as a dental face shield to avoid dirt during diagnosis. Features a clear full-length medical face shield that can protect the doctor’s full face. Comes with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.

Scratch Proof Medical Face Shield

Scratch-proof medical face shield is made with a medical grade material with an anti-fog properties on both sides. Equipped with an adjustable elastic strap for comfortable tightness. Can be worn easily with a fashion good looking.

Removable Protective Film Medical Face Shield

WeProFab medical face shield has removable protective film. Adjustable headband and full-face shield is featuring scratch resistance and anti-fog. You can get a cheaper price offer perfect for your business purposes.

Polyester Anti-Fog Medical Face Shield

The polyester medical face shield has a great ability to prevent fog. It has full-face protection designed with protection film for scratch resistance. Designed with elastic band and head foam.

Flip-Up Medical Face Shield

Medical face shields are designed with an adjustable headband. Designed with flip-up shield and flexible sheet offered at the highest quality but affordable prices. Gain the best profits for your expandable business.

Glass Frame Medical Face Shield

Our medical face shield has a durable glass frame which provides comfortable wearing. High gloss sheets with removable shields are offered at an affordable price. You can save money and earn the best profits for your business.

Impact Resistant Medical Face Shield

Impact-resistant medical face shield offers excellent fog-free time and optical clarity. Offered with increased longevity with superior performance and impact resistance. Widely used by medical companies and distributors.

Kids Medical Face Shield

Kids medical face shield is available with a full-length visor with a permanent anti-fog coating. Specifically designed for kids as their medical protection, healthcare, and environmental protection. Built with optical clarity.

Flexible Medical Face Shield

A flexible medical face shield is ideal all-around protection for the entire face. Delivered with a more durable fog-resistant coating with a light and comfortable structure. Can be reused and disinfected easily.

Elastic Band Medical Face Shield

WeProFab medical face shield has an elastic band. Designed with foam for head protection and a full-face shield. Customizable logo and the flexible clear face shield for your customer’s selections.

Custom Color Frame Medical Face Shield

Custom color frame medical face shield can be worn with glasses with full freedom to move. The frames are available in a wide range of colors. Includes a non-fogging and anti-static frame which is easy to replace and recycle.

Adult Medical Face Shield

Adult medical face shield is provided with a secure fit and improved comfort. Characterized by its outstanding anti-fog and anti-scratch performance. Specially designed for adults’ use and ensures a sustainable performance.

Acrylic Medical Face Shield

Acrylic medical face shield arrives with anti-fog coating on both sides. Designed for better optical clarity and a more comfortable fit. Features a cleverly designed carrying frame that can benefit from maximum protection.

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Ultimate FAQ Guide ToMedical Face Shield

Medical face shields are an important protective gear that almost all doctors and nurses need to have.

It covers the entire face and prevents harmful substances from entering the body through mucous membranes.

A single splatter or a splash could result in the transmission of innumerable viruses and bacteria.

Although medical face shields alone are not sufficient to prevent this transmission, they do add a layer of protection.

Here is a comprehensive guide to provide you with all the information you will need regarding medical face shields.

What Are Medical Face Shields?

Medical face shields are a type of protective gear that is worn by doctors and nurses.

If you are a doctor or a nurse, you will wear these shields while treating patients who suffer from highly infectious diseases.

These masks cover your face completely and create a layer of protection against airborne particles.

Medical face shields protect you from splashes and accidental splatters of contaminated substances.

Medical face shields are impenetrable on the surface and prevent the transmission of diseases to a great extent.

They are an important part of the medical equipment all doctors are required to use during treatment.

You use medical face shields alongside other protective gear as well to provide healthcare providers with complete protection

Man wearing Medical face shield

 Man wearing Medical face shield

What Are Medical Face Shields Made Of?

Medical face shields are usually made up of polycarbonate and other such polymers.

Other materials used in the making of medical face shields are propionate, polyvinyl chloride, acetate, and polyethylene terephthalate glycol or PETG.

These materials are impenetrable and easily malleable.

They can be made into thin sheets of plastic and can easily be moulded into medical face shields.

You will find that these materials are very lightweight.

This protective gear will not be uncomfortable to wear for a very long time.

Medical face shield PETG material

 Medical face shield with PETG material

How Can You Use A Medical Face Shield?

These face shields are very easy to use.

You will find that the top region of this item has a headgear that is supposed to be wrapped around your forehead and the back of your head.

Some medical face shields come with cushioned headgears to provide extra comfort too.

Make sure the medical face shield covers your face properly so that it can catch any splashes in the direction of your face.

The suspension of the medical face shield should sit around 0.5” to 1” above your eyebrows.

Adjust the depth correctly or the face shield may feel as if it is not very stable.

Do not tighten the headband of the medical face shield too tightly to prevent headaches or any tiredness.

Make sure the medical face shield distributes pressure evenly.

What Are Medical Face Shields Used For?

Medical face shields prevent aerosols of fluids emitted by bodies from entering your body system so you will not be infected with the disease.

Aerosols can easily make their way into your body through your mucous membranes without you realizing it.

If you work in healthcare or in a laboratory, medical face shield equipment is essential to protect you from contracting any dangerous diseases from your patients or while working in labs.

Often while working around hazardous environments, doctors and nurses can easily contract diseases if they do not use the correct gear.

Medical face shields are an additional layer of protection between the doctor and potential viruses and bacteria.

You can wear them in pathology labs and even while treating patients in emergency rooms of hospitals.

Do These Medical Face Shields Come In Varying Sizes?

You can get different sizes of headbands that you can easily attach to the face shields before use.

Manufacturers create these medical face shields with inclusivity in mind.

You will have no trouble finding the medical face shields that fit your head.

You will not be required to do a fit test with medical face shields.

How Does A Medical Face Shield Protect You?

The medical face shield protects you from the aerosols present in the air when you work around infected patients.

This polymer layer does not allow any particles to travel through it.

The medical face shield also prevents accidental splatters and splashes of contaminated materials from entering your body systems.

You can use it with face masks to provide complete protection too.

The medical face shield protects your eyes, nose, and mouth from these particles.

This is because the plastic sheet is big enough to cover your entire face.

It covers your face down to your chin and across from one ear to another completely.

Are Medical Face Shields Uncomfortable To Wear?

Compared to other methods of respiratory protection such as N95 respirator masks, medical face shields are rather comfortable to wear.

This gear does its job of protecting the wearer while making the experience bearable.

You will not face any obstructions in breathing while wearing a medical face shield.

Your vision will also be intact without too much fogging.

This makes it the ideal protective gear in most scenarios.

The face shields are also lightweight and do not leave any marks on the skin while wearing them.

Cushioned head piece

Cushioned headpiece

What Are The Different Parts Of A Medical Face Shield?

All medical face shields are made of three parts primarily.

These three parts are:

· Visors

Visors are the sheet of plastic that covers your face.

You will find they are made with material that has high optical clarity so that you can clearly see through the visor.

Visors are also often made to have anti-fog and scratch-resistant properties as fog and scratches can also obstruct your vision.

· Frame

This is the topmost part of the medical face shield.

You wear your face shield with the help of this frame.

The frame wraps around your head and suspends the visor.

· Suspension parts

In case you wish to switch up the visor you have, you can simply remove it from the suspension part and the frame.

This region connects to the frame with the visor and makes the visor detachable.

There are various medical face shield suspension systems available for you depending on your preference.

You will find fully circumferential suspensions systems that include Velcro, ratchets or pin-lock systems so that you can adjust your medical face shield to be more comfortable.

You will also find lots of medical face shields that use elastic straps so you can secure them to your face.

There are also medical face shields using eyeglass temple bars so your medical face shield will be suspended from these bars.

Nose pads may be available to help secure the position of the medical face shield on your face.

Different parts of a medical face shield

Different parts of a medical face shield

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Medical Face Shield?

There are many benefits of wearing a medical face shield.

This is especially true when doctors are treating patients carrying highly infectious diseases.

You will find they are very comfortable to wear over long periods and cover a large area on your face to protect you from harmful substances that may splash on your face.

Medical face shields prevent overheating of your face and fog up less compared to medical goggles.

You will feel less claustrophobic as compared to wearing some other personal protective equipment.

Your breathing is not compromised so people with breathing difficulties can also wear a medical face shield.

You do not need to conduct a fit test for a medical face shield.

You can clean it easily and disinfect in very little time.

You will not need to clean shave your face to wear a medical face shield.

It is easy to wear and take off.

Medical face shields are also affordable and your speech will not be compromised, so people can hear you clearly when you are speaking.

You can wear other protective gear along with it and self-inoculation is minimized.

You can use face masks for longer if you use them with a medical face shield.

What Kinds Of Diseases Can Be Prevented By Medical Face Shields?

Most infectious diseases spread through air and physical contact.

You can reduce the likelihood of contracting all diseases that spread through aerosols, bioaerosols, and droplets by making use of medical face shields.

It acts as a barrier between a person and these harmful pathogens and thereby reduces the chances of infection.

Are Medical Face Shields Reusable?

Yes, medial face shields are completely reusable.

They do not have any perforated material.

So, there is no chance of pathogens getting stuck between the layers of a medical face shield.

You can simply use a disinfectant to clean it and reuse your mask again.

Doctor wearing reusable face shield

 Doctor wearing a reusable face shield

How Can You Clean A Medical Face Shield?

You can disinfect your medical face shield easily.

All you need to do is use a strong disinfectant to wipe down all the surfaces of this face shield.

You can use 70% isopropyl alcohol if you do not have chemical disinfectants around.

However, be sure to clean it before use to avoid infection.

What Is The Difference Between Medical Face Shields And Face Masks?

There is a huge difference between a face mask and a medical face shield, even though both items have similar functions.

A face mask comprises of nonwoven polymeric cloth, whereas a face shield is made up of malleable plastic.

A mask needs to fit the user’s face properly, but a face shield does not have to be of a specific size.

You cannot always reuse your face masks, but you can reuse a medical face shield.

Can You Use Medical Face Shields As Substitutes For Eye Protection Gear?

You cannot use a medical face shield as a substitute for face masks.

However, these medical face shields do a great job of protecting your eyes, and so, you can use them as substitutes for goggles.

You can use other equipment like goggles and masks alongside medical face shields for added protection.

Can You Wear Medical Face Shields With Prescription Glasses?

Yes, you can wear medical face shields with prescription glasses.

There is enough room for movement underneath these protective shields.

Hence, wearing glasses with medical face shields will not be difficult.

Doctor wearing prescription glasses with medical face shield

Doctor wearing prescription glasses with medical face shield

Can You Resize A Medical Face Shield?

Unlike other protection devices, you do not need to buy specific sizes of medical face shields for them to work.

All face shields come with resizable frames.

In the end, the frame should fit your head perfectly.

You want a sturdy medical face shield that doesn’t slip off.

So, you must tighten the frame around your head to fit you perfectly.

You can also change the frame, depending on your requirements.

Doctor wearing face mask with face shield

Doctor wearing a face mask with face shield

How Can You Dispose Of Medical Face Shields Properly?

You must treat medical face shields like all medical waste.

You shouldn’t discard it out in public, and you must take proper precautions before disposing of it.

If you can, disinfect your medical gear before you decide on replacing it with newer ones.

You must put them in garbage bags marked with the appropriate symbols which signify hazardous waste.

The one good thing about medical face masks is that you can selectively replace it.

You do not need to throw the entire mask away if you need a change.

You can simply replace your old run-down visor with a new one.

This will cost you less and will be highly beneficial for the environment too.

Are Medical Face Shields Good For The Environment?

Medical face shields are not completely good for the environment.

This depends on the type of material you use in making medical face shields.

If your manufacturer prefers using biodegradable polymers, then your face shields will decompose naturally in landfills.

However, otherwise you will find that large numbers of medical face shields may contribute to land pollution and waste problems.

Hence, make use of your medical face shields as long as you can as permitted by hygiene standards.

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