• Nylon Sheet

Nylon Sheet

WeProFab is the number one leading nylon sheet manufacturer in China. We can do better for your fabrication and construction since we offer plenty of various types in our nylon sheet. You can select here your sizes and colors and we can fabricate it base on your demand.

Get WeProFab Nylon Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Our nylon sheet has wear and abrasion resistance which is made with high tech machines. We can guarantee our nylon sheet since it has a wide range of applications that meets your requirement.

Color Coated Cast Nylon Sheet

Our cast nylon sheet can be color coated which provides a different color. WeProFab can offer a durable, high-quality, and we provide a wide range selection of colors for your cast nylon sheet.

Embossed Nylon Sheet

If you want to have a high-end option for commercial and residential uses, WeProFab embossed nylon sheet is perfect for you. We can offer you lightweight, durable, and create unique sheets for your demand.

Extruded Nylon Sheet

Our extruded nylon sheet offers durability, stiffness, and good mechanical properties.  It is ideal for general purpose material since WeProFab provides excellent wear resistance and can be purchase at an inexpensive cost.

Flexible Nylon Sheet

WeProFab nylon sheet is flexible which allow high speed classify on automotive equipment. We can offer you a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, and chemical uses in our flexible nylon sheet.

Heat Resistant Nylon Sheet

Our nylon sheet can be ideal to use in high temperatures environment since it has heat resistant features. WeProFab will provide you good high-temperature properties, durable, and economical.

Industrial Nylon Sheet

WeProFab nylon sheet is best to use in a wide range of industries since it has high tensile strength and perfect to use for general purpose material. You can have our industrial nylon sheet in a high-quality yet affordable.

WeProFab: Your Leading Nylon Sheet Manufacturer

As WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, we provide you a great solution for plastic and metal fabrication. WeProFab also manufactures the best and very applicable building material for your construction. Our nylon sheet is one of the in-demand plastic material for any type of fabrication or construction.

We offer plenty of various types in our nylon sheet products such as embossed, extruded, flexible, heat resistant, color coated, thin, 10mm, colored, 3mm, white, and industrial nylon sheet. You can choose here your desire colors for your nylon sheet since we provide a wide range selection of colors.

If you want to fabricate or construct, WeProFab nylon sheet is your best choice for that. You can have our high-quality, durable, and affordable nylon sheet. We perform the production process to meet every customer’s specifications that include thermoforming, bending, and many more. If you want to purchase a nylon sheet now, please message us now!

Custom Nylon Sheet to Expand Your Brand

3mm Nylon Sheet

We provide 3mm measures for your nylon sheet and if these measurements suit your demand, you can message WeProFab now. We can give you the exact require product.

10mm Nylon Sheet

If 10mm is your demand measure for your nylon sheet, WeProFab will provide your specifications. We can offer you a different measurement that suits your needs.

Colored Nylon Sheet

WeProFab offers different colors for your nylon sheet. We can provide you white color but if you want other kinds of color just free to select since we had a wide range selection of colors.

Thin Nylon Sheet

Our nylon sheet can be cut into a thin sheet which depends on your demand. WeProFab will provide high-quality and high competitive rates thin nylon sheet.

White Nylon Sheet

If the white color nylon sheet meets your requirements, we can provide it for you. WeProFab offers an excellent wear resistance and low frictional properties white nylon sheet.

3mm Nylon Sheet

3mm nylon sheet is a great wear and abrasion-resistant material. Provided with high mechanical strength and is heat resistance. Available with a thickness of 3mm and is ideal for various purposes.

Colorful Nylon Sheet

Colorful nylon sheet has variations in thickness ranging in different sizes. Guarantees good creep stability and sliding properties. highly resistant to various oils and chemicals. Offers a colorful surface appearance.

Customized Nylon Sheet

Customized nylon sheet features outstanding chemical resistance and low friction coefficient. Available in natural and black colors as well as a variety of thicknesses. Widely used for electrical components, wear pads, and wear strips.

Elastic Nylon Sheet

Elastic nylon sheet is built with superior wear and abrasion resistance. Designed to be easily machined and fabricated. Offers good impact strength at low temperatures. Applicable for rollers and wheels.

Glossy Nylon Sheet

The glossy nylon sheet is strong and durable with good resistance to many chemicals. Arrives with a glossy surface and custom-cut option. Made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex that is soft, durable, and breathable.

Nylon Decorative Sheet

Nylon decorative sheet is a perfect material for DIY projects, jewelry making, scrapbooking, and crafting. Delivered with continuous length and consistent color. Contains vivid color and a sleek appearance.

Nylon Marble Sheet

Nylon marble sheet is 100% double brushed for premium comfort and style quality. Comes with a modern marble print design with over 40 different color sheet set options. Perfect match for any bedroom furniture set.

Rigid Nylon Clear Sheet

A rigid nylon clear sheet is available with the largest selection of rich vibrant colors. Made of the highest quality nylon that is wrinkle and fade resistant. Suitable for point-of-purchase displays, lighting, and fixture.

UV-Resistant Nylon Sheet

UV-resistant nylon sheet offers a rich assortment of natural colors. This series may be customized to any color specified and combined with a physical surface texture. Offers outstanding UV resistance.

White Nylon Sheet

White nylon sheet is available with varying degrees of translucency. Easier to fabricate than stone and glass. Specially formulated to resist long-term exposure to UV and this will not fade or change color over time.

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Why WeProFab Nylon Sheet

Looking for a sheet that has a general-purpose in construction and fabrication? WeProFab nylon sheet is your best solution. We are over 20 years in the industry so we can assure you to have the best products. Our nylon sheet can fit into any type of construction needs.

WeProFab offers different types of our nylon sheet that includes embossed nylon sheet, flexible nylon sheet, color coated nylon sheet, industrial nylon sheet, heat resistant nylon sheet, extruded nylon sheet, and so on. Our nylon sheet has a wide range of applications.

Nylon Sheet

WeProFab nylon sheet can be commercial and industrial use such as automotive, aerospace, food service, fluid handling, mining industries, gears, spacers, washers, bushes, rollers, sprockets, manifolds, sheaves, wear components, insulators. Our nylon sheet is best for a general-purpose since it has excellent wear resistance, low frictional properties, good electrical insulating ability, and good mechanical properties.

Our nylon sheet also offers high strength and stiffness, excellent chemical resistance, easy to fabricate, lightweight, has a flawless finish, has a perfect design, excellent load-bearing capability, and very affordable so it is ideal for demanding construction due to its features.

Nylon Sheet

You can select here what’s your desire looks for your nylon sheet since WeProFab offers different colors and different sizes. Either you can choose from our standard products like white color, 10mm, and 3mm nylon sheet. We can also offer you thick or thin for your nylon sheet. Just send us your specifications concerning your demand.

We can assure our customers to gain satisfaction with our nylon sheet products since we perform product processing like thermoforming, bending, and many more. As WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified, we strictly manage the quality of the products and make sure to gain safeness since our nylon sheet followed FDA regulations.

If you want to have a nylon sheet for your fabrication or construction purposes, WeProFab is your best fabricator and supplier. We can fabricate base on your specifications and we deliver your ordered products in your scheduled time. For further questions or have any inquiries about our nylon sheet products, please contact us now!

Nylon Sheet

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