• Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

WeProFab is one of China’s leading manufacturers of acrylic light diffuser sheets. We have created the highest quality acrylic light diffuser sheets from the finest raw materials available. An acrylic light diffuser is as strong and durable as regular acrylic but translucent. Ideal for signs and channel letters because it is compact and flexible. We are adopting the latest manufacturing processes to improve quality and lower costs. Send us your acrylic light diffuser sheet design, and we will produce it for you!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet to Satisfy Your Customers

Weprofab is a market leader in the fabrication of acrylic light diffuser sheets. We have a variety of acrylic diffuser sheets that we can provide our clients to help them grow and expand their businesses. Most of our customers, particularly our distributors and merchants, give acrylic light diffuser sheets a try on behalf of their clients.

LED Light Frosted Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab LED Light Frosted Acrylic Diffuser Sheet features weather resistance and high impact resistance. It also can easily be hot bending and vacuum forming—ideal for advertising and decoration.

Square Acrylic Frosted Light Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab Square Acrylic Frosted Light Diffuser Sheet has a 93% transparency and 1.2g/cm3 density. It has a 0.4% water absorption and 0.3% molding shrinkage.

Light Matte Color Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab Light Matte Color Acrylic Diffuser Sheet has a cast or extruded type and has a 1.19 density. It is perfectly ideal for signage, advertisement, lighting, display, etc., applications.

Acrylic Light Plexiglass Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab Acrylic Light Plexiglass Diffuser Sheet is a thick plate that retains outstanding transparency despite its thickness. It has exceptional weather resistance, surface quality hardness and gloss, and a vibrant appearance even when used outdoors.

LED Plate Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab LED Plate Light Diffuser Sheet features a frosted surface and 1mm to 5mm thickness. This acrylic light diffuser sheet can also be a cutting or molding processing service.

Frosted Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

The frosted acrylic light diffuser sheet is applied in decoration, display, trade show, advertising, and many more. It has high surface hardness with 2-50 mm thickness.

Cast Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

It utilizes advertising and decoration, and it also has a high-quality acrylic light diffuser sheet. The cast acrylic light diffuser sheet is impact resistance and weather-resistant.

Milky White Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

It features excellent efficiency, easy to fabricate, is environmentally friendly, and has an outstanding LED hiding ability. Its applications are in office, for business and education.

Prismatic Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

The prismatic acrylic light diffuser sheet provides great concealment of LED and fluorescent light supplies while also allowing good color combining. It enables the fixture to retrieve light more efficiently without compromising quality.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint venture between WeeTect Material Limited and a local Chinese fabrication company. We provide a one-stop solution for plastic and metal fabrication.

Acrylic light diffuser sheet continuously increases light transmission, LED hiding, and light homogeneity across the lighting diffuser and maximizes light extraction efficiency from a luminaire without compromising performance.

Our diffuser light is widely utilized in a panel, down, and linear lighting. Our diffuser sheet has varied degrees of light diffusion to meet the performance requirements of various fixtures.

Although the standard color is white, it is also compatible with various colored LED lighting systems. A diffuser made of acrylic allows for greater design flexibility and exceptional formability. Send us an email and we will respond with a fantastic product.

Custom Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet to Boost Your Business

18mm Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

18mm acrylic light diffuser sheet is available in transparent, opal, red, blue, white, or customized colors with 2-40 mm thickness. Due to its adaptability and elasticity, it is thermoformable into various shapes.

Opal LED Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

It is used for laser welding, CNC carving, grinding, ultraviolet printing, and diamond refining. It transmits 93.4 % of sunlight, has a high-gloss, solid material, and has excellent precision management.

Glow Luminous Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

It features an imported PMMA material with 1.8-20 mm, and it’s available in clear, blue, white, green, and more. The glow luminous acrylic light diffuser sheet has a no-fade color for outdoor and a thickness tolerance lass than ±0.

LGP Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

It is simple to wash with soap, is compact and durable, has good durability to ultraviolet radiation, and performs well as an insulating material. LGP acrylic light diffuser sheet is used in lighting and advertising.

Transmissive Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

Transmissive acrylic light diffuser sheets are used in various applications, including advertisements, household equipment, exhibitions, crafts, and signage. It also has a density of 1.2g and a thickness of 1.8mm–30mm.

Acrylic LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab Acrylic LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet is weather-resistant and anti-aging, ideal for long-term outdoor use. And it has a high haze content, which results in a more uniform diffusion of light into the plate.

Opal White Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab Opal White Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet permits in different quantities of visible light. It also creates the desired light effect by attaching a light diffuser film to a light source.

High-Quality Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab High-Quality Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet is very malleable. It features a 92 percent light transparent and chemical resistance.

LED Square Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab LED Square Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet has a 1.20g/cm3 density and 92% light transmittance. It features a 0.5mm to 50mm thickness.

High Impact Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet

Weprofab High Impact Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet features a -40° to 120° weather resistance and 95±2% haze degree. It is ideal for panel, linear, elevator, and subway light usage.

Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet: A Complete FAQ Guide

What are the Characteristics of Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheet?

Lighting diffusers allow improved color mixing and concealing LED and fluorescent light sources. The diffuser overcomes severe LED hiding difficulties while maintaining excellent efficiency.

  • Over 90 percent crystal clarity, soft and clear vision, and acrylic dyestuff have good color development effects.
  • High surface hardness and gloss and good performance at high temperatures make the acrylic board a great choice.
  • Glass-like translucency of acrylic sheet
  • Acrylic board is abrasion resistant, stable, and resistant to chemical damage.
  • Acrylic sheets can be printed and sprayed to produce the desired surface decoration effect.
  • It is combustible and does not have self-extinguishing properties.
  • Suitably bright and diffusive for direct-lit backlight modules.

 Acrylic light-diffusing is widely used in lighting. It produces a uniform light and might help you save money on energy expenditures. Light-diffusing material may transform dull, muted, or industrial logos or signage into glittering pieces of beauty.

Depending on the illumination, light-diffusing plexiglass can help you create the desired visual effect with less light. Light-diffusing acrylic may answer if you want more explicit photos, brighter signage, or a more professional appearance.

Why is Acrylic Used in the Extrusion of Light Diffusers?

Acrylic light diffusion has been demonstrated to work and has exceptional optical qualities.

We extrude Acrylic with varying degrees of frost and diffusion to maximize light transmission and conceal your LEDs.

Acrylic light diffusers filter harsh light. They can also help save energy by providing more even illumination and minimizing the need for additional fixtures while protecting lighting fixtures from dust.

Acrylic surfaces now offer diffusion values ranging from 92 to 60%.

  • perfect for dispersing harsh lighting and reducing energy consumption
  • will not discolor as a result of exposure to sunlight
  • enhanced scratch resistance and increased flexibility
  • Less expensive
  • keeps dust off of fixtures

The qualities you want to incorporate into the overall functionality of the application define which acrylic material to use.

Our in-house tooling facility ensures quality control and on-time delivery of all extrusion and punches dies.

What Are My Options for Acrylic Light Diffusion Sheet?

You may choose your next project’s thickness, width, length, texture, surface, and pattern with light-diffusing acrylic. This durable, optically transparent acrylic is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and offers more excellent dimensional stability than other solutions for illuminated signage.

The maximum dimension is 1220 * 2440mm, with a thickness of 1m to 3 mm there are several options available. Do you need a size that we don’t stock? WeProFab has it too!

The acrylic light diffuser is helpful for a variety of applications, including the following:

  • Photographs
  • Panel lights
  • Retail signage
  • Channel letters
  • Display frames
  • Spotlights
  • Lamp chimney
  • Illuminated signage
  • Additionally, whether indoors or outdoors, signage

Consider the following points when purchasing an acrylic light diffuser:

  • Source of light
  • Impact Potential
  • Combustible
  • Outdoors exposure
  • Temperature ranges for service

Light-diffusing acrylic satisfies all safety, performance, and aesthetic standards. You’ll adore the unbeatable weather resistance and ease of upkeep. This means that your display is aesthetically and physically safe.

How Does Light Diffusion in Acrylic Work?

Acrylic may be made more light-diffusing by adding light-diffusing chemicals or textured surfaces. You may achieve optimal light diffusion while maintaining maximum transmission with high-quality light-diffusing polymers.

The visual distinction is evident, and your photos are also more explicit. That said, fluorescent lights also diffuse effectively and are less costly than energy-efficient LEDs.

You can use professional-looking acrylic installations to attract consumers, light a shop or show, and more. Because some light sources emit heat and increase energy usage, diffusing materials maximize your illumination.

Which Specifications Apply to Acrylic Light Diffusion Sheets?

WeProFab provides PMMA diffusers; PMMA diffusions.

Material: Acrylic

Color: White opal

Thickness: 1.3mm

Transmittance: 60% to 90%

Size: 1220*2440 mm

Embossed: One-Sided Matt, Both Sided Matt, and Prismatic

Numerous shapes, including round, square, rectangle, and others, also available bespoke shapes

We are a one-of-a-kind business in this sector, dedicated to creating a superior quality line of Light Diffuser Sheet.

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