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Custom Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Glitter acrylic sheet comes in a series of solid color formulations and custom blended color combinations. These sheets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and various glitters. Perfect for use as a retail fixture, an accessory, point of sale display, illumination, and a lettering or sign.

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Glitter acrylic sheets are ideal for use in laser engraving, laser cutting, CNC routing, and other manufacturing techniques. These sheets are available in various colors like silver, royal blue, chartreuse, sand, orange, red, and so much more. Custom color glitter acrylic sheets add endless possibilities for designers and every crafter.

Custom 5mm Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet

This 5mm color glitter acrylic sheet is made of 100% virgin PMMA. It has excellent weather resistance. Ideal for craft, advertising signs, wedding, home decor, package, etc. Can be customized into different shapes.

Translucent Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet for Decoration

Weprofab translucent color glitter acrylic sheet for decor is highly transparent. Available in customized colors, sizes, and shapes. It can be thermoformed, laser-cut, carved in all shapes. Possess functional surfaces.

Double-Sided Glitter Cast Acrylic Sheet

Double-sided glitter cast acrylic sheets have extremely high design versatility. It’s easy to process, drill, cut, or other manufacturing techniques. Other properties include scratch resistance, UV resistance, and water resistance.

Custom Black Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab custom black color glitter acrylic sheets are ultimately lightweight. Extremely high weather resistance and recyclable – made to last. Available in various shapes and sizes, and holographic and iridescent glitter.

Waterproof Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Waterproof glitter acrylic sheets are perfect for use in accessories, POP display, lighting, store fixture, lettering, or sign applications. They are pretty strong and durable. Available in different textures to choose from.

20mm Lead Glitter Extruded Acrylic Sheet

This 20mm lead glitter extruded acrylic sheet has a 92% high light transmission. It is made to high tolerance to ensure consistent sheet thickness. Easy to shape into creative designs.

Acrylic Sheet Glitter Gold Silver Rose 3mm

It has maximum impact resistance, weathering, and discoloration resistance. This acrylic sheet glitter gold silver rose 3mm is easy to handle and fully recyclable. It’s easy to clean and maintain plus has excellent resistance to most common chemicals.

Laser Cut Patterned 3mm Cast Decorative Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Laser-cut patterned 3mm cast decorative glitter acrylic sheets are included with a protective PE film on both sides. Available in a variety of colors and pattern designs. It’s easy to cut and secondary processing such as polish, fabricate and glue.

High Glossy Polished Perspex Glitter Acrylic Sheet

This high glossy polished perspex glitter acrylic sheet has excellent anti-aging performance. Widely applied to different products and industries. Made of environment-friendly raw materials. Higher impact-resistance.

WeProFab: Your Leading Custom Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab glitter acrylic sheet can be laser cut, drilled, fabricated, routed, and glued easily. All glitter sheets can be configured or custom cut to meet required specifications. Thicknesses may be done by precise cutting, electroplating, and coating. Available shapes are prism, square, hexagon, rectangle, and many more.

Custom color glitter acrylic sheet has optimum resistance to temperature, UV, impact, and chemical corrosion. It is suitable for use as decoration material, advertising material, signage board, outdoor signboard, handicraft product, furniture, daily product, etc. Weprofab is your one-stop solution for custom color glitter acrylic sheets.

Custom Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Business

Custom Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet with Fabric

Custom color glitter acrylic sheet with fabric is made of 100% pure virgin raw material. It has a high gloss finish and excellent light transmittance (up to 93%). UV protection, weather resistance, and ease of cleaning are some of its great properties.

Gold Glitter Acrylic Sheet

This gold glitter acrylic sheet is suitable for thermal-forming and mechanical processes. It has strong resistance to chemical corrosion and impact. Suitable for surface decorations like silkscreen printing, spraying, and vacuum coating.

Custom Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet for Laser Engraving

Weprofab can custom color glitter acrylic sheets for laser engraving at a very competitive price. It has a high degree of surface hardness and is scratch-resistant. The steadiness is excellent from 40 to 90 degrees.

Heat-Resistant Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Heat-resistant glitter acrylic sheets are lightweight and durable. They have a smooth front surface to allow for proper work. Applicable in craft and display use as it offers good mechanical performance and excellent electrical insulation.

Pink Glitter Acrylic Sheet

This pink glitter acrylic sheet has excellent transparency, stable and durable construction. It has strong resistance against crack, impact, weather, UV, chemical, and other elements. Optimum color stability even under outdoor exposure.

Wholesale Glitter Acrylic Sheet Custom Colors

Wholesale glitter acrylic sheet is non-toxic. It’s ideal for product design, indoor decoration board, kitchen and sanitary application, door and window cover, and so on. Available in a variety of colors and sizes at competitive prices.

Acrylic Sheet Glitter 3mm x 600mm x 400mm

This acrylic sheet glitter 3mm x 600mm x 400mm is suitable for laser engraving and cutting, CNC machining, fabrication, and thermoforming. Glitter is included for a more eye-catching project finish.

4x8ft Custom Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet for Building Material

4x8ft glitter acrylic sheet for building material has good mechanical performance, bending, cutting, and printing. Available from 3mm to 25mm thicknesses. Raw materials are chosen with great care and precision.

Royal Blue Glitter Acrylic Sheet 

Royal blue glitter acrylic sheet is ideal for scroll saw cutting, laser cutting, and other craft projects. These sheets come in a variety of thicknesses and densities in glitter. They are simple to clean and maintain, plus cost-effective. Great for decorative application.

PMMA One-Sided Glitter Acrylic Sheet

It is available in different sizes, shapes, holographic and iridescent glitters. Weprofab PMMA one-sided glitter acrylic sheets are available in a variety of solid color formulations and almost endless custom blended color combinations.

3mm Color Glitter Cast Acrylic Sheet for Interior 

This 3mm color glitter cast acrylic sheet for the interior has strong surface hardness and good weather resistance. Available in beautiful color and simple to maintain. Extremely high plasticity, shaping, and processing are much easier.

Acrylic Two-Sided Holographic Glittering Sheets

Our acrylic two-sided holographic glittering sheets are ideal for use for CNC routing machines, engraving machines, and laser cutting. Available in a variety of custom-blended color combinations and solid color formulations.

Silver Nugget Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab silver nugget glitter acrylic sheet is perfect for lighting, display, fixture, novelty, costume jewelry applications, and more. These sheets come in full sheet sizes or pre-cut sizes. Possesses deep and complex glitter characteristics.

Ivy Green Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Ivy green glitter acrylic sheet has an emerald luster of eye-catching glitter. These sheets are ideal for crafting and laser cutting, and it opens up endless possibilities in jewelry production and exhibition.

White Glitter Acrylic Sheet

The dazzle and shimmer effect of this white glitter acrylic sheet is enhanced by the addition of many glitter particles. They can be applied for scroll saw cutting, laser cutting, and so on. The thickness and density of glitter may vary on the sheet.

Gold Glitter Acrylic Sheet

This gold glitter acrylic sheet is made with deep and complex glitter features right in the acrylic sheet, providing a rich gold sheen with eye-catching glitter. It can be easily laser cut, fabricated, and formed.

Blue Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Our blue glitter acrylic sheet is perfect for those creative undertakings that necessitate glitzy, attention-getting decorations. It has a vivid blue sheen that is sure to attract the eye.

Sand Glitter Acrylic Sheet 150x150mm

Sand glitter acrylic sheet 150x150mm is applicable for decorative uses. It is simple to maintain and clean. Can be laser cut, drilled, fabricated, routed, and glued. Available at a more competitive price.

Rose Gold Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab rose gold glitter acrylic sheet is widely used for work and home areas. It has superior quality available in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions.

Fuschia Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Fuschia glitter acrylic sheet can be bespoke according to specific requirements. Thickness tolerance is +/- 25%. Perfect for point of purchase display, lighting, store fixture, etc.

Impact Resistant Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Impact resistant glitter acrylic sheet is mixed with glitter particles. Highly popular for creative minds and designers. Provides enhanced visual effects. Manufactured using impact resistant material.

Heat Proof Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Heat proof glitter acrylic sheet offers excellent transparency which is typically applied in craft and display. Features good mechanical performance, crack resistance and superior weather resistance.

UV Block Glitter Acrylic Sheet

UV block glitter acrylic sheet is accessible in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Comes with polished edges and easy to peel protective films. Applicable for outdoor decoration board, engraving, and signboard.

Textured Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Textured glitter acrylic sheet features strong surface hardness and perfect transparency. Arrives with good weather resisting property and excellent electrical insulation. Offered with textured surface.

Transparent Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Transparent glitter acrylic sheet is offered in a vast range of clear and custom blended colors, shapes, and sizes. Ideal for use in store fixtures, lighting, and lettering applications. Made with crystal clear acrylic.

Decorative Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Decorative glitter acrylic sheet is easy to fabricate and polish without meting edges. Built with outstanding clarity, brilliance, and transparency. Easy to fabricate and to thermoform with cut-to-size options.

Holographic Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Holographic glitter acrylic sheet is admired for its excellent finish on both sides. Coated with protective plastic film to prevent damage during transport. Provided with excellent thickness consistency.

Clear Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Clear glitter acrylic sheet is designed with strict quality control and superior features. Available for laser cutting and is lightweight. Constructed using a shatter-resistant and sturdy acrylic material.

Chunky Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Chunky glitter acrylic sheet comes with a glossy glitter finish on both sides. Densely filled with attractive glitters and does not reflect much light. Available in different thicknesses and styles.

Single Sided 2mm Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Single sided 2mm glitter acrylic sheet is perfect for craft projects, signs, inlays and more. Designed with sparkling glitter pattern on both sides. Arrives with smooth protective film on both sides.

Shiny Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Shiny glitter acrylic sheet offers outstanding transparency and superior impact resistance. Guarantees stable color under outdoor exposure. Widely applicable in indoor decoration board, furniture, and product designs.

Mixed Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Mixed color glitter acrylic sheet bonds well with adhesives and solvents. Available with mixed colors and has outstanding optical clarity. Provided with various sizes, grades, and shapes.

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Custom Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

How Glitter Acrylic Sheets Are Made?

Glitter acrylic sheet is made from the very best 100% pure virgin raw material.

Methyl methacrylate (MMA), Perspex, Lucite are some material options.

It can be formed as a clear, opaque colored, or transparent colored PMMA plate.

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It is manufactured to have deep and sophisticated eye-catching glitter features directly in the acrylic sheet.

Thousands of glitter particles have been added to give it a dazzle and shimmer effect.

The production process is as follows:

Film Coating
Sheet Coating
Bag Packing
Pallet Packing
Container Load

To get exact thicknesses, the sheet may be done in precise cutting, electroplating, and/or coating.

Other services:

Diamond polishing
Laser engraving
Vector engraving
Raster engraving
Deep engraving

These types of sheets can be laser cut, engraved, drilled, crafting, fabricated, routed, and glued.

It opens up a world of possibilities in different industrial and commercial applications.

What are the Possible Applications of Glitter Acrylic Sheet?

Glitter acrylic sheet is widely used in diverse applications and various industries.

POP Display
Store Fixtures
Wall Decor
Keychains, and more.

Laser Cutting Branding With Bling

These sheets are ideal for use in business offices, hotels, restaurants, and high-end residential buildings.

Glitter acrylic sheets can improve the aesthetic impact of products.

What is the Advantage of Glitter Acrylic Sheet?

Glitter acrylic sheet possesses excellent properties that make it ideal for many applications.

Recycled Acrylic Supplier & Factory in China - WeProFab

High light transmittance (up to 93%); perfect transparency
UV-resistant and good weather resisting attributes
Easy to clean and maintain
Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion
High impact resistance
Exceptional surface hardness
High-plasticity, easy to process and shape
Climate and temperature resistance
Superb electrical insulation; extremely light.

It is suitable for various surface decorations like silkscreen printing, spraying, vacuum coating, and more.

Glitter acrylic sheet has good processability, which makes it ideal for thermoforming and other mechanical processes.

How to Custom Color Your Glitter Acrylic Sheets?

It can also be custom blended in color combinations.

You can create exciting new visual effects by mixing custom-colored acrylic as the base color with the chosen blend of glitter.

There is a diverse range of glitter acrylic sheets in a variety of colors that are sure to give a touch of glitz to your project.

Colour variants include:

Royal Blue
Hot Pink
Light Blue

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Each color system has a brightly colored protective layer on the surface.

Because all glitter acrylic sheets are custom-made, lead times and prices vary.

The minimum order quantity is the same for both standard and special orders.

What is the Available Thickness of Glitter Acrylic Sheets?

The thickness range of 2 to 25mm.

Standard thicknesses are 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4″.

There are three available sheet sizes:

  1. Quarter Sheet
  2. Half Sheet
  3. Full Sheet
Are there Quality Standards for Glitter Acrylic Sheets?


ISO, ROHS, REACH, and UL is some of the quality standards utilized in glitter acrylic sheets.

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