• Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic Furniture

Weprofab produces an excellent acrylic furniture solutions especially when you require them for business operations.  Weprofab operates in China for almost 20 years already. We can provide the most unique and most appealing acrylic furniture to meet your business essentials. Choose high-quality acrylic furniture sets from Weprofab!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Furniture to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has supreme acrylic furniture to offer. Our company was formed to show committed support and provide powerfully-built acrylic furniture to run your business.

Two Layer Acrylic Side Table Furniture

Weprofab is your perfect manufacturer of two-layer acrylic side table furniture for 20+ years so far. You can obtain our latest acrylic furniture at the most affordable rate.

Modern Clear Acrylic Bar Cart Furniture

Weprofab has the top-graded skills and mastery of fabricating modern clear acrylic bar cart furniture to meet upon your requirements. We can help you find the fittest for your applications.

Custom Acrylic Furniture

Weprofab is your ideal manufacturer of any custom acrylic furniture designs. They come high-quality acrylics to achieve appealing appearance of the product. Buy your ideal furniture types at Weprofab.

Clear Acrylic Office Chair Furniture

Weprofab has 20 years of expertise in manufacturing clear acrylic chair furniture for your office addition projects. They are bonded through our complete enhanced machines.

Acrylic Red Wine Table Furniture Design

We made acrylic red wine table furniture design through our complete lines of fabrication. It is less prone to breakages due to their strengthen finish.

Acrylic Dining Table Furniture

Weprofab is the most professional fabricator of high-quality acrylic dining table furniture for home dining applications. We have the huge acrylic furniture options to finalize your missions.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Furniture Manufacturer

As the superior acrylic furniture manufacturer in China, Weprofab supply enough stocks to provide your business necessities.

Weprofab has the engineering team to make assembly of acrylic furnitures with the appealing and eye-catching appearance. We can cut them into different sizes to satisfy you and your high-valued customers.

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Custom Acrylic Furniture to Skyrocket Your Brand

Modern Acrylic Bench Furniture

In our factory, we can supply and guide you from start-finish of modern acrylic bench furniture fabrications. We will never failed you on every procedures.

Museum Acrylic Display Case Furniture

Whether you need a customization or need an exact cut-to-sizes for your acrylic furniture projects, Weprofab is here ready to serve you.

Versatile & Durable Acrylic Furniture

We, Weprofab can engineered high-quality, most versatile and durable acrylic furnitures. Avail our acrylic furnitures in various dimensions, shapes, and designs for a cheaper rates.

Transparent Acrylic Folding Chair Furniture

The transparent acrylic folding chair furniture is available in various transparent colors such as pink, yellow, green, amber, gray, and many more. It can be folded up when it is not being used. Therefore, it saves a lot of space. Also, it can be used at home, bars, offices, hotels, and other places.

Home Furniture Clear Acrylic Dining Chair

The home furniture clear acrylic dining chairs are made of high clarity, top-grade, eco-friendly, sturdy PMMA material. They have extreme durability, high weight capacity, and excellent UV resistance. Therefore, they can be used for outdoor parties, wedding banquets, at home, restaurants, etc.

Waterfall Clear Acrylic Furniture Table

The waterfall clear acrylic furniture tables are totally transparent, high-quality, and extremely durable. They can be stacked with the other waterfall tables. They are designed with rounded edges, a smooth surface, and an easy-clean surface.

Modern Small Acrylic Furniture Side Table

The modern small acrylic furniture side tables are made of eco-friendly, top-quality, and thickened acrylic material. They have a modern design and are perfect to use in hotels, bars, restaurants, at home, and more. They have a light weight, excellent sturdiness, and high transparency.

Small White Furniture Acrylic Chair

The small white furniture acrylic chairs can be used in cafés, at the home, offices, in food establishments, and in many more. They are lightweight so they can be placed in different places easily. They have a contemporary design and optimum durability.

S-Shaped Clear Acrylic Table Furniture

The s-shaped clear acrylic tables furniture is great to use in the living room, bedroom, office, and other locations. They are suitable for any design of the interior. Also, they have a shelf below that can be used for placing books and other items.

Clear Acrylic Pedestal End Table Furniture

The clear acrylic pedestal end table furniture has a sturdy base, column, and tabletop. The whole structure of it is completely clear. It can be used in bars, hotels, living rooms, home bars, and many more. Also, it is sturdy and light in weight.

Acrylic Bubble Chair Furniture

The acrylic bubble chair furniture has a contemporary design, excellent corrosion resistance, high weight capacity, and high durability. It can be used in the living room, café, hotels, and other lounge areas. Also, it has a great weather resistance so it can be placed on the patio, porch, or even in the garden.

Tall Furniture Acrylic Round Table

The tall furniture acrylic round table is made from eco-friendly, crystal-clear, sturdy, and 100% high-quality PMMA material. It can be used in the bedroom, living room, workplaces, hotels, and other areas.

Black Acrylic Console Table Furniture

The black acrylic console table furniture can be placed in the hallways, entryways, sitting rooms, offices, hotels, and other reception areas. It is made of high-grade, eco-friendly, and thickened acrylic material. It is very durable and it can last up to 5 years or even more.

Clear Blue and Orange Acrylic Furniture End Table

The clear blue and orange acrylic furniture end table have a see-through design, lightweight design, and extreme sturdiness. They can be used in the meeting room, office, living room, dining room, living room, and more.

Tall White LED Acrylic Furniture Display Cabinet

The tall white LED acrylic furniture display cabinet has a high gloss surface, good temperature resistance, and durable construction. It has a transparent surface in the front to showcase the items. It is commonly used in many restaurants, retail stores, exhibitions, cafés, or even in the house.

Acrylic Wardrobe Furniture

The acrylic wardrobe furniture can be designed in a see-through design or not. It has a stylish design, large space, and lightweight design. It is made of high-quality, non-toxic, and hard-wearing PMMA material. Also, it can be used at home or in hotels.

Clear Acrylic Barrel Chair Furniture

The clear acrylic barrel chair furniture is designed with a sturdy rounded back and a comfortable seat. It has a high light transmission of about 98% or more. It can be placed in the bedrooms, living room, wine cellars, office, cafés, hotels, and more.

Gold and Clear Acrylic Furniture Barstool

The gold and clear acrylic furniture barstool has a modern and elegant design. It has a lot of features such as excellent weather resistance, strong plasticity, good chemical resistance, high light transmission up to 95.7 or even more. It can be placed in wine cellars, hotels, home bars, dining rooms, hotels, malls, and so on.

Transparent Acrylic Hexagonal Stool Furniture

The transparent acrylic hexagonal stool furniture is great to use in the bedroom, dining room, living room, hotels, and others. It is very space-space and stylish. Moreover, it has a glossy surface, high surface hardness, and outstanding weather ability.

Acrylic Office Desk Furniture

The acrylic office desk furniture has a smooth surface, high light transmission, high surface hardness, excellent impact resistance, and weather ability. It is very versatile. It can be used as an office desk or dining table.

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Office Desk Furniture

The rectangular clear acrylic office desk furniture is made of non-toxic, clear, and high-quality acrylic material. It has good chemical resistance, easy to clean surface, and excellent clarity. It is suitable to use in the office, hotels, or at home.

Iridescent Acrylic Desk Table Furniture

The iridescent acrylic desk table furniture can be used at home, apartments, hotels, schools, and many more. It has excellent light transmittance, UV resistance, and superior impact resistance. It has rainbow colors and it changes as you move.

Smoke Grey Z Table Acrylic Furniture

The smoke grey Z table acrylic furniture is perfect to use as a side table, end table, bedside table, etc. It is made from thick, high-quality, tough, and eco-friendly acrylic material. It has a very light weight, see-through design, and modern design.

Smoke Grey Acrylic Furniture Waterfall Coffee Table

The smoke grey acrylic furniture waterfall coffee table is perfect to place in any modern interior. It has a simple yet exquisite design. It is commonly used in cafeterias, offices, hotels, or at home. It is transparent, lightweight, recyclable, strong, and chemical-resistant.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Furniture

If you`re searching for the most appropriate supplier for your acrylic furniture needs, then you come to the right place. Weprofab is the most reputable manufacturer of excellent acrylic furniture for over 20 years in China.

Weprofab, as the largest manufacturer in China, provides acrylic furniture in the finest quality. This is good to include for home decors like on living rooms, dining rooms, offices, and many more applications. It adds elegance to the room`s environment and wherever it is positioned.

Acrylic Furniture

Weprofab acrylic furniture featured acrylic chairs furniture, acrylic table furniture, and many more. You can purchase by a set at the most affordable prices. They come from Weprofab`s highest and advanced technologies. And we used acrylics because it has the capacity for lasting purposes. So you can freely demand different sizes, designs, and colors for your ideal acrylic furniture. We have sufficient knowledge of the entire process.

Acrylic Furniture

Our acrylic furniture sets are powerfully built and made 2X robust. They are easy to assemble when you finally get your orders. Weprofab also offers customization for your acrylic furniture at competitive prices. Whether you need them for home decorations, commercial office applications, etc, we ensure they aesthetically perform beyond your expectations.

As a leading manufacturer of acrylic furniture, you can obtain one of our best acrylic furniture sets at very cheap rates. We are highly endorsed by other companies and certainly passed from UL, ISO9001, CE certifications, and more.

Acrylic Furniture

We enhanced our capacities within the 20 years in the service industry. So, you can rest assured about our quality products & customer services for competitive rates.

At China where Weprofab is working, we offer reliable services and direct solutions of different acrylic furniture for your project needs. We are able to support your own trade necessities. A unique one for your brand benefits will be provided. We can also help you with a huge amount of money because of our furniture`s affordability.

Allow Weprofab to manufacture your ideal acrylic furniture. Inform our salespeople about your needs ahead of time!

Contact us through e-mail.

Acrylic Furniture: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before importing acrylic furniture from China read this guide.

It has all information you’re looking for about acrylic furniture such as available designs, benefits, features, safety and properties, among other critical aspects.

So, if you want to learn more, read this guide.

Is Acrylic Furniture Durable?

Acrylic furniture is very durable.

They can serve you for many years if they are well maintained.

It offers strength that is able to resist the impact that nay easily lead to breakages.

 acrylic Funiture

acrylic furniture

Why is Acrylic Furniture Expensive?

Acrylic furniture is not very expensive.

It offers great value that may cost more.

However, if compared to its counterparts like glass, it is really expensive going by the initial cost of purchase.

As time goes by, you will notice that the costs of maintenance for glass add more to your expenses compared to acrylic furniture.

As such, acrylic furniture will give you a lot of value for just a small amount of money.

Once you buy acrylic furniture, the maintenance procedures are simple and cheap.

Is Acrylic Material Ideal for Furniture?

Yes, it is very ideal.

Acrylic is the best material you should consider when looking for a unique look and feel decor in your room.

With the transparent nature of acrylic furniture, a small room is able to have the feeling of one very large room as one can see beyond the items.

It offers a fashionable and modern environment that is easy to clean.

Other materials will mean a lot of work when it comes to cleaning but with acrylic furniture, very little time is spent on cleaning.

Acrylic furniture will spare you the worries accompanied by transparent glass furniture as far as breaking is concerned.

It can absorb shock directed on it making it better than glass.

Generally, acrylic furniture is the thing to go for if you need the best look for your space on a budget.

Does Acrylic Furniture Scratch Easily?

Acrylic furniture can get scratched so easily.

You should protect it from any sharp or abrasive items.

In case you intend to place metals or any hard-edged objects on the acrylic furniture, you should consider putting a protective material or pads.

This way you will be able to avoid scratching the acrylic furniture which may be costly.

Some scratches may be removed easily but deep scratches can cost you a lot to restore.

What are the Types of Acrylic Furniture?

A lot of furniture today has been transformed into acrylic furniture while new and unique designs have come up specifically for acrylic. They include:

  • Acrylic stacking kitchen chair

acrylic stacking kitchen chair

acrylic stacking kitchen chair

  • Acrylic table

acrylic table

acrylic table

  • Clear acrylic decorative table

 acrylic decorative table

acrylic decorative table

  • Acrylic folding tray table

acrylic folding tray table

acrylic folding tray table

  • Acrylic office chair

 acrylic office chair

 acrylic office chair

  • Acrylic Z chair

acrylic z chair

 acrylic z chair

 acrylic stool

acrylic stool

acrylic bench

acrylic bench

acrylic bar troly

 acrylic bar  trolley

  • Acrylic legs bedroom furniture

 acrylic legs bedroom furniture

acrylic legs bedroom furniture

  • Acrylic sawhorse writing desk

 acrylic sawhorse writing desk

acrylic sawhorse writing desk

acrylic floating shelves

acrylic floating shelves

The list is long. In the market, you will find the most common furniture to the ones you never imagined made of acrylic.

How Should You Clean Acrylic Furniture?

Acrylic furniture is very easy to clean.

 Just like glass, acrylic furniture is very easy to clean.

It is very easy to notice that it is dirty and clean it.

You will only need to use a soft cloth with water and soap and you will be done.

This easy way of cleaning is very beneficial especially in heavy traffic areas such as bars and restaurants or even at parties.

The barstools will only be wiped with soap and water before someone occupies them since it dries very fast.

The only caution is avoiding any use of strong chemicals that may make the acrylic furniture fog.

This is something you may not be able to correct and as such, you should avoid it.

Acetate and ammonia should be avoided

How Can You Remove Scratches from Acrylic Furniture?

It is always recommendable e that you look for professional assistance whenever you are dealing with scratches.

For small scratches, however, you can see over the counter products to remove them.

You can use a damp sponge or soft cotton to wash the scratched section with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

After this, thoroughly rinse it with warm water.

Avoid using ant kind of abrasive cleaning chemicals or pads.

Take a keen look at the cleaning instructions labelled to ensure they are safe for use on acrylic.

After you are done, dry the surface.

Take some white polish compound.

By using a clean and soft cloth, polish the compound with water.

Rub the compound gently and in a circular motion as you polish and buff the area.

Will Acrylic Furniture Melt?

Unless you intend to intentionally use acrylic furniture as a barbecue accessory, you should never worry about it melting.

Until it reaches 320 degrees, acrylic furniture will never melt.

It is this property that makes acrylic furniture very durable.

It is however advisable that you use a trivet stand or a protective material whenever you are handling hot items from the stove or oven.

Are there Disadvantages of Acrylic Furniture?

Apart from the many advantages that come with acrylic furniture, it also comes with its shortcomings.

They include:

Showing Off Fingerprints

Just like glass, stainless steel or mirrors, acrylic furniture will show fingerprint whether big or small.

This is hard to avoid in a place where there are always people around.

To remove this, you can do frequent cleaning using a mild soap.

Acrylic Furniture is Completely Transparent

Acrylic furniture is not the best when you intend to hide items that may seem ugly to you.

It is only applicable for keeping nice things around and in a more organized manner.

Not Durable Compared to Some Other Furniture

It is obvious that when a set of acrylic furniture is well maintained and taken care of, it can serve you for a very long time.

However as opposed to other furniture like those made of wood, once acrylic furniture cracks or breaks, it may as well mean doing away with it.

Some damages cannot be fixed.

Limitation of Designs

Going by the manner in which acrylic is produced; they do not present the availability and design varieties that may be offered by others like wood.

Acrylic furniture will require an intensive moulding process.

This provides very little options in terms of design.

This is not however to mean that they are not sleek and beautiful.

Acrylic furniture has evolved and many designs are available.

The designs may not be as much as what we see in woods and other materials but they are more than what was their years back.

Should Acrylic Furniture Be Kept Out of the Sun?

Contrary to what people tend to believe, acrylic furniture will not be negatively impacted by sunlight.

Acrylic furniture is made from natural gas.

It is inert when in solid form and cannot yellow in the sun

Is Acrylic Furniture Safe for Use in a Child’s Room?

Acrylic furniture is very safe for use in children’s room.

It is non-hazardous and will therefore not cause any harm to children.

The material is also strong and safe to be handled by children.

It is hard to break.

Unlike glass, there is no worry about whether acrylic furniture might break and cut the children.

It is a very safe piece of furniture that can be applied anywhere in the compound.

Between Glass and Acrylic Furniture, which is better?

glass furniture

 glass furniture

Acrylic furniture will provide some advantages over glass furniture while at the same time glass furniture may be more considerable compared to acrylic furniture.

Some of the differences include but not limited to:


Acrylic furniture is much lighter compared to glass furniture.

If you are considering easy to move around transparent furniture, you may have to work acrylic furniture.

Impact Resistance

Acrylic furniture is very strong compared to glass.

It offers 10-20 stroke resistance as compared to glass.

If by accident acrylic furniture breaks, you will have large pieces in contrast to the glass which will break into small and sharp dangerous pieces all over.

The lower weight of acrylic furniture also makes it much safer.

Insulation Properties

Acrylic furniture will offer you better insulation compared to glass.

It makes it easier to use them outside where there is heat from the sun.


It is cheaper to mould and extrude acrylic furniture as compared to glass.

Glass furniture will require a lot of energy.


Acrylic furniture will provide a soft reflection of light.

How Do You Maintain Acrylic Furniture?

With super sleek and crystal clear and sparkling acrylic furniture, you definitely will want to preserve them in that way forever.

To do so, you can do the following:

Avoiding Ammonia

The main enemy of acrylic furniture is ammonia.

Whenever you are cleaning them, read the contents of the cleaner and make sure there are no ammonia contents.

This may make the acrylic furniture to become cloudy.

This is an irreversible mistake and as such all precautions to prevent it from happening should be taken.

Handle Them Gently

As you know, acrylic furniture will scratch so easily.

You should keep it in areas where they are less exposed to scratching.

With scratches, however, you can easily remove them.

Avoid dragging items over it but instead, lift them when picking or placing them on the acrylic furniture.

You should only wash it with soft clothing materials or better of cotton.

Any material that can scrub it should not be used.

Cover up

Treat acrylic furniture carefully.

When storing, cover them using a piece of soft fabric and store it in an area with a controlled climate.

This keeps acrylic furniture as good as new always.

Is Acrylic Furniture Toxic?

Acrylic furniture is not toxic at all.

Acrylic furniture is a form of durable and mouldable plastic.

This makes it easy to produce them in different forms.

It has a very safe side of it.

It is free from the compounds of BPA (bisphenol-A) which most plastics are known to have.

This synthetic chemical is used widely in most commercial products.

This can be harmful to the human body but with acrylic furniture, you can have a guarantee of safety as no such chemicals are contained in it.

Acrylic furniture is also safe for the environment.

Since they are non-toxic, they can be used anywhere safely.

What is the Best Adhesive for Acrylic Furniture?

There are different types of adhesives that you can use on acrylic furniture.

Although the best recommendation can be offered by your acrylic furniture supplier, there are still universally accepted adhesives.

They may come in handy when you need one.

You can choose to use acrylic cement or gorilla super glue and they will serve you pretty well.

Make sure you follow the procedures of use to attain the best results.

What are Safety Measures when Applying Glue on Acrylic Furniture?

Glues are very tacky materials.

You may need to be careful when applying it.

Observe the safety measures below when applying glue on acrylic furniture.

Physical Hazards

Some types of glue are flammable while some may be extremely sticky.

Avoid handling glues near flames as any contact with fire may make it spread very fast.

Others may stick on your skin or glue your fingers together.

Always wear gloves and eyeglasses properly whenever you are applying them.

Toxicity Hazards

Strong chemical components are used in making glues.

Some are known to cause skin irritations, allergies and troubled feeling whenever you get in contact with them.

Some may also affect your respiratory systems.

To avoid such effects from occurring, always, make sure you understand your glue.

Read the manual and take the recommended precautions.

If it is necessary, you should use face masks as well as gowns.

General Safety Measures

When dealing with glues, ensure you are doing so in a well-ventilated area or better off in an open space.

There should be air circulation fans as well as ventilators to clear any airborne pollutants.

Avoid any food or drinks in an area where you are using glue.

Do not drink or eat in the working area. Clean your body after leaving the area.

If possible, work in an environment with low levels of humidity which greatly improves the working conditions.

Avoid Loss in Finances

You will need to be sure of what you are doing before eventually starting to do it.

This is because glues stick very first and any mistake may sometime mean throwing away the entire project.

Test with waste acrylic materials before working with the right pieces of acrylic furniture failure to which may get you into huge losses.

How do You Stop Acrylic Furniture from Cracking?

Acrylic furniture can b cracked and this may be expensive.

Among the measures, you should be keen on include storage.

You should store the acrylic in places away from falling objects.

Acrylic furniture is known to be strong however as accidents do occur, it is better to avoid this by ensuring where they are stored is safe and cannot be hit.

Keep it safe from children.

It will be good to prevent small children who may hit the acrylic furniture with objects from doing so. Keep them away from it.

If acrylic furniture accidentally cracks, you can call a professional or try some of the DIY procedures of restoring it if possible.

What are the Advantages of Acrylic Furniture?

The benefits of acrylic furniture are quite many.

If you intend to have a sleek, clean and modern taste in your home, then you should consider the acrylic furniture pieces that are available.

Among the reasons you are likely to fall for acrylic furniture include:

The Airy Look and Feel

Acrylic furniture has the same clarity that is displayed by the glass.

It may not be quite as clear but the look and feel offered by both acrylic furniture and glass furniture is the same.

The ability to see through furniture will make the room feel larger and much airy as the eyes will not stop on the furniture but will keep going until it gets to a solid or opaque object.

If you have a small space, having acrylic furniture will be a big advantage as it will allow you to appear bigger than normal.

In homes where there are modern or coastal home decor styles, acrylic furniture works very well in creating the airy and open feeling inside the house.

For larger rooms, the acrylic furniture will add some feeling of spaciousness by making it appear like it is not taking up much space on the floor.

Acrylic Furniture Provides a Modern Sleek Appearance to Your Décor.

In case you are looking for a home décor style that is sleek and modern, then you should have some pieces of acrylic furniture on your mind.

This is because acrylic furniture pieces are very simple in design.

They fit well in contemporary modern styled homes.

There are Different Varieties of Acrylic Furniture Available.

There are a lot of innovations in acrylic furniture designs together with the integration of other new unique materials.

With acrylic as the main material has found a way to blend with just about any piece of furniture that one can imagine.

Pets Hate Acrylic

Normally you will find pets sleeping on couches and other furniture in the room.

This is not something that most people would like.

But with acrylic furniture, this will be solved.

You may never have to worry about putting something good on the table just to find it with your cat somewhere else.

The Artistic Effects

When a decorating item is placed on acrylic furniture, it tends to appear as if it is floating inside the room.

Taking an example of an acrylic bookshelf with several decorating items well placed on it, the item will appear as if they are on the air.

This is a very unique artistic view more than what the decorating items were meant to offer.

What is the Best Cleaner for Acrylic Furniture?

There are several cleaning solvents for acrylic furniture.

To get the best for your piece of furniture, it is god to inquire from your supplier about the recommended ones.

You may however choose the commonly used such as Brillianize to clean acrylic furniture.

Remember to use a soft cotton piece of material to clean otherwise the Cleaning solution may not be much helpful.

plastic furniture

Will Acrylic Furniture Turn Yellow Over Time?

Acrylic furniture may turn yellow if it is exposed to too much sunlight.

If proper maintenance procedures are done you should never have to worry about them turning yellow or hazy.

Wash frequently with proper cleaning solutions.

This can greatly impact the lifespan and clarity of your acrylic furniture.

How Does Acrylic Furniture Compare to Other Plastic Furniture?

There are a lot of options when it comes to clear furniture ranging from plastics to glass.

There are lots of differences between clear acrylic furniture and clear plastic furniture.

They are both made differently using different materials.

Plastic furniture is lighter than acrylic furniture.

Plastic furniture will also melt easily as opposed to how the acrylic furniture will respond to heat.

plastic furniture

plastic furniture

Why Should You have Acrylic Furniture Instead of Wood Furniture?

wooden furniture

wooden furniture

Acrylic furniture will top the list when comparing furniture materials including wood.

It is more versatile and with the different designs available, it attracts everyone.

Besides, it can create the illusion of a very large something that wood furniture will never offer.

It is also easy to clean.

The transparency that comes with acrylic furniture creates no chance of it to be dirty as it is easily identified.

It also encourages one to keep the room clutter-free just to experience the see-through effect across the room.

How do You Make Dull Acrylic Furniture to Shine?

Sometimes your acrylic furniture will turn dull different from how it was bought.

You should not worry about that.

Acrylic furniture gives you the chance to restore the initial shining surface and make it look new ageing.

Use a car polish, plastic polish or even automobile wax with a clean and soft cotton cloth to restore it.

Put the polish on the surface of the acrylic furniture and rub it carefully in a circular motion.

Do this in all areas and repeat if necessary until you are happy with the results.

If the acrylic furniture is still hazy, you can sand it carefully using different grits and finish with more abrasive polish.

How do You Protect Acrylic Furniture?

To make sure that your precious acrylic furniture serves you for a long, you will need to take good care of it.

Use the Proper Tools

Consider using only those solutions that are specifically made for acrylic materials like acrylic furniture.

Use a microfiber or soft cotton cloths to wipe the acrylic furniture.

Other products may end up breaking down the acrylic furniture or make it appear cloudy.

It is also necessary that you ensure the cloth material is clean before using it.

Any small particles that may be in the material may cause scratches on the acrylic furniture.

Apply Cleaners

Wipe the surfaces frequently to remove any dust and debris.

Apply the cleaners on the acrylic furniture and use cotton materials to polish the surfaces of the acrylic furniture.

Do this in all areas until you are convinced that they are clean.

Keeping the acrylic furniture clean prevents the forming of dust particles which if left may affect the quality of the furniture.

Remove Scratches

If in the course of your cleaning duties you realize that the acrylic furniture is scratched, you should consider repairing it.

There are several easy ways to go about this.

In case you notice the scratch is too deep for you to handle, consider seeking the services of a professional.

Is Acrylic Furniture Strong Enough?

Acrylic furniture is very strong than many other furniture made of different materials like clear plastic and glass.

Acrylic furniture is made from the same material that is used in architectural glazing applications .

This is especially when there is a need for transparency strong mechanical properties are required.

Acrylic furniture is stiff and strong. Compared to glass furniture, acrylic furniture is strong up to 17 times the strength of glass furniture.

This is to mean that it will take a lot of effort to shatter acrylic furniture which is not the case with glass furniture.

Does Acrylic Furniture Conduct Heat?

Acrylic furniture does not conduct heat.

Continuous heating may cause the acrylic furniture to melt.

This can however be achieved at temperatures above 160 degrees.

Temperatures below this will only make it lighter and hot and you may need to be very careful not to burn yourself on it.

Does Temperature Affect Dimensional Stability of Acrylic Furniture?

As temperature and humidity changes, Acrylic desks will expand and contract to greater or lesser margins.

You should be able to understand how this happens and make the necessary adjustments.

If you intend to use the acrylic desks for indoor applications, you may not have so much to worry about.

The temperature differences will always change between -/+20 degrees.

However, in cases where you intend to use it in areas where hot contents may be placed on it, you should know that acrylic desks are subject to expansion and contraction.

If other materials are combined to build the acrylic desk, you should take note of the contractual and expansion differences to avoid misuse.

Expansion differences among acrylic furniture and other supporting materials may cause breakage.

How Can You Drill a Hole in Acrylic Furniture?

Acrylic furniture is expensive.

Careless drilling may damage it which may result in losses.

To avoid drill through it, you can follow the following simple steps:

  • Put on safety goggles. Chips from acrylic shelves can fly off and result in a health hazard.
  • Prepare the drill bits you will be using in this process.
  • Do some tests with a small waste piece of acrylic sheet before attempting on the acrylic furniture

This is to avoid errors that may be there to damage the precious acrylic furniture.

  • Place the acrylic furniture on a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF).
  • Clamp the sheets or MDF together on a secure surface. Hold them firmly using the clamps.
  • The hole you intend to drill should not be so close to the edge as it may become easy for the acrylic furniture to chip off.
  • Start the drill
  • Drill slowly through the acrylic furniture.
  • Maintain a steady slow pace. to attain a clear view of whatever you are doing, Stop to remove the when they surround the drill bit.
  • Drill slowly removing the shavings and giving the drill sometimes to cooling. This helps in preventing it from melting.

With these steps, you will attain a perfectly drilled hole without any breakages.

Does Acrylic Furniture Come in Different Colours?

Acrylic furniture comes in a range of colours to give unique tastes to your space.

You can get it in almost any colour you want as long as the supplier has it in stock.

Manufacturers will manufacture based on the demand for colours from the market.

Therefore, most of the colours you are likely to get from the local stores are the common ones.

If you intend to have unique colours for a good quantity of acrylic furniture, you can get in touch with a reliable manufacturer and you will surely get your taste.

Some of the colours include green, yellow, pink, violet, red, purple, green etc.

Does Acrylic Furniture Have Sharp Edges?

Many of the acrylic furniture manufacturers tend to use saws and routers that are able to leave nice edges free of chips when they are cutting.

You should however be careful with the edges.

They may not be sharp enough to cut you by accident but you should avoid running your hand fast through the edges with pressure enough to make it cut you.

This may cause an injury similar to that of a paper-cut.

In case the edges are sharp for you, take sandpaper and sand the edges with 100 grit sandpaper.

Pass the sandpaper several times over the edges until it feels good and safe for you.

Is Acrylic Furniture Water-Resistant?

Acrylic furniture is water-resistant. It does not absorb water.

This makes it easy to clean and use outside where it can rain or even around swimming pools where it may get spilt on by water.

It is the reason it is widely used in restaurants and bars.

When drinks spill on acrylic furniture, you only need to wipe it before cleaning the acrylic furniture with water and soap.

It dries fast. Immediately you finish rinsing it with water, you only need to wipe it dry with a soft cotton piece of cloth and you can use it.

At WeProFab, we design and manufacture high quality and reliable acrylic furniture.

Whether you need custom designs or for OEM, WeProFab offers perfect solution for all your acrylic furniture needs.

Contact us now for the best acrylic furniture designs.

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