• 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is a certified manufacturer and supplier of 10mm polycarbonate sheets in China. Depending on your requests and company demands, we manufacture different polycarbonate sheet options and support various productions. We offer a one-stop-shop for all of your expanding company’s needs, making the process easy for you. You can save a large amount of money as well as time.

Get WeProFab 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Boost Your Business

In China, Weprofab is a prominent manufacturer of 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet. We provide a wide range of 10mm polycarbonate sheets, all of which are high quality, come with excellent customer service, and are cost-effective.

10mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 10mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet is very robust and has a reasonable lighting transmission rate. Customers will find it both affordable and appealing.

10mm Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 10mm Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet offers UV Protection on one side or both sides. It features up to 90% light transmission.

10mm Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 10mm Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet is ideal for inside and outside usage. It features a multi-color and customized specification.

10mm Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 10mm Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet is ideal for greenhouse, roof, cover, shed, etc., usage. It is extensively perfect in both interior and exterior design.

10mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 10mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate Sheet features a BS476 Part 7 fire rating, making it suitable for fabrication applications.

10mm Bronze Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 10mm Bronze Polycarbonate Sheet is an excellent insulator that also helps to disperse light and prevents condensation. It is resistant to the sun’s rays.

WeProFab: Your Professional 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer in China

We have been effectively producing high-end 10mm polycarbonate sheets appropriate to your demands for over two decades. We assure the best result to manufacture a 10mm polycarbonate sheet out of high-quality materials. To fulfill your exact customizations, we offer one-stop solutions for OEM and ODM customers.

Weprofab can offer a wide range of 10mm Polycarbonate Sheets. We can produce the most excellent products that rely on your specifications, depending on your needs. We strive to provide you with dependable products and services. Please send us your design right away!

Custom 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

10mm Solid Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet

We indeed manufacture a 10mm solid tinted polycarbonate sheet that has a fire retardant, impact-resistant, etc., function. It is available at a low cost.

10mm Roof Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

For your convenience, we manufacture 10mm roof polycarbonate hollow sheets in various types, dimensions, and surfaces.

10mm UV Protection Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 10mm UV protection polycarbonate sheet is available in various sizes and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Customized 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab Customized 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet has a wide range of applications and uses that can benefit your business significantly.

10mm Clear Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

We can provide you with the highest quality 10mm clear twin wall polycarbonate sheet at a competitive price. You can choose from a variety of thicknesses and sizes.

10mm Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet

If you need a 10mm Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet quickly, we can help! Weprofab is also competent at on-time delivery of your chosen products.

Colored Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab Colored twin wall polycarbonate sheets are available in a variety of colors and multi-colors. Customers will find it both affordable and appealing.

High-Quality 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

We offer a variety of high-quality 10mm polycarbonate sheets, colors, thicknesses, and other customization choices. You are welcome to email your sketches and details.

10mm Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Hollow polycarbonate sheet comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including 10mm hollow polycarbonate sheet. You can choose from a variety of sizes.

Anti-Reflection 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-reflection 10mm polycarbonate sheets also have anti-scratch and anti-static advantages. They are suitable sheets for thermoforming, windows, printing, folding, and more applications. These sheets come with various surfaces, including matte, anti-flex, etc.

10mm Diffusion Polycarbonate Sheet

The 10mm diffusion polycarbonate sheets are the preferred materials for lighting and signages. These sheets have eco-friendly features with customizable colors and dimensions. They provide the desirable light transparency, depending on shade choices.

10mm Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm anti-scratch polycarbonate sheets have double-sided UV coatings. They feature good sound insulation, high-impact resistance, and fire retardant capacities. Multiple applications suited these sheets, including skylights, roofing, awnings, etc.

10mm Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The 10mm extruded polycarbonate sheets are ideal for flower houses, hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, etc. They have customizable lengths, colors, and structures. These sheets are perfect for cold bending, flame, and weather resistance.

10mm Cellular Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm cellular polycarbonate sheets are practical for both indoor and outdoor utilization. Cellular-type polycarbonate sheets are more sustainable, safe, and have flame retardant advantages. Various layers are available to suit every requirement. 

10mm Textured Polycarbonate Sheet

The 10mm textured polycarbonate sheets feature water resistance, weatherproof with traditional designs. There are multiple hues available to fit customers’ desires and applications. They have heat resistance surface coatings to block harmful UV rays.

10mm Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm anti-fog polycarbonate sheets are ideal for construction and decoration applications. They provide light transmittance like glass but are more lightweight, easy to install, and transport. These polycarbonate sheets have anti-fog and UV-protected surfaces.

Modern 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The modern 10mm polycarbonate sheets have high impact strengths, high heat insulation, easy to process, and installed properties. The colors with glitters, transparent, etc., are available. They are suitable for carports, awnings, roofing, etc.

Unbreakable 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The unbreakable 10mm polycarbonate sheets are excellent materials for large sunshade roofing projects. Tawny, transparent, blue, black, and more colors are available. The layers with two to five wall structures are also accessible as customers’ requirements.

Compressive 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Compressive 10mm polycarbonate sheets are for warehouses, skylights, and other roofing applications. They have UV component surface plates for protection from ultraviolet radiation. These polycarbonate sheets are eco-friendly and have fire retardant strengths.

Glossy 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The glossy 10mm polycarbonate sheets are excellent walls, ceilings, windows, or doors for hospitals, malls, hotels, schools, office buildings, etc. They feature anti-static, anti-fire, Uv resistance characteristics. These sheets offer about 88% light transmittance, depending on colors.

Frosted 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Frosted 10mm polycarbonate sheets are treated with anti-scratch, anti-reflection, UV-coated, and anti-static treatments. Their high-quality features make them ideal for soundproofing walls, computer protection, helmet, and semiconductor clean rooms.

Flexible 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The flexible 10mm polycarbonate sheets have industrial designs, suitable for gyms, carports, greenhouses, etc. There are various dimensions and colors available to suit applications perfectly. They provide about 88% to 92% light transmittance depending on hues.

Decorative 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Decorative 10mm polycarbonate sheets are available in various surface textures. These unique polycarbonate sheets are suitable for advertisement applications, including signboards, marks, logos, and wall decorations. Different colors and dimensions are available.

Non-Toxic 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The non-toxic 10mm polycarbonate sheets protect the environment from pollution. They feature anti-static, moisture-proof, and flame retardant characteristics. These polycarbonate sheets are lighter and shockproof materials, perfect for industrial projects.

10mm Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses are available in different layers, including twin walls, triple walls, honeycomb structures. Their limitless lengths are easy to cut for customization. They have multiple color options with different dimensions accessible.

Hard 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The 10mm rigid polycarbonate sheets are ideal for skylight, hotel, and roofing applications. Various colors and textures are available, including embossed, hardened plate, thermal, prismatic, frosted, etc. They feature strong shock resistance and are unbreakable.

Contemporary 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Contemporary 10mm polycarbonate sheets have multiple advantages, including durability, excellent shapes, sound, and heat insulations. They can be used as fruit and vegetable boxes, recycled plastic bins, advertising signs, etc. Various hues are available.

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WeProFab 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is a dependable supplier of 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet. If you’re looking for a competent 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet manufacturer, Weprofab is an excellent option. For more than two decades, Weprofab has been a prominent provider of 10mm Polycarbonate Sheets in China.

Weprofab 10mm polycarbonate sheet is shatterproof, robust, moldable, and lightweight. You can use it for a variety of purposes, including both domestic and industrial ones. Weprofab 10mm polycarbonate sheet is also one of the most widely used plastics in the manufacturing company. Weprofab provides a 10mm polycarbonate sheet that has a lot of advantages and benefits.

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet Advantages

  • Ease of Construction

It is incredibly light and strong. It makes it incredibly simple to set up, handle, and fix using screws and support rods, or you can weld them.

  • Lowered Costs

It is easy to handle, move, and carry because of its lightweight. As a result, labor and significantly reduce transportation costs.

  • Versatility

It is robust and flexible, allowing for more imaginative design in the structures it is utilized in.

  • Resistance Property

It is impact and damage-resistant. It is a flame-resistant sheet and does not emit toxic gases when burned.

  • UV Protection

It lets in as much light as possible while blocking damaging UV rays. It is the best option when you want a lot of light but doesn’t want it to be too bright.

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet Benefits

  • Durability

It has a strength of 250 times that of glass and is highly durable.

  • Light Transmission

It has excellent light transmission capabilities to glass, providing it an advantage over glass because it appears to work in the same way as glass but is substantially cheaper and more durable.

  • Simple to cut and shape.

It is simple to cut using standard tools, and it can be shaped or bent at room temperature.

  • Thermal Insulation

It provides a higher level of thermal insulation.

  • Multiple Colors

Colors in various shades If you want to add some color to your project, this material comes in different colors.

  • Lightweight

It is approximately half the weight of glass, resulting in decreased transportation costs, quicker moving and storage, and faster material handling.

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab can assist you throughout the procedure, from concept to implementation, while assuring a cost-effective solution. As evidenced by our exceptional and long-term clients, we have offered outstanding customer service since the beginning. We guarantee that you will receive a 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet that is certified.

Please get in touch with us right away if you’re interested in the Weprofab 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet. We’ll contact you as soon as we can!

What is a 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The 10mm polycarbonate sheet is versatile for roofing types and shading purposes.

It is made up of rigid and raw materials and is long-lasting.

They offered varieties of colors, shapes, and designs depending on your demand.

The 10mm polycarbonate sheet is ideal for glazing application.

What are the Applications of 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

There are various applications of a 10mm polycarbonate sheet, including:

  • Carports 
  • Canopies
  • Pergolas
  • Greenhouse glazing
  • Screen wall
  • Indoor partitions
  • Residential and commercial roofing
  • Cycle or bike shelter
  • Open structures
  • Windows
  • Signage

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet Application

What are the Colors of a 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The standard color or shades of a 10mm polycarbonate sheet are clear, bronze and opal.

What are the Main Benefits of a 10mm Polycarbonate sheet?

The benefits of a 10mm polycarbonate sheet are;

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Longevity
  4. Lightweight
  5. Fireproof
  6. Thermal insulator
  7. Easy to handle
  8. Easy to cut/trim
  9. Quick to install.
  10. Shatter-resistant

What are the Features of a 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet? 

The following are the features of polycarbonate sheets with 10mm thickness.


The polycarbonate sheet with 10mm thickness can prolong the heat.

 A sheet is easy to bend with no heating.

Flame and weather resistant

 A 10mm polycarbonate sheet is a self-extinguishing type. 

Extreme light transmission

They can transmit light by about 80%.  


A 10mm polycarbonate sheet can insulate sounds with 20 or 25-decibel effects.

Strength impact

 It is unbreakable and lightweight.

What are the Accessories for Installing the 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The 10mm polycarbonate sheet accessories are sealing bar, SNAP/H/U profile, plastic washer, EPDM waterproof, screw, and ridge connector.

How Strong is a 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

This sheet is 300x stronger compared to glass.

It is also 30x more robust than an acrylic sheet.

Does a 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet Turn to Yellow in the Long Run?

Both sides of a 10mm polycarbonate sheet have a UV component.

It prevents discoloration.

How to Maintain Good Condition 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Cleaning 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet 

The 10mm polycarbonate sheet should be maintained or cleaned periodically.

Use appropriate detergent cleaning solutions.

Never use solvent for cleaning the sheets.

Scrubbing brushes and other sharp materials are not recommended.

Cleaning at a high temperature is prohibited.

How is the Packaging of a 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Suppliers provide well-secured 10mm polycarbonate sheet delivery.

 It is covered with a PE film and plastic tape on the edges.

Can you Use a Screw on a 10mm polycarbonate sheet?

Yes, you can. Use the #9 x 1-1/4″ screw but not too tight to prevent cracking.

Does a 10mm Polycarbonate Crack When Drilled?

Using the wrong accessories or tools when installing can be the result of chipping.

Always use the right tools and proper way.

How Do You Cut a 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

  1. Use a Jigsaw when cutting the sheet.
  2. Use a fine-tooth in the saw blade.
  3. Apply medium speed when cutting or;
  4. Let the Jigsaw run/move smoothly.
  5. Avoid excessive pressure.

What are the Process and Tools of Cutting 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

a.) Measuring and Marking

-Carefully measure the length, width, height, and slope and mark it.

b.) Circular saw

-Best tool when cutting in a more significant length.

-Use the 250-300mm circular saw blade.

-In a per minute, apply the 4000-speed revolution.

c.) Jigsaw

-Using jigsaw tools, always keep the sheet firm to avoid moving.

-Allow it to run or move smoothly.

d.) Scissor 

-Use a scissor in every small amount of cutting.

-Use a box knife as an alternate.

Does the Color Alter on Light Transmission of 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Yes. There are differences in light transmissions in sheets colors.

The transparent 10mm polycarbonate sheet has 88% light transmission.

The bronze has 46%, and the opal has 58%.

Are the 10mm Polycarbonate Sheets Certified Approved?

The 10mm polycarbonate sheet is tested by BS476: Part 7 standards.


The 10mm polycarbonate sheet is ideal in every part of applications.

Considering the reliable information and quality will make you a wise buyer.

It is worth purchasing when you know the product information.

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