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Plastic Sneeze Guard

WeProFab is an expert in designing, fabricating, and manufacturing Plastic Sneeze Guards for many years now. We are an experienced manufacturer and supplier of plastic sneeze guards. Rest assured that we can provide you the best quality plastic sneeze guards along with wide variety of options and competitive rates.

Get WeProFab Plastic Sneeze Guards to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab manufactures the broadest collection of plastic sneeze guards. If you find it difficult to choose the best plastic sneeze guard, you can rely on our rich plastic sneeze guard manufacturing experience!

Plastic Clear 24x24 Suspended Safety Guard

It protects employees and customers from any airborne contaminants in sneezes and coughs. These are made from impact-resistant plastics to ensure durability. These are also clear for maximum visibility.

Plastic Clear Freestanding Safety Shield with Window

Its clear plastics provide visibility from both sides. It is a freestanding countertop model that is usually used in offices, lobbies, and other public areas. It grants visibility and maximum protection.

42"x 42" Plastic Clear Suspended Sneeze Guard

It provides clear visibility while protecting the employees and customers from airborne contaminants by sneeze and coughs. These are manufactured from impact-resistance plastics. You can assure that these products are durable!

Plastic Square Cash Register Shield

Our Plastic Square Cash Register Shield comes with different sizes and other options. We can customize your orders with your specifications so it can suit your needs.  These are constructed from durable, impact-resistance clear plastics!

Plastic Bartender Sneeze Guard

Our Plastic Bartender Sneeze Guard offers a wall between clients and bartender while offering protection against germs and airborne contaminants through sneeze and cough. It comes with different sizes and dimensions to suit your needs!

Plastic Clear Desktop Sneeze Guards

We are a premier manufacturer of Plastic Clear Desktop Sneeze Guards in China for many years. These are fabricated from sturdy plastics with two removable stands for stability. It gives off protection while offering clear visibility!

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Sneeze Guard Manufacturer

WeProFab is known to be a world-leading manufacturer of Plastic Sneeze Guard. With our extensive range of manufacturing equipment, we can produce a full range of plastic sneeze guards according to your specifications.

We have rich experiences in manufacturing and customizing plastic sneeze guards. Guaranteed that we can give you the best and high-quality plastic sneeze guards. We can offer you an effective and total solution for your plastic sneeze guard needs. Aside from that, we manufacture plastic sneeze guard with wide choices of size and dimensions so it can suit your applications.

Our plastic sneeze guards are an ideal solution for protecting employees, staff, and customers from airborne contaminants such as germs and viruses that causes illness.

You can contact us for more information!

Custom Plastic Sneeze Guard to Skyrocket Your Brand

Plastic Portable Sneeze Guard

WeProFab is a premier manufacturer of plastic portable sneeze guard that can be moved in any directions and locations. We manufacture plastic portable sneeze guards from outstanding quality plastics!

Plastic Clear Hanging Sneeze Guard

We manufacture a plastic clear hanging sneeze guard that can be hung securely from the ceiling. We offer it with chains and other mounting hardware. It offers clear visibility while providing maximum protection.

Plastic Cashier Protection Sneeze Guard

At WeProFab, we produce the best quality Plastic Cashier Protection Sneeze Guard at an affordable rate. These are constructed from durable and impact-resistance plastics. Purchase now at WeProFab!

2mm Clear Plastic Sneeze Guard

A 2mm clear plastic sneeze guard guarantees strong surface hardness and good weather resisting property. Applicable to various industries such as in environmental protection engineering and available in 2mm thickness.

Counter-Top Plastic Sneeze Guard

Counter-top plastic sneeze guard is an effective solution against hazardous droplets. Made of impact-resistant and thick plastic. Commonly placed at the top of the counters and can be installed within minutes.

Frameless Plastic Sneeze Guard

The frameless plastic sneeze guard is designed with premium quality polymers. Arrives with no frame and is impact and shatter-resistant. Offers rounded edges for safety and is portable enough to be placed anywhere.

Free-Standing Plastic Sneeze Guard

A free-standing plastic sneeze guard does not require permanent installation. This is free-standing on the floor and available in various dimensions and thicknesses. Manufactured from durable and clear plastic.

Impact Resistant Plastic Sneeze Guard

Impact-resistant plastic sneeze guard is primarily used in crowded places such as in school cafeterias, and every grocery and retail store. Made with sturdy and impact-resistant polymer that can endure continuous usage.

Lightweight Framed Plastic Sneeze Guard

A lightweight framed plastic sneeze guard is best suited in medical facilities, pharmacies, retail stores, and receptionist desks. Engineered with lightweight plastic and arrives with frames for better protection.

Mounted Plastic Sneeze Guard

The mounted plastic sneeze guard has perfect transparency and excellent light transmittance. Best suited for signage such as wayfinding, and place markers. Can be mounted indoors and outdoors with varying thicknesses.

Office Plastic Sneeze Guard

Office plastic sneeze guard offers pre-drilled holes for a study and simple installation. Made of durable and strong plastic that is widely used in various kinds of offices. Easy to clean with a simple alcohol solution.

Pin-on Plastic Sneeze Guard

A pin-on plastic sneeze guard is a protective barrier that is engineered from plastic. Designed to limit the spread of respiratory droplets and can be pinned directly using bolts. Widely used in foodservice settings.

Plastic Sneeze Guard for Table

The plastic sneeze guard for a table is made up of clear and shatterproof material. Arrives fully assembled that can be placed on tables. Provides additional protection to both employees, and customers.

Plastic Sneeze Guard with Wheels

A plastic sneeze guard with wheels is manufactured with thick and sturdy plastic. Available with wheels for easy transportation. Commonly used in restaurant buffets, department stores, and grocery stores.

Removable Plastic Table Sneeze Guard

The removable plastic table sneeze guard is highly shattered and impact resistant. Flexible enough to be transferred from one place to another. Easily cleaned with soap and water. Primarily mounted on tabletops.

Solid Plastic Sneeze Guard

Solid plastic sneeze guards are widely used in restaurants, reception desks, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices. Easy to assemble and fast to set up. Arrives in a solid structure and is made of water-resistant and durable material.

Table Divider Plastic Sneeze Guard

Table divider plastic sneeze guard offers flexible thickness with varying colors and thicknesses. Used as a table divider or partition in both indoor and outdoor applications. Sizes can also be customized.

Table Partition Plastic Sneeze Guard

Table partition plastic sneeze guard is completed using unbreakable and cost-effective plastics. Used as a table partition in both indoor and outdoor locations. Offers excellent insulation and high plasticity.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Sneeze Guard

WeProFab is a trusted professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of high-quality plastic sneeze guards in China. We can offer you a full range of plastic sneeze guard that suits your applications.

We offer plastic sneeze guards that are lightweight yet sturdy. It is also easy to clean, easy to install, and cost-effective. Surely, WeProFab plastic sneeze guards are the best!

Plastic Square Cash Register Shield

Our plastic sneeze guards are specifically designed to function as a physical barrier that gives protection to employees and customers from airborne particles such as germs, viruses, etc.

As a professional, we have the capability to manufacture both plastic food and safety barrier sneeze guard. Our plastic sneeze guards can prevent potential contaminants before it can cause harm. It can be sanitized throughout the day at a given point.

Additionally, our plastic sneeze guard comes with a different range of sizes and styles. Most of our plastic sneeze guards are adjustable for easy use.

WeProFab plastic sneeze guards are manufactured from durable and impact-resistance plastics. These are also clear plastics that give off maximum visibility. Rest assured that these are long-lasting and can increase the public’s perception of your business’s safety.

Plastic Portable Sneeze Guard

We manufacture lots of plastic sneeze guards types so you can find the best options for your needs and business! To suit your needs, we can customize your plastic sneeze guards according to your specification. You can send us your details!

WeProFab holds a full capability on plastic sneeze guard fabrication. We are able to serve you with a one-stop-solution for OEM/ODM services.

We always make sure that our plastic sneeze guards are control quality standard compliant. So you can trust our products!

For many years, we support our customers with our optimized design plastic sneeze guards with reduced cost and affordable rates.

Just send us your inquiry for your orders!

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToPlastic Sneeze Guard

If you want to gear up safely and open for business, then installing sneeze guards is a must.

These are available in different variants and you can choose either a desktop or a hanging sneeze guard.

Sneeze guards offer you the convenience to see and interact with your customers while still providing a layer of protection.

These can be easily moved as they are lightweight.

You will find that these are easy to use, install, and are also cost-effective.

Read on for our ultimate FAQ guide to learn you need to know about plastic sneeze guards.

What Is A Plastic Sneeze Guard?

A plastic sneeze guard is a physical barrier made out of plastic.

It has been specifically designed to protect people from exposure to respiratory droplets that are dispensed while talking, sneezing, or coughing.

Plastic sneeze guards have been used for decades in restaurants.

The World Health Organization has made it mandatory to install sneeze guards in public places.

It is mandatory to use sneeze guards in schools, offices, restaurants and supermarkets during the current COVID-19 crisis that the world is currently battling.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also mandates to place a barrier between customers and employees of any commercial organization.

Plastic sneeze guards offer great protection and also lower the risk of spreading infection through respiratory droplets.

Plastic Sneeze Guard

Plastic Sneeze Guard

What Are The Applications Of A Plastic Sneeze Guard?

Plastic sneeze guards are highly transparent.

These can be installed in commercial and residential establishments.

You don’t have to use any special mounting hardware to set up a plastic sneeze guard.

Clear plastic guards are effective in controlling the spread of pathogens in commercial spaces like pharmacies, restaurants, banks, airports, or at any place with check-out registers.

The germs are easily contained by the quality plastic material used in designing a sneeze guard.

They maintain optical clarity and at the same time provide strength and durability to the design.

These are easy to clean and sanitize thereby leaving a safe and clean surface in a commercial establishment.

How Tall Does A Sneeze Guard Have To Be?

It depends upon the application.

First of all, the height of the desk or the reception counter needs to be tall enough to create adequate physical separation between the workers and the customers.

Consideration should be given to check whether people are in a seated position or are standing up.

Most corporate desktops are around 30 inches tall.

The heights of counters or reception desks vary from 30 to 42 inches.

If you are positioning a sneeze guard in this position then its height should extend upwards anywhere from 24 to 36 inches for creating an effective barrier.

This will satisfy the barrier requirements as stated under several health safety guidelines.

Tall Plastic Sneeze Guard

Tall Plastic Sneeze Guard

How Do You Clean A Plastic Sneeze Guard?

The best thing about using a plastic sneeze guard is that you can clearly make out if the surface is dirty.

You need to clean the surface using soap or detergent and water before implementing disinfecting procedures.

You can also follow the manufacturer’s instructions stated on the product packaging for cleaning and disinfecting the guard.

If you hang the plastic sneeze guard from the ceiling, then carefully remove the guard from its position and clean it on a stable platform.

If the plastic has been damaged or discolored, then you will have to replace it with new material.

Clean the surface with a soap or detergent solution.

Wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

Continue wiping the surface in one continuous direction.

Follow the same steps on the opposite side.

Cleaning a Plastic Sneeze Guard

 Cleaning a Plastic Sneeze Guard

What Is The Disinfecting Procedure For A Plastic Sneeze Guard?

You need to use an approved disinfectant solution for your sneeze guard.

For instance, you need to use a solution that has an alcohol level of 70% or greater along with bleach or a disinfectant solution.

Spray the solution on the sneeze guard and wipe it clean.

When Is A Plastic Sneeze Guard Required?

Plastic sneeze guards form an effective barrier between individuals during the current period where the world is facing a pandemic.

It is more than necessary now to maintain physical distance and a barrier while interacting with others in order to curb the spread of the virus.

It is ideal for use in convenience stores, restaurants, retail stores, and more wherever there is a need for reinforcing public health practices and social distancing rules.

You can use it to maintain cleanliness in any public space or workplace.

Plastic Sneeze Guard in workplace

Plastic Sneeze Guard in Workplace

How Can You Hang A Plastic Sneeze Guard From The Ceiling?

Hanging Plastic Sneeze

 Hanging Plastic Sneeze Guard

The kind of installation to be used depends on the kind of material of your sneeze guard.

Plastic sneeze guards are quite easy to install.

These can be conveniently fitted around the store in front of customer service desks, check-out counters, restaurants, drive-through windows, office spaces, and more.

If you don’t want to drill permanent holes in your expensive store counters, then you can consider hanging sneeze guards from the ceiling.

You need to hang them carefully without making them appear tacky.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to hang your plastic sneeze guard.

Step 1: Attach a rope, cord, wire or string to the plastic sneeze shield

Step 2: Attach the other end of the core to the ceiling using a hook, clip or a magnet

Step 3: Make adjustments to the guard so that it is hanging at an appropriate height

You can watch this video to find out how to hang the plastic sneeze guard.

What Are The Plastic Sneeze Guard Requirements For COVID-19?

The current coronavirus pandemic has compelled all businesses to reevaluate their safety at workplaces.

Sneeze guards are clear and quite effective in preventing the spread of pathogens.

The positioning of the plastic sneeze guard is dependent on the height of the typical customer.

It varies usually between five to six feet.

The positioning is also dependent on the height of the structure holding the sneeze guard.

The structure holding the sneeze guard needs to be immovable.

The angle, placement, and design of a sneeze guard also depend on whether the customers are being served or serving themselves.

Various configurations of plastic sneeze guards are available in the market.

Each configuration has its own application.

The guards can be up to 96-inches wide and can also be custom made as per the requirements.

What Should Be The Thickness Of The Plastic Sneeze Guard?

Thickness plays a crucial role in selecting the best sneeze guard for an application.

Thin sneeze guards are ideal for small spaces.

The thickness of thin guards varies from 0.118-0.12”.

These work well as partitions on conference tables or as table dividers.

Thicker guards measure around ¼” in thickness.

These are durable and stable.

These are ideal as room dividers and can be moved around with much ease.

If you are looking for a long term solution for covering a wide counter, then opt for thickness in the range 2/3-1”.

Extra thick sneeze guards are ideal if you are working in high impact regions.

These are thicker than 1” and provide great protection.

How Can You Choose The Right Plastic Sneeze Guard?

Several governing bodies have laid down requirements for use of plastic sneeze guards.

Different Size of Plastic Sneeze

Different Size of Plastic Sneeze Guards

They have clearly specified the elements such as construction, height regulations, materials, and barrier thickness for use of sneeze guard.

Sneeze guards have to be replaced if they are scratched or show signs of wear.

If you are using a plastic sneeze guard to create a barrier between food on display and people, then you need to make sure that the foods are clearly visible to the consumers.

Clear and unblemished sneeze guards offer an unobstructed view of food and permit consumers to make their choices conveniently.

They need to be durable, impact-resistant, and must comply with the local laws.

The positioning of the sneeze guard would be dependent on the average height of a customer.

It varies usually between five to six feet.

The positioning also depends on the height of the structure holding the guard.

Also, the guard needs to be immovable.

You need to make an informed decision after considering all the laws, application, and the specifications of the plastic sneeze guard.

Why Are There Suction Cups In Plastic Sneeze Guards?

Suction cups hold the sneeze guard securely in place over any surface.

You can hold the plastic sneeze guards upright by placing the suction cups on a slight angle.

These are ideal for use in check-in areas and on countertops.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Plastic Sneeze Guards During COVID-19?

Plastic sneeze guards have become the new essentials for all kinds of businesses from restaurants to offices.

· Safe Food Preparation And Display

Plastic forms a protective shield between people for reducing exposure to pathogens, saliva, mucus, and other contaminants.

The plastic guards can help in keeping food preparation and serving areas separate.

Plastic Sneeze Guard for Safe Food Preparation

Plastic Sneeze Guard for Safe Food Preparation

· Offers Customized Protection

Plastic sneeze guards can be beneficial for a wide range of businesses.

It can be used in pharmacies, banks, airports, medical office lobbies, and any other kind of commercial establishment.

If your businesses involve in dealing with customers on a daily basis, then you need to use sneeze guards to provide a protective barrier to keep everyone healthy and safe.

How Can You Maintain Plastic Sneeze Guards?

It is quite easy to maintain plastic sneeze guards.

Clean plastic guards carefully using non-abrasive sprays.

If they are not readily available, then you can clean the surface with water and dish soap or detergent.

Wipe the area sprayed with a soap solution with a soft microfiber cloth.

Dry it with a soft sponge for preventing the water spots.

Allow the surface to dry completely.

Carry out regular inspections of your sneeze guards.

Check if the brackets and screws are tight.

Replace the screws if they are showing signs of rust.

Over time, the plastic surface of sneeze guards will develop cracks and scratches.

This will render them less capable of preventing fluids from crossing the barrier.

You need to replace them if there are visible markings on the surface.

Refrain from using certain chemicals on plastic sneeze guards.

Not all cleaning agents are quite as effective on sneeze guards.

Many chemicals have ammonia and other caustic agents that can result in an abrasion on the plastic surface.

You should also avoid benzene, acetone, toluene, and carbon tetrachloride.

What Are The Features Of Plastic Sneeze Guards?

Plastic sneeze guards are durable and light in weight.

These are made either from PETG, polycarbonate, or acrylic.

The best thing about plastic sneeze guards is that these can be easily suspended and are also portable.

You can have them customized to match your requirements and budget.

These can be made in a variety of heights and lengths.

Suction cups can be included in the base of the sneeze guard if you are placing the guard on a desk or any other flat surface.

Mounting holes can also be fitted on the plastic guard.

Plastic Sneeze Guard at Bar

Using Plastic Sneeze Guard at Bar

What Are The Typical Applications Of A Plastic Sneeze Guard?

You can use it to provide protection to food from germs and bacteria at café counters or buffets.

You can also use it to protect office staff from airborne viruses and from coronavirus.

Additionally, it provides added security from theft.

Doctor Is Using Plastic Sneeze Guard

 Doctor Is Using Plastic Sneeze Guard

What Are The Commonly Used Materials In Manufacturing Plastic Sneeze Guards?

Plastic sneeze guards are made from a wide range of materials.

The commonly used materials are PETG, polycarbonate, and acrylic.

What Is Better,Plastic Or Glass Sneeze Shields?

Both glass and plastic sneeze shields offer great protection in creating barriers.

While the glass surface is great, it is heavy and expensive.

It can shatter or crack if appropriate care is not exercised.

Plastics on the other hand are more economical.

These are ideal for short term use and can also be installed and replaced easily.

High-quality acrylic plastic sneeze shields offer all the benefits that glass shields offer.

These are sturdy, resistant to scratches, and are unbreakable.

You can either hang them from the ceiling or mount them on the counter.

These promise higher transparency and durability.

Resistance to scratch is the most desirable feature of plastic sneeze shields.

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