• 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is an excellent 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet solution provider. We are mainly operating in China and dedicated for over 20 years now. We can provide and suggest the right polycarbonate sheet for your applications. Deal with us now!

Get WeProFab 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

In Weprofab you can find a lot of 2mm polycarbonate sheet designs. All these finishes can help your own company be recognized.

2mm Colored polycarbonate sheet

Do you want a premier quality of 2mm colored polycarbonate sheets? Weprofab prioritizes not only the quality yet also the uniqueness of the sheeting. Start shop now and get our latest offers!

2mm Corrugated polycarbonate sheet

In the Weprofab market, you can freely select a premium-quality and amazingly designed 2mm corrugated polycarbonate sheet. When asking for advice, we have friendly representatives to guide you.

2mm Embossed polycarbonate sheet

Weprofab offers a 2mm embossed polycarbonate sheet with different features and amazing characteristics. We can also handle the whole manufacturing process with 100% safety.

2mm polycarbonate sheet Manufacturer

Finding an efficient manufacturer of a 2mm polycarbonate sheet? In mainland China, weprofab offers committed service packages. From molding, cutting, to manufacturing, Weprofab knows mostly clients` needs.

2mm Thick Solid polycarbonate sheet

Is 2mm thick solid polycarbonate sheet useful for your business development? Then purchase from Weprofab urgently. We know how to provide you.

2mm Tinted polycarbonate sheet

Searching for a strong discoloration-proof 2mm tinted polycarbonate sheets? Then there`s no else to run! Weprofab is the number 1 source of any polycarbonate sheeting.

WeProFab: Your Leading 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab offers full fabrication service packages for 20+ years now. We mainly operate in China’s local town. As a joint-venture company, Weprofab has a lot to offer when regards to fabrications.

As a popular plastics fabrication expert, Weprofab can provide outstanding quality of 2mm polycarbonate sheet for competitive rates offer.

So for your next purchase, Weprofab can provide ultimate plastic thermoformed solutions. Contact us now for bulk orders!

Custom 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Clear 2mm polycarbonate sheet

Weprofab can suggest the right sheet material for your prior applications. We can fulfill your greenhouse projects with our sheet ranges.

UV protection 2mm polycarbonate sheet

Weprofab is the leading solution source of UV protection 2mm polycarbonate sheet. If you need a reliable manufacturer, Weprofab is the one you must consider.

Transparent 2mm polycarbonate sheet

A transparent 2mm polycarbonate sheet manufactured from Weprofab is unbreakable as well. We can get base on your ideal sketch designs before the fabrication process.

Impact Resistant 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Impact-resistant 2mm polycarbonate sheet comes in a range of sizes and colors. Can be machined to your exact requirements. Built to resist high impacts and offers optimal wearability.

2mm Milky White Polycarbonate Sheet

2mm milky white polycarbonate sheet is specially built for making glow signboards. Easy to print with various designs and patterns. Arrives with a milky white coating and has a thickness of 2mm.

2mm Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

2mm smoked polycarbonate sheet offers both high impact resistance with excellent clarity. Specifically built for health and safety applications as well as for roofing purposes. Can be formed and fabricated easily.

Hard Coated 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Hard coated 2mm polycarbonate sheet is accessible in a variety of sizes and designs. Engineered using a hard-coated polycarbonate material. Guarantees excellent resistance against abrasion and scratches.

High Gloss 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

A high gloss 2mm polycarbonate sheet features greater strength and flexibility. Made with a lightweight and durable material that offers excellent UV resistance. Comes with a smooth and glossy surface.

2mm Matte Polycarbonate Sheet

2mm matte polycarbonate sheet adds a decorative touch to any setting such as on billboards or roofs. Characterizes a lightweight and durable structure making it a perfect option for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Pattered 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Pattered 2mm polycarbonate sheet is made using the co-extrusion method. Ensures comfort and superior impact toughness. Arrives with a patterned structure with high mechanical strength and excellent electrical features.

Marble 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Marble 2mm polycarbonate sheet is known for offering superior quality. Made by using high-grade raw material in various sizes based on the exact requirements. Arrives with a marbled surface finish.

Textured 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

A Textured 2mm polycarbonate sheet is covered with protective film on both sides. Built with a textured surface that offers UV protection and admirable thermal insulation. Can last a long time.

2mm Ribbed Polycarbonate Sheet

2mm ribbed polycarbonate sheet characterizes high impact strength making it suitable for skylight systems, hotels, stadiums, and hospitals. Features a ribbed structure with high weather resistance.

2mm Polycarbonate Roof Sheet

2mm polycarbonate roof sheet is widely used in garage tents, bus stops, and hallway shades. Includes high light transmission and wind resistance. Offers admirable insulation and UV protection.

Light Diffuser 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

A light diffuser 2mm polycarbonate sheet is an environmentally friendly material. Commonly applicable in subway exits, jewelry counters, and safety roof lights for plants. Popular for having unmatched inhibiting condensation.

2mm Translucent Polycarbonate Sheet

A 2mm translucent polycarbonate sheet is typically utilized in swimming pools, signboards, and greenhouse roofs. Guarantees high transparency and advanced impact strength. Offers high-way sound absorption.

Custom Color 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Custom color 2mm polycarbonate sheet is treated with high-density material. Guarantees the stability of UV resistance and is available in customized colors. Perfect for advertisement purposes.

2mm Black Polycarbonate Sheet

2mm black polycarbonate sheet is often utilized in industrial lighting, skylights, stadium roofing, and glazing. Comes in black color with distinct designs and patterns. Offers a smooth surface.

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Why WeProFab 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab manufactured a 2mm polycarbonate sheet with the toughest design, perfect for any variety of applications.

With our advanced manufacturing lines, possibilities of speedy fabrications are expected.

So, if you require an exact 2mm polycarbonate sheet for your upcoming projects, Weprofab is ready to deal with you! We are experienced manufacturers ready to work with you!

2mm Polycarbonate sheet

Weprofab 2mm polycarbonate sheet is made out of ordinary. We made them very appealing and noticeable to customers` eyes.

That makes them popular for any business setting.

Our 2mm polycarbonate sheet is available in various colors like naturally transparent 2mm polycarbonate sheet, mat grey 2mm polycarbonate sheet, plain black 2mm polycarbonate sheet, and many more.

Just let us know about your ideal colors and we`ll produce them.

Our 2mm polycarbonate sheet is fabricated to resist collision incidents. We made them solid and have high transparency.

For any kind of sheeting application, our 2mm polycarbonate sheet is right for you!

2mm Polycarbonate sheet

Aside from its general sheeting purposes, their impressive functions and actual appealing surfaces could help boom your business ultimately!

The Weprofab`s 2mm polycarbonate sheet made 200X stronger than ordinary.

They are more preferred to use in greenhouses because glasses are easily broken.

The 2mm polycarbonate sheet Weprofab offer is very fitted and used as a glass replacement. Weprofab manufactured a 2mm polycarbonate sheet with high flexibility and lasts longer terms.

This kind of sheeting is made 2UV which means, on both sides, there is strong UV ray protection.

2mm Polycarbonate sheet

All Weprofab 2mm polycarbonate sheet finish passed to BS476/7 fire-rated and Class 1Y level of protections.

Weprofab team has capabilities to cut-to-size, mold, thermo-formed acrylic plastics for your specifications fulfillment. Whether you fit them in outdoor or indoor locations, the Weprofab 2mm polycarbonate sheet will never disappoint you!

Send now your ideal designs of Weprofab 2mm polycarbonate, and we`ll manufacture them for you.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Looking for information about a 2mm polycarbonate sheet? Read on for our ultimate FAQ guide that will answer all your questions about a 2mm polycarbonate sheet.

2mm polycarbonate sheets are widely used for commercial roofs, greenhouses, bus shelters, and swimming pools as well.

The best feature of 2mm Polycarbonate sheets is that they are virtually unbreakable, these sheets are easy to install due to its lightweight structure, and easier to move.

We will discuss everything related to a 2mm polycarbonate sheet including details about the material, the uses of 2mm polycarbonate sheets the thickness of 2mm Polycarbonate sheet, PVC vs 2mm Polycarbonate and cutting a 2mm polycarbonate sheet.

What Is A 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The 2mm polycarbonate sheet is a thermoplastic consisting of plastic polymer material that can be easily molded into any shape by heating.

The 2mm polycarbonate sheet is a tough sheet that can withstand heat, chemicals, and water with good resistance.

Its versatile material makes it usable in several applications including:

  • Window glazing
  • Enclosures
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Building and manufacturing

 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

What Is A 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Used For?

You can use 2mm polycarbonate sheets for a variety of commercial and household purposes.

Since 2mm polycarbonate sheets are highly flexible, heat resistant and strong, you can use them in the following applications:

  • Packaging
  • House panel design
  • Shatterproof windows
  • Roof shelters
  • Transparent sheets
  • Eyewear lenses
  • Automotive components

A 2mm polycarbonate sheet can also be used as a raw material for further construction of different products, for example, bulletproof sheets and window panels.

 Uses of 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Uses of 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Is The 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Suitable For A Greenhouse?

The 2mm polycarbonate sheets are heat resistant so they can withstand the heat of the sun shining on the greenhouse.

However, thicker sheets may be more suitable especially if you are using large panels.

Users have found that 2mm polycarbonate sheets can get bendy when using large panels, so you may want to get a thicker sheet if you have larger panels.

If you have a small scale greenhouse, a 2mm polycarbonate sheet may be sufficient.

Do let your manufacturer know you want the UV coating on the polycarbonate sheet to help it last longer and protect your plants from strong UV rays.

What Is the Difference Between PVC And 2mm Polycarbonate Sheets?

The 2mm polycarbonate sheets provide good resistance against high temperatures.

These sheets are offered in varying levels of thickness and enhance insulation levels below the roof area.

On the other hand, PVC sheets are suitable for canopies, porches and carports.

They are cheaper than 2mm polycarbonate sheets while being tough and waterproof.

PVC also allows a large amount of light transmission.

However, these sheets are less effective than 2mm polycarbonate sheets when we compare both in terms of resistance against temperature.

Which Is Cheaper, Glass or 2mm Polycarbonate?

2mm polycarbonate sheets have gained huge popularity over the recent years because of its flexibility and resistance that you would be unlikely to get from glass sheets.

Glass sheets are rigid, sensitive, and hazardous if you accidentally shatter them.

The 2mm polycarbonate sheets are cheaper, more efficient, and avoid the risks of injuries when used in the building and construction of different materials.

It has a clear edge over the glass due to its unbreakable nature.

Moreover, 2mm polycarbonate can sustain extreme heat and severe weather to be used in hospitals, schools, bus stands, and greenhouses.

You will also find that 2mm polycarbonate sheets are lighter in weight than glass panels, making it easier to mold into any shape and angle as compared to the glass sheets.

If you use it in the construction of buildings, it require less support than the standard glass.

Glass or 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Glass or 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet

How Much Does A 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Cost?

2mm polycarbonate sheets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

The price of the 2mm polycarbonate sheet in raw form and finished form varies as well.

You will need to reach out to your manufacturer for a custom quote as the price of a 2mm polycarbonate sheet can vary depending on the size, quality, and coatings as you can opt to add UV resistant or bulletproof coatings.

2mm Polycarbonate Cost

2mm Polycarbonate Cost

What Is the Best Way To Cut 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Cutting 2mm Polycarbonate sheet

Cutting 2mm Polycarbonate sheet

2mm polycarbonate sheets can be cut into different sizes, shapes, and dimensions.

For the small size of 2mm polycarbonate sheets, you can use box knives to cut the sheets.

Similarly, large-sized 2mm polycarbonate sheets can be cut with the help of a saber saw or a circular saw.

You can use hand shears to cut 2mm polycarbonate sheets with thickness up to 0.125 inches.

However, the thicker sheets will require mechanical saws to be used in any form.

You will need to press them firmly while cutting using the mechanical saws.

You can watch this video to find out how to cut 2mm polycarbonate sheets.


Can You Drill Holes In A 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Drilling In 2mm Polycarbonate sheets

 Drilling In 2mm Polycarbonate sheets

There are standard techniques that you can use for drilling holes in 2mm polycarbonate sheets.

Generally, you can use woodworking drills for drilling holes in 2mm polycarbonate sheets.

Just make sure you learn the proper technique on how to drill into the sheet.

Otherwise, you can damage the entire 2mm polycarbonate sheet.

While drilling a hole in a 2mm polycarbonate sheet, you need to make sure you have a stable base and place a backdrop beneath the drilling sheet so that it doesn’t blowout the panel.

A drill press is ideal for this so that you can have more control over the angle of the hole and the feed rate of the drill bit.

You need to drill at a constant speed to initially get off any swarf accumulating around the drill.

Use a bit with a sharp point at a 60-degree angle. Most standard drill bits are typically at a flat 120 degree angle.

This is important so that your drill bit will shave slivers of the polycarbonate material instead of removing larger chips that can cause cracks in your 2mm polycarbonate sheet.

You can watch this video to find out how to drill your 2mm polycarbonate sheet.


How Can You Join Two Different 2mm Polycarbonate Sheets?

There are some easy ways to connect 2mm polycarbonate sheets together.

Some of the common ways to join the two separate sheets are below:

Method 1

If you want to join multiple 2mm polycarbonate sheets together, you can use an aluminum hip bar.

You need to place your sheets between the aluminum hip bar, place a rubber gasket in the aluminum hip bar and use the nets to tighten the aluminum bar to the extent it holds the sheets firmly and they are joined side by side.

This is a good method if you have very long 2mm polycarbonate sheets that you can’t easily use a H profile for.

Method 2

You can join two different sheets with the help of seam tape.

Place the two sheets side by side.

Take one of the 2mm polycarbonate sheets with good width and apply the tape at both ends of the sheets joined together.

Use more layers of tape for better strength so that the sheets will hold together better.

Method 3

You can connect two 2mm polycarbonate sheets mechanically with the help of nuts and bolts.

You will need an H profile to join the different sheets and can tighten them with the help of bolts.

Place your 2mm polycarbonate sheets in place with proper spacing and slide the H profile in between the sheets.

Next, tighten your screws.

 2mm Polycarbonate H Channel

2mm Polycarbonate H Channel

What Are Other Standard Thicknesses Besides A 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The thickness of a polycarbonate sheet depends on its usage.

You can find polycarbonate sheets with many thicknesses such as 11mm .5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and up to 12mm that come in different shapes.

It is important to know the purpose of the use of these sheets before ordering so that you get the right size and thickness of the sheets.

Thickness of 2mm Polycarbonate sheet

Thickness of 2mm Polycarbonate sheet

What Is A Clear 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Clear 2mm polycarbonate sheets come in colorless and transparent form.

They carry a sturdy thick layer that is highly resistant and offers great clarity allowing transmission of light.

These sheets have good resistance and will not be damaged easily.

You can use them in harsh weather conditions and they are waterproof and moisture-free.

These clear 2mm polycarbonate sheets can work as barriers, windshields, and shelters to be used in a variety of applications.

What Are The Advantages Of 2mm Polycarbonate Sheets?

2mm polycarbonate sheets are highly valuable and usable for a variety of industrial and domestic applications.

It is highly flexible, moldable, lightweight, durable, and resistant to lots of materials.

The versatile sheet can be used indoor and outdoor, offer aesthetic appeal and help in several DIY projects.

UV Protection

The 2mm polycarbonate sheet can have UV coating on either side making this sheet resistant against ultraviolet rays and provide protection against them.

The UV coating prevents the sheet from yellowing due to constant exposure to sunlight.


The 2mm polycarbonate sheets can be recycled.

Manufacturers may buy back unused and damaged sheets as the polycarbonate can be melted out and reprocessed into other forms.

Fire Resistant

The material used in 2mm polycarbonate sheets is highly resistant to fire and self-extinguishing in nature.

It has a good horizontal burn rating.

You will find that it has a huge capacity to survive and generally can last years.

Is The 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Durable?

When it comes to durability, no other material matches the performance of these sheets.

You will find that the 2mm polycarbonate sheet is 200 times stronger than glass and nearly unbreakable.

This makes it a top choice for protection against heat, water, and extreme resistance.

You can hence use the 2mm polycarbonate sheet for skylights and roofs where you need your sheets to be unbreakable and long-lasting.

Is 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Easy To Cut And Shape?

The sheet is available in different thicknesses, sizes, and shapes ranging from 1mm to 32mm.

You can find pre-cut designs and shapes, or order customized sheets with the vendor.

You can cut these sheets with mechanical tools such as jigsaws and mold it in a shape with heating.

What Colors Is The 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Available In?

The best feature of the 2mm polycarbonate sheet is its availability in multiple colors.

You can find at least 12 colors for household and commercial use.

Reach out to your manufacturer to find out more information about the colors your 2mm polycarbonate sheet is available in.

Does The 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Offer Thermal Insulation?

You will find that the 2mm polycarbonate sheet is very useful in providing thermal isolation when used in the construction of your home or installation in outdoor settings.

The material has low thermal conductivity and it comes in solid and multiwall sheets which provide a higher degree of thermal insulation.

Does A Clear 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Turn Yellow?

You can confirm with your manufacturer if your 2mm polycarbonate sheets come with an ultraviolet coating that helps to protect the sheet from ultraviolet rays.

However, with time, the UV coating starts losing its molecules and their strength as well resulting in the changing color of the sheet.

Consequently, the 2mm polycarbonate sheet can turn yellow over a long period of time.

2mm Polycarbonate yellow sheet

2mm Polycarbonate yellow sheet

Are 2mm Polycarbonate Sheets Are Recommended for Use?

Since these are highly resistant to heat, temperature, and shockproof.

So you can use them for more than the expected period.

These sheets are recommended due to cheaper price, which makes this a favorite material to be used in a number of applications for safety and protection as well.

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