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High Gloss Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is one of the most recognized manufacturer and supplier of high gloss acrylic sheet in mainland China. We are manufacturing high gloss acrylic sheets that are made from durable materials. We can provide you with a nice and amazing high gloss acrylic sheet according to your own design. Send us your inquiries!

Get WeProFab High Gloss Acrylic Sheet Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is your trusted supplier of a high gloss acrylic sheet. As a professional manufacturer, we offer different types of high gloss acrylic sheet for your business.

Transparent High-gloss Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab transparent high gloss acrylic sheet is an excellent choice for any applications. Check on Weprofab for the best kind of acrylic products.

High-gloss 1 mm Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab can produce a high-gloss 1mm acrylic sheet for you with competitive price. Guaranteed good performance and can surely satisfy you.

High-gloss Colored Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab keeps fabricating the best high gloss colored acrylic sheet. We can offer more attractive high gloss colored acrylic sheet.

Laminated High-gloss Acrylic Sheet

Our laminated high gloss acrylic sheet will not easy to crack, from any critical situation. Weprofab can provide laminated high gloss acrylic sheets suit to your needs.

High-gloss Acrylic Sheet for Kitchen Cabinet

Weprofab high gloss acrylic sheet for kitchen cabinet is a more durable material and ideal for kitchen purposes.

High-gloss Anti-scratch Acrylic Sheet

A high-gloss anti-scratch acrylic sheet is a lighter-weight and economical alternative more than glass. This can be cut according to your size.

WeProFab: Your Leading High Gloss Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

If you are in need of a high gloss acrylic sheet manufacturer for your business, Weprofab is a great choice. We produce a high gloss acrylic sheet with excellent performance for different applications.

Send your inquiry today; we will response immediately!

Custom High-gloss Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

High-gloss Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab high-gloss mirror acrylic sheet is less expensive and is easy to use. Choose Weprofab as your manufacturer.

High-gloss Plastic Acrylic Sheet

Our high-gloss plastic acrylic sheet can be cut into your desired fine shapes and sizes. You can avail of this at a competitive price.

High-gloss Black Acrylic Sheet

In Weprofab you can get your desired high-gloss acrylic sheet with perfect customization. We have a lot of stock of this item.

High-gloss Marble Acrylic Sheet

If you are looking for a quality high-gloss marble acrylic sheet check on Weprofab. We can help you to get your specific needs.

High-gloss Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab high-gloss glitter acrylic sheet is more attractive and surely can give a good impact on your customers.

High Gloss Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet

The high gloss clear cast acrylic sheets have greater thermal stability optical clarity compared to the extruded form. They are highly transparent, glossy, rigid, and lightweight. They have great UV resistivity, low water absorption, and can be used for store fixtures, furniture, lighting, POP displays, aquariums, etc.

Transparent Colored High Gloss Extruded Acrylic Sheet

The transparent colored high gloss extruded acrylic sheets have high light transmission, high gloss surface, and excellent weather resistance. They will not fade nor turn yellow when exposed to outdoor elements for 10 years or over. They are used for office nameplates, signage, display stands, etc.

High Gloss White Acrylic Sheet

The high gloss white acrylic sheets can be used for office desk partitions, indoor signs, outdoor signage, nameplates, bathroom wall cladding, and much more. They are shatter-resistant, water-resistant, glossy, smooth, and resistant to both dry and wet conditions.

High Gloss Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

The high gloss iridescent acrylic sheets have beautiful, glossy, and rainbow colors that will change when the viewing angle change or depending on the light settings. They are the ideal material for making different types of furniture, jewelry, cake toppers, interior decoration, outdoor decoration, and so on.

High Gloss Glitter Transparent Acrylic Sheets

The high gloss glitter transparent acrylic sheets can be used for indoor decoration, wedding decoration, signage, wall partition, and many more. They are scratch-resistant, eye-catching, lightweight, and highly durable.

High Gloss Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic Sheets

The high gloss rose gold mirror acrylic sheets have a lot of applications such as cake toppers, cake stands, wedding lettering, indoor decoration, jewelry cases, display boxes, and so on. They are glossy, highly reflective, flexible, more durable, and lighter than the usual glass mirrors.

High Gloss Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheets

The high gloss pastel colored acrylic sheets have excellent weather resisting properties, great durability, superb quality, ease of fabrication, and more. They are available in a wide range of colors such as light blue, pink, light orange, light yellow, amber, etc. They can be used for casings, signage, project enclosures, and more.

High Gloss Milky White Acrylic Sheets

The high gloss milky white acrylic sheets are featuring a beautiful glossy finish, excellent UV resistance, great impact strength, weatherproof, lightweight, etc. They can be used for signage, furniture, frames, display stands, DIY projects, and lighting applications.

High Gloss Mirrored Acrylic Sheets

The high gloss mirrored acrylic sheets can be used for POS displays, merchandising displays, decorative applications, cake stands, horse stables, cake toppers, and many more. They are widely used in the foodservice industry, retail industry, and advertising industry. They are highly reflective, glossy, and sturdy.

High Gloss Marble Acrylic Sheets

The high gloss marble acrylic sheets are available in different designs and colors. They have unique earthy designs, high gloss surface, excellent impact resistance, and superior weather ability. They are the ideal material for jewelry, displays, decoration, signage, DIY projects, furniture, and other craft projects.

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Why WeProFab High Gloss Acrylic Sheet


Weprofab is a professional and great high-gloss acrylic sheet fabricator.

Weprofab can able to fabricate a high-gloss acrylic sheet with a breakable resistant surface.

We provide more standard or non-standard high-gloss acrylic sheets to our beloved customers.

All of our high gloss acrylic sheet is made from superior material so that you can ensure that it is from the highest and durable quality materials.

Weprofab high gloss acrylic sheet can be used in several industries like the furniture industry, architecture and decorative industries and many more. And also can be used for making wardrobe, cabinets, and much more.

If you are in need of a high gloss acrylic sheet, Weprofab is your one-stop solution for all of your acrylic sheet needs.

We can manufacture high gloss acrylic sheets in different sizes, thicknesses, colors, and even in customizing acrylic sheet according to your demands.

You can use our high gloss acrylic sheet to update the drawer fonts, designing the bathroom, kitchen, and cabinets doors to make look like modern and fashionable style that suits well for your styles.

Using the high gloss acrylic sheet it can provide a pleasant appearance and glowy finishes.

The best thing about the high gloss acrylic sheet is that it has moisture and scratch resistance, stronger, easy to clean, and great compared to glass.


All of our high gloss acrylic sheets are in good quality, so you don’t have to worry about discoloration of the high gloss acrylic sheet from the sun.

If you have a running business, store, or distribution company, Weprofab is an excellent solution for your business.

We can provide you the best kind of high-gloss acrylic sheet that ideal for your business.

In China, Weprofab is the premier manufacturer of high gloss acrylic sheet.

Whether you are importing and need a supplier of acrylic sheet, Weprofab is a perfect choice.


We continue to update and innovate our high gloss acrylic sheet products to satisfy our valued customers and gain their trust.

We are not only your manufacturer, we can be also your business partner that will bring your business to the next level.

In Weprofab you always get updated and amazing products.

Customer satisfaction and fulfilling customers’ needs are our priority.

If you are interested in our high gloss acrylic sheet, contact us immediately!

High Gloss Acrylic Sheet: The Complete FAQ Guide

Today’s guide will focus on the vital aspects about high gloss acrylic sheet such as applications, advantages, appearance, and limitations, just to mention a few.

Before you import high gloss acrylic sheet from China, read this guide.

What is High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

It refers to a relatively thick optical grade acrylic panel used for covering different types of structural surfaces.

High gloss acrylic sheet

High gloss acrylic sheet

Its design incorporates a layer of vibrant color, which permanently printed on one of the sides, whereas the other remaining side is crystal clear.

It offers luxury, and high quality finishes resulting in a brilliant, reflective and high gloss finish.

What are the Applications of High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

High gloss acrylic sheets can be used in various types of structural applications to serve a wide range of purposes.

And these applications could vary from industrial to commercial, but in most instances, they are common in residential settings.

Some of the areas where you can use this piece of thermoplastic material include the following;

Kitchen splashbacks – It is used as a kitchen or cooker splash back surfaces to serve two main purposes.

One is to prevent spillage and dirt from accumulating on the kitchen wall surfaces.

Secondly, it is used as a decorative element to enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen.

Bathrooms – It is also fixed on bathroom surfaces since it helps to provide an extraordinary luxurious finish which is fundamental in improving bathing experience.

Wardrobes – High gloss acrylic sheet is also installed in closets or related structures to decorate the surfaces and increase the overall visual appeal.

Locker rooms – You can as well use it in different types of lockers rooms in various settings, especially in sporting facilities such as stadiums.

What are the Advantages of High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?


High gloss acrylic sheet offers numerous benefits making it one of the best materials to go for, especially for the specific projects.

It is unique hence making it relatively outstanding in the particular application it is used.

Some of the reasons for making this material a worthy investment include the following;

  • It is designed with vibrant color and luxurious glossy finish making it optically attractive. It other words, it enhances the aesthetics of the surrounding significantly in a unique way.
  • It has excellent light reflection, which is essential in making the space to appear relatively brighter and larger.

Thus, it is ideal option, especially for smaller pieces.

  • It is easy to clean using simple and readily available detergents and a soft non-abrasive damp cloth.

You only need to wipe off any stains and marks, thus reducing the effort you put into cleaning this sheet.

  • It is lightweight, thus making it easy for you to install it without any difficulty or need for substantive support.

Besides, it also enhances convenience as far as shipping and handling is concerned.

  • It is easy to fabricate and install. You do not necessarily require any form of specialized skill to fix this component as long as you have basic knowledge and relevant tools.
  • It is highly durable and can withstand various forms of chemical and physical elements without breaking, distorting or degrading. This enables you to save on replacement, repair and related costs.

Is High Gloss Acrylic Sheet Moisture-resistant?

High gloss acrylic sheet

High gloss acrylic sheet

Most definitely!

Most of the modern high gloss acrylic sheets are integrated with different additive substances to enhance their moisture resistance.

The anti-fog surface coating is essential in making sure moisture or fog do not accumulate on the surface material at all.

Therefore, even when subjected to moist conditions, it will always resist and stay dry.

Can High Gloss Acrylic Sheet Dull?

Not necessarily.

During manufacturing of gloss acrylic sheet, the natural molecules, which enhance and maintain the glossiness of the material, are always well integrated.

This, of course, is to ensure it maintains its glossiness for as long as possible, irrespective of the harsh conditions it could be subjected to.

Most of the applications of this component are for indoor spaces, an indication it is rarely exposed to unfavorable conditions.

However, you can find some incidence, such as prolonged continuous exposure to scratchy objects.

So this could with time, reduce the glossiness of the surface material hence making it appear relatively dull.

Even so, in the unlikely event this component dulls, its glossiness can always be restored accordingly.

You can use several polishing interventions to smoothen and remove the debris from the surface of this component and enable it to restore its glossiness.

How Durable is High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

Naturally, acrylic, which is the primary material for this type of gloss sheet is resilient.

It also has incredible resistance to various chemical, physical and climatic conditions.

This is essential because it enables it to last comparatively longer than other materials, which offer similar solutions such as glass sheet.

In other words, high gloss acrylic sheet is exceptionally durable since it can withstand different forms of harsh punishments without degrading.

Nonetheless, the overall durability of this component is also a subject to the specific conditions, application, and quality of the material.

So it might vary slightly but in general,it is highly durable.

How do you Create a High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

Extruding acrylic sheet

Extruding acrylic sheet

The manufacturing process of this component is relatively high intensive and requires advanced equipment and relevant skills.

However, you can also make a high gloss acrylic sheet manually from the comfort of your home.

So in this case, you’ll need to acquire an ordinary acrylic sheet, which matches other elements of your needs such as color, size and design, among others.

You’ll also need to have a glossy acrylic medium or glossy varnish depending on your preferences.

The next step is to ensure the glossy varnish is well mixed and contain all the important elements.

You’ll then scrub and wipe the surface of the acrylic sheet using sand paper and damp cloth respectively.

This is a way of preparing the surface of this component in readiness for gloss varnish painting.

Apply the gloss varnish uniformly on one surface of the acrylic sheet.

It is always advisable to use a spraying machine since it helps in guaranteeing a consistent layer of paint.

Now allow it to dry naturally and you’ll have you high gloss acrylic sheet ready for use.

What is the Difference between High Gloss Acrylic and Black Painted Glass Sheet?

Ideally, the primary difference between these two materials is they are both made of different elements, acrylic and glass, respectively.

However, other myriad differences are surrounding the quality, features, and functionality of the two materials, which include the following;

Weight – High gloss acrylic material is lighter than black painted glass sheet. The former weighs about 50% of what the latter weighs.

Customization – It is quite easier to mold and fabricate high gloss acrylic sheet compared to black painted glass sheet.

Acrylic has a soft surface and is highly pliable than glass, thus enhancing its customization needs.

Scratch resistance – Black painted glass sheet has a relatively high scratch resistance compared to high gloss acrylic material.

This is evident since the surface material of glass is a bit harder than that of high gloss acrylic sheet.

Durability – High gloss acrylic sheet lasts for much longer than black painted glass sheet.

The former has a myriad of resilient features arising from its incredible resistance to several elements, unlike the latter.

Affordability – High gloss acrylic sheet is remarkably, far much cheaper than black painted glass sheet.

Of course, this is quite surprising considering the exceptional qualities and features gloss acrylic panel has in comparison with painted glass.

Does High Gloss Acrylic Sheet require Specialized Installation Skills?

Not necessarily.

However, this is also entirely dependent on the type of application or structure you are fixing.

Some applications require an exceptional eye for detail hence the need for specialized installation knowledge.

On the other hand, other applications, particularly DIY repairs and installations, do not necessarily require specialized skills.

The most important elements here is making sure you have a basic idea, the right tools and equipment then you are ready to go.

How do you Clean and Maintain High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

Cleaning acrylic sheet

Cleaning acrylic sheet

Essentially, cleaning and maintaining high gloss acrylic sheet is quite easy, thus making it a relatively popular choice in several residential applications.

When cleaning, you only need to have warm water and mild detergent.

In this case, you need to damp soft cotton cloth on a mixture of warm water, and mild detergent then scrub the material surface gently but continuously.

Once done, rinse off the surface using clean cold water and allow it to dry naturally.

When it comes to maintenance, you also do not necessarily need to scratch your head much about it.

In most instances, the common problem you are likely to face with this component depending on its location is scratching.

Nevertheless, should it scratch, removing these marks is also an effortless process.

All you need is to get toothpaste, apply it on the scratched surface, and scrub it continuously in a circular motion for about 20 seconds.

Rinse off the paste using cold water, and you’ll have a spotless glossy surface.

Is High Gloss Acrylic Sheet Shatterproof?

Absolutely correct!

This material is manufactured using materials derived from natural raw materials.

These raw materials, in most cases, natural gases are often hardy in solid-state.

This makes it a bit difficult to have a relatively superior impact hence cannot break nor shatter easily.

What this means here is in the unfortunate even this high gloss acrylic sheet breaks, it can only fracture into somewhat large, dull-edges.

And the significance of this is it acts as a vital safety feature in case an accident arises.

Can you Bend High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

Absolute right!

Acrylic material is naturally soft and has incredible pliability.

It also has exceptional tolerance to heat, which makes it possible for you to bend it easily when need arises.

You can bend acrylic sheet using cold or hot method.

Hot bending is seemingly ideal.

It helps you to achieve the best results given it allows you to heat the material to a pliable temperature.

You can then decide the extent of bending it to ensure it meets your requirement.

Cold bending of high gloss acrylic sheet is also suitable but only to a limited extent.

Can you Repair High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

Most definitely!

You can use different repairing interventions on this component depending on the type of fault.

The most common degradation issues, which might require repairing attention for this component include fading, cracking, and scratching.

Both fading and scratches on this component are quite easy to repair and do not necessarily require specialized skills.

Cracks on high gloss acrylic sheet are also easy to fix but might require some intensive intervention, especially if it is deep.

Fading in particular simply requires surface material polishing.

You can use several forms of polishing, such as vapor polishing and buffing, among others.

A preferable polishing technique is also dependent on you’re the nature of fading.

Cracks can be sealed using acrylic adhesives.

But if the crack is deep, you need to drill a tiny hole at both ends of the crack.

Then apply the recommended adhesives on the rear side of the sheet and allow it to dry naturally.

Is High Gloss Acrylic Sheet UV-resistant?

Of course, yes!

This material comes with integrated UV stabilizer.

This is basically a substance, which helps to prevent ultraviolet rays from getting into the surface material and subsequently weakening it.

High gloss acrylic sheet, therefore, cannot be attacked by UV radiations, thus making it highly resistant to UV.

Furthermore, it is mostly used in indoor applications, which are out of direct sunlight’s reach.

Does High Gloss Acrylic Sheet come with other Surface Treatment Coating Options?

Definitely yes!

And most of these surface treatment coating options are normally dependent on the specific application of the sheet. Some of the common examples include the following;

Anti-reflective coating- This is common for high gloss acrylic panel in lit areas since it prevents it from reflecting excess or unnecessary light.

Anti-fog coating – It is ideal for preventing moisture from accumulating on the surface material hence making it dry always.

Anti-corrosive coating – It is a surface treatment, which helps this material from attacks when exposed to corrosive substances such as chemicals.

Anti UV coating – It helps in stabilizing this component by preventing ultraviolet rays attacking, penetrating and weakening the surface of this component.

Anti-scratch coating – It helps to protect the surface material of this component from scratches when scrubbed against abrasive objects.

Is there a Size Limitation for High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

Not at all!

High gloss acrylic sheets often come in different sizes.

And, of course, this guided by the fact that various applications are unique in form of dimensions.

Some require relatively large sheets, whereas others require somewhat small sheets.

Therefore, supplier always manufactures high gloss acrylic sheets of different sizes, mostly based on the customer’s request.

You can as well find some standard sizes for particular applications.

Nonetheless, since it is easy to fabricate this component, its size is a non-issue.

Ideally, you can cut or weld it to size to match your requirements accordingly.

Different colors of high gloss acrylic

Different colors of high gloss acrylic

What Factors must you Consider when Buying High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

You have to be meticulous when selecting this component as a way of making sure you find the right, which meets your needs.

Some of the vital factors to always consider in your selection include the following;

Color – It is an important aspect since high gloss acrylic sheets come in a wide range of color hues.

You need to select a color, which possibly matches or complements other elements of the surrounding for an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Application – Of course, different high gloss acrylic sheets are designed for specific types of applications.

It is thus necessary to select the particular one depending on your application.

Manufacturer – The specific brand of this component is another element you should never overlook when buying it.

It is always advisable to go for brands with high reputation, professionalism and reliability.

Design – This component is always available in wide-ranging designs.

You can go for a standard or customized design based on your preference and the specific needs for your project.

Price – All factors surrounding your specific choice of this component is determined by your budget. It would be ideal to look into your budget as a way of figuring out the best design which suits your needs.

Is High Gloss Acrylic Sheet Eco-friendly?

Absolutely yes!

This material does not react with any chemicals or substances.

It also does not emit any form of fumes or related elements upon installation.

This is fundamental since it helps to maintain a clean environment making it eco-friendly.

Does High Gloss Acrylic Sheet Scratch Easily?

Not necessarily, but to some extent, it can scratch easily.

In essence, this situation is entirely dependent on the specific conditions this component is subjected to.

Naturally, acrylic sheet is soft-surfaced making it quite sensitive to abrasive objects.

So when it is exposed to extremely abrasive objects continuously, it will certainly scratch hence leaving some unpleasant marks.

However, when you get a quality material integrated with an anti-scratch addictive substance, it rarely scratches easily.

Can you order for Customized High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

Most definitely!

Many of the order suppliers receive often are for customized high gloss acrylic sheet designs.

The essence of this, of course, is because each customer has various requirements as far as the application is concerned.

Even so, before making your order for custom-made high gloss acrylic sheets, it is advisable to inquire whether the supplier can manufacture the same.

Is there Thickness Limitation for High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

Not at all!

High gloss acrylic sheets are mostly used in indoor applications, which many times require different thicknesses.

The manufacturers of this component also ensure they produce them in varying thickness as a way of tapping into all the customers’ needs.

Furthermore, you can as well go for a customized thickness if you find it ideal for your project.

What is the MOQ for High Gloss Acrylic Sheet?

There is no specific MOQ when ordering for high gloss acrylic sheet.

In many instances, every supplier has its terms and conditions guiding the acquisition of this component.

It is always advisable to seek concrete information regarding MOQ from a specific manufacturer before committing to your order.

I hope this guide answered your question on high gloss acrylic sheet.

However, if you have any question we did not cover here, feel free to talk to WeProFab technical team.

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