• Textured Plexiglass Sheets

Textured Plexiglass Sheets

WeProFab is a reliable source of textured plexiglass sheets. All of our sheet finishes are originated from combined plastic and metal materials. We can guarantee good-quality textured plexiglass sheets with the best price offer. For your demands now, contact us and get instant quotes!

Get WeProFab Textured Plexiglass Sheets to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a foremost supplier of textured plexiglass sheets in China. So, if you need them for business, message us now.

Clear Linear Textured Plexiglass Sheet

You can count on Weprofab when it comes to manufacturing a clear linear textured Plexiglass sheet. Not only that, WeProFab produces various types for your texture Plexiglass sheet business.

Colored Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Weprofab can cater to all customers’ needs of colored textured Plexiglass sheets. We have rich experience in the manufacturing fields, so expect an appealing finish we can offer.

Orange Peel textured Plexiglass Sheet

For your business, if you need an orange peel textured Plexiglass sheet, WeProFab is the best manufacturing partner you can have. With the best rates, you will fully satisfied.

Patterned Textured Plexiglass Sheet

You can check out the latest patterned texture Plexiglass sheet in WeProFab. We only present great-quality and durable types of textured Plexiglass sheets.

Premium Textured Plexiglass Sheet

If you demand a premium textured Plexiglass sheet, Weprofab is the right supplier. We can provide any quantity numbers, all in quality-improved.

Cut-to-size Textured Plexiglass sheet

When you urgently need a cut-to-sizes textured plexiglass sheet, WeProFab has a lot to offer. We have complete equipment in making faster fabrications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Textured Plexiglass Sheets Manufacturer

WeProFab has the mission of providing the best-textured plexiglass sheet for each customer’s business needs. So in every manufacturing procedure, expect premium-quality finishes.

With over 20 years in the plastic fabrication industry, we know how to produce your ideal textured plexiglass sheets within the exact time. So for your next textured plexiglass sheets purchase, Weprofab provides awesome finish!

For further inquiries, send them to us right away!

Custom Textured Plexiglass Sheets to Skyrocket Your Brand

Clear textured Acrylic Sheet

If you are in need of a clear textured acrylic sheet, come to Weprofab! Weprofab has complete options of textured acrylic sheets that can help you with your business.

Textured White Acrylic Sheet

Make an outstanding design of textured white acrylic sheet, pass them to us and let us handle the next process. Give us all your trust and we`ll never make you regret!

Crystalline Texture Acrylic Sheet

For your crystalline texture acrylic sheet orders, WeProFab made them extra-durable. We made them with high-endurance capacity that makes them lasts long terms.

2mm Textured Plexiglass Sheet

2mm textured plexiglass sheet is made with an ultra-lightweight and clear material. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Arrives with 2mm thickness with varying textures, dimensions, and styles.

Black Textured Plexiglass Sheet

The black textured plexiglass sheet features smooth and textured sides that are perfect for years of use. Made with a shatter-resistant material with great strength. Can be used in any industrial setting and outdoor uses.

Blue Textured Plexiglass Sheet

The Blue textured plexiglass sheet is durable, lightweight, and more resistant to scratches. Made with a textured material in blue color. Can be shaped into their own preferred specifications. Available in various designs and applications.

Bulletproof Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Bulletproof textured plexiglass sheet contains a film masking on both sides. Have high rigidity and excellent weldability. Perfect for banking and security applications. Offers good mechanical properties and impact resistance.

Cracked Ice Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Cracked ice textured plexiglass sheets are perfect for decorations, furniture, lighting, hotel supplies, and more. Comes in a broad range of textures and colors with customizable thicknesses.

Custom Pattern Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Custom pattern textured plexiglass sheet offers a wide selection of custom colors and patterns. Typically utilized in stationery products, banners, advertising signs, etc. Offer excellent hardness and special properties.

Decorative Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Decorative textured plexiglass sheet offers a real-promising texture. Engineered with the best quality clear and high-grade material. Available in different depths and dimensions. Has a decorative and textured surface.

Glitter Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Glitter textured plexiglass sheet is manufactured with a complex glitter characteristic. Perfect for laser cutting, jewelry making, crafting, and other display applications. The texture arrives with glitters that are attractive.

Gold Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Gold textured plexiglass sheet is made of a dependable and durable material. Offered in different colors and sizes to fit any needs. Arrives with a textured surface and has a gold color that adds to the excellent aesthetics.

Iridescent Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Iridescent textured plexiglass sheet contains a rainbow of colors with admirable film shimmers. Perfect for crafts, signs, cake toppers, and jewelry. Features a transparent and appealing solution.

Light Diffuser Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Light diffuser textured plexiglass sheet comes with a textured surface and is primarily designed for LED panel light. Features unique combination of colors and textures. Provides a high light diffusion and transmission.

Shatter Resistant Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Shatter-resistant textured plexiglass sheet is offered in multiple dimensions, types, and colors. Suited in any type of location and withstands years of continued use. Can be modified, fabricated, and routed.

Textured Clear Plexiglass Sheet

Textured clear plexiglass sheet offers high aesthetics and opens up new application opportunities. Features textured and patterned finishes that are complementary to privacy panels and lighting panels.

Textured Plexiglass Colored Sheet

A textured plexiglass-colored sheet is best for having unmatched resistance to scratches and abrasions. Widely used for partitions, patio tables, etc. Has a textured surface with a high extent of UV protection.

Textured Plexiglass Frosted Sheet

A textured plexiglass frosted sheet is created to offer different sizes and soft pastel colors with high aesthetic appeal. Offers a textured and frosted appearance with an enhanced finish surface texture.

Clear Textured Plexiglass Sheet

A clear textured plexiglass sheet features unmatched clarity, brilliance, and transparency. Perfect for displays and shelves, signs, and skylights. Provide outstanding durability and versatility.

Color Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Color textured plexiglass sheet functions efficiently over a wide range of temperatures. Perfect choice for handheld security items like riot shields. Manufactured from high-quality material with different colors.

Light Diffuser Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Light diffuser textured plexiglass sheet is often used as window replacement and lighting applications. An excellent choice providing excellent optical clarity and light diffusing properties.

Translucent Textured Plexiglass Sheet

A translucent textured plexiglass sheet exhibits glass-like qualities with admirable impact resistance. Manufactured using durable and eye-catching material. Often used in retail store fixtures and aircraft canopies.

Impact Resistant Textured Plexiglass Sheet

Impact-resistant textured plexiglass sheet has excellent aesthetic qualities and is very lightweight. Engineered using super strong and durable plexiglass. Can be silkscreened,
drilled, and routed easily.

8mm Textured Plexiglass Sheet

8mm textured plexiglass sheet offers good dimensional stability and an easy to solvent bond. Commonly utilized in architectural glazing, skylights, and pop displays. Available in 8mm thickness with various colors.

3mm Textured Plexiglass Sheet

3mm textured plexiglass sheet has good weathering performance which is easy to fabricate and thermoform. Applicable in retail fixtures, transparent manifolds, and indoor and outdoor signs. Comes with a 4mm thickness.

Black Textured Plexiglass Sheet

A Black textured plexiglass sheet is perfect for building partitions, architecture work, and transportation applications. Produced using a high-density material that is resistant to impact and moisture.

White Textured Plexiglass Sheet

White textured plexiglass sheet features high tensile strength and excellent durability. Guarantees optimal chemical and corrosion resistance. Specially designed for medical and manufacturing facilities.

Green Textured Plexiglass Sheet

A Green textured plexiglass sheet is applicable in trade show booths, medical offices, and more. Available in a wide range of patterns, dimensions, and textures. Offers excellent electrical insulation properties.

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Why WeProFab Textured Plexiglass Sheets

If you need a reliable source of textured plexiglass sheet, we have the answer!

WeProFab is well-known for being a reliable manufacturer of textured plexiglass sheets for over 20 years now.

We are capable of manufacturing your specified finish which can use to almost industry applications.

textured plexiglass sheet

Weprofab textured plexiglass sheets have the main function, to add dimension and depth to your ideal colored acrylic sheets.

They can absolutely add superb uniqueness to any required applications.

With the textured plexiglass sheets, the uniqueness they can bring can make them suitable for any applications.

However, Weprofab textured plexiglass sheet is available in any design options like matte textured plexiglass sheet, patterned plexiglass sheet, and many more to mention.

All these finishes are made quality-improved to meet the client`s specifications.

The weprofab team`s mission is to give you satisfying manufacturing services you deserved.

Our textured plexiglass sheet made more scratches-proof. Weprofab produces them with numerous benefits they can bring.

textured plexiglass sheet

Most product benefits are lightweight, shatter-resistance, durability, easy maintenance, and aesthetic appearance.

With being the best and most recommended in any industrial applications, Weprofab textured plexiglass sheet is ultimate for your upcoming projects.

Our version can give you 100% satisfaction.

Along with the best price offer, Weprofab textured acrylic sheet become most preferred for business booming!

They are so much useful for privacy panels, tabletops, and even lighting panels applications.

Plus! Weprofab textured acrylic sheet is ideal for partitions and may add one more privacy layer. Depending on what style you want, we are ready to manufacture them for you.

textured plexiglass sheet

Weprofab can help you save shipping costs. We offer our special services for the economical packaging rate only.

So, if you need to save costs, the Weprofab team is you can rely upon.

When ordering, select first the sheet design you need and pass them to us. We can cut and design them for you in a timely manner.

If don`t know what suits the best for your applications, ask assistance from us! Expect immediate actions.

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