Acrylic Block Window

Acrylic Block Window

Custom Acrylic Block Window

Acrylic block windows are innovative and lightweight designs to substitute traditional glass windows. They can both protect your privacy and introduce natural light. What’s more, acrylic block windows are 70% lighter than traditional glass brick windows and 33% more energy-efficient. And our acrylic block windows are in operable, fixed, and special-shaped styles to satisfy your specific needs. Any size, color, and shape you desire are also available.

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Glacier Wave
Glacier Wave
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Acrylic Block Windows Illuminate Your Space

Why does acrylic block windows a popular choice for homeowners and businesses? Because they provide excellent insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. And our acrylic block windows are sturdy, soundproof, heat-insulated, safe and fire-resistant, allowing natural light to enter while still offering privacy. These windows are easy to clean and maintain and require only simple care to keep them looking their best. Best of all, our acrylic block windows come in a variety of colors, sizes, designs, shapes, and finishes, allowing you to choose a style that complements the aesthetics of your home.

Acrylic Block Windows Illuminate Your Space
Practical Uses and Applications of Acrylic Block Windows

Practical Uses and Applications of Acrylic Block Windows

People often choose acrylic block windows as private windows, used in bathrooms and bedrooms to allow natural light in while maintaining privacy. Due to excellent security and insulation, acrylic block windows are often used as basement windows, decorative windows, transom windows, and shower windows. Additionally, acrylic block windows are used in office spaces, retail stores and restaurants to add natural light and beauty. And they are often used in solariums and greenhouses to create a bright and inviting space for plants and relaxation.

Glass or acrylic block windows: which is better?

Glass or acrylic block windows: which is better?
Glass or acrylic block windows: which is better?

Glass block windows are known for their durability and classic look, while acrylic block windows are lighter in weight and often cheaper. Glass blocks allow more natural light to pass through but can be more difficult to install, while acrylic blocks are easier to use but may not have the same clarity as glass. Ultimately, when deciding between the two, it’s best to consider your budget, installation requirements and desired aesthetics.

How to install acrylic block window?
  1. Tools and materials required:

    – Acrylic block window

    – Mounting bracket

    – Screws

    – Grade

    – Drill bit

    – Caulk

    – Screwdriver

  1. Measurement and Preparation:

    – Accurately measure the window opening to ensure the acrylic block window fits properly.

    – Remove any existing window frames or trim and clean the area thoroughly.

  1. Install Mounting Brackets:

    – Use screws to secure the mounting brackets to the sides and top of the window opening.

    – Make sure the mounting brackets are level and securely fastened.

  1. Place Acrylic Block Window:

    – Carefully place the acrylic block window into the opening and place it on the mounting bracket.

  1. Fixing the window:

    – Use screws to secure the acrylic block window to the mounting bracket.

    – Check levelness and adjust if necessary.

  1. Sealing Edges:

    – Apply a bead of caulk around the edges of the acrylic block window to seal it properly.

    – This will help prevent drafts and moisture from entering.

  1. Finishing touches:

    – Clean up excess caulk and repair surrounding areas as needed.

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