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FFP1 Mask

Weprofab is defined as the most brilliant and perceptive manufacturer as well as supplier of FFP1 masks. We can provide you a complete range of FFp1 mask selections with outstanding designs. We are capable to support your own brand with our high-quality FFp1 masks. We will provide your ideal mask designs in the speediest terms.

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Weprofab is your leading manufacturer of FFP1 masks selections in China. To have profitable business operations, choose Weprofab as your ultimate FFP1 mask supplier.

FFP1 Cup-shaped Mask

Weprofab has 20 years of expertise in regard to FFP1 cup-shaped mask productions. we can supply you your require stocks to supply your own customers. different amazing options are available for competitive prices.

FFP1 Custom Air Pollution Mask

Weprofab highly presents FFP1 custom air pollution mask protections. On places, where you are more exposed to pollutions, Wepro FFP1 custom air pollution mask is great for you.

FFP1 Disposable Mask

FFP1 disposable mask from Weprofab offered the best quality executions. In different places, crowded places, our FFP1 mask is suitable.


FFP1 Dust Respirator Mask

Weprofab FFP1 Dust respirator masks are featured easy to use. You can select any color options, sizes, and quality designs. Weprofab will never fail you on every fabrication.

FFP1 Filtering Half-Mask

Weprofab is known as the most ideal manufacturer of FFP1 filtering half-masks. For anti-bac and antivirus protection, this kind of mask really performs ideally.

FFP1 Fold Flat Face Mask

You can practically use our FFP1 fold flat face masks for antivirus protection. we make perfect FFP1 masks to successfully satisfy your requirements.

WeProFab: Your Leading FFP1 Mask Manufacturer

Weprofab supply the most exceptional FFP1 masks on every interested client and customer. We have rich experiences and expertise in producing FFP1 masks for your satisfaction.

Inside the 20 years’ experience on the service, Weprofab is proven tested and qualified to manufacture your ideal FFP1 masks.

In our factory, you can discover the most unique and high-quality FFP1 masks.

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Custom FFP1 Mask to Skyrocket Your Brand

FFP1 Mask with Valve

Weprofab FFP1 mask with valve has the most unique designs. At our factory, you can daily check out our latest protective designs.

Reusable FFP1 Mask

Reusable FFP1 mask is highly presented to keep you ready and fresh for daily activities. Capable of protecting you against transmissible viruses.

Surgical FFP1 Mask

Weprofab is the ultimate provider of the best surgical FFP1 mask productions. This can provide the protection we need to deal with everyday activities. It provides protection from any kind of viruses.

Adjustable Nose Clip

The adjustable nose clip is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. Guarantees strengthen filtering properties and an adjustable configuration. Manufactured using a skin-friendly and non-woven fabric.

Black FFP1 Mask

The Black FFP1 mask applies to industrial emissions, dust allergies, and exhaust. Crafted using moisture-proof and breathable fabric. Specifically designed according to the curve of the human face.

Breathable Filter FFP1 Mask

Breathable filter FFP1 mask is widely used in mountain biking, speed walking, motorcycling, etc. Responsible for filtering out dust. Created using a skin-friendly, comfortable, and breathable fabric.

Custom Color FFP1 Mask

Custom color FFP1 mask is woven using a high-density non-woven fabric. A wide range of colors is available to choose from. Primarily designed to block dust, odor, and harmful particles.

Dustproof FFP1 Mask

A dustproof FFP1 mask is commonly applied when running, horse riding, and cycling. Highly manufactured with a dustproof fabric. Formed using three-dimensional cutting which is safe and has no smell.

Elastic Ear Loop FFP1 Mask

An elastic ear loop FFP1 mask is frequently used in walking, snowboarding, and climbing. Crafted using a soft non-woven fabric offering an effective filtration and a strong fit. Features high efficiency and elasticity.

Extra Wide FFP1 Mask

Extra wide FFP1 mask is equipped with an adjustable metal nose clip for a comfortable, snug fit. Guarantees excellent functionality when used for long periods. Features an extra wide and contoured construction.

FFP1 Adult Mask

FFP1 adult mask is an effective relief from non-toxic, nuisance dust. Meets filtration efficiency levels and standards. Recommended for use only by adults as a fluid barrier in the general public.

FFP1 Mask with Filter

FFP1 mask with filter is characterized by its lightweight construction for greater comfort. Available in many different styles, shapes, and materials. Typically created for use in the workplace and other public settings.

Kids FFP1 Mask

Kids FFP1 mask is made from cloth and specially developed to protect children against different hazards. Fits tightly against the wearer’s skin ensuring better protection. Features strict safety standards.

Single Use FFP1 Mask

Single-use FFP1 mask is designed to minimize the inhalation of hazardous elements. Forms a tight seal against the wearer’s skin and offers a high level of protection. Commonly used in construction.

Unisex FFP1 Mask

Unisex FFP1 mask provides the most fine-grained protection against dangerous particles. Manufactured with 5 layers of fabric that is breathable and non-woven for everyday use. Includes stretchable ear bands.

White FFP1 Mask

The white FFP1 mask is built for medical use. The overall lightweight structure and design make this face mask easy to wear. Features a flexible fit to reduce skin irritations and ensure comfort over long periods.

5Ply FFP1 Mask

5ply FFP1 mask features efficient filtration that serves to protect against dust, droplets, and car exhaust. Arrives with an ergonomic design that is comfortable to wear. Made with a material with no odor.

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Why WeProFab FFP1 Mask

Weprofab is a one-stop FFP1 mask solution provider and manufacturer in China. All the masks we offer come from high-grade materials, ready for harsh environment applications. We offer a high-quality FFP1 mask for everyone who needs them especially for retailers, business distributors, and more.

Weprofab has an extensive range of FFP1 masks, available on different designs, colors, sizes, etc. Weprofab is the best factory providing the best FFP1 mask that you need. One of a kind FFP1 mask options are available at any moment for very competitive prices.

FFP1 Mask

The FFP1 mask from the Weprofab factory is used as protection against any kind of viruses and infectious bacteria. In mainland China, as a leading supplier of high-quality FFP1 masks, we are capable to produce the best of the best FFP1 mask productions.

Weprofab FFP1 mask has a great contribution to the environment. It allows you to go to crowded places and stay protected at the same time. At our factory which is particularly designated in China, we innovate high-quality FFP1 masks with different sizes, designs, and colors to avail. Your long-time ideal designs of FFP1 masks are here in Weprofab.

FFP1 Mask

You don`t have to worry about the quality of the FFP1 mask has. For our customers and clients` satisfaction, we provide free samples so it`s easy for you to check the quality. But if you have your own FFP1 mask ideas, Weprofab comes to manufacture your requirements.

Our team and representatives are ready to assist you. So if you have more information to know about, don`t hesitate to reach Weprofab. We are a friendly team with wide-range fabrications capabilities.

FFP1 Mask

For over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we have been more dedicated to providing you amazing FFP1 mask production. Not only FFP1 masks, but we also fabricate FFP2 mask, FFP3 mask, etc, to suit your specifications.

Weprofab brings reality to every FFP1 masks you require. Your wish for every product is always our command.

Send us your concerns about our FFP1 masks and we`ll always make you satisfied.

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToFFP1 Mask

Filtering Face Piece Masks (FFP) provides respiratory protection from the impurities present in the air.

These masks filter out all the hazardous particles and ensure you breathe clean air.

FFP masks are of three types including FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3.

If you have a question about FFP1 masks, you have come to the right place.

This ultimate FAQ guide will tell you all that you need to know about FFP1 masks.

What Is A FFP Mask?

A Filtering Face Mask is a respiratory mask used to protect you against the hazardous particulate matter and various viruses present in the air.

You can use it as a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The mask is a half-face mask and covers your mouth, chin, and nose.

Most pollutants enter our body through our nose or mouth.

An FFP1 mask protects us from inhaling solid particles, aerosols, and droplets.

It has an Occupational Exposure Limit(OEL) and an Assumed Protection Factor(ASF).

OEL is the maximum concentration of hazardous substances allowed in the workplace and it is 4X the concentration limit for a FFP1 mask.

ASF is the level of protection the respirators provide the user at his workplace which is also 4X the concentration limit for a FFP1 mask.

The aerosol filtration is a minimum of 80% in these masks while the leakage on the inside is a maximum of 22%.

These masks are primarily used as a dust mask.

FFP1 mask

FFP1 mask

What Are The Components Of A FFP1 Mask?

These masks are made up of fabrics fit for filtering dust particles.

The two important components of an FFP1 mask are:

· Facepiece

The FFP1 masks have a facepiece usually made of cloth.

The cloth needs to be soft and comfortable to wear.

You will find that metal clips or strings secure the facepiece around the wearer’s face.

Facepieces can be of different shapes and sizes according to the requirements of the user.

· Filtering Device

There is a filtering device attached to the facepiece of the mask.

The effectiveness of the filtering device determines the efficiency of the mask.

· Exhalation Valve

Exhalation valves make breathing comfortable for the wearer.

With the help of this valve, the air inside the mask condenses quickly.

This prevents the moisture from settling inside the filter.

You will find that masks with an exhalation valve are bulkier than usual masks.

If no exhalation valve is present, then this means the filtration system is integrated with the fabric.

These masks are lighter to wear.

Filter device and exhalation valve

Filter device and exhalation valve

Why Do You Need To Wear A FFP1 Mask?

You might end up inhaling harmful particles without even knowing it.

These dust particles can reach your lungs and settle there.

Accumulation of these dust particles can cause various respiratory tract infections.

Along with dust particles, many hazardous particles are released into the air.

Breathing these harmful particles can have serious consequences in the long run.

Here’s why you need to wear an FFP1 mask:

· Protection From Liquid And Solid Aerosols

Liquid and solid aerosols irritate the respiratory tract.

Aerosols are suspensions in the air or another gas.

If you work in the laboratory environment, you may work with lots of liquid and solid aerosols that can get into your body through your mouth and nose.

Fog and mist are natural aerosols.

Long-term exposure can lead to the development of severe allergies and asthma.

  • Protection Against Dust Particles

Factories and industries produce a lot of dust in the workplace.

Some workers might not wear an FFP1 mask while working.

These dust particles cause allergies, and the workers might face difficulty while breathing.

Some people have lost their lives due to respiratory problems after long-term exposure to dust particles.

Wearing an FFP1 mask can protect you from developing painful coughs, shortness of breath, and wheezing.

It will also help you in keeping your lungs in good health in the long run.

· Protection From Hazardous Particles

Factories also release particulate matter that can be hazardous for human health.

If the size of the particulate matter is not less than 6 µm, then your FFP1 mask can filter it.

These particles can lead to terminal conditions like lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD damages your lungs over time and causes long-term cough.

What Are The Different Quality Standards Available For FFP1 Mask?

Considering the harmful effects of air pollution, an FFP1 mask should be of superior quality.

If you are a factory worker, you may use these masks daily.

Hence, the masks should be effective in providing you the protection that you need at their workplace.

To ensure this, certain quality standards need to be met to monitor the quality of FFP1 masks.

These quality standards are strictly followed by companies that manufacture them.

The quality standards for FFP1 are:

· EN 149 Standard

The first version of this standard was released in 2001.

This standard gives the minimum requirement any respiratory equipment needs to fulfill before being used.

Laboratory tests, field tests, are a part of these standards.

The masks are analysed based on the following points:

  • The material used to design the FFP1 mask
  • Leakage includes both inside leakage and penetration to the outside of the mask
  • Practical performance of the FFP1 mask
  • Packaging of the mask

· 2009 Version

This is an enhancement of the previous standard and a few additional checkpoints have been added.

Abbreviations are added after the FFP1 mask.

These abbreviations are:

  • R- This stands for reusable. This is added when the FFP1 mask can be used for more than one day.
  • NR- This stands for non-reusable. This is added if the filtering half mask cannot be used for more than one day.

· Disclaimer

FFP1 masks are a part of personal protective equipment.

The following disclaimers should be present on every mask:

  • Name of manufacture
  • Reference of the mask
  • CE number from the certification body
  • Acronym (NR, R)

If any of these are missing, the masks do not go to the market.

Disclaimers on the FFP1 mask

Disclaimers on the FFP1 mask

What Are The Extra Indications On A FFP1 Mask?

Apart from the reusable and non-reusable indications, some extra indications are also present on the masks.

These indications help you choose the right mask according to your requirements.

The indications are as follows:

· D

D stands for the Dolomite test which tests if breathing resistance is still maintained even after the FFP1 mask has been subjected to a large amount of Dolomite dust.

You will find that such masks are more resistant to clogging.

These masks are also more breathable.

· V

V indicates the presence of a valve for exhalation.

The valve maintains the CO2 and moisture level inside the mask to a minimum.

· DV

This indication is for masks that pass the Dolomite test and have a valve.

In Which Industries Are FFP1 Masks Mostly Used?

A common use of an FFP1 mask is to protect against dust released at the workplace.

FFP1 masks are mainly used by workers in environments with a lot of dust.

If you are working in a dusty environment, you would wear a FFP1 mask to protect yourself.

· Surface Mining

Mining puts the lives of the workers in great danger and there is exposure to harmful air contaminants regularly.

Hence, you need to follow proper protection methods.

Workers wear the mask with the helmet for complete protection.

In the case of no masks, workers have a high chance of suffering from silicosis.

Inhaling silica dust is the major cause of silicosis.

Worker with FFP1 mask in mines

Worker with FFP1 mask in mines

  • Construction

If you are in construction, you will need superior personal protection equipment.

The dust levels are high at a place where construction is taking place.

Dust from bricks, cement, and wooden peels off can irritate the respiratory tract and difficulty in breathing.

Wearing an FFP1 mask during construction blocks any contaminants from entering the nasal passage.

  • Agriculture

You might think farming involves working in the fresh air.

However, agriculture can cause lots of respiratory hazards to farmers.

Pesticide vapors, dusty fields, and small grains enter the body through the nasal passage.

This leads to sneezing and redness of the respiratory tract.

Over time this can cause scarring of the lung tissues.

This can damage your lungs permanently.

Hence, you will need to wear an FFP1 mask while working in the fields.

  • Textile Industry

If you work in textile industries, you face exposure to organic dust.

This includes hemp, flax, and cotton dust.

This leads to a health condition known as Byssinosis.

Byssinosis involves shortness of breath in the initial stages.

Later it can cause permanent loss of lung function, and the worker has to retire.

An FFP1 can filter out the dust and ensure the wearer breaths clean air at work.

Cotton dust

Cotton dust factory

· Manufacturing

All manufacturing industries make use of large machinery that can cause lots of dust to accumulate in the factory.

Wearing a mask can prevent these particles from entering the lungs and causing further damage.

Manufacturing industries include paper industry, automotive, food, and beverages, metal fabrication, etc.

How Can You Properly Wear A FFP1 Mask?

The FFP1 mask is easy to wear.

They should be comfortable and soft on the skin.

Not wearing it properly can affect the level of protection the mask provides.

These are the steps you need to follow while wearing an FFP1 mask.

Make sure the FFP1 mask you are going to wear is clean and sterile.

Clean your hands with a hand sanitizer or soap before wearing the FFP1 mask.

Put the strings around your ears carefully.

Make sure the elastic is neither tight nor loose.

Adjust the filtration piece to ensure it does not hamper your vision.

Do not touch the mask with your hands to keep it clean.

This video shows you how to wear the FFP1 mask.

What Is A Fitting Test?

There should be a good seal between the mask and the face.

Fit tests ensure that you can wear the mask and work without trouble.

Improper fitting impacts the safety power of the FFP1 mask.

In qualitative fit testing, experts expose the wearer to different concentration of aerosols which the wearer can detect.

This ensures the aerosol cannot penetrate the mask.

The aerosol levels inside and outside the mask are compared to measure the efficiency of the mask.

Fitting test

Fitting test

What Is The Effective Life Of A FFP1 Mask?

Your manufacturer can provide you the effective life of the mask depending upon the filtering device in the mask.

It can range between three to eight hours for non-reusable FFP1 masks.

This also depends on the concentration of a contaminant at the workplace.

Using a face shield on top of an FFP1 mask can prolong its life.

For reusable masks, you can clean the masks once the filtration device is full.

The kind of filtration device used determines the intervals that you need to clean it.

How Much Does A FFP1 Mask Cost?

The FFP1 masks are high-quality, durable materials.

You will find that the quality of the filtration piece determines the cost of the mask.

The softness of the facepiece also contributes to the cost.

If the mask has an exhalation valve, the mask is more expensive.

FFP1 is cheaper than FFP2 and FFP3 masks which have more filtration levels.

Is It Uncomfortable To Wear A FFP1 Mask?

No, it is not if you wear it properly.

The FFP1 masks consist of light-weight clothes that are breathable.

Make sure the facepiece is not loose and covers your face properly.

Check the moisture level while breathing.

You may get imprints of the facepiece below your eyes if it is too tight.

Marks due to tight masks

Marks due to tight masks

Can FFP1 Masks Provide Protection Against Virus And Bacteria?

FFP1 masks can protect you against low levels of dust.

However, they can’t filter out bacteria or viruses as they are microscopic.

While FFP1 masks are more effective in keeping out particles than surgical masks, FFP2 masks and FFP3 masks are used by healthcare workers.

FFP2 and FFP3 masks can provide that kind of protection against virus and bacteria.

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