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Polycarbonate Fence

Polycarbonate fence is used to provide safety and privacy without sacrificing design. They are ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications. Weprofab polycarbonate fence is nearly invisible and provides obstructed visibility. All types of polycarbonate fences are easy to maintain, bulletproof, and cost-effective. For inquiries, contact our team!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Fence to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has a broad range of capabilities to provide you high-quality polycarbonate fence. The fencing are used to increase the value of your property.

Polycarbonate Pool Fence

The polycarbonate pool fence is the best investment that adds benefit to any property. They have a glass-like appearance used to create more illusion, making the pool area looks larger.

Polycarbonate Fence for Privacy

The polycarbonate fence for privacy is a great alternative to glass. They are less expensive and provide security. Also, they offer attractive benefits for builders, architects, and homeowners.

Outdoor Polycarbonate Fence

Outdoor polycarbonate fence is easy to maintain and highly break-resistant. They provide higher strength, excellent light transmission, and affordability over glass barriers.

Modern Polycarbonate Fence

The modern polycarbonate fence can withstand temperature changes. They remain durable at extreme temperatures, from -100 to 150 degrees. The quality of the material makes them suitable for outdoor applications.

Polycarbonate Boundary Fence

Polycarbonate boundary fence offers extreme chemical resistance. They also have excellent heat-insulating characteristics and are more efficient than fencing material.

Backyard Polycarbonate Fence

Backyard polycarbonate fences can withstand various weather conditions, including hail storms, heavy rains, sunny, etc. They give excellent performance and fade-resistant colors.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Fence Manufacturer

Weprofab is responsible to customize any of your plastic and metalized orders. We are engaged in manufacturing your exact polycarbonate fence needs. With the help of our engineers and skilled staff, we can carefully handle your specific needs. 

We can produce easy-to-handle and easy-to-locate polycarbonate fences. They also provide extreme UV proof and shockproof functions.

Send now your inquiries! We will give you fast replies.

Custom Polycarbonate Fence to Skyrocket Your Brand

Residential Polycarbonate Fence

Weprofab residential polycarbonate fence offers bulletproof, fire-rating, and anti-fog properties. They also give an attractive appearance, sound insulation, and are ecologically reliable.

Universal Polycarbonate Fence

Universal polycarbonate fence offers higher sound insulation performance. They are also toxic-free even being exposed to extreme temperatures. Perfect for residential, buildings, and construction projects.

Windproof Polycarbonate Fence

Windproof polycarbonate fences are a B1 fire safety-rated material. These fencings are hardly inflammable, bullet-resistant, totally windproof, and crack-resistant.

Garden Polycarbonate Fence

Garden polycarbonate fence has up to 40% to 80% light transmission rate. It is impact resistance, fire retardant, and lightweight. They offer various advantages, including sound insulation.

Polycarbonate Decorative Fence

Polycarbonate decorative fence provides outstanding sound insulation for freeway barriers. You can find different colors for soundproof polycarbonate fences such as opal, red, green, blue, yellow, clear, or customized.

Highway Noise Barrier Polycarbonate Fence

The highway noise barrier polycarbonate fence is made of 100% pure polycarbonate plastics. They offer high UV stability, long service life (up to 10 years), and optical properties.

Traditional Design Polycarbonate Fence

Traditional design polycarbonate fences are fabricated from 100% polycarbonate materials. They feature good sound insulation, fire retardant, and impact resistance. Ideal for outdoor use.

Soundproof Polycarbonate Fence

Soundproof polycarbonate fence can be used for a long period because of good UV and weather-resistant properties. They offer 80 times more impact resistance than glass.

Frosted Polycarbonate Fence

The frosted polycarbonate fence has extreme toughness. Meaning, they can’t easily be damaged during transportation and installation. And also, they are UV-resistant, fading resistant, and scratch resistant.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Fence

1- Polycarbonate Fence

A polycarbonate fence is installed on the territory of a private establishment or house. We choose polycarbonate in making a fence because this is a more durable, flexible, and technologically advanced material. The polycarbonate also makes the fence transmits light and secures everything on the site from intruders’ eyes.

Aside from the excellent safety they give, Weprofab made polycarbonate fences look spectacular and attractive. They provide glass-like appearances. And also, they serve as sound conductors since they absorb noise vibrations.

Weprofab polycarbonate fence is also easy to install, lightweight, and rigid. They are available in different shades for use in establishment gates, pool fences, railroad, airport, motorway, and more. Another plus of polycarbonate fences is their combination with brick and metal frames. This makes the material more unbreakable and high strength.

Advantages of Weprofab Polycarbonate Fence

2- Polycarbonate Fence

  • Excellent strength
  • Great light transmission
  • Much cheaper yet high-quality
  • Provides higher safety
  • Prevents pets and children from accessing private properties
  • Offers high privacy without sacrificing design
  • Nearly obscure, offering seamless pass from indoor to outdoor area
  • A good investment that sum value to your establishment
  • Provides space illusion, making the backyard looks bigger than it is
  • Easy to clean and maintain

3- Polycarbonate Fence

Weprofab can custom polycarbonate fence according to your requirements. They can be customized in different sizes, shades, styles, and designs. Together with our professional team, we assure you of high-quality yet affordable polycarbonate fences.

Whether you are establishment owners or business operators that require polycarbonate fences, they offer great benefits as unique privacy and are much cheaper than glass fences. All the latest polycarbonate fencing is made to order to fit your applications.

Allow us to serve your polycarbonate fence needs!

Contact our dedicated team today.

Polycarbonate Fence: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before importing polycarbonate fence from China, you should read this guide.

It answers all possible questions you may have about polycarbonate fencing systems.

Take a look:

What is Polycarbonate Fence?

It refers to a barrier or upright structure that is typically made of polycarbonate sheet enclosing a particular area, field, or space.

 Polycarbonate fence

Polycarbonate fence

It prevent or controls access as well as enhancing privacy.

The polycarbonate material is erected on metallic rails that act as posts, as a way of making the fence to have solid construction.

This type of fence is popular in various applications in many sectors, both residential and commercial.

Where can you use Polycarbonate Fencing?

You can use in several applications, and some of the common ones include the following;

Swimming pools – Most of the outdoor swimming pools all over the world nowadays use polycarbonate sheet for fencing.

This material provides a better barrier for such facilities, which is great, particularly when it comes to barring access.

Outdoor swimming pools can be dangerous if not well fenced, especially if kids and pets are around the vicinity.

Kitchen Garden – You can as well use polycarbonate to fence your home garden.

It prevents access, especially from other animals within the area from accessing and possibly destroying your fruits and vegetables.

Patios partitions – It is one of the best materials to use for partitioning the patios in different homes. It comes out as a quality material and offers high aesthetic value suitable for such spaces.

Residential compound – You can as well use this material for fencing the entire compound of your residence.

It offers great security and privacy by ensuring that intruders do not get access into your compound.

It also restricts your pets and children from moving outside the compound even when you are not monitoring them.

Greenhouses – Polycarbonate fences are also popular in modern greenhouses facilities.

You combine them with polycarbonate glazing panels to construct a formidable greenhouse structure for agricultural activities.

Stadiums – You can use this material to create a barrier in stadiums and other sporting facilities. It helps in demarcating the playing areas such as tennis lawns.

It is also helpful in restricting access of fans to different entry points as well as segmenting the different stands for various reasons such as ticketing among others.

Garage – Polycarbonate fence can be used to construct garages and parking spaces within the homestead for different types of automobiles.

Is Polycarbonate Fence Shatterproof?

Absolutely yes!

And this is one of the major reasons that make this type of fence popular nowadays.

What happens is that this fence is made from a material, which naturally has strong molecules.

Such molecules enable it to withstand an extreme amount of force and will never shatter.

Specifically, polycarbonate fence has an impact resistance of 200 times better than other materials such as glass.

Polycarbonate fencing system

Polycarbonate fencing system

What is the Benefit of Polycarbonate Fence?

Polycarbonate fence is beneficial in numerous ways, which include the following;

· Lightweight

Polycarbonate material is natural lightweight. And this makes it ideal for fencing since it becomes easy to handle.

It means that you can even install it alone without the need for support from other people.

· Easy to Install

The fact that polycarbonate fence is lightweight is a clear indication that you can install it in your space effortlessly.

And you see this is essential because, in construction of such fences, the process will be relatively faster.

It also shows that you will require minimal support if need be for you to construct the fence.

· High resistance to Impact

Polycarbonate fence presents extreme impact resistance, given that it is a strong material.

Of course, for a fence, irrespective of the application, this aspect is quite fundamental.

First, it means that it can withstand any form of impact and would never break.

Even so, should it break, the fence cannot shatter.

Secondly, it implies that you’ll have the fence for as many years as possible on your facility without the thought and need of replacing it.

·  Easy Maintenance

It is also easy to clean and maintain polycarbonate fence regardless of the application.

Often, this material comes with a surface treatment coating that allows it to self-clean, especially when it rains.

So you don’t have to worry about cleaning it all the time.

· High Versatility

You can also use polycarbonate fence in a broad range of applications other than fencing only.

For instance, you can use the extra parts of the polycarbonate sheet to construct different structures within the homestead hence helping in cutting costs.

· Extremely Durable

This is arguably one of the key benefits of this type of fence.

From the features of polycarbonate, you can be certain that you’ll have your fence upstanding and in good shape for as many years as possible.

The fact that it has high resistance to many factors such as impact, and corrosion is a clear indication of high resilience and sturdiness.

· It is Eco-friendly

This type of fencing is also beneficial from the perspective of being friendly to the environment.

In a broad sense, it is biologically inert and readily recyclable.

It does not react with plants or any other element for that matter.

· Aesthetic Appeal

Polycarbonate fence also has a way of complementing the other structures within the space.

And this way, they make it possible for your application to have enhanced beauty.

How Strong is Polycarbonate Fence?

Ideally, polycarbonate fence is the strongest fence option as far as all types of thermoplastics are concerned.

It is strong enough to withstand any form of pressure, which makes it a suitable choice for this type of application.

As a project that demands high level of safety, polycarbonate fence prevents unwanted access to space and impact from numerous physical elements.

 Curved polycarbonate fence

 Curved polycarbonate fence

Is there any Alternative to Polycarbonate Fence?


The ideal alternative to polycarbonate fence is acrylic fence.

It stands a better option due to the following reasons;

  • It is relatively easy to maintain acrylic fence than it is to polycarbonate fence. You do not need to take much care of this material when used as a fence.

It also comes with a surface coating that allows it to self-clean when it rains.

  • Acrylic is also resistant to numerous elements such as temperature changes, corrosion, fogging and impact. It thus shows that it can withstand different elements hence making it a perfect alternative.
  • This material is equally lightweight, similar to polycarbonate, which makes it easy to handle, transport and install.
  • It has better resistance to abrasion than polycarbonate fence. And given that fence is usually exposed to many elements that might scratch its surface.

Therefore, acrylic fence, in this case, comes out as a better alternative to polycarbonate fence.

  • Acrylic fence is also shatterproof and displays excellent resistance to breaking. In that sense, it can withstand high impact of such as high-intensity earthquake, and storm without shattering.

How do you Install Polycarbonate Fence?

Installing polycarbonate fence is quite easy as long as you have the right tools and equipment.

You see, in most instances, this is a DIY project since the material itself is lightweight.

The process of installing this type of fence also depends on the size of the area you are fencing and the purpose.

In general though, here’s the basic process of how you can install this type of fence;

  • Mark the installation area – You need to demarcate the specific points and excavate the holes where you’ll place the posts for erecting the fence.
  • Find the measurements between the posts – Ensure that you get the distance between one post and the other. Also, take note that the distances need to be equal since it helps in attaining the uniformity and at the same time enhancing strength.
  • Set the posts – You can use different types of post while installing the polycarbonate fence. It all narrows down to your preference.

Some of the ideal materials you can consider using as posts include plastics and metals, among others.

Whichever choice you’ll consider, ensure that you set them uniformly.

  • Set the material between the posts – At this stage, all you need to do is fixing each polycarbonate sheet between the posts.

Most of these sheets often come set in terms of measurement, so you merely need to fix them in between the posts.

  • Fix the hinges – Where necessary, particularly at the gate, ensure that you fix the hinges. They come in handy in supporting the gate when you finally install the gate.
  • Attach the gate – Apparently, a gate is also part of the polycarbonate fence. Ensure that you install the gate accordingly as a way of averting incidences of compromising the efficiency and functionality of the fence.

When doing so, ensure that you use the right tools and materials.

  • Fix the lock, latches and catch – All these are important elements in polycarbonate fence. The types to install will, of course, depend on your choice. And once you’re done, confirm the functionality and reinforce any part that requires the same.

What are the Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Fence?

Polycarbonate fence

Polycarbonate fence

Some of the shortcomings of this type of fence include the following;

Costly – Polycarbonate, which is the primary material for manufacturing this fence is arguably one of the most expensive thermoplastics in the market.

It thus makes it a bit challenging for many users to have in for their fences, especially if the area is relatively large and likely to consume a lot of this material.

Sensitive to scratches – Polycarbonate, in general, seems to be so prone to abrasion.

Well, it is among the toughest thermoplastics you can ever find, but it has a relatively soft surface, which makes it susceptible to any abrasion.

Yellowing and dulling – Over time, you’ll notice that the polycarbonate fence starts to yellow or become dull.

This can be disadvantageous since it means that the fence shall be losing its aesthetic appeal.

Even so, this only occurs after exposure to direct sunlight for several years.

Is there any Thickness Limitations to Polycarbonate Fence?

Not necessarily. The ideal thickness of polycarbonate fence is completely dependent on the application or on what you’re fencing.

For example, for a perimeter fencing, the ideal thickness can be 12mm or more.

If you are fencing a patio, greenhouse or kitchen garden, you might choose to use a polycarbonate fence with thickness of between 3mm and 12mm.

The bottom line is that there is no limitation to polycarbonate fence.

How do you measure your Area for Polycarbonate Fencing?

Measuring your area to set up polycarbonate fence is a relatively easy DIY skill that you need to master.

In general though, here is how you can measure your area for this type of fencing;

Locate the property line – If it’s a perimeter wall, it is necessary to know where your property end and where your neighbor’s begins.

Ensure that you find out and never use rough estimates.

Confirm with the local authorities if you are not sure to prevent your fencing from going up to the neighbor’s side of line.

But if you are fencing a facility within your property then locating the property line won’t be as necessary as such.

Measure the area’s perimeter and divide your polycarbonate sheet’s measurement – this allows you to determine the quantity of these panels that you’ll require.

Luckily, a few suppliers, such as WeProFab always provide pre-cut polycarbonate fence panels, which is vital since it makes your work comparatively easy.

Mark your corner posts – Do this by staking each corner of your fencing area. A corner is basically any spot where the polycarbonate panels will meet and form an angle of 90°.

Mark your line posts – This should be done at intervals of equivalent to your polycarbonate panels. And if there is a section of your area that isn’t divisible by the panel’s length, you may consider cutting such sections.

Mark your end posts – An end post is generally where your polycarbonate ends. It could be at the gate or tree or house.

As you can see, marking of polycarbonate fencing area is that easy.

Even so, you might choose to hire an expert to help you with getting the measurement.

Can Polycarbonate Fence withstand Strong Winds?


This type of fence is very sturdy and can withstand any form of wind as long as it is properly installed.

 Polycarbonate fence

Polycarbonate fence

How do you Care for Polycarbonate Fence?

Polycarbonate fencing does not require much care or maintenance.

In most instances, it comes incorporated with a surface coating that allows it to self-clean, particularly when it rains.

It is also the same thing when you choose to sprinkle lukewarm water and recommended detergent solvents on the fence uniformly.

However, you can still choose to clear the possible light scratches that it could have on different spots from time to time.

What is the Advantage of Opaque Polycarbonate Fence?

Colored polycarbonate fence

 Colored polycarbonate fence

  • Opaque polycarbonate fence enhances privacy. The fact that it is somewhat unclear ensures that intruders won’t be able to view the happenings in your compound.
  • It is UV resistant, which is essential when it comes to enhancing its durability and aesthetic appeal since it will not yellow easily.
  • This type of fence also complements other elements within the surrounding, thus improving the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • It is relatively easy to maintain compared to clear polycarbonate fence because even if scratches, the marks are not necessarily visible.
  • It is easy to install and relatively durable since it is resistant to many elements such as corrosion, abrasion and impact.

How does Polycarbonate Fence compare to Glass Fence?

These two material have wide-ranging variances which include the following;

A fence made from polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance than glass fence.

In fact, polycarbonate fence is 200 times stronger than glass fence, which indicates that the former can withstand any form of impact without breaking or shattering compared to glass fence.

Polycarbonate fence has better resistance to heat and corrosion that glass fence.

For that reason, the former can last for many years compared to the latter.

In simple words, polycarbonate provides a solid fence structure than a glass.

It is comparatively easy to maintain polycarbonate fence that it is to maintain glass fence.

Glass fence requires much attention to maintain its stature, which can be quite tedious, especially if the fence occupies large area.

It is easier to break a glass fence, which means that it does not guarantee top-notch safety.

On the other hand, polycarbonate fence in unbreakable, which is vital when it comes to safety applications, particularly preventing intruders.

Polycarbonate fence is comparatively lightweight compared to glass fence.

It thus implies that it is easy to handle, transport and install it without any significant support.

It also means that it reduces labor costs in the long run.

You can find polycarbonate fence in a wide range of styles and color shades.

On the other hand, glass fence is limited to number of styles and even color shades.

Glass fence has a comparatively hard surface than polycarbonate surface.

And this means that it has better resistance to abrasion than polycarbonate fence.

Glass fence is reasonably affordable hence can be a better option when working with strict budget.

Polycarbonate fence, on the other hand, is quite expensive, thus limiting its use, especially if the area is relatively large.

Is Polycarbonate Fence UV Resistant?

Definitely. As expected, polycarbonate material has a natural UV coating.

This enables it to block the UV rays from penetrating through the surface of the material, thus preventing it from fading or discoloring.

Which Standards should Polycarbonate Fence Comply with?

ASTM – It is a standard instrumental in specifying, testing, as well as evaluating the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of plastic products and materials.

ISO – It refers to International organizations for standard that stipulates and enforces the minimum requirements for polycarbonate fence and other related components.

UL- This standard tests a wide range of products, including polycarbonate fence to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements.

CE – This is a standard certification mark, which indicates that the polycarbonate fence meets and conforms to health, environmental and safety.

How do you make Polycarbonate Fence?

Two main processes involved in making polycarbonate fence are;

  • Extrusion
  • Thermoforming

How much is WeProFab Polycarbonate Fence?

The cost is dependent on the size that you are purchasing, brand as well as the quantity.

In other instances, factors such as shipping and related taxes also determine the cost of buying polycarbonate fence.

For best deals, it would be advisable to visit or contact reliable suppliers such as WeProFab.

How does WeProFab Support Polycarbonate Fence OEM Business?

It ensures that it procures authentic equipment that it uses in manufacturing the polycarbonate fence.

WeProFab also ensures that all the polycarbonate fence materials that it manufactures conform to the required standards.

Moreover, the products have a warranty, which is strictly adhered to should they fail to match the stipulated standards.

In short, these are the fundamental aspects you should know about polycarbonate fences.

At WeProFab, we offer the best polycarbonate fence, cut to size to your unique specifications.

For more information about our polycarbonate fencing systems, contact us now.

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