• 1.5mm Embossed Polycarbonate sheet

1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFabAs premier world-class 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, WeProFab manufacture using high tech machines. We offer customization for your ideal products. To get the ideal product, send us your own layout today!

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Delight your own customer with WeProFab 1.5 mm Polycarbonate sheet. We are experts, fabricates high-class characteristics of a 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet.

1.5 mm Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 1.5 mm embossed polycarbonate sheet ahve different characteristics and custom sizes. Choose what you need from Weprofab.

1.5 mm Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

Your design should go along with your plan. We are a team of professionals that can support your next project.

1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse

If you find difficulties in looking for exact 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse applications, no problem! Weprofab is the right place for you to look for.

1.5 mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab has comprehensive and high-tech machien lines for flexing polycarbonates. We accept the customization of your ideal polycarbonate sheet.

1.5 mm Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet

As the number one manufacturer of a 1.5 mm tinted polycarbonate sheet, Weprofab is capable of giving clients satisfaction. Trust Weprofab to support your next plan.

1.5mm Polycarbonate sheet Manufacturer

Our team produces an ideal design for your 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet with our advanced machines. We offer customizations as an additional services.

WeProFab: Your Leading 1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab has capabilities to provide any volume of 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet. We have quality control machines and provide amazing assistance as well. From start-finish assembly process, expect flexibility and the durability of a 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet.

As full support, weprofab can help you save costs. Competitive prices are offered for every production.

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Custom 1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Compact 1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Compact 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet from Weprofab has unlimited uses. Your own designs are allowed and followed by our brilliant design staff.

1.5 mm Sound Insulated Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 1.5 mm sound insulation polycarbonate sheet is usually preferred by several. Send your own ideas about polycarbonate sheets now and let us conduct next operations.

1.5 mm Uv protected Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab has numerous stocks to presents just like a 1.5 mm UV protected polycarbonate sheet. Suitable for roofing applications like for greenhouses. The best product to gain large profits.

1.5mm Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

1.5mm polycarbonate corrugated sheets have a variety of colors and applications such as roofing, wall, and paneling. Aside from white color, you can choose red, blue, green, yellow, and custom colors.

1.5mm Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

1.5 frosted polycarbonate sheets are suitable for room partitions, window, and door panels. It has great tensile strength and water absorption with a longer life span. Various surface textures and thicknesses for your selections.

1.5mm Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Choose the best durability and flexibility of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheets. Features great impact resistance suitable for roofing, paneling, and more at affordable rates. Clear Sheets are also attainable in solid color, textured, frosted, tinted, and more.

1.5mm Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Sheet

You can get the right selection of 1.5mm light diffuser polycarbonate sheets at an affordable price. Variety of colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, orange, frosted, and custom colors based on your orders.

1.5mm Polycarbonate Marble Sheet

Polycarbonate marble sheets are commonly used for table tops, kitchen sink, and more. Made of premium material featuring 2-4% water absorption accessible in the lowest price offer. Durable 1.5mm polycarbonate sheets for your retail and wholesale business.

1.5mm Ribbed Polycarbonate Sheet

A 1.5mm ribbed polycarbonate sheet is widely used for roofing, window cover, door, greenhouse, and more. Provide elegant appearance, great durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

1.5mm Textured Polycarbonate Sheet

1.5mm textured polycarbonate sheets is widely used for window, doors, arts, and any production. Variety of colors featuring impact resistant, UV block, bulletproof, and more.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate 1.5mm Sheet

1.5mm polycarbonate sheets are bulletproofed which protect doors, windows, and other room partitions. Great quality and resistance from scratches, Block heat, and durable for bending and any production.

Clear Corrugated Polycarbonate 1.5mm Sheet

Clear corrugated polycarbonate sheets are also used for roofing and insulation. Durable and easier to bend, fabricate, screw, etc. offered at a friendly rate. You can send your ideal corrugated polycarbonate sheets ideas now.

Embossed Polycarbonate 1.5mm Sheet

Choose an ideal embossed polycarbonate sheet color according to your applications. You can choose all colors for your customer’s selections. Highest quality 1.5mm sheets but offered at a very affordable price.

Flexible Tinted 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 1.5mm polycarbonate sheets are flexible and designed with different tints. Perfect for various applications such as shielding, Windows for automotive, building, and more. Durable and long-lasting featuring anti-color aging.

Heat Resistant 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate sheets are coated with quality heat resistance. Suitable for roofing, carports, awning, patio cover, and more applications. Made of premium materials, easier to fabricate and screw.

Solid Roofing Polycarbonate 1.5mm Sheet

1.5mm solid polycarbonate sheets for roofing offer over ten years. Perfect coatings which protect sheets from scratches, impact, Heat, chemicals, and more based on your applications.

Translucent 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet

1.5mm translucent polycarbonate sheets are widely used for led lighting fixtures. Provide bright lighting suitable for outdoor and indoor applications which strongly fight any weather conditions.

Ultra-Clear 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet

1.5mm polycarbonate sheet has an ultra-clear and great property resistance. Suitable for various applications such as table dividers, windows, and other product applications at a cheaper price offer.

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Why WeProFab 1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet is tough due to the hardness material used in fabrications. They were easily fabricated and easily machined with our complete machine lines. Made durable so when accidentally drop, Weprofab team ensured a 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet won`t break.

Whether you are a 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet supplier, wholesaler, retailer, or local distributor, Weprofab is the perfect service provider. We will absolutely help you for your business expansion.

 1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet

In Weprofab, you can get comprehensive polycarbonate sheeting with an exact 1.5 mm size. This is a machine graded polycarbonates with economic protection from intrusions and breakage. Assuredly, your own customers will enjoy using our polycarbonate sheets in different applications. This is lightweight sheeting, most prefer by many.

When compared to glass, our 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet performs the best insulator. It helps reduce energy costs. It is practically shatterproof, produced products a great nominee for security where high impact is exposed in some parts.

 1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Different options are also offers including 1.5 mm glass filled polycarbonate, 1.5 mm carbon filled polycarbonate, 1.5 mm bulletproof polycarbonate, etc. Each of mentioned options can increase stiffness and strength capacity of the sheets. Various protection levels are also available.

Weprofab is teamed with skilled designers, we always ensure polycarbonate sheets can be used for long-time. So when choose the right 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet, please count on Weprofab. We have more than thousands of polycarbonate sheet stocks in our factory, ready to deliver.

For 1.5 mm polycarbonate applications, you can use them interiorly within commercial or industrial applications, applicable for interior glazing in security spaces, industrial machine guards, fabricated parts, and more. Whatever the use, expect great performances from our 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet.

 1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab achieved different international certifications like CE, ISO 9001, SGS, etc. We have 20 years expertise in manufacturing different polycarbonate sheeting.

So, for further concerns about our 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet, please communicate with us. We have customer service serves 24/7.

1.5 mm Polycarbonate Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for any information about 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet, you will find it right here.

Whether you want to know the size, dimensions, texture, cost or coating technologies, you will find all information in this guide.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

1 Measure polycarbonate sheet thickness

Measure polycarbonate sheet thickness

It is a type of polycarbonate material with a thickness dimension of 1.5mm used in a wide range of applications across different industries.

Remarkably, the 1.5mm thickness is the primary concern in this case since it is designed to suit specific applications.

How do you Measure the Thickness of the Polycarbonate Sheet?

A laser gauge is the best device for calculating the thickness of a polycarbonate sheet.

Here is the procedure you need to use to determine this thickness;

  • Place the laser gauge tool on the corner of the piece of polycarbonate sheet.
  • Press the red button and hold down
  • Check the screen from a 45° angle
  • Ensure the initial laser line is on the zero lines of the gauge. The second laser line gives you the actual thickness of the polycarbonate sheet.

You can identify the thickness of various polycarbonate sheets using this device.

But you must ensure you do it right to get the accurate thickness.

Is 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet Strong?


Polycarbonate, which is the core material used in making this sheet has incredible strength.

It is 25 times stronger than acrylic and 250 times stronger than a standard glass of a similar dimension.

This shows that the material has excellent resistance to impact, thus making it the strongest thermoplastic available.

Why Should You Consider Investing in 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

1.5mm polycarbonate sheet gives you more beneficial reasons making it an ideal investment.

Some of these advantageous reasons include the following;

  • Incredibly appealing to the eye, given it is transparent hence allowing more light to pass through it.
  • Relatively lightweight, thus offering ideal convenience to transport, fix, and handle in different applications.
  • Highly pliable, thus allowing for easy customization to the appropriate shape and design according to your project requirements
  • Offers superior resistance to numerous mechanical and environmental conditions such as UV radiation and impact among others.
  • You can find in a wide range of color shades, dimensions and design. Of course, this broadens your selection options in obtaining the most suitable piece.
  • Highly durable, easy to clean, repair and maintain; hence you won’t necessarily need a professional to assist you in most instances.

What is the Cost of 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

1.5mm polycarbonate sheet

mm polycarbonate sheet

The price of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet is dependent on a host of variables.

One of these variables is the order quantity you’re purchasing.

Ordinarily, most suppliers and manufacturers of this material often provide a better discount on purchasing large volumes than small volume.

In other words, the higher the quantity you purchase quantity, the higher the discount rates and vice versa.

Another cost determinant variable is the actual design of 15mm you are purchasing.

Customized pieces are always more expensive than standard designs since the former are quite involving compared to the latter.

The quality of polycarbonate material used to manufacture this sheet also determines the actual cost.

High-grade materials are certainly more expensive than relatively inferior polycarbonate material.

In a nutshell, there is no specific price for 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

Instead, the rates vary based on the above-mentioned and many more factors.

Can You Repair 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?


However, it is dependent on the specific type of restoration you are carrying out.

Most common type of repair is removing scratches from the surface of this component.

In doing so, you need to sufficiently prepare the scratched spots by cleaning appropriately using lukewarm water and mild soap.

For light scratches, the ideal technique would be to apply a small portion of toothpaste on the scratched surface.

Rub the toothpaste on the surface gently in a circular motion for about 30 seconds and let allow it dry.

Take a piece of a moist, soft cloth and wipe off the toothpaste from the surface material of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

Rinse it using clean water and allow it to dry.

Another ideal repair you may carry out on this particular material is by polishing.

The essence of polishing is to ensure surface material attains the original glow and clarity.

Moreover, you can as well remove the yellowing from the surface material by thoroughly cleaning it using recommended detergents.

Is 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet Flexible?


Naturally, polycarbonate material is quite soft and pliable.

You can bend polycarbonate sheet effectively without breaking when hot or cold.

This makes it suitable for different applications, which require flexibility.

Does 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet Turn Yellow?

To some extent, yes.

Yellowing of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet mostly arises due to exposure of the component to prolonged direct sunlight.

Essentially, polycarbonate is manufactured from a combination of a wide range of natural resources such as oil and petroleum.

As such, the UV rays tend to attack the molecules making up this material.

If it happens continuously for a long time, these molecules weaken, leading to yellowing the surface material.

However, this is usually a common occurrence on comparatively low-grade or low quality 1.5mm polycarbonate sheets.

Most modern sheets are coated with a UV stabilizer.

This additive allows it to resist penetration of UV radiation irrespective of the duration it is exposed to direct sunlight.

How Does 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet Compare with 1.5mm Acrylic Sheet?

They vary on different grounds, and here are some of the differentials


1.5mm polycarbonate sheet is relatively clear than 1.5mm acrylic sheet.

The former allows up to about 94% of light to pass through it, whereas the latter permits about 92% of light.


1.5mm polycarbonate sheet is slightly flexible than its acrylic counterpart.

You can easily bend polycarbonate effectively when hot or cold without essentially breaking.

However, 1.5mm acrylic sheet is more flexible only when heated to a certain pliable temperature.


Both are quite durable and have excellent resistance to mechanical pressure.

But with all factors held at constant, 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet will last longer than 1.5mm acrylic sheet under same conditions.


1.5mm polycarbonate sheet is relatively inferior to 1.5mm acrylic sheet as far as scratch resistance is concerned.

The latter has a comparatively hard surface material than the former making it better in terms of scratch tolerance.


In terms of strength, 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet is 25 times stronger than 1.5mm acrylic sheet.

Ideally, acrylic can quickly shatter when it breaks or when subjected to extreme mechanical pressure.

On the other hand, 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet can handle even the extreme mechanical pressure without breaking.

Overall, 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet comes out superior to acrylic when subjected to similar conditions, both climatic and physical.

What are the Applications of 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

1.5mm polycarbonate sheet can be used in a wide range of applications across different industries, including the following;

Polycarbonate display box

Polycarbonate display box

Consumer electronics – Smartphone plastic covers are some of the materials made from this type of sheet. Others include components of refrigerator, music system, TV sets etc.

Automotive industry – Headlamps and window panels are some of the components made from this particular material.

Building – Many building materials such as skylights, sunrooms and solariums are made using polycarbonate sheet.

Greenhouse – Nowadays, most greenhouses use different types of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet for crops.

Lenses – Different lenses such as helmets, visors, face shields, impact goggles and chemical splash goggles are designed from this material.

Medical industry – Most medical equipment such as cartridges are made using this type of polycarbonate material.

What are the Suitable Surface Coating Treatments for 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

They are quite several, but the ideal one is dependent on your particular 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet application.

Suitable ones, which you may consider, include the following;

Anti-UV coating – Designed to prevent UV rays from penetrating through this material. Ideally suitable for applications where 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet is likely to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Anti-fog coating – Intended to prevent moisture from accumulating or sticking on the surface material of this sheet. It is suitable for applications where there is lots of moisture, rain, fog, mist etc.

Anti-scratch coating – Most common among many 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet applications. It helps to prevent surface abrasion from sharp objects, thus increasing longevity and aesthetics of this piece.

Anti-corrosion coating – This coating treatment makes it used to prevent chemicals and any other corrosive components from eroding the sheet. Suitable for applications, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Anti-reflective – The essence of this surface coating is to prevent unnecessary or excessive light from penetrating the material. You can use it in several applications where excessive light is a concern.

How do You Clean a Yellowed 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

It is quite straightforward as follows;

  • Take the yellowed sheet and rinse it using lukewarm water.
  • Wash the 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet using a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Use a soft sponge or cotton cloth and wash the sheet up and down gently in the same direction.
  • Rinse the cotton cloth or soft sponge using clean water, often
  • Repeat the rinsing process consistently to prevent water spotting and allow it to dry.

Is there Color Limitation for 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Different colors of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet

Different colors of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet


1.5mm polycarbonate sheet is available in a wide range of colors.

Naturally, this material often comes in clear form.

Even so, you can always choose to colorize your particular sheet depending on your preferred color shade.

And this is necessary since it allows you to obtain the color, which can complement their respective applications.

You can get this sheet in as many as 50 different colors.

Moreover, 1.5mm polycarbonate sheets also come in multi-coloured shades.

Simply put, you can find a piece of sheet with a surface material of more than two colours.

What is the Ideal Texture for 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The suitable texture is dependent on a specific application and your particular preference.

Textured polycarbonate sheet is available in a broad range of textures, which is essential since it gives you more options to choose from.

Textured 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheet

Textured polycarbonate sheet

One of these textures is compact.

Also known as plain, it is widely used in a variety of applications across different sectors.

It provides a tender touch without any form of distraction on the surface material.

Embossed texture is another available option you can choose for your 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

Essentially, this texture features some form of a patterned theme on the surface of this material.

The pattern could be stamped, molded or carved uniformly on the entire surface of this sheet.

Also, you can find 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet with a diamond texture.

In essence, this material’s surface is molded with a diamond-shaped design, thus giving it a similar texture.

Badal texture is another option you can get when choosing 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

It features a cloud-like pattern on the surface of this material, and it is soft.

Can You Polish 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?


Ideally, there are numerous polishing techniques you can always use on this component, but the specific one depends on the actual purpose.

A common polishing technique for polycarbonate sheet is Vapor Polishing.

This method utilizes a solvent to flow on the surface of the sheet.

It produces a polished surface on both sides of the polycarbonate sheet surfaces.

Technically, polishing involves softening or cleaning polycarbonate sheet.

Buffing polycarbonate sheet

Buffing polycarbonate sheet

How do You Maintain 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

To attain optimum longevity on your application, ensure to maintain 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet appropriately.

Some of the ways you can observe while at it include the following;

Always ensure you clean this material using lukewarm water, especially for small-scale applications.

When cleaning, make sure you use recommended detergents that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Another way is by laminating the material.

It is vital since it prevents the sheet from unnecessary scratches, especially in applications where it is likely to get bruises.

Also, never expose the sheet to direct sunlight.

Polycarbonate, naturally has poor resistance to UV protection, and continuous exposure can turn it yellowish.

Polishing is another ideal maintenance approach you can undertake on this material.

Generally, it helps the sheet to retain its glossiness and clarity for as long as possible.

What Ways Can You Use to Fabricate 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Here are the common techniques you can use to fabricate polycarbonate sheet;

a) Laminating

This process involves application of a thin coat on the surface material of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

You can choose to apply it on one or both sides, depending on the application.

The essence of lamination is to improve the aesthetics and durability of this sheet.

b) Cutting-to-size

This fabrication technique is about reducing the size of a relatively large 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet to a required dimension.

It allows you to obtain the right size fitting into respective dimensions of your application.

c) Welding

It entails bonding this sheet with other compatible materials.

Mostly, this fabrication method utilizes recommended bonding adhesive.

Ideally, you can opt for this technique if you need a relatively large 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

d) Thermoforming

The design of this fabrication technique is to remodel and reshape 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

It entails heating the sheet to a preferred temperature and molding it to attain the desired shape.

e) Drilling

It is a process, which involves creating holes on the surface material of this sheet.

You can drill holes on different parts of the sheet, but you have to ensure you use the correct drill bit and appropriate drilling speed.

What is Average Manufacturing Lead-time For 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

7 Uses of polycarbonate sheet

Uses of polycarbonate sheet

Several factors determine the actual manufacturing lead time for this material, and some of them include the following;

Order quantity – The fewer the order quantity, the faster the manufacturing lead time of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet and vice versa.

Manufacturer’s policy – Different companies have varied policies surrounding manufacturing lead time. Some are strict, whereas others are flexible depending on the prevailing factors.

Waiting orders -Mostly, 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet manufacturers often serve customers based on first come. Therefore, the more waiting order, the longer the manufacturing lead time and vice versa.

Product design – Ideally, customized pieces tend to take longer than standard designs. Customization is quite involving; hence might consume more time compared to producing standard pieces.

Nevertheless, you can always negotiate with the manufacturer for a rush order option.

In this case, you’ll incur additional charges, but you’ll get the order within the shortest time possible irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.

What Standards Does 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturing Comply With?

This component complies with several national, regional and international standards for different markets.

The common standards, however, include the following;


It is an abbreviation for Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.

The essence of this standard is to control use of particular hazardous materials found in different products.

RoHS is largely a requirement in the European Union but also is embraced in other non-European markets.


This is an international agency responsible for inspecting, verifying, testing, and certification of products.

Ideally, 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet should be SGS compliant.

It means, the processes and systems used in manufacturing the product are compliant with ratified national or international stipulations.


ASTM is an international standards agency responsible for developing and publishing voluntary consensus technical standards for products.

It is commonly used in the American market and other parts of the world.


Typically, UL standards demonstrate product’s sample has been tested and evaluated with respect to its particular products.

This standard assesses the product, materials and evaluates its environmental sustainability and safety.

ISO 9001

It is an international standard organization responsible for ratifying a manufacturer’s ability to provide high-quality products and services consistently.

As such, ISO 9001 also ensures the product’s quality meets the required minimum customer and regulatory standards.

What Factors do You Consider When Buying 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

They are quite several, but the primary ones include the following;

  • Application – 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet is designed for a wide range of applications. However, you need to ensure your project or structure can suitably use this material and still provide desirable results.
  • Material Grade – Typically, polycarbonate materials come in different grades, determining the quality of the ultimate sheet. Always consider the specific material grade, which can suit the demands of your project.
  • Customization requirements – You must figure out whether you are going for a customized 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet or otherwise. For customized pieces, ensure you provide the correct details to be incorporated into the design.
  • Size – 1.5 mm polycarbonate sheets are available in a wide range of sizes. Always go for the right size depending on the actual dimensions of your applications. It is necessary since it helps to reduce wastage hence saving on cost.
  • Cost – It allows you to budget accordingly and at the same time getting value for your money.
  • Brand – Different manufacturers have varied reputation and outlook in the market. Therefore, you must never overlook the brand aspect when purchasing this component. Importantly, ensure you carry out due diligence regarding a particular uncommon brand before purchasing.

What is the MOQ for Ordering 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Several elements influence the MOQ when ordering 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

For instance, different manufacturers of this component often have varied policies revolving around MOQ.

They all have different MOQs hence ensuring you inquire from the respective representative before making your order.

Customization needs on your 1.5mm polycarbonate sheets also determine the specific MOQ.

Often, many manufacturers set a specific order quantity on customized pieces, which is a bit more than standard designs.

Essentially, customization is quite involving and can only be manufactured and supplied on order, thus the need for a particular MOQ.

However, you can always negotiate with your preferred manufacturer and agree on a suitable MOQ.

Most sellers are usually flexible, making it easy for you to attain the right MOQ, which meets your demands.

Can You Recycle 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?


Polycarbonate, which is the primary material for making this type of sheet, is obtained from a compilation of natural resources like oil.

In essence, this makes it easy to recycle and reuse it on other applications if there is a need to.

Most manufacturers often recycle this component through processes such as shredding, sorting, cleaning and turning it into granulate.

Amazingly, a recycled 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet still holds all the quality properties like a virgin one.

In other words, recycling process hardly deteriorates the properties of this material.

Notable features it retains after recycling include, excellent impact strength, exception weatherability, lightweight and anti-UV protection.

Are there any Disadvantages of 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

 Embossed polycarbonate sheet

Embossed polycarbonate sheet

Yes, and they include the following;

  • It has relatively poor scratch resistance hence not ideal for applications likely to experience bruising from time to time.
  • Poor resistance to a wide range of organic chemicals thus likely to cause stress cracking on the surface material.
  • Thickness of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet limits it to specific applications regarded as comparatively light uses.
  • Can crack easily when drilling; thus, it needs meticulousness to obtain desired results.

What is the Insulation Property of 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Generally, 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet offers ideal insulation property.

It has a U-Value of about 6 W/m2K.

Also, this sheet is a good sound insulator hence the reason it is commonly used as acoustic barriers in busy environments.

What is the Best Method of Shipping 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

You can use different shipping methods to transport 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet from the manufacturer to your destination.

However, the best mode of shipping is dependent on various elements.

For instance, the distance, urgency, quantity and most importantly, your budget.

If you’re a domestic customer, you have plenty of options to choose from, such as rail freight, trucking, air freight and express shipping.

Nevertheless, this depends on your preference, budget and quantity of sheets.

For overseas buyers, there are two options to choose from, which include ocean freight and air freight.

Ocean freight is always the best option when you’re shipping relatively bulk 1.5mm polycarbonate sheets.

It is more cost-effective than air freight, thus an ideal choice in such circumstances.

On the other hand, it is quite slow and can take up to 60 days or more, depending on your actual destination.

Therefore, you may choose ocean freight when shipping bulk 1.5mm polycarbonate sheets on a tight budget and not necessarily urgent.

Airfreight is the best shipping mode option when you are shipping a few pieces of 1.5mm polycarbonate sheets.

You may consider it also when you are in urgent need of receiving these products at your respective destination.

However, it is a bit costly compared to ocean freight, but you are guaranteed faster transit time and safety of these components.

How do You Cut 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

You can use several methods to cut 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

For DIY, you can simply use a circular or jigsaw to get the right cut.

Cutting polycarbonate sheet

Cutting polycarbonate sheet

Here are the steps involved in cutting polycarbonate sheet using a circular or jigsaw;

  1. Prepare some supplies, such as ensuring you’re using a saw with variable speed. Also, have a board for supporting the sheet during sawing and make sure you wear all necessary safety gear.
  2. Mark the polycarbonate sheet to determine the exact spot you’ll be cutting.

Always leave a protective film in place, and you can as well stick masking tape on the cutting line. Essentially, this enables you to prevent scratches on the material surface.

  1. Set up the saw accordingly at a recommended speed to ensure you obtain a nice and smooth cut.

This is particular when using a circular saw in cutting the polycarbonate sheet.

  1. In case you are using a jigsaw, make sure you use a blade with fine-teeth. Run the saw at medium speed and allow it to move smoothly through the sheet.

While at it, never apply excessive pressure on the saw. Instead, allow it to do the task and control the throughput.

In other instances, you can also choose to cut this material using a laser cutting machine.

This is quite simple since all you need is to set the laser-cutter accordingly to provide the necessary cut.

Also, you can use a sharp utility knife to cut 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet, especially if the shapes and angles are not odd.

How do You Print on 1.5mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

It depends on the specific printing technique you’re using and the type of prints you’re incorporating on the polycarbonate sheet.

However, screen printing is the common method used on 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

 Printed polycarbonate sheet

Printed polycarbonate sheet

Here are the steps on how you can screen print this material;

  • Create the image or design you’ll print on the surface material of polycarbonate sheet.

You can do this by drawing or applying photos-shop to the image.

Always ensure the design is black or dark color given the essence of image is for light obstruction.

  • Print the image using a laserjet printer on the clear 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

Mix the sensitizer and emulsion in right proportion and pour blend on the screen.

Spread the solution all over the screen using a squeegee. While at it, ensure the emulsion blends in a bigger area of the sheet than the image.

  • Set the screen and frame made of dark-coloured board while the screen faces down.

Use tape to attach the sheet to screen and frame and place the lamp closer to the sheet.

Leave the layout to settle for at least 15-20 minutes.

Fine blue lines will appear on the point image is imprinted in the screen.

If unsatisfied with the appearance of an image, let it expose for another 10 minutes.

  • Spray cold water on screen until burned section on the sheet starts to flake off.

Make sure the image section on-screen is transparent and let the screen dry for a few minutes.

Use tape to cover part of the screen with photo emulsion and cover all areas except the image and photo emulsion.

  • Print it by placing down the sheet you want to print. Place cardboard below it and set the screen over the polycarbonate material.

Pour a small amount of the ink all over the screen top horizontally

  • Smear the ink with squeegee by moving it up and down as exert pressure on the screen.

Repeat the process twice or thrice until you feel the ink is engraved on a 1.5mm polycarbonate sheet.

Let the material dry for a few minutes and wash off the ink to utilize the print on another image.

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