• Five Wall Polycarbonate

Five Wall Polycarbonate

WeProfab is your certified provider of the finest five-wall polycarbonate. Our company manufactures five wall polycarbonate in different sizes. From the thinnest five-wall polycarbonate you need in your greenhouse to the sturdiest and thickest essential of your preservation facilities WeProfab can provide the materials you need to build your next project.

WeProfab brings eco-friendly and cost-effective products to the market. Our five-wall polycarbonate is perfect for shed roofing, commercial, or even residential glazing.

Get Weprofab Five Wall Polycarbonate to Enhance Your Business

For long-time and sustainable five-wall polycarbonate supplies for your customers, WeProfab is the excellent provider you are looking for. Customer satisfaction is our priority which means each item is competitive in terms of quality and durability.

WeProfab guarantee that our five-wall polycarbonate is the best for your personal application or business expansion. Widen the range of your business capacity. Our company accepts customization so we can meet your needs right where you are.

10mm Five Wall Polycarbonate

High light transmission capacity and has a 2000mm bending radius. 10mm five wall polycarbonate is practical and cost-effective with the shockproof resistant feature.

16mm Five Wall Polycarbonate

Weprofab provides 16mm five wall polycarbonate that is immensely applicable in horticulture farming or shedding applications. Diverse color choice is also available.

20mm Five Wall Polycarbonate

We accept custom cuts for our five-wall polycarbonate. Our 20mm five wall polycarbonate has an anti-fog feature and is reliably sturdy. Sizes vary from 2100*5600mm/ 1220*2240mm.

25mm Five Wall Polycarbonate

This 25mm five-wall polycarbonate is made perfect for carport or roofing. It is available in clear, opaque, and brown colors. Sizes vary according to customization requests.


28mm Five Wall Polycarbonate

This five-wall polycarbonate is available in the flat and corrugated form. Colors and sizes are customizable. It is strong and has natural UV rays protection.

30mm Five Wall Polycarbonate

For extreme weather protection, this type of multiwall polycarbonate is an efficient choice. it can be custom cut and can be made available in different colors.

WeProfab: Your Finest Five Wall Polycarbonate Manufacturer in China

WeProfab is you guaranteed producer of quality materials like five-wall polycarbonate for roofing or glazing purposes. May it be or personal application or for your business ideas, we are the best manufacturer for you. We wide array of choices from sizes to colors and textures. We have what you need.

As a licensed producer of products for building materials such as five-wall polycarbonate and others, WeProfab is proactive in providing the world-class service our clients search for. Our products are considerably fragile thus we secure each item from damages through intricate packaging that held all the pieces together.

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Anti-fog Five Wall Polycarbonate

Anti-fog is best in misty regions. Anti-fog five-wall polycarbonate can stand -40C- 120C. It has high weather tolerance, perfect for hostile areas

Anti-static Five Wall Polycarbonate

This type of five-wall polycarbonate is highly in demand in the sciences and laboratories. It is fire retardant, impact-resistant, and can stand high and low temperatures.

Brown Five Wall Polycarbonate

This design doesn’t go away from that wood feels. This type is really lightweight with a 65% light transmittance property.

Clear Five Wall Polycarbonate

Due to its five-wall feature, this type of clear polycarbonate is immensely strong and versatile. WeProfab offers cut to size deals.  Maximum size is 3050mmx2050mm.

Fire-resistant Five Wall Polycarbonate

Best for commercial roofing and residential ones, fire-resistant five-wall polycarbonate provides the highest thermal insulation you need.

Matte-black Five Wall Polycarbonate

Elegant matte-black polycarbonate is available in WeProfab. We offer custom cuts for all types of our five-wall polycarbonate.  Matte colors are available in black, green, and blue.

Opaque Five Wall Polycarbonate

This type can stand heavy impact forces. It is best for privacy purposes and available in standard sizes 2.1×6 m and 2.1x 12m.

Scratch-resistant Five Wall Polycarbonate

Scratch-resistant polycarbonate by WeProfab is available in various sizes and colors. It is essentially able to withhold damage, UV rays, acids, and other chemicals.

Yellow Five Wall Polycarbonate

This type of five-wall polycarbonate is made available in various sizes: 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 40mm. each depends on customization needs.

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Five Wall Polycarbonate Five Wall Polycarbonate Five Wall Polycarbonate Five Wall Polycarbonate Five Wall Polycarbonate Five Wall Polycarbonate Five Wall Polycarbonate Five Wall Polycarbonate

Why Weprofab Five Wall Polycarbonate

In need of high-quality five-wall polycarbonate? Worry no more!  WeProfab is here. We are the leading polycarbonate manufacturer in the market, who manufactures finest-quality five wall types. Our services passed the local international safety and quality standards. Rest assured that you as our valued customer receive the products the excellent way more than you expected.

WeProfab five-wall polycarbonate provides the finest thermal insulation for your home or offices. It is reliable and designed to withstand hostile weather and temperatures. Our polycarbonate has optical light transmittance that surely will protect you from harmful UV rays.

Easy and practical, our materials are carefully designed to provide your roofing and glazing essentials the security it needs. WeProfab assures that your five wall polycarbonates are made to lasts.

Benefits of WeProfab Five Wall Polycarbonate

  • Affordable
  • Sustainable
  • UV rays resistance
  • Anti-fog Property
  • High Light Transmittance
  • Environment-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation

Availing of our products guarantees your customers’ satisfaction. WeProfab polycarbonate materials are undeniably practical and surely cut the costs of your next project. They are lightweight but are virtually unbreakable and have proven to be versatile for cutting and designs customizations. WeProfab five-wall polycarbonate is amazingly 250 times tougher and has shock resistant than other materials like glass and acrylics.

Five Wall Polycarbonate Applications

  • Shed Roofing
  • Commercial and Domestic roofing
  • Fish Aquarium
  • Greenhouse
  • Horticulture
  • Skywalks
  • Building Partitions

For years human necessities change and the rising demand for sophistication is visible around us. And, WeProfab as one of the agents of industrialization innovates materials and products that are competitive to meet the needs of the growing public demands. Our five-wall polycarbonate is excellent in quality and will surpass the expectation of your market platform.

WeProfab polycarbonate materials are easy to install and practical. It is cost-effective and highly reliable with its world-class quality. Our company considers your needs so as your customers’. We warrant the safe delivery of your products through cargo connections that allow fast travel of the materials.

In choosing the best rely on the excellent services provided. WeProfab is excited to venture into the business world with you. Message our specialist now and let us know the details of your request.

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