• Acrylic Case

Acrylic Case

Weprofab is one of the well-known manufacturers of acrylic case. We can offer a good quality of acrylic case products with maximum production capacity. We also specialized in manufacturing all kinds of acrylic cases like free-standing acrylic cases, mini acrylic cases, clear acrylic case, aluminum acrylic case and many more. Send us your inquiry!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Case Delight Your Customers

As one of the professional OEM acrylic case manufacturers, Weprofab can help you obtrude from your brand in the market. Together with high-performance production equipment, we could offer you breathtaking products.

Acrylic Case with Drawer

Wepro acrylic case with drawer is popular and easy to use drawers. We can offer an acrylic case with a perfect size.

Free Standing Acrylic Case

Weprofab manufacture high-quality free-standing acrylic cases. We can fabricate a product according to own preference.

Mini Acrylic Case

Mini acrylic case in the Weprofab is very convenient and easy to use. If you are needing a mini acrylic case Weprofab is a great manufacturer.

Clear Acrylic Case with Handle
  1. Weprofab offers a good quality of clear acrylic case with a handle at a competitive price. You can choose which one suits your clear acrylic case with great handle application.
Aluminum Acrylic Case

Weprofab can do different designs of aluminum acrylic cases. We have strict quality control system to make sure the good quality of finish aluminum acrylic case and the other product.

Desktop Basket Acrylic Case

Weprobab is a desktop basket acrylic case manufacturer, we have a great advantage to design a desktop basket acrylic case.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Case Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Weprofab is a reliable acrylic case manufacturer. With a strong emphasis on customer relationship first, product quality prior, services primacy, we are able to complete any conceivable project efficiently and cost-effectively.

We can able to customize the acrylic cases in different designs and features.

Inquire us now, we will not ignore your inquiry!

Custom Acrylic Case to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Acrylic Case

Weprofab custom case is more attractive. We are known as one of the best custom acrylic case manufacturers who offer a great product for an acrylic cases for different applications.

Food Display Acrylic Case with 2 Rays

Weprofab is your one-stop solution for food display acrylic case with 2 rays. Each piece can be built with diverse cool, stylish effects.

Exquisite Acrylic Case with Lid

Weprofab exquisite acrylic case with lid is ideal to organize your different accessories. Weprofab can custom the perfect design of the exquisite acrylic case with lid.

Acrylic Display Case

The acrylic display case can be assembled and removed easily. They can be used in stores, malls, supermarkets, and homes. Can be brought outside conveniently.

Acrylic Phone Case

The acrylic phone case is designed to protect phones from scratches and damage. It has a professional design and unique looks. Applicable for any phone.

Acrylic Bakery Display Case

Acrylic bakery display case is safe for displaying and storing bread, cakes, cookies, and other food items. They can hold many food products and other essential goods.

Locking Clear Acrylic Case

The locking clear acrylic case has excellent transparency and is high-quality. It can be made from different sizes, shapes, colors, and other specifications.

Acrylic Shoe Case

The acrylic shoe case features scratch-resistant and has high durability. It is available in white, black, green, red, blue, and other customized colors.

Acrylic Baseball Cap Case

The acrylic baseball cap case is perfect for displaying and protecting various sports collections, especially the baseball cap. Different sizes are available for your selection.

Acrylic Baseball Cap Case

The acrylic gift case can be customized in different styles. It is ideal for packaging or casing gift items like rings, earrings, necklaces, and other small items.

Acrylic Jersey Frame Case

Acrylic jersey frame case is widely used for displaying jerseys and other sports products. It keeps jerseys in a high-quality appearance and prevents them for a long time.

Acrylic Lipstick Holder Case

The acrylic lipstick holder case is useful in stores, supermarkets, and exhibitions. They are environmentally friendly and manufactured from virgin materials.

Square Acrylic Case

The square acrylic case can be made from any size per customer’s requirements. They can be printed with logos and other advertising information or graphics.

Acrylic Flower Case

Acrylic flower case has great uniqueness and romantic styles. Perfect for room, bedroom, dressing table, restaurant, office, retail store, and more.

Mini Acrylic Case

Mini acrylic cases are suitable for many scenarios like wedding dates, candlelight dinners, and other applications. It is an economic element and is offered at an affordable price.

Eyelash Acrylic Case

Eyelash acrylic case if constructed from long-lasting materials. It is extremely sturdy and durable and can last for many years. This is an effective way to keep and organize eyelash items.

Lucite Acrylic Organizer and Case

Lucite acrylic organizer and case are lightweight, shatter-resistant, and eliminate the potential for damaging items. Applicable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Exhibition Acrylic Case

The exhibition acrylic case is commonly used for the museum, exhibition, retail stores, and other purposes. It has a smooth surface and edges that are safe for any item.

Acrylic Jewelry Case

An acrylic jewelry case is a beautiful and good case for displaying jewelry. Suitable for holding necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, wallets, and other accessories.

4-Sides Acrylic Case

A 4-sides acrylic case is best for sunglasses, watches, and other vital products. Depending on the customer’s requirements, it is available in different thicknesses, height, width, and other details.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Case

 Acrylic Case

Weprofab acrylic case is designed to give protection to any electric component which gives the excellent appearance to it.

It is a well-known replacement for glass.

Many engineers use acrylic case since it has a scratch-resistant, tough, and easy to work and maintain.

Weprofab acrylic case has amazing features.

It has the highest standard of quality and hygiene.

Which is great in storing items such as rice, ice creams, and other food.

All of our acrylic cases are lightweight, durable, has higher strength, easy to use, it guarantees excellent shine and longevity.

 Acrylic Case

Most of our clients avail of this kind of product because their features are highly demanded in the market.

Also, all of our products have a fancy and elegant look with dimensional accuracy, and highly appreciated by our customers.

Weprofab is one of the leading manufacturers of acrylic case in China.

We have the ability to create and design standard acrylic case based on our customer specification.

We are the kind of manufacturer who prioritizes your requirements.

Our acrylic case meticulous tested by our expert engineers to our customers exact expectations.

 Acrylic Case

We offers affordable and versatile OEM/ODM acrylic products.

We ensure timely delivery of the product. Weprofab is known to offer a comprehensive range of acrylic cases.

Weprofab is an ISO-certified custom manufacturer of quality acrylic case.

We are proud to be partnering with multiple reliable clients.

Weprofab have many years of experience in designing and producing high class acrylic case products using our high end technology.

We strive hard to improve more the services we gave and developed our products to meet the expectations of our valued customers.

You can assure our friendly staff and team are always ready to help and guide you to find your needs.

If you are interested in our acrylic case products, just message us!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Case

Acrylic cases are known to exhibit outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity.

You can use acrylic cases to store showpieces and other items that you want to show off.

If you’ve had a question about acrylic cases, you’ve come to the right place.

This ultimate guide will tell you all you need to know about acrylic cases.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Cases?

Acrylic cases are made from acrylic sheets with excellent bonding capacity that allows them to settle with adhesives and solvents quickly.

Hence your acrylic cases will hold well underweight and not fall to pieces.

It is also weather-resistant so you can protect your item by storing it in an acrylic case.

Acrylic case

 Acrylic case

It is often used as a substitute for glass cases as acrylic cases are much lighter.

Acrylic provides you perfect clarity and helps in showcasing the brilliance of the object more brightly.

An acrylic case can help you display your items better and attract more sales.

Are ThereAcrylic Arcade Cases For Raspberry Pi?

Yes, there are acrylic arcade cases with joysticks for use with Raspberry Pi so you can play games.

It usually comes with a joystick, buttons and a USB encoder so you can plug it into your Raspberry Pi.

This video shows you how it looks like and the parts that make up an acrylic arcade case.

Can Acrylic Cases Be Used To Keep Reptiles?

Yes, you can keep reptiles such as snakes and other animals in acrylic cases that are secure and that also provide breathing holes for ventilation.

How Are Acrylic Cases Better Than Glass?

Flat Acrylic Display Case

Flat Acrylic Display Case

These points below show the points where acrylic is better than glass.

· Clarity

Acrylic cases have higher clarity than glass with 92% light transmission.

You will find that high quality acrylic will not turn yellow with time unlike glass.

Acrylic cases also will not reflect light so viewers can clearly see the item in the acrylic case.

It also will not tint unlike glass.

· Strength

Acrylic cases are known for their durability, which is 6 to 17 times more than regular glass.

You will find these do not break even under high impact.

Even if the acrylic breaks, they break into large pieces that are much safer than the tiny pieces that glass breaks into.

Glass shatters easily into millions of tiny pieces which can be very dangerous as you may touch or step on the pieces without knowing it.

Acrylic Case

Acrylic Case

· Lightweight

You will find that acrylic cases are much lighter compared to glass cases and are easier to transport around.

Can Acrylic Cases Be Locked?

Acrylic Case with Lock System

 Acrylic Case With Lock System

Some acrylic cases come with an inbuilt lock system, which may be applicable depending on what you are using them for.

If you need to lock up your acrylic case for security purposes, make sure you purchase an acrylic case that has a lock system.

How Are PC Acrylic Cases To Go With?

PC Acrylic Case

PC Acrylic Case

Acrylic cases are suitable if you wish to use them for your PC.

You can use acrylic cases to protect your PC from external damage and provide proper ventilation.

Does Acrylic Cases Protect The Product From UV Rays?

Yes. Acrylic cases can protect your product kept inside it from ultraviolet rays.

It also provides moisture protection to your item and prevents it from any further damage.

It helps in giving your product a vibrant look and maintains its brilliance.

Are Acrylic Cases Or Tempered Glass Cases Better?

Both come with their features and their drawbacks.

On one hand, acrylic cases are easier to replace, lightweight and more economical, while tempered glass cases are more transparent and resistant to scratches.

Tempered Glass Case

 Tempered Glass Case

You will find that acrylic cases are much prone to scratching but do not shatter, unlike tempered glass.

Tempered glass also crack more easily and cheap cases can break very easily when they fall to the ground.

Once tempered glass cases are broken, it is very difficult for you to clean them.

Acrylic cases are much more durable in this case.

How Can You Build An Acrylic Case?

It is not a difficult task to build an acrylic case.

First, you need to determine the size of your box, depending upon the purpose you might need an acrylic case for.

Slowly and gently cut the acrylic into desired pieces with great care.

Lay a newspaper beneath and place the sheets on top.

Now, take the acrylic glue and assemble the pieces.

Use a rag to dust off the extra adhesive from the sides.

This video shows you how to build your acrylic case.

Lastly, finish off your case and cover it from the top.

Attach any door or additional accessories to the display case as needed.

How Is An Acrylic Case Better Than Metal Or Wooden Cases?

Metal or wooden cases are much heavier compared to acrylic cases so you will find it harder to transport them around or to install.

Because they are not made of clear material, the colour of the material may distract the viewer from the item itself.

Hence the item does not stand out as much to the viewer.

Wooden Display Case

 Wooden Display Case

What Are Acrylic Cases For Books?

You can use acrylic cases to store and display books.

They are an excellent option to protect a book from dust and decay.

Acrylic Case For Book

Acrylic Case For Book

There are also certain acrylic cases for books that come with a lock to help you place your diary or precious document that you want to protect from being stolen.

Are Acrylic Cases Weather Resistant?


This is one of the key merits that acrylic cases have as they can resist harsh weather conditions.

If you need to place your acrylic cases outdoors, they can withstand rain, strong sunlight and strong wind.

How Do Acrylic Cases Provide A Wide Angle View?

Acrylic cases do not have a green tint at the edges like glass displays do.

This quality helps in giving a broad angle of view of the artwork placed inside the case.

This helps you provide a bright and vibrant view of the object from every angle.

Are Acrylic Arcade Cases Recommended?

Acrylic cases for arcades are a good option if you are looking for a cheap arcade case that is also very lightweight.

Acrylic Arcade Case

Acrylic Arcade Case

Acrylic cases are also very durable due to their strength and since they are clear, they are easily customized with LED lights which are very appealing to gamers.

Are Acrylic Cases Affected By Water Over A Long Period?

No, neither water nor prolonged exposure to moisture will cause any harm to acrylic cases.

You will find that acrylic cases can maintain their clarity and avoid any swelling or warping.

Can Acrylic Cases Have A Mirror Base?

Yes, there are acrylic cases with mirror bases.

Acrylic Base With Mirror Base

Acrylic Case With Mirror Base

This helps the product or collectible placed inside look more prominent and attractive.

The mirror base highlights the product and gives a more vibrant look to it.

Are There Acrylic Cases With Lids?

Yes, there are acrylic cases that have lids.

You can use these cases to place items that are very frequently used and accessed.

Acrylic Case With Lid

 Acrylic Case With Lid

You will find the lids also may have hinges in them so you can lift them up easily.

Can We Use Acrylic Cases For Bathroom Shelves?

Yes. Acrylic cases are an excellent choice to be encompassed in bathroom shelves.

These are water-resistant and can be used for a multitude of purposes.

You can keep toiletries in them so you can clearly see the items inside.

Are Acrylic Cases Available In Different Colours?

Colourful Acrylic Display Cases

 Colourful Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic cases come in a variety of colours ranging from red, yellow, blue, green, black, and even white.

You can use acrylic cases that come in your brand colours to help your item stand out and identify your brand.

How Can You Clean Acrylic Cases?

Though acrylic cases are durable, care must be taken while cleaning them so you do not leave scratches.

You can use soap in a water solution with a soft cleaning cloth to rub the surface of the case.

Remember that ammonia will eat the acrylic surface and damage it, so avoid using ammonia-based solutions.

Are Acrylic Cases Always Transparent?

No. This depends upon the type of acrylic case you opted for and the purpose it is meant to serve.

Acrylic cases can be transparent, coloured, or even opaque, depending upon your needs.

Are Acrylic Cases Fire Resistant?

Acrylic is not a substance that can take much heat.

The only time it undergoes heat is when it is moulded at the initial stage and its chemical bonds are being changed.

If you try to heat an acrylic case a second time at high temperature, it would only burn.

How Are Acrylic Cases Compared To Other Plastics In Strength?



Acrylic cases are known for their high tensile strength and durable nature.

However, polycarbonate is the most durable and strongest material, followed by PETG/PET and finally the impact-modified acrylic cases.

Are Acrylic Cases Conductive In Nature?

A standard acrylic case will allow electricity to pass and work as a conductor.

However, if you require non-conductivity, then acrylic cases that are spray coated with a non-conductive layer are available.

Are There Acrylic Cases With Drawers?

Acrylic Case With Drawers

Acrylic Case With Drawers

Yes, there are acrylic cases manufactured with drawers in it.

You can use these to store jewelry and other smaller items such as makeup.

Is It Safe To Build A Case Out Of Only Acrylic?

Acrylic Display Case

Acrylic Display Case

It is safe to build a case entirely out of acrylic.

If you are in an environment with a lot of electronics, you need to note that acrylic attracts static charge and is a good conductor so that may pose some danger.

However, you can get non-conductive acrylic case for safe use.

How Does Sunlight Affect Acrylic Cases?

High quality acrylic cases will not yellow under sunlight.

There will be some heat transmission through the acrylic case due to sunlight which will slightly raise the temperature inside the acrylic case.

Hence, if you have objects that cannot be exposed to harsh sunlight or strong heat, do not place your acrylic case in the sun.

Can Acrylic Cases Be Mounted On Wall?


There are acrylic cases that are designed to be mounted on the wall.

You can watch this video to learn how to wall mount an acrylic case.

These can be used in bathrooms as well as in living rooms depending on the purpose and requirement.

Can Acrylic Cases Be Dome Shaped?

Yes, there are acrylic cases in a dome shape.

These are beneficial when you wish to place any spherical object, for example, football or a basketball and display them.

Are There Revolving Acrylic Cases?

Revolving acrylic cases are generally used to store makeup or accessories in stores.

Revolving Acrylic Case

Revolving Acrylic Case

Many footwear showrooms make use of revolving acrylic cases.

You can use these cases to give the viewer a better look at item and help them decide whether to buy it or not.

How Can You Remove Scratches From Acrylic Cases?

It is pretty easy to remove scratches from acrylic cases.

If the scratches are deep enough, you can use a 600 grit wet sandpaper and a dry one over it.

Now, continue the process for about 3 minutes.

Repeat the process with 800 grit sandpaper and then 1200 grit sandpaper.

Once all the scratches are gone, dry the area and use acrylic polish to make the acrylic case shine bright.

Watch the video below to see how you can remove scratches from an acrylic case.

What Are The Different Sizes In Which Acrylic Cases Are Available?

Acrylic cases come in several sizes and you can have them in custom sizes.

Usually, the lengths of acrylic instances can vary from 30cm to 50cm or 60cm.

10” x 10”, 12” x 12” and 24” x 24” are the most common sizes in which acrylic cases are available.

Do Acrylic Cases Reflect Light?

Acrylic cases do not reflect much light.

Unlike glass, these do not reflect 100% light but reduce the glare that comes with reflection allowing the product to appear more vibrant.

Are There Acrylic Cases With Shelves?

Acrylic Case With Shelves

Acrylic Case With Shelves

Yes. There are acrylic cases that have shelves in it to keep different items according to your needs.

You can stack figurines or small objects such as dolls, miniature cars and action figures on the different shelves to show them off.

Can There Be An Acrylic Case With No Base?

Yes, there can.

There are specific purposes for which an acrylic case with no base is sometimes required.

Acrylic Case With No Base

 Acrylic Case With No Base

For instance, if you wish to place your collectible with direct contact with the table or any other furniture, you might prefer an acrylic case that has no base.

What Is An Acrylic Case With Black Coloured Base Used For?

A black-based acrylic case is used when you intend to put a bright coloured item in it.

This is done so to create contrast for your item so that your item is more attention-grabbing and noticeable.

Can You Use LED Lights In An Acrylic Case?

Yes, you can.

You can use LED lights inside an acrylic case to highlight the item placed in it and make it appear more vibrant.

Are There Acrylic Cases With White Base?


Acrylic cases with white bases are more common and if you are displaying a dark coloured item, they provide contrast between the item and the case itself.

Do Acrylic Cases Easily Get Dirty?

Acrylic cases can become dusty quite quickly and frequently.

You can clean the acrylic cases frequently to prevent dust from collecting.

Are Acrylic Cases Bullet Resistant?

No. There is no doubt when it comes to the strength of acrylic cases that they are strong enough to counter the massive impact.

However, these are not sufficiently strong to take the impact of a bullet.

Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is bulletproof.

Are There Acrylic Cases In Round Shape?

Round Shaped Acrylic Case

 Round Shaped Acrylic Case

Yes, you can find round shaped acrylic cases readily available in the market.

You can use these cases for cake or food platter displays, or to display any item that has a round shape.

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