• Acrylic Shadow Box

Acrylic Shadow Box

Weprofab grants excellent designs of an acrylic shadow box worldwide. As a huge supplier and manufacturer in China, we have the well-experienced engineers to produce an exceptional acrylic shadow box. We can cater to all your acrylic shadow boxes’ needs. Please contact us right away!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Shadow Box to Delight Your Customers

As executives and well-trained manufacturers working in China, we offer customized acrylic shadow box for friendly costs.

Acrylic Shadowbox Presentation

Weprofab Acrylic shadow box is designed with a super catchy appearance. Look for your ideal acrylic shadow box at Weprofab!

Diamond Polished Acrylic Shadow box

Various sizes, colors, and shapes of the acrylic shadow box are accessible in Weprofab. Whatever you the design you required, we can forever supply you.

Lockable Acrylic Shadow Box

Weprofba lockable acrylic shadow box is in-demand in the marketplace. In Weprofab, you can avail of our finishes at amazing prices.

Personalized Acrylic Shadow Box

Encounter great and remarkable services from Weprofab. Worthier products and services are provided to every customer.

Wall Mount Acrylic Shadow box

We are specialized in creating any types of wall mount acrylic shadow box. For business or any other applications, our products have the highest quality.

Acrylic Shadow Box Manufacturer

Weprofab is a well-known and well-reputed acrylic shadow box manufacturer. These are proof against dust, and any unwanted weathering.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Shadow Box Manufacturer

With over 2 decades of experience in this industry, you can trust our dedication to every service. We will be your great option when it all regards to acrylic shadow boxes. Great prices for acrylic shadow boxes surely awaits you!

Try dealing with our team and you won`t regret about our services for sure! Be one of our successful clients who rapidly expand their business.

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Custom Acrylic Shadow Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Art Shadow box

Weprofab has the best option of an acrylic art shadow box in the factory. Plenty of quality options are ready to achieve the needs of your business.

Acrylic Shadow box frame

If you necessarily need of acrylic shadow box frame for various applications, there`s more we can offer. Try dealing with us!

Acrylic Shadow Box with Removable Lid

We have wide knowledge in all terms of fabricating the acrylic shadow box. Check out Weprofab to have an acrylic shadow box with removable lid.

Custom Acrylic Shadow Box Display

Weprofab produces a custom acrylic shadow box display to satisfy the requirements of your business. There are many options you can avail from our factory.

Gallery-style Acrylic Shadow Box

We are 20 years of commitment in providing extreme quality acrylic shadow box. Find your favorite acrylic shadow box with a gallery-style in Weprofab.

Acrylic Specimen Shadow Box

The acrylic specimen shadow boxes are available in square, rectangular, or customized shapes with various sizes and frame colors. They are ideal for displaying specimens like butterflies and other insects. The acrylic front provides high clarity to emphasize specimens. 

Acrylic Digital Shadow Box

Acrylic, digital shadow boxes are 100% handmade, perfect for decorations. Different images, prints, and colors suit every customer’s choice. They are dustproof, waterproof, lightweight, and not easy to scratch as acrylic compositions.

Acrylic T-Shirt Display Shadow Box

The acrylic t-shirt display shadow boxes are available in different dimensions to suit various t-shirt sizes. They are the perfect jersey display of your favorite player. These shadow boxes fit home display decorations, offices, and exhibition halls.

Deep Square Acrylic Shadow Box

Deep square acrylic shadow boxes are easy to install or hang on the wall. They also have customizable sizes with deeper space inside. Various canvas prints and personalized marks are suitable for such boxes. Multiple choices of frame materials are also available.

Acrylic Shadow Box with Wood Base

Acrylic shadow boxes with a wood base are ideal for storing or displaying collected items. Their wood bases make them more stable and hold the said materials firmly. These acrylic shadow boxes feature smooth, modern, and elegant surfaces.

Free Standing Acrylic Shadow Box

Free-standing acrylic shadow boxes are available in multiple sizes and frame colors, including black, white, brown, and wood grain. They are suitable shadow boxes for sceneries, flowers, landscapes, portraits, and seascapes displays. These materials are feature durability.

Neon Accent Acrylic Shadow Box

The neon accent acrylic shadow boxes have luxurious, eco-friendly, and multifunctional features. They are perfect materials for homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, bars, and more. The tints, designs, thicknesses, shapes, sizes are customizable as orders.

Tabletop Acrylic Shadow Box

Tabletop acrylic shadow boxes have high acrylic transparency, emphasizing the internal displays. They are practical to use as galleries, restaurants, coffee shops, offices, and home decorations. These unique and stylish shadow boxes have customized dimensions.

Floating Double-Sided Acrylic Shadow Box

The floating shadow boxes with double-sided acrylic materials have natural wood color frames. They have various application scenes, including living rooms, balconies, leisure, coffee tables, offices, windowsill, and more. These acrylic shadow boxes are the ideal gifts for multiple occasions. 

Acrylic Lockable Knife Shadow Box

Acrylic lockable knife shadow boxes are designed with brushed finishes. There are numerous frame styles to select. Collected knives and other hazardous tools are displayed yet secured with locks. They feature durability, clarity, and lasting quality boxes.

Canvas Acrylic Shadow Box

The canvas acrylic shadow boxes are easy to install on a wall or tabletops. Customized designs and dimensions are available to suit every area’s application. Using them will protect the artworks, memorabilia, or garments for a long time. They have UV bonded joints to add safety.

Large 3D Acrylic Shadow Box

Large 3D acrylic shadow boxes are five-sided lids that suit various image sizes. They stylishly display your desired 3D objects with polished edges. They have about 1,5 to 3 inches depth yet are customizable. The approved logos are printed using a silk-screen, stickers, or laser engraved.

Diamond Polished Acrylic Shadow Box

The diamond-polished acrylic shadow boxes have high transparency to focus on the displayed items. They prevent the collected items or displays from dust, dirt, and even scratches. There are immense sizes, colors, styles, and shapes available for better selections.

Picture Frame Acrylic Shadow Box

The acrylic shadow boxes with picture frame designs are installed or hung horizontally or vertically. They are made from eco-friendly acrylic materials that make them more durable and easy to clean. Utilizing these unique acrylic shadow boxes will enhance a clean ambiance.

Acrylic Shadow Box with LED Lights

Acrylic shadow boxes with LED lights are suitable to install in living rooms, entrances, offices, and bedrooms as wall decorations. Their LED lights make them more attractive and luxurious. Various dimensions and frame colors are accessible to suit room hues.

Vintage Acrylic Wall Shadow Box

The vintage acrylic wall shadow boxes are ideal for multiple purposes. They are available with prints, images, patterns, or personalized specifications. As vintage acrylic shadow boxes are installed, bedrooms, offices, shops, and more will be memorable places.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Shadow Box

Weprofab is the largest supplier & manufacturer of acrylic shadow box operating in local China. We construct different styles of acrylic shadow box for different purposes and applications as well. Our acrylic shadow box comes from high-quality acrylic materials for long-term usage purposes. When searching for extra durable acrylic shadow boxes, Weprofab is the right choice for you!

Acrylic Shadow Box

Weprofab acrylic shadow box is proven with gorgeous, catchy, and functional properties. These are available in different cut-to-sizes to meet your specifications. Our acrylic shadow boxes are produced with ultimate care. Choosing an acrylic shadow box to be added to your business collections will be a great idea! Weprofab can help you achieve the success you want for your business!

At our factory, there are wide options of acrylic shadow box- available in different patterns and styles. We are confident to help you to purchase your ideal shadow box at Weprofab. The right set of the acrylic shadow box is already in here! We continue to strive, reaching your requirements for the acrylic shadow box.

Acrylic Shadow Box

To talk about the acrylic shadow box applications, there`s plenty to mention. Our acrylic shadow box is usually used as a display solution at any retail business. We, Weprofab is certified enough to manage any of your acrylic shadow box orders. Our team is full of talented, well-experienced, and skilled staff to assist you. If ever you require an acrylic shadow box with lower rates, Weprofab is the best source worldwide.

Acrylic Shadow Box

Try dealing with our team and you won`t regret about our services for sure! Be one of our successful clients who rapidly expand their business. With over 2 decades of experience in this industry, you can trust our dedication to every service. We will be your great option when it all regards to acrylic shadow box.

Don`t hesitate to contact us now, especially when about to your favorite Acrylic Shadow Box!

Acrylic Shadow Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about acrylic shadow box.

From features, designs, size, benefits, to uses – you will find everything about acrylic shadow box right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Acrylic Shadow Box?

An acrylic shadow box is a rectangular enclosure made from acrylic material.

It is used for protecting precious heirlooms from effects of air, dust, humidity, or damage.

Often, it is used as a storage unit for historical memorabilia, personal awards, art, or sentimental objects.

A shadow box is an excellent investment because of the durability of acrylic material and the low maintenance required.

They come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

figure 1 acrylic shadow box

 acrylic shadow box

What Is The Cost Of Custom-Built Acrylic Shadow Box?

figure 4 custom built acrylic shadow box

custom built acrylic shadow box

There is no standard price as the following factors tend to influence it;

  1. Type of acrylic quality used when manufacturing your shadow box.

The higher the grade of acrylic used, the higher the price shall be.

  1. Material thickness of your shadow box – Thicker shadow boxes require more material than standard boxes.

Therefore, it will be more expensive.

  1. Quantity that you have ordered. WeProFAb has fantastic discounts for purchases of many units.
  2. Level of customization. The more specifications you have, the higher the price shall be.

What Coating Treatment Can You Add On Acrylic Shadow Box?

Enhancing your shadow box with certain protective features ensures it is unique and superior to standard shadow boxes.

Below are coating treatments you could add:

Anti-scratch coating – Abrasive materials shall not cause scratches to the surface material of your shadow box.

Anti-fingerprint coating – Fingerprints on your surface material will not be visible to the naked eye once this coating is added.

Anti-reflective coating – It will reduce the reflection of light on your shadow box and prevent excess light from penetrating the surface of your shadow box.

Anti-fog coating – This is a critical coating, especially if your shadow box is outdoors.

It will prevent moisture and fog from sticking to your shadow box’s surface material.

What Is The Ideal Material Thickness For Acrylic Shadow Box?

The suitable material thickness is not fixed. As a client, you are best suited to purchase what would be most convenient.

There are a couple of variables that influence the material thickness.

They are as follows:

  • Your needs and preferences. These differ from one client to another.
  • The add-on and customization features you want to be added to your surface material
  • The design of your shadow box

What Makes Acrylic Shadow Box Superior To Other Materials?

An acrylic shadow box is a better option than a glass or wooden shadow box.

The following is what makes it more superior:

Very Secure – Acrylic does not release toxic fumes into the environment.

Acrylic material is derived from natural gas, and when in its solid form, it is inert.

Extremely Durable – It has a strong resistance to impact because of its solid surface material.

In this regard, it outlasts all other materials.

Excellent Optical Clarity – The visual appeal is fantastic as acrylic is much clearer than glass.

Easy Maintenance – Ensure your acrylic shadow box maintains its glossy look and is scratch-free polish it frequently.

In the long run, this is affordable and easy to do.

Lightweight – Acrylic material weighs about half the weight of fiberglass of similar dimensions.

Its lightweight nature makes it easily portable, thus increasing the convenience.

Variety – There is a wide range of options for you when purchasing a shadow box from the color, shape, size, design, material thickness, and so forth.

Variety will enable you to get a product most suitable to you.

Easily Customized – There are several ways of customizing your shadow box to meet your specific taste or needs.

How Can You Customize Acrylic Shadow Box?

figure 2 custom built acrylic shadow box

customized acrylic shadow box

You can customize your shadow box in the following ways:

  1. Coloring – This entails painting the surface material to your desire hue.

 It is an essential step as it allows you to get a shadow box matching your theme and meets your needs and taste.

  1. Surface Coating – A thin film on the surface material is applied to enhance a specific function on your shadow box.

 Depending on the function you want enhancing, you can have various coatings applied.

For instance, you can apply an anti-fog coating if you will place your shadow box outdoors.

These coatings shall improve the durability and enhance the adaptability of your shadow box to its specific conditions.

  1. Styling – There are various designs available that will suit the functions of your shadow box.

 It entails having your shadow box in a manner best for you, thus meeting your need.

However, you may need to send a prototype to your manufacturer to design it exactly how you desire.

 Engraving – You can have different patterns, logos, shapes, letters, or numbers etched on the surface material of your shadow box.

 Primarily, this specific customization technique is for organizations, individuals, or particular functions.

You can get your graduation date, birthday, anniversary, and the likes etched on your shadow box.

Is Acrylic Shadow Box Durable?


When properly maintained, acrylic can last for ten to fifteen years.

Derived from organic materials, it forms solid building units, which are difficult to break down.

The inert nature of acrylic also contributes to the shadow box’s durability.

This is because it hardly reacts with environmental compounds leading to deterioration.

Therefore, your shadow box can endure different conditions without degrading because of its strength.

Also, the manufacturing process is vital as it contributes to durability.

If the artistry during this process is poor, your shadow box will hardly last long.

Lastly, maintenance is an important aspect determining the durability of your box.

It involves cleaning techniques of your shadow box, the protective coatings you use, the detergents you use, and how frequently you polish it.

If you use inorganic solvents, your shadow box will wear out quickly.

The protective coatings reduce the shadow box’s susceptibility to environmental damage.

What Are The Available Type Of Acrylic Shadow Box?

Shadow boxes come in various designs.
Some of the most common designs are:

  • Heart-shaped Shadow Box

Figure 5 heart shaped shadow box

heart shaped shadow box

  • Oval-shaped shadow box
  • Rectangular-shaped shadow box
  • Square-shaped shadow box

figure 6 square shaped shadow box

 square shaped shadow box

  • Round shadow box

figure 7 round shadow box

 round shadow box

  • Engraved shadow box
  • Gold-coated shadow boxes

How much does Acrylic Shadow Box Cost?

The price of your shadow box depends on numerous including its general appearance.

Given it has various add-on features, the prices may constantly be different.

The thickness, surface coatings, design, colors/colors, shipping, and size affect the final price.

Also, the quantity you are purchasing will influence the price.

However, the price tag is worth it because of the low maintenance costs and durability that acrylic material offers.

Does Acrylic Shadow Box Crack?

It hardly does unless under certain deliberate conditions.

Acrylic material is solid and about 17 to 20 times stronger than glass.

Therefore, it is impact resistant and will not shatter when it falls.

Even when they shatter, they will not break. Instead, it will fracture into large pieces with relatively dull edges.

What should you Consider when Choosing Acrylic Shadow Box?

It may vary from one person to another. However, these are some vital element you should consider:

Design – The design of your shadow box is essential. Your shadow box should be striking.

Thus, ensure you purchase a shadow box that will suit your taste and needs—the aesthetic appeal matters.

Color – You may get a color that matches your environment and theme or not. Either way, purchasing a shadow box that blends with your environment is a bonus.

Weight – You will decide how heavy or light you want your shadow box.

This consideration is dependent on the use.

If you will need to move it frequently, opting for a light shadow box would be advised.

Size – The size of your shadow box is also dependent on your application.

Larger shadow boxes may draw more attention than smaller ones.

Do Acrylic Shadow Box Scratch Easily?

Not necessarily. It depends on particular situations.

For instance:

  • When in contact with sharp objects or abrasive materials, it will scratch easily.
  • Therefore, be keen to keep sharp objects or rough clothes away from your shadow box.
  • Ensure you use microfiber or cotton when cleaning.
  • Wipe off dust before you begin cleaning

Delicately handling your shower box will ensure it lasts longer.

What Can Make Acrylic Shadow Box To Yellow?

The quality of acrylic material used when manufacturing is the main contributor to your shadow box yellowing quickly.

High-grade acrylic material is more durable.

Therefore, always opt for higher quality acrylic material.

It may be more costly, but it will compensate because of its durability and low maintenance costs.

Poor maintenance is another contributor to your shadow box yellowing.

The use of harsh cleaners, solvents, bleach, and aerosol cleaners will cause your shadow box to yellow quickly.

What Is The Suitable Size For Acrylic Shadow Box?

The suitable size of your shadow box depends on your needs and taste.

You can purchase a size you deem best for your use.

Despite the size available in shops, you can order a custom-made shadow box.

Most manufacturers have an option of customization to allow each client to have obtain what meet their needs.

However, it may be more expensive than a standard design because of the minimum order quantity and extra add-on features.

Is there Size Limitation for Acrylic Shadow Box?

No, there is not.

You can get a shadow box, which is as large or small as you desire.

You are not limited to the standard designs available in shops because you order your customized shadow box.

What are the Best Ways of Maintaining Acrylic Shadow Box?

Acrylic require less maintenance because it has a non – porous surface. It makes cleaning very easy.

These are the best ways of maintaining it:

  • Use a soft non – abrasive cloth or sponge when cleaning.
  • Keep chemicals away when cleaning. Chemical cleaning products damage and sometimes cause crazing.
  • Avoid using harsh or glass cleaners when cleaning acrylic shadow boxes.
  • Use water to remove soap scum or stubborn dirt.
  • Gently buff the panels to remove watermarks.  Be gentle when cleaning, and do not rub the dirt in as this may cause scratching.
  • First, wipe dust away with a microfiber cloth. For scratches that cleaning has not removed, use scratch removers.
  • Use an anti-static cleaner for the build-up of static on the panel.
  • Baking soda and vinegar remove mildew, mold, soap scum, and plain old dirt.

What is the Difference between Acrylic Box Frame and Acrylic Shadow Box?

figure 8 acrylic box frame

 acrylic box frame

  • Box frames are used for protecting delicate items, which would easily break or damage when exposed.
  • Box frames have a 3D effect, unlike shadow boxes.
  • Standard box frames have a larger space to store larger items than a shadow box. However, you could get your shadow box customized to the size you desire.
  • Shadow boxes are used as storage units for historical memorabilia, personal awards, art, or sentimental objects.
  • The front panel of a box frame is larger than a shadow box front panel.

figure 9 acrylic shadow box

 acrylic shadow box

How Do You Remove Light Scratches from Acrylic Shadow Box?

You can remove light scratches on your acrylic box in the following ways.

Use a small portion of toothpaste to polish your shadow box in circular motions for 20-30 seconds.

Once done, run water on your shadow box to rinse the dried toothpaste. The scratches should disappear and you’ll have a sparkling spotless surface material.

Alternatively, you could polish in the following ways:


Also known as flame-polishing acrylic, it entails exposing your shadow box to heat or flame.

Once the surface material melts briefly, surface tension starts smoothening the surface, making it attain high gloss.

Using hydroxide with a #4 or #5 tip, gently melt the edges of the acrylic. It ensures a glossy finish on the edges.

However, do not overheat the edges as they may get melted and leave a bad look on your finish.


This technique involves exposing this acrylic component to chemical vapor to cause the surface flow and ultimately enhancing surface finish.

Vapor polishing will improve the aesthetics by smoothing out surface irregularities, thus ensuring your shadow box has a glossy look.

Where Can you Use Acrylic Shadow Box?

Home – they can be used to store medals, pictures, honors such as certificates, and other important items that would serve as memorabilia.

Office – It could be used to display employee of the month and awards for the organization.

School – Historical and memorable events of the school could be preserved in a shadow box.

You could also place trophies and other accolades within the shadow box.

Museums –  To store important sculptours, pictures, or paintings

Research Labs – Specimen and groundbreaking historical achievements in science could be stored in a shadow box by an organization.

What Factors Must You Consider When Purchasing Acrylic Shadow Box?

These are factors you should consider:

  1. Price – Is the product within your budget? It is essential to consider this to avoid strain.
  2. Weight – How heavy or light should your shadow box be? It is essential as it will dictate how easily potable your shadow box will be.
  3. Color – This will add or subtract the aesthetic appeal of your box and the environment in which you place your shadow box.
  4. Payment options – Does the manufacturer you are purchasing from offer an alternative payment plan?
  5. MOQ – Most companies have a set MOQ. Therefore, it is crucial to consider this as it affects the final price.
  6. The acrylic material used – Getting a shadow box made from high-grade acrylic material will increase its longevity.
  7. Application – Once you understand how you shall use your acrylic shadow box, you match the use.

For instance, the use determines the most appropriate coating for your box.

Is Acrylic Shadow Box Toxic?


Unlike most plastics, acrylic is non – toxic and not harmful to the environment and human.

This is because it is derived from natural gas, which is inert when solid.

Your box frame is also BPA (bisphenol – A) free, found in many other plastics apart from acrylic.

Can Acrylic Shadow Box Break?


Acrylic material is strong and about 17 times stronger than glass.

Therefore, it is impact resistant and will not shatter when under intense pressure or impact.

Even when they shatter, they will not break. Instead, it will fracture into large pieces with dull edges.

What are the Disadvantages of Acrylic Shadow Box?

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the shadow box.

The common demerits of using an acrylic shadow box are:

  1. It can be relatively expensive depending on the specific design you are going for.
  2. At times you can find it hard to clean without scratching; thus, you must be gentle and careful when cleaning.

Though these boxes are expensive, their quality makes up for their cost.

You can apply a surface coating to prevent scratching on the acrylic shadow box.

How Can You Restore Glossiness of Acrylic Shadow Box?

You can restore its glossiness in the following ways:


Also known as flame-polishing, it entails exposing the furniture to heat or flame.

Once the surface material melts briefly, surface tension starts smoothening the surface, making it attain high gloss.


You expose the acrylic component to chemical vapor, causing the surface flow and ultimately enhancing the surface finish.


Use a microfiber cloth or a cotton t-shirt and wipe slowly in circular motions.

What are the Benefits of Custom-built Acrylic Shadow Box?

A custom acrylic shadow box has additional features as per the client’s preferences; thus, it is unique.

However, ordering a customized shadow box will cost more money than the ones that are already produced.

You may need to send some manufacturers a prototype of what you desire to serve as a reference point when ordering a customized shadow box.

The advantages of a custom-built acrylic shadow box include;

  1. You choose its specific dimensions (the color it will come in, the size, and the shape.).

Therefore, it fits where you need it. Whether it is on a shelf or a countertop.

  1. It is high quality because you choose everything, including the grade of acrylic to use.

Manufacturers give you the best since you are paying for its customization.

  • Functionality is also enhanced since the shadow box comes ready to fulfill the purpose it is meant for.
  1. You can buy a design that fits the rest of the space and fits in with your décor.
  2. A custom-built acrylic shadow box allows for self-expression. This feature is helpful for commercial branding.

With the information in this guide, certainly you can choose the best acrylic shadow box.

For any questions or inquiry, contact WeProFab team now.

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