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Acrylic Calendar

We, Weprofab is an executive distributor and producer of high-quality acrylic calendar in China. We present a wide outstanding range of acrylic calendars to skyrocket your business! Try to deal with us and start your great shopping experience only here in Weprofab!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Calendar to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab, as a professional manufacturer and distributor in China, offers one-stop acrylic calendars to skyrocket your brand and delight your customers as well.

Wall-mounted Acrylic Calendar

As your manufacturer working in China, Weprofab provides wall-mounted acrylic wounded. These types are easily installed at any admired walls.

Standard Acrylic Calendar

Weprofab is highly presenting durable and standard acrylic calendars. They are fabricated from 100% acrylic materials.


Personalized Acrylic Calendar

Weprofab provides a high-quality personalized acrylic calendar to any business operations. We supply the most precise designs you require.

Magnetic Acrylic Calendar

Give all your trust to us! We can manufacture any type of acrylic calendars like a magnetic type. We have dedicated engineers at leisure.


Custom Acrylic Calendar

There are various custom designs of acrylic calendar in our factory. We supply acrylic calendar with custom sizes, designs, etc.


Acrylic Calendar with Bottom Notes

Find the perfect and most suitable acrylic calendar with bottom notes in Weprofab! We have an expertise that helps to customize your ideal acrylic calendar finish.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Calendar Manufacturer

Weprofab is the leading fabricator of a high-quality acrylic calendar for business purposes. We’ are glad to produce them for the great sake of your business! We have complete lines of equipment, contribute a lot to expand your business.

We, Weprofab tend to presents you with one-stop acrylic calendar solutions.

Allow our designers and staff to know your specifications in advance; we will manufacture according to your plans.

Custom Acrylic Calendar to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Monthly Wall Calendar

Weprofab acrylic monthly wall calendar offers simplicity designs and high durability. Available in custom and personalize options.

Acrylic Calendar with Side Notes

Whether you need an acyrlic calendar with side or bottom notes, Weprofab can help for fast fabrications and provide an ultimate solution.

Acrylic Calendar with Bottom Notes

Find the perfect and most suitable acrylic calendar with bottom notes in Weprofab! We have an expertise that helps to customize your ideal acrylic calendar finish.

Frameless Clear Acrylic Calendar For Wall

It’s used for indoor and outdoor advertising or decoration with UV resistance and is waterproof. It has 2-10mm thickness with a glossy and matte on the surface.

L-Shaped Acrylic Desk Calendar

L-Shaped Acrylic Desk Calendar can be used as a promotional gift and even a photo frame with 4mm thickness and a customized shape and size.

Monthly & Weekly Acrylic Wall Calendar

It’s composed of thick, premium quality acrylic, clear and flame polished edges, waterproof, and UV resistant. It is made of high-quality acrylic that is easy to write and erase.

Reusable Acrylic Calendar

Reusable Acrylic Calendar accepts any design, size, and color according to your needs.  Its usable indoor and outdoor area with ISO9001certificate.

Acrylic Wall Calendar Desk Set

Acrylic Wall Calendar Desk Set is recyclable, has high transparency, and is durable that’s composed of 100% acrylic material.

Acrylic Family Wall Calendar

Acrylic Family Wall Calendar is made of thick acrylic, and it has sufficient area for users to review the weekly or monthly details quickly. 

Acrylic Monthly Mounted Wall Calendar

The Acrylic Monthly Mounted Wall Calendar is an efficient, eco-friendly, comfortable, and stable calendar for tracking your daily activities.

Acrylic Blank Desktop Calendar Stand

Acrylic Blank Desktop Calendar Stand can also use for photo frames, and it’s available in OEM, OBM, and ODM services; it’s composed of pure acrylic. 

Acrylic Calendar for Personalized Gift

Acrylic Calendar for Personalized Gift is used for a to-do list, grocery lists, task charts, or even weekly goals. Its color and size are customizable.

Magnetic Acrylic Monthly Calendar

Magnetic Acrylic Monthly Calendar is perfect for a kitchen fridge that is a wall calendar style. Its colors, sizes, and logo are customizable; it also accepts OEM service.

Acrylic Weekly Wall Calendar

Acrylic Weekly Wall Calendar is made of high-quality clear acrylic material, has a straightforward design for better display, is durable and easy to clean.

Large Acrylic Calendar with 4 Standoffs

It’s designed to manage your routine effectively. The design is firmly imprinted on the acrylic with a more authentic impression, which will not ram, tear, or discolor.

Acrylic Calendar for Home Office

Acrylic Calendar for Home Office provides enough room to note down all the tasks you need to complete. This acrylic calendar is a memorable gift.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Calendar

Wall Mounted Acrylic Calendar is used as office decoration composed of high-quality clear acrylic material with customizable size and shape.

Acrylic Desktop Desk Calendar

Acrylic Desktop Desk Calendar is high-quality cast acrylic material with an SGS certificate. It has a modern style and shapes with customizable colors and sizes.

Desk Acrylic Calendar Block

It is built for hectic lives, allowing you to prepare ahead effortlessly as an event scheduler, weekly menu planner, daily plan organizer, etc. It’s composed of clear acrylic with customizable thickness.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Calendar

Weprofab is an excellent leading producer of any acrylic calendar finishes. If you need them for business purposes, Weprofab is engaged to provide you the best acrylic calendars. Our series of the acrylic calendar have different designs and purposes, especially for expanding and booming your brand!

Our team, Weprofab manufactured an acrylic calendar with a lot of properties and functions. We built several acrylic calendar designs, great for fulfilling marketability or popularity for your business. It is the best product to endorse your visual marketing grounds.

Acrylic Calendar

We highly present any type of acrylic calendar for the success of your trade industry!

Weprofab Acrylic Calendar featured chick yet in a most simple look. They are obtainable in different designs and purposes for at affordable rates. Browse at Weprofab to find the perfect acrylic calendar you are looking for. You can also discover an acrylic calendar available with personalized, custom sizes and forms. In our factory, we made an acrylic calendar from raw selected materials to meet your requirements. Available in different elegant colors, sizes, and designs for very competitive rates.Acrylic Calendar

Each and every acrylic calendars finish are made high-quality for your wholesale or retail business. Whatever the types of the acrylic calendar you require, when choosing Weprofab as a partner, expect they long-lasting finishes. Weprofab lines` of the acrylic calendar has the ultimate goal for your business. One of their goals is to achieve the success you want for your business.

Weprofab is an expert in producing high-quality acrylic calendars. We can custom acrylic calendars depending on your technical specifications. Just send us your required acrylic calendar designs, and we`ll do the rest fabrication services swiftly!

Acrylic Calendar

There are plenty of acrylic calendar selections in our factory. Select yours now and as Weprofab for guidance. Act immediately by choosing us to be your ultimate business partner. Don`t hesitate to reach us, we provide full customer service for competitive yet affordable rates.

Enjoy our unique acrylic calendar that brings a huge impact on your business!

Feel free on providing us your technical specifications and get our latest Acrylic Calendar!

Acrylic Calendar: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for high-quality acrylic calendar.

Or, you would like to skyrocket your acrylic calendar business.

Whichever the case, this guide will answer all questions about acrylic calendars.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Calendar?

It refers to a type of chart or series of pages made from a plexiglass material displaying days, weeks, and months of a particular year.

You can use it for different purposes, including administrative, religious, commercial, or social among others.

Acrylic calendars come in various designs, sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and colour shades, depending on your preference.

They are relatively easy to design, and other than providing a systemic calendar of organized days, it also improves general room aesthetics.

 Acrylic calender

Acrylic calendar

How do You Make Acrylic Calendar?

It is a straightforward process to undertake as long as you have all the right tools, equipment, and materials.

Here is the procedure for making a basic acrylic calendar to use for different purposes;

Step 1: Acquire all Necessary Tools and Materials.

Ideally, you’ll need a large piece of acrylic sheet material, depending on the actual size of calendar you want to create.

Make sure you also choose an acrylic sheet with color of your choice.

Get 4” letter stickers with colors complementing that of the acrylic sheet.

Also, buy 1/8 inch vinyl tape, wall mounting hardware, and a drill.

While at it, ensure you have a clear acrylic ruler, painter’s tape for placement guides, and an X-Acto knife.

Step 2: Cut Letter Stickers

Once you have all the relevant tools and materials in place, the first step is cutting the sticker sheets.

As such, you’ll create all the days of the week out of such sticker sheets.

In the process, you’ll leave a little piece of paper around every shape of the letter.

This allows you to position the letters in the space they’ll go round and also give you some placement ideas.

Cut out and place two parentheses in the center close to the top where you’d wish to write your month.

cut letter stickers

 cut letter stickers

Step 3: Mark the Acrylic Surface Material

Get your painter’s tape and a clear acrylic ruler to mark a rectangle on the acrylic sheet.

The dimensions of the rectangle may vary depending on the size of actual calendar you are creating from this material.

But ensure you mark the rectangle within the edges of the top.

After taping off the rectangle, take the acrylic ruler and create marks on the tape.

Ensure the spacing is uniform depending on the size of the acrylic sheet you are using.

Often, 4” is recommended for a basic acrylic calendar when using a 1/8″ thick 36″x36″ square acrylic sheet.

As such, you’ll have a row of seven and five marks across and down the rectangle, respectively.

Take a thin vinyl tape and connect the marks across from each other to enable you to end up with 35 boxes.

Use an X-Acto knife to cut through the tape at the points where tape overlaps.

Step 4: Close up the Grid Sides

In this case, mark the top and bottom parts of the painter’s tape where the side tape should be positioned.

Use the painter’s tape and run the tape from top to bottom mark to seal the side.

Repeat this process with the other side and remove the top and bottom, then run the tape across the lines to complete the grid.

Step 5: Position the Letters Appropriately

Use an acrylic ruler to place the letters and figures accordingly.

The advantage of this ruler is it allows you to see the precise center of each square easily.

After positioning all the letters, center the parentheses from the top of each.

Also, use the same trick to peel off part of the backing to stick them in position.

Once you set the month spot, you can go ahead and hang the calendar.

That is the simplest technique you can use to make a basic acrylic calendar.

However, for relatively complex designs, much is integrated using somewhat high-end tools, equipment, and processes.

What Techniques Can You Use to Hang Acrylic Calendars on Wall?

Mostly, the manufacturers provide an installation guide to enable you to fix this component on your wall surface appropriately.

Here is a basic way you can use to install your acrylic calendars on the wall;

  1. Paint the mounting hardware by spraying the surface uniformly. Let it dry as you continue working on the rest of the project.
  2. Set a drill bit in reverse and put a piece of wood behind the acrylic calendar to provide support. Drilling in reverse is essential in preventing the material from cracking.

Drill holes of about one inch in the acrylic material from the sides.

You’ll use these for installing the calendar on the wall.

  1. Use a vinyl cutter to cut and apply a vinyl calendar. Ideally, you can create your calendar using a suitable software that works for you.

Alternatively, you can create boxes with black vinyl and a pair of scissors if you don’t have a vinyl cutter.

  1. Fix the calendar using a drill bit relatively small than your bolt. Pre-drill a hole in the wall.

Feed the bolt through the drilled hole into the acrylic sheet material and thread the coupling and washer on the bolt.

Screw your bolt into the wall slowly using a hex-drive bit, then repeat the process on other corners.

  1. Start using the acrylic calendar by organizing, scheduling, and scribbling.

What are the Tips for Cleaning Acrylic Calendar?

Cleaning acrylic calendar is a relatively straightforward process.

The most important element is making sure you do not use harsh solvents or cleaners that would damage calendar’s surface material.

Use an appropriate cleaning solution manufactured, specifically designed for plastic and soft cotton microfiber cloth.

Remember that using any inappropriate substance may break down the material and make the calendar cloudy.

While at it, ensure you use a clean microfiber cloth since small particles trapped in a dirty or used cloth can scratch the surface.

Always start by wiping away any dust particles from the surface material of the acrylic calendar.

Then apply the plastic cleaner to a small portion of this calendar.

Polish the acrylic calendar gently using a micro-fiber cloth.

Once the section is buffed entirely, move to the next section and continuously do it till the whole piece is cleaned and polished.

How Do You Remove Scratches From Acrylic Calendar?

In some instances, the surface material of acrylic calendar often gets scratches from various abrasive elements.

Such marks are always unpleasant and make the calendar unattractive.

However, there are several ways you can use to eliminate the scratches from the surface material.

You also need to identify whether you want to remove light or deep scratches from this component.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to have vital substances such as acrylic polish, sandpaper (800 and 1200grit), and clean water.

To remove light scratches, here is the procedure you’ll need to follow;

1) Wet one piece of 800 grit sandpaper, then scrub it in a circular motion over the scratched spot.

Repeat with another piece of 800 grit sandpaper.

Alternate between dry and wet sandpaper by scrubbing for around 2-3 minutes.

At some point, your acrylic calendar may appear frosty, but it should go away during the process.

2) Take the 1200 grit sandpaper and repeat the process. Continue rubbing until all the scratches disappear.

3) Dry the surface using a soft and clean cotton cloth. Apply acrylic polish and allow it to cure.

The polish will restore your acrylic calendar to a higher level of shine.

Removing deeper scratches would require a bit more effort compared to light scratches.

To determine whether the scratch is deep, rub the spot overusing fingernails.

If you feel it catches your fingernails, then consider it deep.

To remove it, you’ll need all the materials you used for light scratches in addition to 600 grit sandpaper.

Here is how to remove deep scratches from the surface material of acrylic calendar;

4) Take a piece of 600 grit sandpaper and run it over a scratched area in a circular motion.

Repeat the process using a piece of 600 grit sandpaper. Scrub with both wet and dry sandpaper for around 2-3 minutes

5) Take 800 grit and repeat the process above for a few minutes.

  • Move to 1200 grit sandpaper and continue rubbing until the scratches disappear.
  • Dry the specific spot using a soft and dry cotton cloth and apply acrylic polish.
  • You’ll have a fully restored acrylic calendar without any traces or marks of scratches on the surface.

What is the Suitable Color for Acrylic Calendar?

You can create an acrylic calendar of different colour hues.

Ideally, the acrylic material is available in a wide range of colours, making it possible for you to choose a suitable color for your needs.

Other than clear acrylic, you can also find this calendar in a range of up to 50 colors or more.

Moreover, this component can also be available in multi-colors.

In this case, it means you can get some with surface material injected with more than one color.

If you like rainbow colors, this would be the ideal choice to pick.

The bottom line is acrylic calendar comes in a broad variety of colors.

As such, the best color is dependent on your taste and preference.

Coloured acrylic calender

 colored acrylic calendar

How Does Acrylic Calendar and Fiberglass Calendar Compare?

In the recent past, acrylic calendar has become a popular choice for many households, businesses, and institutions compared to glass calendar.

It means the material used for manufacturing the former tends to offer better alternatives than the latter.

Both acrylic and glass materials vary broadly as far as properties, functionality, and practicality are concerned as follows;

Acrylic calendar exhibits better strength features than fibreglass calendar.

Ideally, the acrylic material is about 20 times stronger than fibreglass hence has higher impact resistance than the latter.

Another vital aspect is that acrylic calendar is brighter and clearer than fibreglass calendar.

It happens that the former allows more light of about 92% to pass through, enhancing its optical clarity.

 Fiberglass calender

 fibreglass calendar

On the other hand, fibreglass material transmits about 84-88% of light, which is still less than acrylic does.

Acrylic calendar has a relatively soft surface material than what fibreglass calendar exhibits.

`Therefore, it is easier to modify and fabricate the former than you would on the fibreglass material.

Also, acrylic seems to be safer to use as a calendar than glass.

Acrylic does not break easily, not shatters even when it breaks.

This makes it ideal, especially where there is high human traffic.

On the other hand, fibreglass material can be a safety hazard because it can break and shatter easily.

It can be disastrous, particularly if it falls in a setting with kids.

In a nutshell, acrylic calendar is a better option to consider over a fibreglass calendar.

What are the Popular Acrylic Calendar Designs?

It is available in a variety of designs, but majorly, it depends on the specific manufacturer.

For instance, WeProFab, a leading plastic fabrication company in China, produces different standard and customized designs.

Some of the common designs this company can provide include the following;

  • Wall-mounted Acrylic Calendar
  • Personalized Acrylic Calendar
  • Standard Acrylic Calendar
  • Acrylic Desktop Perpetual Calendar
  • Custom Acrylic Calendar
  • Magnetic Acrylic Calendar

The customized acrylic calendar designs you can get from WeProFab include the following;

  • Acrylic Calendar with Side Notes
  • Acrylic Monthly Wall Calendar
  • Acrylic Calendar with Side Notes

Moreover, you can always get a custom-built acrylic calendar based on your specifications.

All you need is to provide a design and submit it to the manufacturer to evaluate and produce the same.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Calendars?

You can use this type of calendar in different settings, such as the following;

  • Business premises
  • Learning institutions
  • Residential homes
  • Office setups
  • Religious places
  • Retail outlets
  • Desktop tables

Can You Get a Custom-Built Acrylic Calendar?


Since different users have varied tastes and preferences, manufactures are conscious hence provide custom-built acrylic calendar designs.

Essentially, different people require various elements to be incorporated into their respective calendars.

Moreover, customized pieces allow you to have uniqueness as far as these calendars are concerned.

To get a customized acrylic calendar, you need to submit the respective details to be incorporated.

In many instances, these designs are often customized based on color, size, thickness, and graphics among others.

Therefore, you’ll only need to provide a sample design of what you expect to attain and submit to the manufacturer.

Alternatively, you may request your preferred manufacturer with in-house designers to create a suitable one based on your needs.

 custom built acrylic calender

custom built acrylic calendar

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Acrylic Calendar?

1) Acrylic calendar is safe to use, especially in high human traffic areas, since it does not break easily nor shatter.

2) It is relatively lightweight, which makes it ideal as far as mounting it is concerned.

You won’t necessarily need assistance to fix it on your wall.

3) Cleaning and maintaining this type of calendar is quite straightforward.

All you need is to use recommended solvents, which won’t damage or compromise the surface material.

4) You can find it in different sizes, colors, and thicknesses.

The advantage here is that it makes it easy for you to customize it depending on your demand requirements.

5) It is comparatively durable given the material used for manufacturing the calendar is quite strong.

As such, it has better resistance to impact pressure.

6) Allows you to establish upscale and sophistication to provide a lively atmosphere and enhancing the aesthetics of the space.

What is the Ideal Thickness for Acrylic Calendar?

The thickness varies based on different types on your preference.

Ideally, acrylic material used for making calendars is available in a wide variety of thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm to 30mm.

In some instances, you can choose to go for a customized piece with a thickness of more than 30mm.

As such, the ideal thickness of this component is largely based on your needs.

Of course, some applications would require thin acrylic sheets, whereas others would require thicker sheets.

How Much Does Acrylic Calendar Cost?

The cost of this component is dependent on a host of variables.

One variable is the specific type of acrylic material used for making the calendar.

Naturally, acrylic material is available in different variations.

For instance, you can find cast, extruded, perforated, non-glare, or frosted sheets.

All these variants come at a different cost hence likely to determine the exact amount of money to pay when purchasing an acrylic calendar.

Another variable is the overall quality of workmanship used in making the acrylic calendar.

Also, the particular design needs to determine the cost of purchasing this item.

A relatively customized design seems to be more expensive than a standard type.

In essence, the former entails a lot of work, resources, and details, thus justifying the cost compared to the latter.

Type of acrylic material in terms of thickness, size, and color is also integral for price determination.

Bigger, thicker, and more colorful acrylic sheets are more expensive than the reverse.

In short, there is no actual cost for manufacturing this component.

Often, it depends on many elements as the ones mentioned above.

Which Surface Coating Treatments can You Integrate into Acrylic Calendar?

You can integrate different types of surface coating treatment on acrylic calendar.

The commonly used ones include the following;

Anti-scratch coating – Suitable for acrylic calendar used in a comparatively busy environment to prevent its surface from occasional scratches.

This coating treatment prevents abrasive elements from scratching and causing unpleasant marks on the surface material.

UV additive – Ideal for acrylic calendars used mostly on outdoor surfaces.

Essentially, it prevents this component from fading or dulling due since it bars sunlight rays from penetrating through the material.

Anti-finger laminate – You can integrate into acrylic calendars used in settings experiencing reasonably high human traffic.

It prevents fingerprints from different users or visitors from sticking on the surface material of the calendar.

Anti-reflective coating – Appropriate surface coating for acrylic calendar used in a well-lit space. Essentially, it absorbs excessive light and bars unwanted light from reflecting in the room.

Anti-fog coating – Perfect for acrylic calendars used in outdoor spaces to prevent moisture from forming on the surface material.

Are there Quality Standards that Acrylic Calendar should Conform to?


Any acrylic calendar must undergo thorough quality standards before it gets to the market.

The essence is to ensure it meets all the requirements guaranteeing quality, efficiency, and safety to humans and the environment.

Moreover, these standards enhance consistency in production of quality acrylic calendars, which meet regulatory requirements.

One of these quality standards is ISO 9001.

This standard is integral in making sure the manufacturers adhere to the necessary regulatory and customer requirements.

Other equally fundamental quality standards include REACH, ASTM, SGS, UL, and RoHS among others.

What Factors Must You Consider when Purchasing Acrylic Calendar?

You must look into several factors when buying acrylic calendar, such as the following;

Type of Acrylic Material

Acrylic is available in different variations.

As such, always ensure you pick the right variant, which suits your needs and those of your specific application.


Make sure you select the right size of acrylic calendar for your space.

For instance, desktop acrylic calendars should be relatively small compared to wall-mounted ones.


Determine the particular details you’d need to be incorporated into your acrylic calendar.

This includes color, thickness, and any form of print.


The amount you pay when purchasing this component is an essential consideration you should never overlook.

Of course, they come in different rates based on various variables.

However, it is necessary to ensure the cost is worth the quality of the acrylic calendar.


The format of the acrylic calendar is also an imperative aspect you should consider.

It comes in different formats but ensures the specific one is suitable for your needs

What are the Qualities of a Suitable Acrylic Calendar Manufacturer?

Choosing a suitable acrylic calendar manufacturer at times can be difficult, especially if you are a newbie.

You need to carry out thorough due diligence to ensure you are buying from a reputable dealer.

Here are some of the elements you must consider when picking the right manufacturer for this item;

1) Reliability

2) Cost

3) Manufacturing capacity

4) Flexibility

5) Quality of product and service

6) Customization ability

7) Tools and equipment

8) Labor

What is a Best Substitute Material for Acrylic Calendar?

You can try the polycarbonate sheet.

Ideally, polycarbonate material tends to share several properties and can be considered a suitable alternative to an acrylic calendar.

It is relatively stronger than the acrylic calendar and can endure higher impact pressure than acrylic.

Polycarbonate also has an ideal light transmission ability slightly better than acrylic.

Therefore, it makes a brighter and clearer calendar than acrylic material.

Like acrylic, polycarbonate material is also lightweight.

This is always advantageous when it comes to mounting since you won’t necessarily need support to fix it on the wall.

Technically, polycarbonate material serves a similar purpose as acrylic hence the ideal choice to use a substitute for acrylic calendar.

Is There MOQ When Buying Acrylic Calendar?

It depends on the specific manufacturer you are purchasing it from.

Some companies have a fixed MOQ on these items, whereas others are relatively flexible.

Importantly, you need to inquire from the manufacturer to determine the precise MOQ when purchasing acrylic calendar.

Nevertheless, most of these companies are always flexible; thus, you can negotiate with them accordingly.

How Durable is Acrylic Calendar?

Notably, acrylic material, which is used in making this type of calendar, is sturdy.

It is derived from natural elements with solid building units.

Therefore, it makes the product quite hardy and can withstand various elements such as impact and other unfavorable weather conditions.

All these make it quite durable, which is advantageous in the long run.

You won’t necessarily need to replace or repair it, often allowing you to save a reasonable amount of money, ultimately.

Nonetheless, the actual durability is also dependent on the specific quality of acrylic material used in manufacturing it.

At WeProFab, we design and manufacture a range of acrylic calendar designs depending on your unique specifications and requirements.

We can also help you skyrocket your acrylic calendar business.

Contact us now for custom and affordable acrylic calendars.

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