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Polycarbonate Doors

Weprofab is a fabrication expert specializing in custom-made polycarbonate doors. With the help of this guide, you can find different quality types of polycarbonate doors in cheaper yet competitive ratings. We manage to make the coating, machining, and integration of plastics to produce nice-looking polycarbonate doors. Deal with reliable manufacturers and get lower price lists.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Doors to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab powerfully-built polycarbonate doors with curve and vertical composition designs. We do customize polycarbonate doors into dissimilar quality types and functions. We demonstrate 6 most purchased products here at Weprofab. Choose the one you want to add for some business.

Polycarbonate Adjustable Door

Weprofab polycarbonate adjustable door is enhanced with long-lasting purposes. These are shatterproof, bullet-proof, and UV proof as well.

Polycarbonate Double Sliding Door

When you are finding the unique style of polycarbonate doors, double siding compositions offered by Weprofab are of 100% quality. These perform necessitate elegance to the environment.

Polycarbonate Door Canopy

Weprofab door canopy is made 100% authentic. Weprofab has complete strategies to perform manufacturing of any polycarbonate door canopy with the highest level of preeminence.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Door

When needing polycarbonate molded doors for greenhouse applications, Weprofab has numerous stocks to offer. For your specific designs, you can draw and let us manufacture it into quality assortments.

Polycarbonate Roll Up Door

For over years in plastic or polycarbonate manufacturing industry, Weprofab has a lot of knowledge and performs the best automation for your desired polycarbonate roll-up doors.

Polycarbonate Single Siding Door

Finding extraordinary polycarbonate single siding doors? We can offer you a lot. Weprofab has full of capacities to manufacture your ideal product finishes.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Doors Manufacturer

Weprofab has a large capability ranging in manufacturing specialists. Especially with polycarbonate-made products, we ensure the quality and give you an extraordinarily manufactured item. We are engaged to be in these services for over years now and expect more in the future.

Weprofab has complete equipment to start manufacturing your desired polycarbonate doors standards. We make rigorous integration of polycarbonate plastics, then fabricates your demands thoroughly.

If you want us to handle manufacturing, contact now.


Custom Polycarbonate Doors to Skyrocket Your Brand

Fashionable Polycarbonate Folding Door

Fashionable Polycarbonate Folding Door that is manufactured by Weprofab is completely quality-proven. Weprofab has a complete team, who is equipped in manufacturing.

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Door

Weprofab also offers Shatterproof Polycarbonate Door. A shatterproof function of each production is provided to insure your satisfactions.

Clear Greenhouse Polycarbonate Door

Weprofab have powerful ability to produce Clear Greenhouse Polycarbonate Door for greenhouse areas. We offers broad variety selections.

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Door

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Door features an advanced surface coating that provides flame retardant and is impact resistant. It offers superb acoustic insulation and is virtually unbreakable.

Anti-Static Polycarbonate Door

Anti-Static Polycarbonate Door has outstanding static charge protection independent of temperature or relative humidity. It has a durable anti-static coating, chemical resistance, and superior weatherproof.

Clear Polycarbonate Doors

Clear Polycarbonate Doors exhibits impact resistance 250 times greater than that of glass. It possesses outstanding temperature resistance, durable and tensile strength.

Colored/Tinted Polycarbonate Doors

If you’re interested in using polycarbonate doors with an eye-catching display or advertisement, Weprofab designed colored/tinted polycarbonate doors. It can be ordered in light grey, bronze, or dark grey color, customized.

Mirrored Polycarbonate Doors

Mirrored Polycarbonate Doors is a versatile mirrored surface door that won’t break easily. It is tough with incredible strength and shatters resistance. It has the clarity of glass and the strength to withstand most brutal environments.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Doors

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Doors are available in a variety of grades and strengths. It can add safety and protection. It is installed in retail stores, gas stations, pharmacies, etc.

Abrasion-Resistant Polycarbonate Doors

Weprofab manufacture abrasion-resistant polycarbonate doors for interior and short-term exterior applications. It blocks UV radiation, high abrasion resistance on one or both sides, and up to 90% light transmission.

Soundproof Polycarbonate Doors

Soundproof polycarbonate doors are designed to effectively against noise, rain, and dust. It offers the best thermal and acoustic insulation with multi-point lock security.

Polycarbonate Bi-Fold Doors

Polycarbonate bi-fold doors are manufactured from 2.5mm thickness of the profile. It is used in commercial buildings with rebound function advantages. Weprofab custom polycarbonate bi-fold doors to meet your needs.

Garage Polycarbonate Doors

These dark polycarbonate garage doors provide a see-through design solution for the garage. It matches the exterior and color scheme of the building. Inquire about various materials, finishes, colors,  and door designs at Weprofab.

Vertical Polycarbonate Commercial Roller Shutter Door

Vertical Polycarbonate Commercial Roller Shutter Door is clear and transparent. It is design simple and decent. It can be open by manual and automatic by electric.

Hurricane-proof Polycarbonate Doors

Our Polycarbonate Doors are designed to withstand hurricanes, flying debris, and severe weather. It is perfect to install in commercial buildings, storefronts, convenience stores, storage sheds, etc.

Frosted Polycarbonate Doors

Frosted Polycarbonate Doors is the perfect choice to modernize any home or commercial application. It is cost-effective but never compromise the quality.

Polycarbonate Transparent Crystal Shutter Doors

Polycarbonate Transparent Crystal Shutter Doors is made from 3.7mm thickness polycarbonate, 100mm width, and 480mm length dimensions. It provides excellent safety and security, sound insulation, and UV protection.

Automatic Industrial Polycarbonate Doors

Automatic Industrial Polycarbonate Doors are top-selling with their automatic functions. It is ideal in industrial applications. This has a function of security, available in white, black, frosted finished, etc.

Custom Polycarbonate Doors

You can request custom design polycarbonate doors with your specific logo, size, thicknesses, packaging, etc. WEprofab also offers custom surface coatings for your polycarbonate doors.

19 Products Found.

Why Choose WeProFab Polycarbonate Doors

Weprofab Polycarbonate doors are developed by durable plastics.

These are additionally designed with spring insolates. So, you will never necessitate drilling of walls to house the polycarbonate doors.

That is why indoor systems, polycarbonate forms are proven very durable to complete the door system process.

Polycarbonate doors are very cost-effective, excellently sturdy and enhanced in some places where heavy traffics can experience.

Polycarbonate Door

Polycarbonate types of plastics are well-known to have strong resistance and very tough for heat cases and colds.

This material is a break-proof, perfect to use in polycarbonate door systems.

Polycarbonate doors come from durable transparent polycarbonate plastics in size of 5 mm.

This has consistent 1.0 mm stainless steel frames and covers. A perfect material to use wherein heavy traffics is encountered.

The polycarbonate used is cheaper than any plastic-based substance.

This makes door projects be in high solutions for your low budgets.

There are different kinds of doors where polycarbonate material is effective to use.

Door leafs, stainless steel frames, and polycarbonate doors are some popularly rated for high-quality finishes.

All of these are providing strong collision resistance and impact-proof as well.

These also can be avail with different colors, shapes, and designs.

Polycarbonate Door

When needing any type of polycarbonate doors that are totally transparent and clear, Weprofab highly offers polycarbonate doors with ensured stability provisions.

In Weprofab, our polycarbonate doors are optional for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

These areas are suitable to apply with polycarbonate- made doors.

Not just in there, polycarbonate doors specifically applicable for some food industries, bakeries, industrial kitchen, and many nearby locations.

However, these doors are often seen at supermarket stores and other areas where storage is needed.

Our polycarbonate doors are with great longevity terms. And has excellent long-term uses because of UV proof functions.

Besides, each polycarbonate doors sections are made high-quality for stability and long-running operations.

The main surface of this product also made in 100% durability for conditional locating.

Polycarbonate Door

We, Weprofab team are providing the high quality of polycarbonate doors for your specifications to fulfill.

Since then, Weprofab is known to produce necessitate polycarbonate doors designs.

We make upgraded manufacturing and become much skillful for over years of experience.

We made surface covers for each polycarbonate door material for sufficient protection when in the delivery process and long road journeys.

With this tough finished polycarbonate doors surfaces, your orders will be delivered safely and scratch-free.

For your sure orders, contact us today!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Polycarbonate Doors

Durable and extremely tenacious, polycarbonate doors can create aesthetically beautiful entrances for your home as well as highly-visible, large-bay doors for your neighborhood car wash.

Polycarbonate Doors

Polycarbonate Doors

Use corrosion resistant hardware, high-grade aluminum frames, and stainless-steel shafts and brackets with your polycarbonate (PC) doors to sustain required temperatures and ensure the highest levels of security.

Read on to find all the answers you need for your questions about polycarbonate doors.

What Are External Polycarbonate Doors?

External Polycarbonate Door

External Polycarbonate Doors

Made of polycarbonate panels that are almost 250 times stronger than glass, external polycarbonate doors are cut to custom size.

You can also install them with minimum support, and fabricate them to fulfill unique design requirements.

What Are Internal Polycarbonate Doors?

Internal Polycarbonate Door

Internal Polycarbonate Door

Using lightweight multiwall polycarbonate panels, you can create contemporary and modern patterns to complement your room’s design with internal polycarbonate doors.

You can reduce unwanted noise pollution by using multiwall polycarbonate panels with excellent sound insulation properties.

Why Are Polycarbonate Doors Popular?

Polycarbonate doors offer several benefits.

They can withstand extreme temperature variations without losing their inherent properties like high impact strength, weatherability, high-flame resistance, and dimensional stability at high temperatures.

Polycarbonate doors are lightweight, so you can transport and install them at any location.

Installation costs are minimal, as you need very little support for these doors.

High levels of customization can be achieved allowing architects and designers greater design flexibility and customization capabilities.

Replacement costs are reduced, as polycarbonate doors are very durable and have longer lifespans than doors made of other materials.

If you need maximum light diffusion for your custom applications, then polycarbonate doors will transmit 80 to 90 percent of the diffused light.

Polycarbonate doors can be formed and cut to custom sizes, shapes, and patterns.

Do Polycarbonate Doors Have Limitations?

Manufacturing costs are higher, as compared to doors made of other materials.

Temperatures in excess of 350 degrees Centigrade are needed to form polycarbonate doors of complex sizes.

Though you can treat polycarbonate doors to withstand mineral and organic acids, greases, oils, and waxes, they may react with certain chemicals like methyl alcohol at high temperatures.

How Are Polycarbonate Doors Thermoformed?

Thermoforming Polycarbonate Door

Thermoforming Polycarbonate Doors

Professional manufacturers use state-of-the-art thermoforming technologies to form custom-shaped polycarbonate doors.

You can get triangular, curved, and other custom designs.

How Are Polycarbonate Doors Fabricated?

Fabricating Polycarbonate Doors

Fabricating Polycarbonate Doors

Professional fabricators use 5-axis machining techniques to fabricate polycarbonate doors.

If you need to fit mounting options and accessories, different kinds of holes and shapes can be machined into these doors.

Can You Screen Print Polycarbonate Doors?

 Screen Printing Polycarbonate Doors

 Screen Printing Polycarbonate Doors

Yes, polycarbonate doors can be screen printed to meet special application requirements.

You can specify the designs to be screen printed onto your polycarbonate doors.

How Do You Bend Polycarbonate Doors?

Manufacturers use technologically advanced equipment tested to bend polycarbonate doors to custom sizes.

Robustness and durability are sustained even after the bending process is complete.

How Much Do Polycarbonate Doors Cost?

To determine the cost of polycarbonate doors, you need to consider the thickness of the polycarbonate door sheet, the size of the polycarbonate door, design and shape requirements as well as surface coating and other special treatments.

What Are The Different Types Of Polycarbonate Doors?

· Polycarbonate Adjustable Door

Polycarbonate Adjustable Door

Polycarbonate Adjustable Door

The polycarbonate adjustable door is highly durable and sturdy making it safe to use in different applications.

Shatterproof, ultraviolet (UV) resistant and bullet-proof polycarbonate panels can be used to make these adjustable polycarbonate doors.

If you choose folding type polycarbonate adjustable doors, you can opt for uninterruptible power supplies and remote-control switches to automate door controls, especially in large-sized doors.

· Polycarbonate Double-Glazed Sliding Door

Polycarbonate Double-Glazed Sliding Door

Polycarbonate Double-Glazed Sliding Door

The polycarbonate double-glazed sliding door adds aesthetic value to the overall décor of a room.

Customize your double-glazed door with high-quality stainless-steel mesh to include the anti-mosquito feature.

Choose light-transmission values, anti-dust, anti-shock, anti-theft, and ventilation capabilities.

Use the polycarbonate double-glazed door in your office or home.

Create customized protected areas for your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

· Polycarbonate Door Canopy

Polycarbonate Door Canopy

Polycarbonate Door Canopy

Measured to custom door sizes, the polycarbonate door canopy is usually mounted on the brickwork or concrete wall directly over the door.

This canopy is reinforced with flame-resistant, UV-resistant, and sound-insulated material.

Customize light-transmittance, impact-resistance, surface-hardness, and abrasion-resistance capabilities.

You can use heat- and cold-resistant brackets to hold this polycarbonate door canopy on both sides.

· Polycarbonate Greenhouse Door

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Door

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Door

Standard and customized polycarbonate greenhouse doors are available to meet your specific greenhouse requirements.

Use solid multiwall polycarbonate panels to match your existing greenhouse.

Cut your greenhouse building costs by using a polycarbonate door that will not shatter and is reinforced with advanced UV-resistant properties to provide the perfect growing environment for plants.

If you choose a multi-wall polycarbonate panel for your greenhouse, you can control temperature variations in your greenhouse more accurately.

· Clear Greenhouse Polycarbonate Doors

Clear Greenhouse Polycarbonate Doors

 Clear Greenhouse Polycarbonate Doors

Clear greenhouse polycarbonate doors use high light-transmitting polycarbonate material ideally suitable for greenhouse applications.

You have a wide variety of clear polycarbonate materials to choose from that meet your design and application requirements.

· Polycarbonate Roll Up Door

Polycarbonate Roll Up Doors

Polycarbonate Roll Up Doors

Available for different wind-load conditions, the polycarbonate roll up door comes with a unique locking system that offers excellent protection against burglary and other intrusions.

The roll-up door can reduce noise levels by 50 percent.

Perforated holes at appropriate heights allow natural light and fresh air to pass through.

Save on energy bills by using thermally-insulated polycarbonate to retain a warm environment in winter and prevent heat build-up during summer.

The extremely tenacious polycarbonate roll-up door protects your residential, commercial, and industrial interiors from storms, heavy rains, broken glass, and debris.

· Polycarbonate Single-Glazed Sliding Door

Polycarbonate Single-Glazed Sliding Door

Polycarbonate Single-Glazed Sliding Door

The polycarbonate single-glazed sliding door is available in different colors and frosted materials.

The door can be coextruded from 1.2 to 50 mm thick polycarbonate materials.

You can include heat-resistant and UV-resistant coats on the polycarbonate door for added durability.

Polyethylene films with air layers can be added on both sides of the polycarbonate single-glazed door.

· Fashionable Polycarbonate Folding Door

Fashionable Polycarbonate Folding Door

Fashionable Polycarbonate Folding Door

The fashionable polycarbonate folding door is custom made to meet your commercial requirements.

From almost transparent to highly-secure, opaque doors, you can customize this folding door to match the strength of steel.

Polycarbonate glazing on extruded aluminum fabrications make these fashionable polycarbonate folding doors virtually indestructible.

Electrically operated, complete roll-up and roll-down operations quickly.

Implement a custom folding door design for your high-profile shop or shopping mall.

· Shatterproof Polycarbonate Door

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Door

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Door

Usually used in applications that demand high impact resistance, the shatterproof polycarbonate door is made up of clear or colored multi-wall polycarbonate panels that demonstrate high strength and anti-shattering capabilities.

These are low-maintenance engineered doors with distinct appearances and complete weather protection.

· Polycarbonate Car Wash Doors

Polycarbonate Car Wash Doors

Polycarbonate Car Wash Doors

Highly trusted by the car wash industry, polycarbonate car wash doors may be costlier than vinyl doors but provide better corrosion resistance and security to the system.

Stainless steel brackets, shafts, and grease fittings add strength and durability to the polycarbonate car wash door.

Polycarbonate doors provide better visibility and allow more light to pass through.

Variable speed drives and emergency reduced speeds are inbuilt into these polycarbonate doors.

Manually lift the car wash door in emergencies and program it to any custom height you need.

· Polycarbonate Garage Doors

Polycarbonate Garage Doors

Polycarbonate Garage Doors

Lightweight and impact resistant, polycarbonate garage doors are especially designed to meet car, truck and bus space requirements.

Program your garage door for high-use situations.

Sustain low-maintenance and service costs with polycarbonate doors.

Increase visibility and attractiveness of your garage interiors with high light-transmitting door panels.

Choose 5-wall polycarbonate panels to improve thermal insulation and structural integrity of your polycarbonate garage doors.

· Polycarbonate Shower Doors

Polycarbonate Shower Doors

Polycarbonate Shower Doors

Polycarbonate shower doors are usually used as bathtub or shower screens.

The surface finish is opaque or frosted, and waterproof polycarbonate material is used to fabricate the door.

A tempered glass window is sometimes carved into the polycarbonate door panel supported by an aluminum frame.

· Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter Doors

Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter Doors

Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter Doors

Polycarbonate rolling shutter doors are specially designed to prevent forced entry in industrial units.

Reinforced steel rods are included between the panels to increase durability and strength.

If you choose shutters that are wider than 3 meters, aluminum mullion pieces are used to link panels horizontally.

In smaller polycarbonate rolling shutter doors, polycarbonate panels are linked by aluminum tubes.

· Polycarbonate Swing Doors

Polycarbonate Swing Doors

 Polycarbonate Swing Doors

Polycarbonate swing doors are ideal for use in areas where there is high traffic.

They are easy to install.

Established designs allow you to install the door without drilling holes into the wall.

You get spring-loaded hinges that are integrated directly into the aluminum profile.

Cost-effective and extremely strong, these polycarbonate swing doors are almost unbreakable and can withstand a great deal of heat and cold.

 How Do You Assemble Polycarbonate Doors?

Unpack the shipment contents and verify the inventory as per the bill of contents.

Have the required tools like the variable drill bits with speed drill, wrenches, measuring tape, and polycarbonate cutting saw ready.

Follow the assembly instructions including maintenance instructions.

Inspect the surface where the door must be installed.

For example, check the greenhouse, internal or external door frame. Ensure the surface is plain.

If the polycarbonate door panel has UV-protection coating, make sure the coated surface is directly exposed to the sun.

Use a measuring tape to check the frame size and ensure the door is cut to the right size.

Depending on the design, place the polycarbonate door within the frame for a perfect match with about 2 inches of the UV protective film peeled inwards on all sides.

Fasteners are normally included with the polycarbonate door.

Attach the door to the metal frame members.

The polycarbonate panel is first attached to the door’s horizontal crossbar using the included pancake head screws and neo-bonded washers.

Move on to the vertical frame step by step.

If the door does not match the frame or if you use an existing wooden frame, get matching fasteners from your local market.

Are Polycarbonate Doors Scratch Resistant?

Standard polycarbonate doors are not scratch resistant.

Scratches do affect the way these doors look over time.

However, polycarbonate doors can be treated with anti-scratch coatings to create scratch-resistant surfaces.

How Do You Repair Scratches On Polycarbonate Doors?

Use ammonia- or alcohol-based cleansing agents like Windex and Rain-X to clean the affected polycarbonate door surface areas.

Apply a safe, first-grade plastic buffing compound over the cleaned surface.

Wipe off the buffing compound and clean the surface areas thoroughly with warm water.

The scratches will disappear.

Another easy way to remove scratches is to rub toothpaste over the affected areas in circular motion.

Do this for at least 20 seconds for best results.

This video shows you how to remove scratches from polycarbonate doors.

Do Polycarbonate Doors Turn Yellow?

For outdoor usage, polycarbonate doors have anti-UV treatment that helps sustain its inherent properties for several years.

When substandard polycarbonate material is used, the material turns yellow when these damaging UV rays of the sun destroy the base material.

Hence, good quality polycarbonate doors will not turn yellow.

How Do You Clean Polycarbonate Doors?

Clean the surface well with running water from a garden hose. Avoid high-jet water sprays.

Use a sponge or a piece of clean cloth dipped in lukewarm water mixed with mild detergent to clean polycarbonate doors.

You can also use a vinegar and water mixture to clean these PC doors.

Avoid the use of sharp instruments like razor blades and metal scrapers on these doors.

Polycarbonate reacts with highly alkaline and abrasive cleaners at high temperatures.

It’s best to avoid unspecified cleaners unless recommended by the manufacturer.

Clean at room temperatures or when the sun is not directly overhead.

This video shows you how to clean your polycarbonate walls and doors of your greenhouse.

Can You Drill Holes Into Polycarbonate Doors?

Use standard drill bits to drill holes into polycarbonate doors.

Create pilot holes with drill bits of smaller diameters before you reach final drilling dimensions.

You can also screw in standard metal screws into the material.

Avoid the use of forceful instruments like center punches on polycarbonate doors.

How Do You Compare Polycarbonate Doors To Acrylic Doors?

Acrylic doors are normally used as kitchen doors for high-gloss and super matt finishes.

Polycarbonate is much stronger than acrylic.

They are used in outdoor applications where high impact strength is needed.

Acrylic doors are more brittle and likely to crack under forceful impact.

Polycarbonate doors have nearly 250 times the impact resistance of glass when compared to acrylic doors that have 17 times the impact strength of glass.

Though polycarbonate doors are coated with scratch-resistant material, acrylic doors have inherent scratch-resistant properties.

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