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Oxygen Cannula

WeProFab is a trusted oxygen cannula manufacturer and producer in China. We provide complete and effective solutions for your needs and orders. Our expert team will help your expandable business get ideal oxygen cannula whether it is for your hospital supply or for your store additional stocks. We can meet your oxygen cannula needs.

Get Oxygen Cannula to Delight Your Customers

As your trusted long-term partner, WeProFab ensures your entire request from customizations is granted. Your oxygen cannula orders are accessible in plenty of stocks and selections and ready to ship perfect for your urgent needs. We can suggest the best oxygen cannula for you and provide you complete samples.

100% Silicone Oxygen Cannula

We ensure to fabricate oxygen cannula using silicone material. It is suitable for making oxygen cannula for infants because of the soft types of surface and affordable rates.

Colored Oxygen Cannula

We have plenty of colors available for oxygen cannula. We can also customize your desired colors and features based on your medical purposes, which is also perfect for supplying.

Customized Oxygen Cannula

We prioritize our customer’s request from their desired oxygen cannula sizes, colors, materials, and more options to provide safety protections to all patients.

High Flow Oxygen Cannula

We can offer our high-flow oxygen cannula in different sizes suitable for adults and kids. It has face support to keep the oxygen cannula in position.

PVC Oxygen Cannula

Our oxygen cannula is made of PVC materials durable and quality support for long-term use. WeProFab ensures affordable PVC oxygen cannula for your growing business.

Single Use Oxygen Cannula

Our oxygen cannula is disposable and single-use. It is available in transparent and colored transparent types with many sizes. This is an affordable single oxygen cannula.

WeProFab: Your Professional Oxygen Cannula Manufacturer

WeProFab is a professional oxygen cannula supplier and manufacturer which able to reach your location. We have a wide range of oxygen cannula selections offered at the lowest price. We can meet your oxygen cannula designs and custom your ideal sizes, colors, and so on.

We can do different processes to make different types of oxygen cannula. We used different types of oxygen cannula materials to ensure great durability and a perfect surface. We can support and supply oxygen cannula for OEM and ODM customers and offer one-stop solutions.

WeProFab has great capability handling quality production. We have complete machines making oxygen cannula. We provide different equipment such as molding, injection molding, and more with great plant areas. Our modernized and high-tech machine saves a lot of space and saves electricity.

Custom Oxygen Cannula to Boost Your Business

Adult Oxygen Cannula

We have an oxygen cannula suitable for adult size. We have the perfect size of oxygen cannula for different sizes of adults attainable at the lowest price. It is a single-use oxygen cannula.

Infant Oxygen Cannula

We have an infant oxygen cannula with wrap ear protection. It doesn’t need to tape the oxygen cannula to the skin. It is wrapping above the ears for a comfortable feeling.

Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Our oxygen cannulas are suitable for nasal breathing support which connects to an oxygen outlet or compressor. It has perfect features and other options you can consider.

Oxygen IV Cannula

The oxygen IV cannula is flexible tubing that supports airflow. It is made of silicone and PVC materials base on your request. WeProFab will guarantee the best oxygen cannula prices for you.

Pediatric Oxygen Cannula

We have a pediatric oxygen cannula which perfectly made of silicone for babies’ sensitive skin protection. It has suitable sizes for babies available in many colors and transparent.

7 Foot Adult Oxygen Cannula

Our 7-foot oxygen cannulas are perfect for adult purposes. It is accessible in transparent and colored options made of different materials. You can choose what your business needs and get your ideal amount.

Comfort Soft Oxygen Cannula

Our comfort soft oxygen cannulas are made of silicone that able to deliver perfect airflow to patients. You can get different lengths and other options that you need for your business.

Disposable Pendant Style Oxygen Cannula

Our oxygen cannulas are single-use or disposable available in pendant style. It easily adjusts the length of the oxygen cannulas available in white and colored as well.

Extra Long 50 Foot Oxygen Cannula

You can get an extra-long oxygen cannula in 50 feet. It is able to deliver low flow to medium flow to stable the patients. It has suitable sizes for kids and adults attainable at your desired materials and colors.

High Flow Soft Oxygen Cannula

Our high flow soft oxygen cannulas are made of soft material designed to fully support high flow oxygen performance. High-flow oxygen cannulas are available in different types and styles.

Resistant Oxygen Cannula

Our Resistant oxygen cannula has a great offer from durability, cost-effectiveness, and great appearance to make it more salable. It is tested in many places worldwide manufactured in perfect features and sizes.

Soft Touch Oxygen Cannula

Our oxygen cannula is available in plenty of stocks of soft touch types in different colors and sizes. It completely stabilizes patients breathing accessible in different sets offers.

Standard Oxygen Cannula

We manufactured a standard oxygen cannula in plenty of colors and different selections. It is available for adult and kids purposes. It is made of different materials such as silicone and PVC.

Transparent Oxygen Cannula

Our transparent oxygen cannulas are available for kids, adults, pediatric, high flow, standard, and more options that suit a different kinds of patients. It is available in short and long offered in set packaging.

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Why WeProFab Oxygen Cannula

Are you looking for an approved oxygen cannula for your business purposes? In China, WeProFab is one of the oxygen cannula producers and able to reach a lot of countries.

WeProFab oxygen cannula is an important medical device used for patients with the chronic stable respiratory disorder to deliver oxygen well. It has a great advantage since patients can eat and drink while using this oxygen cannula. Our oxygen cannula is a single-use medical device with clean transparent plastic sealed bags.

This oxygen cannula is not applicable for patients with acute illness who need oxygen support. Our oxygen cannula can provide oxygen with one to four liters flow rates every minute approximated from 24 to 40% oxygen. It is able to provide 6L flow rates but it possibly causes dryness and uncomfortable to the patients.

WeProFab oxygen cannula has a great advantage to all users and patients. Our oxygen cannula is able to lessen the risk of carbon dioxide breathing. It has a great role and support for those who need oxygen therapy. It is the perfect device to support or increase a patient’s airflow.

WeProFab has a high flow oxygen cannula with different selections from sizes, types, colors, and more. It provides high flow rates made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride. WeProFab provides a lot of selections and oxygen cannula complete samples so we can help your purchase easier and faster.

We have over 20 years of experience supplying high-quality products worldwide. We are able to supply all types of medical facilities such as hospitals, government medical facilities, healthcare facilities, orphanages, and more large facilities worldwide. We are popular in providing effective, durable, and health-approved affordable oxygen cannula and other related products and accessories.

WeProFab ensures all types of shipment and bases your transport on your location and types of bulk orders. Our expert team support secured oxygen cannula packaging and ensures to avoid moistures.

Send your details and desired orders. We will meet your oxygen cannula selections and customizations. Send your inquiries. We handled a faster response!


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