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Plastic Mold Manufacturing

Weprofab is your manufacturing solution company for plastic mold manufacturing. We design, engineer, develop, and manufacture thin and thick wall plastic molding, guaranteed high-tolerance molding. Weprofab has been serving various markets including medical, industrial, defense, electronic, transportation, and consumer. Weprofab can support your business.

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Get WeProFab Plastic Mold Manufacturing to Delight Your Customers

Weporfab team carefully chooses the best and durable materials for plastic mold manufacturing. We can help you find the right plastic mold to support your business.

Automobile Car Mold

We can provide service of automobile car mold for a competitive price. We are working with many customers worldwide to support their automobile car mold business.

Miniature Plastic Injection Mold

It is made up of high-quality materials such as ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PBT, etc. We adopt high-tech working processes such as extruding, blow molding, injection, rotational molding, drawing, casting, and stamping.

Precision Plastic Mold

Weprofab precision plastic mold can be customized according to your drawings. We are a flexible precision plastic mold factory in China, offering an MOQ of 1 set.

Maker Injection Mold

Mold material: S136, 738, 718, P20, and NAK80. We offer RAL or PANTONE color for this maker injection mold. Choose Weprofab now!

Medical Injection Plastic Mold

Weprofab medical injection plastic mold is constructed from aluminum 6061, 6063, 7075, copper, alloy, brass, and satin steel. Weprofab can be your no.1 choice for plastic mold manufacturing.

Cheap Plastic Injection Molding

We offer competitive price for plastic injection molding, which are very useful in a wide range of markets such as industrial, food processing, consumer, electronics, mechanical, and many more.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Mold Manufacturing Manufacturer

An ISO-authorized company, Weprofab is offering good services for plastic mold manufacturing. Our company adopts safety protocols for plastic mold manufacturing to ensure quality. During plastic mold manufacturing, all the rules for international quality must be applied.

We could offer you the best quality plastic mold you need for your business. As a leading plastic mold manufacturing company in China, we can produce plastic molds according to our customer’s requirements. Send us an inquiry now; we will give you something different.

Custom Plastic Mold to Skyrocket Your Brand

Latest Design Plastic Mold

We design and manufacture the latest design of a plastic mold for auto parts, household commodities, home appliances, medical products, consumer electronics, and many others.

Electricity Saving Box Plastic Injection Mold

If you’re looking for a reliable electricity-saving box plastic injection mold, you can trust Weprofab. All of our plastic mold services are guaranteed high quality.

Durable Plastic Injection Molding

We offer a wide range of durable plastic injection molding for panel sockets, transparent boxes, engine plastic parts, handles of water dispensers, pen caps, and many others.

High-Quality Plastic Molding

Weprofab is a leading producer of high-quality plastic mold in China. we can skyrocket your business! Choose Weprofab!

Rapid Prototyping Plastic Mold

Our rapid prototyping plastic mold can be different materials such as PC, PP, ABS, PVC, PMMA, PET, etc. It guarantees full certifications like UL test, fire-resistant test, and more.

Custom Plastic Mold Design

Weprofab custom plastic mold design realized all high-tech molding processes like injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming, casting, stamping, etc.

Precision Injection Mold Plastic

Injection mold, in-mold decoration, plastic mold, overmold, 2K mold is what Weprofab’s advantages. Let Weprofab be your reliable partner now!

Flower Pot Plastic Mold

We have a high-quality plastic mold for a flower pots. Our team ensures reliable performance flower pot plastic mold to perfectly produce flower pot products.

Professional Custom Plastic Mold

Our professiona custom plastic mold is guaranteed high-precision, high productivity, long-life, and low cost. Make Weprofab your no.1 choice of professional custom plastic mold.

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Why Weprofab Plastic Mold Manufacturing in China

When it comes to plastic mold manufacturing, Weprofab has vast experience to rely on. We have been in plastic molding services for over 20 years. Weprofab will be your trustworthy manufacturer and supplier in China.

plastic mold manufacturer

Weprofab plastic mold is the best solution to improve your production process efficiency. Our plastic molds are popular for their durable materials such as aluminum, pre-hardened steel, and hardened steel.

Each plastic molds with different materials have their own characteristics and bring advantages to your applications. For example, weprofab plastic mold with aluminum materials is effective for creating simple shapes.

Weprofab engineering team makes sure that our plastic mold is trusted for easier mold construction. Weprofab has a wide range of plastic molds that is useful in a wide range of different markets such as transportation, defense, electronics, industrial, medical, and consumer.

Plastic Mold Slider

Weprofab plastic mold manufacturing is a process of multi-stage that emphasizes close adherence and accuracy to design specifications. It is designed to reduce the risk of having damaged or failed products. There are different types of manufacturing processes in the production of mold manufacturing.

From milling or turning, heat treating, fine shaping, and grinding, to finishing treatments, you can really satisfy with Weprofab plastic mold manufacturing. After we prepare the components, our team carefully assembles the mold to ensure its intended effects on workpieces.

And of course, Weprofab plastic mold is tested with a few prototype products in order to achieve its level of quality and precision of construction.

Below are the types of plastic mold manufacturing and their applications:

  • Blow molding (suitable for hollow objects just like bottles)
  • Compression molding (suitable for larger objects such as auto parts)
  • Extrusion molding (suitable for hollow formed applications such as straws or tubing)
  • Rotational molding (suitable for large, hollow one-piece parts)
  • Plastic injection molding (suitable for high-volume, high-quality parts)

plastic mold supplier

Weprofab has a dedicated team of expert workers and high-end molding equipment to design your plastic mold for your final project. We make sure that you can save your cost by providing our complete manufacturing capabilities.

We have a wide range of plastic mold with different plastic mold sizes, shapes, designs, and surface treatments. We can also produce plastic mold according to your specific requirements.

Weprofab is your one-stop plastic mold manufacturing company in China, offering various services like pvc injection molding, HDPE injection molding, abs injection molding, and many others.

For more information about our plastic mold manufacturing, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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