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Ultimate Guide To Coronavirus Rapid Test

With the world struggling to fight viral diseases like coronavirus COVID-19, you need a reliable coronavirus rapid test kit to diagnose and record results at a fast pace.

Every minute is important when you tackle a dangerous virus.

Therefore, it makes sense for you to use a coronavirus rapid test kit that delivers results in just 40 minutes.

Read on to find out all the answers you need to your questions on the coronavirus rapid test.

Why Is The Coronavirus Rapid Test Required?

Coronavirus Rapid Test

 Coronavirus Rapid Test

To ensure enough people are tested for the coronavirus COVID-19, tests are being conducted worldwide to diagnose and record cases affected by this virus.

The coronavirus rapid test kit is essential to test large numbers of people and produce results quickly enough so that infected people will be isolated and contact tracing can take place.

Why Is The Accuracy Of The Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit Important?

Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit Accuracy

Coronavirus Rapid Testing

Viral attacks spread quickly to affect a large number of people.

It is important for you to get coronavirus rapid test kits that are tested for accuracy to avoid detection failures.

You may not have the time to return those kits in exchange for more accurate machines before the viral outbreak spreads.

Hence, you need to ensure you are ordering accurate coronavirus rapid tests to prevent the spread of the disease.

How Accurate Are Coronavirus Rapid Tests?

Coronavirus rapid tests are generally either molecular tests or serological tests.

In molecular tests, samples undergo a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test and it is possible to get a false negative for the test.

The test will search for signs of the genetic material belonging to COVID-19 and will confirm a positive result if 2 specific SARS-CoV-2 genes are identified.

If only one of these genes is found, an inconclusive result will be found.

False negatives may come about due to human error, procedural issues or administering the test too early or too late.

Serological tests detect antibodies produced by the body to fight the coronavirus and are used to detect infections in people with either no symptoms or only mild symptoms.

How Are Coronavirus Rapid Test Kits Developed?

Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit Development

Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit Development

Virology labs around the world are developing capabilities and diagnostic platforms to detect and control the spread of infectious diseases including coronavirus COVID-19.

They are developing coronavirus rapid test kits capable of accurately detecting spike proteins or S-proteins that often cause mutation of this viral disease.

This video shows you how coronavirus test kits work to detect the virus.

There are a few types of coronavirus test kits available in the market.

· Nucleic Acid Coronavirus Test Kit

Nucleic Acid Coronavirus Test

 Nucleic Acid Coronavirus Test

This is a real-time reverse transcriptase PCR assay test kit based on the GISAID public database.

GSAID offers sequence information from samples that return positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

You can get kits that contain two or three assays to target different genes of the coronavirus.

Each kit sets targets for the human RNA polymerase protein (Orf1 gene), the nucleocapsid protein (N-gene), and the envelope protein (E-gene).

While some kits are only approved for use in labs for research use only (RUO), you can get emergency use authorization (EUA) kits and also CE-marked kits approved for use in Europe.

Virus mutation is confirmed when all three assays confirm positive results.

In most cases, if one or two assays are positive, the results are considered inconclusive.

· Immunoassay Coronavirus Test Kit

Immunoassay Coronavirus Test

Immunoassay Coronavirus Test

If you want to establish links between cases of coronavirus that turned positive, then the immunoassay coronavirus test kit is what you need.

Blood samples are drawn from infected people to perform antibody tests.

The human body is capable of eliminating dangerous strains of the virus with its inbuilt immune systems.

When this happens, PCR methods of testing fail to identify the source of infection.

However, with the immunoassay coronavirus test, you look for specific antibodies that remain dormant in the human body even years after the infection occurs.

You can get the automated fluorescent immunoassay system to record the concentration of targeted analytes like IgA and IgG found in COVID-19 positive patients using semi- or fully-quantitative methods.

Also, you can opt for a commercial immunoassay coronavirus rapid test kit that includes the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA or EIA) test to detect and measure antibodies in the human body.

· Swabs Coronavirus Test Kit

Swabs Coronavirus Test

Swabs Coronavirus Test

If you need nasopharyngeal samples from suspected COVID-19 cases, you can use swabs containing plastic shafts filled with synthetic fibers.

Precautions must be taken to avoid swabs fitted with wooden shafts containing calcium alginate fibers, as these materials may interfere with your lab results.

Follow guidelines released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for clinical specimens.

If you need to test upper respiratory COVID-19 specimens, then use nasal aspirates, nasopharyngeal aspirates/washes, or collect both oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal swabs fitted with plastic shafts and synthetic fibers.

Collected swab samples are stored in 2-3 ml vials that can be transported.

· In Development Coronavirus Test Assays

In Development Coronavirus Test

 In Development Coronavirus Test

Bedside (POC) or near-patient testing methods in development need approvals from regulatory bodies before they can be used in small analyzers located in hospital laboratories.

These assays are done to reduce the time taken to perform coronavirus tests.

Thermal screening guns used by coronavirus workers to check for high fever in people passing through cordoned areas in airports and malls can be replaced by nano-sensor diagnostic platforms in development.

What Creates Shortage Of Coronavirus Rapid Test Kits?

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is a worldwide phenomenon that has forced countries to use coronavirus rapid test kits for early diagnoses of COVID-19 in order to reduce fatalities.

This has created a deficit of modern test kits that produce quick results.

Due to earlier failures in testing results, government bodies are taking time to approve testing kits.

Many countries have created a price cap on testing kits, so only established manufacturers with extensive testing facilities are able to produce cheap yet reliable coronavirus rapid test kits.

Why Is The Coronavirus Rapid Test Developed By The Oxford Scientific Team Important?

Oxford Coronavirus Rapid Test

Oxford Coronavirus Rapid Test

Oxford scientists based in the United Kingdom and China have together developed a new rapid coronavirus test that is capable of identifying the COVID-19 in just 30 minutes.

While existing viral RNA tests take around 2 hours to produce results, this new test developed by these Oxford scientists is nearly three times faster.

This new rapid test is important, as it recognizes SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) RNA and RNA fragments in the early stages of infection making it possible to stop the spread of the dreaded virus.

Why Is It Important To Buy Coronavirus Rapid Test Kits Directly From Your Manufacturer?

If you need coronavirus rapid test kits that produce highly accurate results all the time, then contact your manufacturer directly.

You need to buy kits from a source that has the lab and technological skills to keep coming up with faster coronavirus rapid test kits based on research findings approved by medical regulatory bodies across the world.

Reliable materials with standardized features make it possible to give you and your customers adequate protection against viral attacks that must be detected quickly and accurately.

What Is The Extended Coronavirus Array Rapid Test Kit?

The extended coronavirus array rapid test kit is capable of detecting several strains of the coronavirus including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), coronavirus OC43/HKUI, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), and coronavirus 229E/NL63.

Nasopharyngeal, BAL, and sputum samples are collected for PCR detection with nucleic acid.

What Is The Rapid At-Home Coronavirus Test Kit?

Rapid At-Home Coronavirus Test Kit

Rapid At-Home Coronavirus Test Kit

The rapid at-home coronavirus test kit helps you perform COVID-19 serological tests.

Manufacturers can deliver coronavirus test kits to help you test your blood for coronavirus antibodies at home.

In about 15 minutes, you can find out if your blood has coronavirus antibodies.

More laboratories are developing new at-home coronavirus test kits every day with increasing accuracy and quantity to supply the large amounts needed.

What Is The Coronavirus Rapid Test Canine Kit?

Coronavirus Rapid Test Canine

 Coronavirus Rapid Test Canine

The coronavirus rapid test canine kit is used to qualitatively detect canine coronavirus antigen (CCV Ag) using your dog’s vomit or fecal specimens.

This is easy to use and produces results in minutes.

You don’t need an analyzer to get results.

You can read and record visual results.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways of detecting canine coronavirus (CCoV) infection in your dog.

How Do You Perform A Coronavirus Test With The Coronavirus Rapid Test Canine Kit?

Use the enclosed swab to collect a sample of your dog’s vomit or feces.

Place it in the assay buffer tube. Stir thoroughly.

Remove the cassette from the foil and place it horizontally on a flat surface.

Draw and hold the specimen mixture using the enclosed pipette in a vertical position.

Transfer 2 – 3 drops of the specimen mixture inside slots provided on the cassette.

Use a timer to record the results of your test.

Positive and negative results are indicated in color codes which will let you know if your dog has the canine coronavirus.

How Does The Feline Coronavirus Ag Rapid Test Kit Work?

The feline coronavirus Ag rapid test kit initiates a lateral flow immuno-chromatographic assay to qualitatively detect the presence of feline coronavirus antigens in feline feces.

This is important, as mutations of the virus transferred through the fecal-oral route turn feline enteric coronavirus (FECV) cases in cats into the incurable feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV).

What Is The Coronavirus Ag Rapid Test Kit?

The coronavirus Ag rapid test that you can complete in just one step is a routine test kit used to detect the bovine coronavirus antigen using a rapid immune-chromatic assay.

The advantage of this kit is that it can be stored at room temperature.

What Is The BioMedomics COVID-19 Rapid Test?

BioMedomics was the first to launch the rapid point-of-care lateral flow immunoassay test to diagnose the coronavirus infection.

This is the combined IgM – IgG antibody test to qualitatively detect IgM and IgG antibodies related to the coronavirus COVID-19 in humans using whole blood, serum or plasma in vitro.

If the human body’s immune system responds to COVID-19 biomarkers, then the BioMedomics COVID-19 test will indicate that.

What Is Decentralized POC Testing For Coronavirus Rapid Test?

 Rapid Portable Tests For Coronavirus

Rapid Portable Tests For Coronavirus

Portable coronavirus rapid test kits allow people to conduct more tests immediately and accelerate the process of making clinical decisions by decentralizing testing centers.

This is also to ensure that all testing for the coronavirus throughout the healthcare system of any country is accurate no matter which point of care the patient is tested at.

What Is The FDA-Approved Molecular Coronavirus Test Kit?

The FDA-approved molecular coronavirus test kit can detect and produce novel coronavirus infection results in just 5 minutes.

This test looks for coronavirus genome fragments in nose or throat swab samples.

Though a positive result shows up in 5 minutes, the test takes around 13 minutes to indicate negative results for a thorough search of coronavirus genome fragments.

The reason why the test can produce results in 5 minutes is because coronavirus genome fragments can be detected very quickly when present at high levels.

What Is The Finger-Prick Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit?

The finger-prick coronavirus rapid test kit uses a finger-prick device to draw blood for the test.

With this device, you can identify COVID-19 infection before symptoms begin to show up.

You will need to prick your finger for a drop of blood onto the test kit.

The test kit will then analyze your blood to show a positive or negative result for the virus.

Each disposable kit is used to detect and isolate infected coronavirus carriers in just 15 minutes.

You can get this CE-marked professional kit from your supplier.

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