• Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

WeProfab is your excellent polycarbonate sheets manufacturer in China. We offer diverse services of developing polycarbonate sheets, from colors, texture, measurements, and cuts. One type we develop is the multiwall polycarbonate sheets that are nowadays popular in commercial industries.

Choose WeProfab Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

WeProfab is an ISO-certified polycarbonate sheets manufacturer that provides services worldwide. We are based in China and provide customization on our polycarbonate sheets products, such as dimensions, colors, and more. All your needs are met in WeProfab. Quality and the efficiency of the product are waiting with great deals. Below are some of the types of multiwall polycarbonate sheets we produce. Our company manufactures sub-type of multiwall polycarbonate sheets, like a triple wall, four-wall, five, and others. The more layers each wall has the more thermal insulation it provides. We bring the quality product right to your doorstep without damage.

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Amber Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

With gauges from 16mm to 35mm, amber multiwall polycarbonate sheets are designed for easy cut and are lightweight. It can be installed easily.

Clear Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Clear Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets are with 85% light transmittance. It is perfect for veranda and pathway roofing. It gauges from 16mm-25mm is customizable measurement.

Fluted Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Excellent in providing thermal insulation, fluted multiwall polycarbonate sheets are best for carports, stadium enclosures, gazebos, and more.


Opaque Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Available in various colors and dimensions, this type of multiwall polycarbonate sheet is designed to withstand impacts.

Tinted Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The tinted multiwall polycarbonate sheet is great in designing aesthetic walls or roofing. It can be 10mm-25mm thick. Tinted polycarbonate is available in other colors.

Unbreakable Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Unbreakable Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets are tough and can be used for various applications. The surface is finished and available in multiple colors.

WeProfab: Your Leading Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Manufacturer

Reputable manufacturers of multiwall polycarbonate sheets in China, WeProfab brings to you the best insulation you need for your greenhouses, gazebo, carport roofing, etc. Whether you need it for personal application or for business expansion multiwall polycarbonate sheets by our company are the best fit for you.

We are your one-stop-shop solution for polycarbonate materials. We develop multiwall polycarbonate sheets that are audited and passed by the local and international auditing bodies. Line up with the best maker of quality polycarbonate sheets.

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Custom Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets to Skyrocket Your Brand

Anti-fog Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Anti-fog multiwall polycarbonate sheet can stand high humidity areas. It can be easily cleaned because of its smooth surface.

Anti-glare Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The anti-glare multiwall polycarbonate sheet has high impact capacity and offers cut made as request. It is best in displaying images thus can be used as billboards and others.

Anti-scratched Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The anti-scratched polycarbonate sheets are double-coated. It is highly reliable in intensively used areas like laboratories and the like.

Bronze Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Works best under the sun this type of multiwall polycarbonate sheet is durable and prevents harmful rays from passing. It is best in the outside veranda, carport, and more.

Bulletproof Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Bulletproof multiwall polycarbonate sheet is virtually unbreakable. With incredibly high impact tolerance and gives the best insulation. It can be used for inside and outside applications.

Corrugated Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The corrugated multiwall polycarbonate sheet is very bendable to fit the area you need; it is also available in different colors like orange, yellow, etc.

Flat Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Flat Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets are designed for easy cutting. It comes in other colors and I best demanded in simple design projects.

Glass Clear Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Glass-like property but 250 times stronger than glass, this type of sheet is available in cut-to-size customization.

UV Resistant Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The UV-resistant sheet property is because of both sides’ coating. It is available in a triple to five wall layer, and colors of your choice.

Co-Extrusion Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The co-extrusion multiwall polycarbonate sheets have various wall structures, including twin, triple, four, and more. They have limitless lengths that are easy to cut as customers’ requirements. Their surfaces are coated with UV-protected and anti-fog layers.

Flexible Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The flexible multiwall polycarbonate sheets are available in various colors, including opal, bronze, milky white, and more. Since these sheets are flexible, they are easy to form and shape, based on customers’ requests. They have a lighter weight than glass.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

The multiwall polycarbonate sheets for roofings have more impact strength to withstand temperature changes. They can carry heavy loads, like snow, during specific seasons. These sheets have customizable thicknesses and structures.

Multiwall Plastic Tiles Polycarbonate Sheets

The multiwall plastic tiles polycarbonate sheets are suitable for awnings, hotel walls, greenhouses, swimming pol covers, and more. These sheets feature scratch, UV, fire resistance, and more properties.

Cellular Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Cellular multiwall polycarbonate sheets feature waterproof and weather resistance. They have UV-protected coatings to block hazardous sunrays. These multiwall polycarbonate sheets mostly have transparent colors;  however, they are customizable.

Screened Porch Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The screened porch multiwall polycarbonate sheets are also suitable for commercial buildings, awnings, farmhouses, and more applications. They have modern designs with various structures, layers, thicknesses, and lengths.

Thermoclear Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Themoclear multiwall polycarbonate sheets have traditional designs, particularly with three layers. They feature high qualities and excellent corrosion resistance. These polycarbonate sheets are suitable for canopy lightings, ceiling access, greenhouses, and shopping malls.

Construction Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

For construction, the multiwall polycarbonate sheets have stronger impact strength, high-durability and are not easy to tear. These are easy to bend by hot and cold bending processes. They also resist fire, making them ideal for construction building applications and more.

Outdoor Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Outdoor multiwall polycarbonate sheets are accessible in different color options to suit specific utilization. They are environmentally friendly materials designed for farmhouses, hotels, and skylight roofings. They have about 250 times more robust than ordinary glass.

U-Locked Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

U-locked multiwall polycarbonate sheets have various levels of thicknesses and colors. They are designed with different multiwall structures, like four walls, honeycomb, five walls, eight walls, and more. However, these sheets are customizable according to customers’ demands.

Danpalon Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Danpalon multiwall polycarbonate sheets are available in two walls R-structure, three walls W structures, H structures, D structures, and more. They have different measures of thicknesses with over 300 hues selections. These sheets are for skylights and roofing applications.

Anti-UV Colored Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Anti-UV colored multiwall polycarbonate sheets have outstanding fireproof performance, thermal insulation effects, anti-yellowing, and anti-drip features. Depending on structure designs and thickness, they have increased anti-snow and anti-wind pressure.

Decoration Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Decoration multiwall polycarbonate sheets are usually in honeycomb, twin walls, triple walls, and four walls structures. They have lasting quality without yellowing and discoloration. These sheets are excellent decoration for hotels, displays, advertising, and more.

Smooth Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The multiwall polycarbonate sheets with smooth surfaces are easy to install and maintain. Using these sheets for greenhouses, skylight, or roofings provide natural light and save energy. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are ideal for leisure facilities, sports venues, apartments, and more.

Hollow Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Hollow multiwall polycarbonate sheets have low and high-temperature resistance, UV-protected layers, and anti-aging features. They are practical to use for airport canopies, greenhouses, skylights, awnings, and more. Their colors and dimension are customizable.

Two Layer Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The two-layered multiwall polycarbonate sheets are applicable for advertising billboards, roofings, sheds, and other outdoor applications. These two-layered polycarbonate sheets can filter about 99% ultra-violet rays. They have lighter weight, making them more convenient to handle than glass.

Modern Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Modern multiwall polycarbonate sheets have a wide range of applications, including awnings, skylights, and carports. Numerous multiwall structures, thicknesses, and hues are customizable according to orders. They give a suitable level of light that saves energy.

Plug Pattern Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

The plug pattern multiwall polycarbonate sheets are for highway covers, rail transits, advertising, awning, and more usages. These sheets feature light density, excellent heat preservation, and high impact pressure. They have a more secured design with different thicknesses and structures.

Waved Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Waved multiwall polycarbonate sheets are also applicable for construction and decoration applications. These waved polycarbonate sheets feature strong toughness, high quality, durability, and ultraviolet tolerance. They are perfect roofings with anti-fog and UV protection.

Standing Seam Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Standing seam multiwall polycarbonate sheets are bendable. The sheets are easy to form according to customers’ designs. They are suitable for installing arches, windows, roofing, and other usages. These multiwall polycarbonate sheets provide about 95% light transmission, depending on color.

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Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Why WeProfab Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Weprofab multiwall polycarbonate sheets are excellent and reliable sheets. If you’re searching for outstanding quality multiwall polycarbonate sheets, then WeProFab got you covered. Our company is expert in developing multiwall polycarbonate sheets. Each item is carefully checked before delivery.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Our product is available in diverse features, sizes, and colors that suffice the need of your next project. WeProfab multiwall polycarbonate sheets gain a good reputation in the market. It is because of their durability and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Compared to other materials, Weprofab multiwall polycarbonate sheets are indeed practical and easy to install.

WeProfab Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Applications

  • Gazebo Enclosure
  • Building Partition
  • Greenhouses
  • Carports
  • Sheds
  • Patios
  • Skywalks
  • Veranda Alcove

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

These highly innovative sheets have a rising demand nowadays due to their flexibility and durability, customers rely mainly on them. It is immensely practical that it cuts labor costs and even renovations. These products are made to excel the expectation of time and natural phenomenon.

Not only that multiwall polycarbonate sheets are strong and reliable but they also it doesn’t go away with aesthetics. Its simple but elegant features captivated the eyes of architecture since its exposure to the public.

Benefits of WeProfab Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

  • Sustainable
  • Easy Installation
  • UV Rays Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Shatterproof
  • Easy cleaning
  • Aesthetic
  • Cost-efficient

Maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of these multiwall polycarbonate sheets is never a problem. It has different features like anti-fog that mainly prevent molds from growing. WeProfab multiwall polycarbonate sheets surfaces are designed for better ergonomics.

You can be assured that our products exceed its performance. Most often these types of sheets are strong enough to last a very long period of time. A change in designs and renovations with these kinds of roofing or materials is a rational decision because it can still be used for another application.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

These great deals are offered to you by WeProfab. Our company supports your needs, solves your innovation concerns, and considers your creativity. Our services are mainly to supply the needs and practicality of the industrial material without setting aside the quality of the product. Cheap does not mean low quality.

WeProfab delivers your orders in the safest way possible. Each item is secured in packaging to avoid damages or returns. Thus, saves your time and money.

Stay in touch with us. Our team is round-the-clock available to address your inquiries.

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Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide has all answers you’re looking for about the Multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

From definition, benefits, R-value, design, production to quality inspection – today’s guide will make you an expert in the Multiwall polycarbonate sheet industry.

Let’s dive right in:

What is a Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

It refers to a type of structured thermoplastic component, which features a co-extruded protective layer designed to provide a stable weathering surface.

It is highly regarded as the most versatile designed plastic component currently in the market.

It offers an ideal solution for a wide range of structural applications.

 Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

 Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

What are the Design Options of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet available?

The design options of this component are quite a several.

In most instances, you can always find the standard or customized designs.

But the availability of most designs is also limited to a specific suppliers of this component.

WeProFab, for instance, offers a wide array of designs for this component hence broadening your selection needs.

Some of the typical options to choose from WeProFab include the following;

  • Clear hammered
  • Clear prismatic
  • Textured polycarbonate
  • Clear extruded
  • Clear twinwall
  • Black and white
  • Clear AR2 UV sheet

Can Multiwall polycarbonate sheet discolor?

Under normal circumstances or conditions, a multiwall polycarbonate sheet will never discolor irrespective of how long it lasts.

The integration of the coloring compound on this component during manufacturing is performed under advanced and hi-tech intense interventions.

But when subjected to abnormal conditions, it might show slight signs of discoloring.

And this might only happen after lasting for several years, perhaps over two decades or so.

Moreover, should it fade or show signs of discoloring, you can always restore it to its original state.

What must you Consider when Buying Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

You need to look into the nitty-gritty since it’s the ideal way of attaining the best and suitable panel for your needs.

One aspect you must always consider is the specific application or your project.

It helps to guide you on selecting the most appropriate multiwall sheet, which fits your needs.

You also need to consider the quality or grade of this component.

Of course, it comes in various grades including flame-retardant, shatter-resistance, etc.

The specific grade plays a fundamental role in obtaining the best results for your application.

Additionally, you also need to look into your budget. It is what enables you to determine the quality and quantity of the multiwall polycarbonate sheet you’ll need.

Moreover, you should consider the design, shape, color, and customization needs for this component.

Hence, it is vital to find out whether or not your preferred supplier can provide all which meet your requirements.

Is Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet UV-resistant?

Yes, to a great extent.

During the manufacturing of this component, many manufacturers nowadays tend to incorporate a specific UV stabilizer additive.

This additive is vital in preventing the harmful ultraviolet rays from attacking and penetrating through the surface of this component.

How Durable is Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

It is exceptionally durable!

A multiwall polycarbonate sheet is formed from natural components, with incredible features.

Its processing technique also enhances its durability since it integrates several critical aspects.

This material has a strong resistance to many elements.

It is virtually unbreakable and can withstand any form of the unfavorable condition it is subjected to.

So under normal circumstances, it can last for as many as 40 years or beyond.

Can you Drill through Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Absolutely right!

This component generally has a soft surface, which allows you to drill through it effortlessly.

The most critical element in drilling a polycarbonate sheet is ensuring you’re using the right drill bit and regulating the drilling speed.

The essence of regulating drilling speed is to prevent incidences of material melting as a result of friction.

What is the difference between Twinwall and Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Twinwall polycarbonate sheet is essentially a type of thermoplastic panel, which comes with double exterior surfaces joined with a plastic support layer to create parallel channels.

Twinwall polycarbonate sheet

Twinwall polycarbonate sheet

Mostly, it is quite clear, but the clarity is limited to light only and not necessarily sight.

A multiwall polycarbonate sheet, on the other hand, is also a highly structured thermoplastic material with a co-extruded protective layer.

It is available in numerous colors and has superior clarity both for sight and light.

 Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

 Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Which is Better between Multiwall Polycarbonate and Glass Sheet?

In comparison, the multiwall polycarbonate sheet has far many superior qualities, both chemical and mechanical to the glass sheet.

These two materials are far apart since the differences are quite apparent.

For one, polycarbonate is almost 250 times stronger, and 50% lighter than the glass sheet.

Polycarbonate is also pliable and can never break compared to the glass sheet, which is brittle and prone to breakage.

Moreover, polycarbonate is exceptionally durable and tolerant to a wide range of physical, climatic, and environmental elements compared to the glass sheets.

Thus it is quite apparent multiwall polycarbonate sheet is far much better than the glass sheet.

What is the Best Material to be Substitute with Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

The best material to replace this component would be, which offers similar or close features, both mechanical and chemical.

In this case, acrylic comes out as an ideal material to substitute with a multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

Acrylic shares more or less similar features with polycarbonate, albeit the latter offers slightly, superior elements to the former.

For instance, both are lightweight, can withstand impact and pressure, and also have incredible tolerance to extreme temperatures.

Both acrylic and polycarbonate have excellent dimensional stability, optical clarity and are both pliable thus easy to customize.

Therefore, it comes out as an ideal material to use in place of the polycarbonate multiwall sheet.

Is there a difference between Solid and Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Yes but the difference is quite negligible.

Essentially, solid polycarbonate is a relatively clear sheet, which looks like a panel of glass.

On the other hand, a multiwall polycarbonate sheet is a component with flutings, which run through the entire sheeting.

Solid polycarbonate sheet

Solid polycarbonate sheet

What is the Suitable Thickness for Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Ideally, this is entirely dependent on the specific application, user preference, and professional recommendation.

In other words, there is no definite thickness for any multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

For example, the thickness required for a roofing panel will be quite different from let’s say patio fence.

Generally, applications with components, which require more strength and impact or pressure resistance, are often relatively thicker.

In general, though, the ideal thickness for this component should be at least 3mm.

But depending on the application, you can use any thickness of up to about 35mm if need be.

How do you Cut Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

It is always easy to cut a multiwall polycarbonate sheet irrespective of the technique you choose to use.

However, you also need to know the effectiveness of cutting this material, and getting the best result is dependent on the thickness of the sheet.

For any thickness of fewer than 0.125 inches, using a basic pair of hand shears would suffice.

If the thickness is greater than 0.125 inches, you would need to use a mechanical hand saw or power saw depending on what you deem ideal and convenient.

A basic DIY procedure for cutting this component nevertheless entails placing it on a flat surface then measure and mark the cuts you want to make.

It then follows by using a fine-toothed saw blade to cut the material at a consistent speed continuously until the cut is complete.

If you’re using power tools, also ensure you regulate the speed to prevent the material from possible melting due to high temperatures.

Where can you buy Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Several suppliers, dealers, and vendors sell a broad range of multiwall polycarbonate sheets in various platforms.

They are all over, but the best place to find one is by searching on the internet.

Many of these dealers have established their online presence, and they have different websites and other web platforms where potential buyers can reach them.

For example, in China, you can always search on these dealers and suppliers online to get a gist of what they are offering.

A suitable merchant for this item shall be able to guide you through the ordering and purchasing process until you get your consignment.

Nevertheless, it is always advisable to be wary of any online interaction and transaction.

So you only need to commit to a credible merchant or supplier, thus the necessity of carrying out thorough background research.

Can you Polish Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Most definitely!

Polycarbonate itself is essentially one of the most easy-to-polish thermoplastic material.

This, therefore, makes it easy for you to polish the multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

Even so, the ideal polishing technique for this component also varies significantly depending on the specific applications.

Vapor polishing polycarbonate, nonetheless, comes out as a leading polishing technique for most multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

This method primarily uses solvent vapor to flow on the material surface of this panel.

It is effective since you can use it to polish both interior and exterior surfaces of this component.

Buffing is also another common polishing technique you can use on a multiwall polycarbonate panel.

However, it is most effective for exterior surfaces in many applications.

It is more of a mechanical process hence typically suitable for smaller surfaces.

Is Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Recyclable?

Absolutely right!

Polycarbonate essentially is a material derived from natural resources hence making it one of the easily recyclable thermoplastics.

Of course, the multiwall sheets are quite durable and can last for as many years as possible.

Even so, after using it, you’d rather recycle them than disposing of.

Many companies always recycle this component by using as simple but somewhat enhanced process.

The process, in many instances, involves, sorting, shredding, washing, and turning it into granulate ready for suppliers to reuse it.

How do you Fix Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

 Clear multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Clear multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Generally, the technique for fixing a multiwall polycarbonate sheet is dependent on the specific application.

It is to mean each project or application has a unique way of installing or fixing this component.

However, the basic principles always require you have all the necessary materials, tools and equipment for installing it.

So primarily, you’ll have to get the measurements of the space where you are installing this sheet.

It is what guides you in making sure you get and cut the right dimensions for this panel.

Then you need to erect supporting components such as pillars and railings where you will secure the sheet on once they are ready.

You’ll then pick different pieces of multiwall polycarbonate sheet and attach them on the railings or posts.

You can either use adhesives or screws to secure the sheets on the supporting materials.

Once this is done, you can then choose to counter-check the surface and figure out if there is any inconsistency or irregularity before using it.

Afterwards, you can decide to start using the structure.

But always remember the installation procedure and technique is different depending on the type of structure you are making.

How do you Customize Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Since multiwall polycarbonate can be used in varied applications, it implies you can as well personalize it certain ways to suit your requirements.

Additionally, the material itself is also soft and pliable, making it easy to fabricate it.

Some of the techniques you can use to customize this component include the following;

Cutting-to-size – It is arguably one of the commonly used customization methods on this type of polycarbonate sheet.

Typically, it often comes as large sheets, and perhaps your project requires pieces of smaller dimensions.

So the ultimate approach, in this case, is to reduce the size to match your application accordingly.

Drilling – You can as well use power drills and ideal drill bit to create holes on specific points on the surface of the multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

And this is vital, especially for applications, which requires attaching the sheet on a surface using screws.

Welding – It is a customization technique, which entails joining different pieces of this component mostly by heating.

It is an ideal approach more so offering a better alternative to cases where use of adhesive seem impractical.

Lamination – It is also a common customization approach you use on this polycarbonate sheet.

It merely involves applying a separate film or layer on the surface of multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

Typically, it helps to enhance aesthetic element on this component.

Printing – You can as well include graphics, logos, and signage on the surface of this component.

How do you Take Care of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

You have to know how and when to maintain multiwall polycarbonate sheet at all costs.

As much as it is a hardy component, ideal maintenance plays a great role in enhancing its functionality and durability too.

Some of the better ways of taking care of this unit include the following;

It is a component with a relatively soft surface and thus quite sensitive to scratches.

Therefore, you need to ensure you clear or remove all the scratches often as they occur.

This act helps to enhance the clarity and quality of this component, thus making it efficient.

You also need to clean the surface of this component where possible, especially those used in applications pre-exposed to dirt.

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet also attracts dirt easily, and much of it can deteriorate the efficiency of this unit.

Also, if need be, you can as well polish the surface of this material, particularly where there is fading or signs of discoloration.

However, this is not necessarily common, and it can take many years before multiwall polycarbonate sheet fades or discolors.

What are the main Applications of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

You can use multiwall polycarbonate sheet in several applications.

However, some of the most common ones include the following;

Polycarbonate carport

Polycarbonate carport

Greenhouse – It is most common in setting up greenhouses for producing several types of crops, mostly fruits and vegetables. And this as a result of excellent thermal insulation of this component.

Roofing – Most structures nowadays incorporate a wide range of multiwall polycarbonate sheets for roofing solutions.

Its resistance to heat, corrosion, and also offers high optical clarity thus ideal for illuminated spaces.

Fencing – You can as well use this type of polycarbonate material to erect a fence on varied spaces. For instance, patios, garden and even the main establishment.

Swimming pool – Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are common in most swimming pool applications. They are used as pool covers, fences, walls and windows, among others depending on the design.

Walkways – It also forms a major application of this component. In most instances, they are clear hence ideal for walkways.

Carports – Multiwall polycarbonate sheets can also be used to provide temporary protection to vehicles mostly from heavy rains and snow.

Can you Bond Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet with Adhesives?

Most definitely!

Adhesive bonding is one of the core ways of attaching multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

Adhesive bonds well with chemical compounds of polycarbonate, thus making it easy to yield a strong attachment.

This, certainly, can be between two polycarbonate sheet surfaces or with another compatible material.

Even so, you have to ensure you are using a credible adhesive designed for polycarbonate material.

It is the only way of attaining desirable results since not all adhesives can bond a multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

What is the Suitable Surface Treatment for Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

They are quite a number, and the preferable type is also largely dependent on the specific application of the multiwall sheet.

For example, if your interest is to prevent the surface material of this component from scratching, the suitable treatment would be an anti-scratch coating.

This addictive helps to enhance the surface of the component and bar any abrasive object from causing marks on it.

Also, if you desire to eliminate moisture from accumulating on this unit, the best surface coating would be an anti-fog coating.

This treatment helps in removing moisture or fog from forming on the surface, thus enhancing clarity always.

Moreover, if yours is to prevent ultraviolet rays from attacking and possibly discoloring the component, then you need to use UV stabilizer.

Ideally, this treatment has powerful compounds, which protect the material from UV rays irrespective of the intensity of the sun.

And most significantly, if it about barring or eliminating excess light from your project, the suitable treatment would be an anti-glare coating.

Therefore, it is quite clear the ideal surface treatment for the multiwall polycarbonate sheet is purely dependent on specific distortion.

And so the need for using the coating to enhance functionality, accordingly.

What is the Cost of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Several elements determine the price of a specific multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

In most cases, suppliers usually value their products differently, of course, depending on numerous aspects surrounding the production process.

Therefore, you’ll find different brands at different rates when shopping for a multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

Secondly, many clients often prefer to order for customized components.

And it is understandable since various people have different tastes for their specific projects.

The level of personalization of these polycarbonate components, therefore, defines the price.

Another aspect is shipping and duty charges incorporated when buying this component.

And this is usually common when importing this type of polycarbonate sheet to foreign countries from China.

So depending on shipping charges and payable duty, the cost of this material will obviously fluctuate.

Moreover, the quality of polycarbonate material used to manufacture the multiwall sheet is another price determinant factor.

Those produced from premium polycarbonate tend to be quite expensive than other relatively low-class polycarbonate material.

So in a nutshell, there’s no standard price for this component.

How does China Implement Quality Production of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

China is unquestionably the leading source of quality multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

This is as a result of stringent quality measures put in place.

In China, the authorities enforce a broad range of regulations to enhance the quality production of these items. Some of these policies include the following;

All the suppliers must be ratified by the specific agencies regulating the operations of the manufacturing sector.

This is to ensure there is consistency and accountability when it comes to production, branding, and selling of these products.

Chinese authorities also ensure all manufacturers purchase and use approved machinery only for production purposes.

Such machines and equipment have been verified and meet the minimum requirements, thus guaranteeing quality.

At the same time, the machinery in different suppliers’ plants is also serviced and maintained regularly.

It helps in guaranteeing consistency in the production of these polycarbonate sheets at all times.

In China, all the manufacturers must employ highly qualified and knowledgeable personnel in the specific area of production.

In essence, it helps to increase quality production since the workforce will be dealing with elements they understand better.

They also have to undergo regular, relevant training often.

The authorities in China also ensure the manufacturers are using quality raw materials to produce multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

Of course, it is what eventually culminates to the ultimate quality end product.

And most fundamentally, in China, all the processed multiwall polycarbonate must conform to a wide range of stipulated quality standards.

This applies to all irrespective of whether they are designed for use locally or internationally.

Some of such standards include ISO, ASTM and UL, among others.

What is the Production Lead Time for Customized Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

Essentially, this is entirely dependent on specific suppliers you are dealing with.

Every manufacturer has different production lead times depending on a wide range of elements.

For example, the quantity of the multiwall polycarbonate sheet you are seeking is a vital determinant of lead time.

Also, the complexity or simplicity of the customization for this component is another significant element in determining this lead time.

Ideally, it happens most of the time, and different suppliers would provide varying timelines depending on the level of customization.

The fundamental aspect, in this case, is consulting with the manufacturer to figure-out the workable and practical lead time.

Of course, some would offer one week, and others up to 4 weeks. The bottom line is it all depends on different factors.

What is the R-value of the Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet?

 R value of multiwall polycarbonate sheet

R value of multiwall polycarbonate sheet

It refers to the measurement of the insulating ability of a particular multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

In this case, it is dependent on the specific thickness of these components.

Typically, when the R-value number is higher, the insulation tends to be greater.

For instance, a multiwall polycarbonate sheet of 4mm and 8mm thickness have R-values of 1.43 and 1.83, respectively.

As you can see, there are many aspects you should consider the multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

Here at WeProFab, we have high quality and reliable multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

Whether you want a small quantity or for OEM business, WeProFab is here to support you.


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