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WeProFab is the leading latex gloves manufacturer in China. We can produce lots of types of latex gloves products. It is ideal for medical and industrial needs. You can have our high-quality, durable, and affordable latex gloves product. Get in touch with us now!

Get WeProFab Latex Gloves to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab latex gloves manufacturer provides protection in any type of industrial demand. It provides plenty of types that suit everyone’s applications.

Anti-scratch Latex Gloves

At WeProFab, the anti-scratch latex gloves are perfect for providing protection to hands. It is best to use in rough surface since it has scratch-resistant that remains the quality of latex gloves.

Medical Latex Gloves

Our medical latex gloves are ideal for the medical industry and it is generally used by surgeons and doctors performing small procedures. It protects from bloodborne pathogens and other environmental contaminants.

Nitrile Rubber Latex Gloves

Our nitrile rubber latex gloves are a durable synthetic rubber and have very low allergy rates. It also in-demand types of gloves due to its versatility, excellent chemical resistance, and low cost.

Non-disposable Latex Gloves

Our non-disposable latex gloves are created to give maximum durability and strength. It offers thick and has resistance to irritants. It is ideal for washing dishes or completing other common cleaning tasks.

Non-sterile Latex Gloves

At WeProFab, the non-sterile latex gloves can be applied in medical purposes for cross-contamination protection of the user and the patient. It has a micro-rough surface and chemical additives.

Smooth Latex Gloves

At WeProFab, the smooth latex gloves provide non-textured, smooth inner, and outer surfaces. It offers high-quality protection for your hands and feels comfortable in every use.

WeProFab: Your Leading Latex Gloves Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture between Chinese local fabrication and WeeTect Limited Material producer. We offer a one-stop-shop for applicable products especially nowadays. WeProFab is the main latex gloves manufacturer in China.

We can fabricate latex gloves to reach any medical, foodservice, and industrial needs. You can choose powdered, colored, white or black, disposable, anti-scratch, non-disposable, smooth, non-sterile, and so on. We can guarantee to have high-quality and best latex gloves products.

As a CE certified, WeProFab strictly controls the quality products purchased before delivering to our customers. We properly hygiene all of latex gloves products to ensure the safeness of everyone’s health.

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Custom Latex Gloves to Expand Your Brand

Black Latex Gloves

If you want to have a black color for your latex gloves, WeProFab is your best supplier. It is also best for cleaning soiled garments.

Colored Latex Gloves

In WeProFab, we can fabricate latex gloves in colored and you can select from our black or white color. It provides protection for users and patients.

Disposable Latex Gloves

Our disposable latex gloves are designed for single use. It protects from mild irritants and chemicals in food service or medical settings.

Powdered Latex Gloves

Our powdered latex gloves make you easier to put on and it can prevent gloves from sticking together. You can feel comfortable using it.

White Latex Gloves

WeProFab can produce white latex gloves which are applicable for handling hazardous substances and has a maximum stretchability.

Black Disposable Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are disposable and available in black color. Protect from harmful materials like detergents perfect for cleaning, domestic work, and more. It has extra protection on the arm from irritation and chemical splashes.

Blue Latex Gloves

Blue latex gloves are widely used in the medical industry. Also, use for any cleaning environments and examinations featuring tear resistance that prevents hazardous chemicals.

Cleaning Latex Gloves

Cleaning latex gloves are commonly powdered. Certified sterile and non-sterile cleaning latex gloves for your wholesale, retail, and distribution business.

Custom Color Latex Gloves

WeProFab offered customized colors for your latex glove orders. Available in various sizes, features, and characteristics. It has great tear resistance and is anti-irritation suitable for extended use.

Flexible Latex Gloves

Flexible latex gloves have superior dexterity. It provides an excellent level of protection from a broad range of hazards. Accessible at a cheaper rate suitable for your expandable business.

Food Prep Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are also used for any food preparation. Easier to don and remove because of the smooth surface. Provide great property of resistance for sensitive skin and protects from irritation.

Medical Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are suitable for medical use. Commonly used blue and white latex gloves featuring tear resistance. Smooth and easier to wear and remove that prevents skin irritation. Suitable for any type of skin.

Non-Sterile Latex Gloves

Non-sterile latex gloves are FDA-approved. Available in various colors including white, blue, black, and more. It has a great property of resistance to chemicals and protect from the hazardous environment.

Powder Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are also powder-free. Suitable for medical use that prevents skin irritation. Easier to wear and remove because of the smooth surface. Sterile latex gloves safety for medical environments.

Small Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are designed in different sizes and free sizes suitable for any environment. Small latex gloves have loose-fitting. Easier to wear, provide direct care, and has excellent performance for various applications.

Sterile Latex Gloves

Sterile latex gloves are more durable than FDA-certified gloves. Safety for medical, food prep, and more examination. Effective powered and non-powder gloves are available in a variety of colors for color coding.

Synthetic Vinyl Latex Gloves

If you are looking for durable and cost-effective latex gloves, WeProFab ensures great property of resistance for your orders. FDA-approved and sanitized synthetic vinyl latex gloves at a cheaper rate offers.

White Latex Gloves

White latex gloves are available in powdered and non-powder. Sterile and non-sterile gloves are both FDA-approved and perfect for your wholesale and retail business. Cost-effective and profitable white latex gloves.

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Why WeProFab Latex Gloves Manufacturer

If you want to have a latex gloves manufacturer for any type of business, WeProFab is your best manufacturer for that. We can guarantee the best latex gloves products since we are exceeding 20 years in the industry. We can do lots of latex gloves products that are suitable for any kind of needs.

WeProFab can manufacture different types of latex gloves such as medical latex gloves, anti-scratch latex gloves, smooth latex gloves, non-sterile latex gloves, non-disposable latex gloves, and so on. We fabricate different types of latex gloves to gain protection for everyone, especially in pandemic days.

Latex Gloves Manufacturer

Our latex gloves can be used in different kinds of applications that include food processing, janitorial and sanitation, automotive, and manufacturing industries. It is also applicable to medical industries like medical and dental, child care, senior care, food services, and so on. All of our manufactured latex gloves products meet any medical, foodservice, and industrial need.

Our latex gloves are ideal for healthcare workers like physicians, aides, nurses, dentists, operating room employees, dental hygienists, laboratory technicians, hospital keeping personnel, and more.

WeProFab is your best supplier when it comes to manufacturing latex gloves since it made of natural latex that can have extremely soft and flexible.

Latex Gloves Manufacturer

WeProFab latex gloves product can offer you powdered latex gloves, disposable latex gloves, and colored latex gloves.

Our latex gloves are frequently lightly powdered in starch to make it easier to handle and put-on. You can also choose your desire color for your latex gloves since we have fabricated black and white colors. We will glad to assist with your demand.

If you wanting to have a latex gloves supplier or want to have the best manufacturer for latex gloves product, you can trust on WeProFab. We have fabricated our products using our advanced types of equipment to reach every customer’s desire.

As WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified we manage the quality of our products before transporting so we can gain customer’s trust and satisfaction with our products.

For further questions or discussions with regards to fabricating latex gloves, please message us now to get a quick response.

Latex Gloves Manufacturer

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Latex Gloves Manufacturer

Throughout the world, people wear gloves to protect their skin and hands from harmful substances.

Approximately 4.2 billion disposable latex gloves are used every day.

These gloves are used every day in the chemical industry and medical facilities.

They provide a wide range of protection to all substances.

The usage rate of latex gloves is very high, and this raises many concerns about the manufacturer of latex gloves.

Read on for our ultimate FAQ Guide to find out all the answers you need if you have any questions regarding the latex gloves manufacturer.

Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves

What Do Latex Gloves Manufacturers Use To Make Latex Gloves?

Latex gloves are made from natural rubber. It is reaped from the rubber tree and then preserved with ammonia.

It is then purified and concentrated to get rid of unwanted impurities and extra water.

You then mix the concentration with other chemicals to form into latex.

This latex is used to make gloves.

This whole process is not complicated and very inexpensive.

This is why they are available in massive amounts and at lower prices.

You can watch this video to find out how latex gloves are made.

What Do Latex Gloves Manufacturers Claim Are The Benefits Of Latex Gloves?

Latex gloves have a lot of benefits, which allows it to be used in almost all fields.

Here are advantages of latex gloves claimed by the manufacturers:

· FDA Approved

Latex gloves are one of the few gloves that are FDA approved to be used in medical applications.

Latex gloves have shown resistance against many bodily fluids.

It has also shown protection against bloodborne pathogens, harmful chemicals, and other pollutants that can cause some serious ailments.

It is recognized for its resilience and has been used in the medical industry for many years now.

· Better Fit

Latex gloves are considered the most comfortable gloves provided by gloves manufacturer as they have a tighter feel than any other glove.

This fit means that it doesn’t wrinkle around your wrist and fingers, and you can actually feel what you are doing.

· Chemical Resistance

Manufacturers claim these gloves provide chemical resistance from a wide range of chemicals.

Testing has backed its claims and the latex gloves can protect you from acids, bases, chlorine, iodine, and formaldehyde.

For better protection in case of handling corrosive chemicals, manufacturers also provide latex gloves with higher thickness.

Many laboratories prefer using latex gloves to handle chemicals they are not familiar with.

· Offers Better Puncture Protection

Latex gloves are thin but are very durable and stretchy.

It is not very easy to tear them apart and requires a lot of strength to do so.

This durability makes them ideal when handling sharp objects, especially in the kitchen, and also while handling harsh cleaners.

This property also makes them popular in mechanical and industrial work.

· Dexterity And Greater Movement

Latex gloves provide freehand motion and greater dexterity compared to other gloves because of their tight fit.

This makes it perfect for dentists and surgeons because they have to use small tools to reach small places, which requires extra precision.

Latex gloves provide them with exactly what they need.

· Available In Different Thicknesses

Latex gloves are manufactured in various thicknesses for different uses as the thicker the glove greater its durability and resistance.

Thick gloves are used in labs and cleaning industries as it provides greater protection and does not degrade easily.

In the household, both thin and thick latex gloves are used because different chores require different protection.

In medical use, thin latex gloves are preferred as they provide greater hand movement than other gloves.

 Latex Gloves for Cooking

Latex Gloves for Cooking

Are Latex Gloves Food Safe According To The Latex Gloves Manufacturers?

Yes,latex gloves are food safe according to the FDA and can be used in preparing food items.

It is especially preferred that you wear them when handling very spicy foods.

Gloves are obligatory to be worn when food are concerned, and latex gloves are considered the best for this job.

It is also safe to eat your food while wearing latex gloves.

If you are using disposable latex gloves, they have to be thrown away after a meal.

Types of Latex Gloves

Types of Latex Gloves

What Are The Main Types Of Latex Gloves Provided By Latex Gloves Manufacturer?

There are two core types of latex gloves provided by the manufacturers.

These are

· Disposable Latex Gloves

Disposable latex gloves are one-time use only and they have to be thrown away after the work is completed.

They cannot be worn again and again.

Disposable latex gloves are usually thin but very durable.

They provide great chemical resistance as well and are used in medical treatments.

Disposable latex gloves come in packs of fifty, hundred, hundred and fifty depending upon the manufacturer you are getting it from.

· Rubber Latex Gloves

Rubber latex gloves are meant to be used again and again.

These are not disposable and can be used for a long period.

The gloves are very durable and almost impossible to puncture during any activity.

They are very thick and are very good to use when handling chemicals.

Rubber latex gloves are not 100% latex and may have a lot of impurities included in it.

Due to this extra inclusion of chemicals, it makes it non-biodegradable.

Because of this, you may prefer to use disposable gloves if you are environmentally conscious.

 Different Colors of Latex Gloves

 Different Colors of Latex Gloves

What Are The Different Colors Of Latex Gloves Provided By Latex Gloves Manufacturers?

Latex gloves are available in many different colors. The three main colors provided by the latex gloves manufacturers are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Clear

Some other colors of latex gloves include:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Green

Some manufacturers also provide latex gloves for cosplays and as a part of costumes.

They can be multi-colored or designed.

Why Do Latex Gloves Manufacturers Provide Different Colors Of Latex Gloves?

The three main colors, black, blue, and clear, plays a very important role in color-coding the staff into groups and sections.

Let’s look into the different colors and their roles:

· Black

Black gloves are mainly associated with auto workers and industrial use.

The color contrast against black gloves allows you to see different parts of mechanical tubes more clearly.

· Blue

Doctors and dentists mostly use the blue color as it helps to differentiate their hands from red colors of bodily fluids.

Labs that handle blood or are tasked with testing different types of blood samples also prefer using blue gloves as it helps technicians to look at the samples more clearly.

· Clear

Clear gloves are used for handling foods, pets, and for other research purposes that don’t involve blood.

In labs handling chemicals, clear gloves are used because it is easier to see the chemical reactions with them.

· Other Colors

Other colored latex gloves are mainly used in restaurants and in the household.

These different colors look may look better near a sink counter then a dull blue or black color.

These gloves provide protection from harsh cleaners, sharp objects and are ideal for washing dishes.

How True Are The Claims Of Latex Gloves Manufacturers About Resistance Against Corrosive Chemicals?

Latex gloves are very resistant to normal household chemicals and even some acids.

However, the protection may start to break down with very corrosive chemicals.

Corrosive chemicals can dissolve the protective layer of your gloves, which allows other chemicals to start leaching in as well.

If concentrated acetone falls on your gloves, it will start to deteriorate from there bit by bit.

It is not very effective for protecting your skin from corrosive chemicals.

The thickness of the gloves also plays a role in the resistance against the chemicals.

If you are wearing a thin pair of gloves, it can handle some acids, but not all of them.

If you wear really thick latex gloves, then you are more protected from the chemicals including the concentrated ones.

If a chemical is able to dissolve your gloves, you may still have time to take them off and switch to a new pair of gloves.

The list of chemicals that you should be on the lookout for a while wearing latex gloves are:

  • Concentrated acids
  • Concentrated metal salt solutions
  • Concentrated ammonia
  • Concentrated acetone

What Are The Leaching Processes Done By The Latex Gloves Manufacturers?

During the manufacturing of latex gloves, there are two leaching processes. These are:

· Pre-oven Leaching

Coagulant-coated formers are dipped into latex, which was previously compound and mature.

When the freshly manufactured gloves reach the required thickness, they are sent to pre-oven leaching.

It is a comprehensive process that led to the reduction of excess calcium nitrate and some natural rubber protein.

· Post-oven Leaching

Post-oven leaching is very efficient at removing natural latex protein from the glove.

You wash the gloves with continuously replenished warm water after the gloves move through the ovens to remove a considerable amount of residual natural rubber protein.

Latex Gloves for Allergies

 Latex Gloves for Allergies

Will Latex Gloves By The Latex Gloves Manufacturer Cause Allergies?

Some people complain of allergic reactions while using latex or plastic gloves.

These reactions may also be caused by other latex products such as balloons, toys, rubber bands, or helmets.

If you are experiencing allergy to latex, you may experience dry, itchy skin followed by cracks or even sores, runny nose, wheezing and difficulty in breathing, face puffing, shocks, and cramps.

Dermatitis that may come from latex may take a few days to appear.

The rash can last up to a few days to a week, but if you have continued exposure to the latex, it can last longer.

Latex allergy is most common in some people that include:

  • Workers at health care who frequently use latex gloves
  • People who have gone through multiple surgeries
  • People who are already sensitive to other allergies, such as certain food allergies or hay fever.
  • Workers at rubber industries who are often exposed to natural rubber latex can have a latex allergy.
  • Patients getting dental treatments are more at risk of allergies as the procedure includes latex products with the expediency of saliva working as a medium for protein extraction.

However, at present, researchers are still not able to find the level of latex protein actually to be used or the time range an individual should be exposed to get allergic to.

What Do The Latex Gloves Manufacturers Know About The Latex Protein Level?

High levels of proteins in products are that are not leached or filtered properly during the manufacturing process can lead to high exposure to latex and cause allergies.

FDA and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has recommended a limit of 200µg/g for the manufacture of any glove whereas 50 µg/g is at a lower limit.

A new test, ASTM ELISA, is hoped to enable claims of using 1/5th or less.

Keep in mind that there are significant differences between 200, 50, and 10, and generally users are cautious in deciding the values.

Many methods are being adopted to reduce allergenic protein levels and this includes deproteinization and the precipitation of protein.

These methods help in reducing the total protein volume in latex products, making them somewhat less sensitive, as it is impossible to remove all the protein from natural rubber products.

It is also investigated during this research that treating rubber products with papain and bromelain proteases reduces protein extraction.

NRL gloves were used significantly during this research.

Latex Allergy

 Latex Allergy

Are Gloves That Latex Glove Manufacturers Claim To Be Hypoallergenic Really Safe?

Gloves that cause little or no allergic effects are known as hypoallergenic gloves.

Standards of these products are not set by the medical industry.

The term hypoallergenic is usually used in industry and the business world to describe their products as allergic safe or anything that does not cause an allergic reaction.

Generally speaking, hypoallergenic gloves are not safe for people who are prone to have latex allergies.

In fact, the FDA has ruled to remove the labeling of “hypoallergenic” from all glove packaging.

The use of this label is the result of the modified Draize test, which is suitable for observing levels of residual of cleansing chemicals in a product.

It does not detect sensitivity to natural latex protein.

Even if a product is labeled hypoallergenic, it may contain some extent of natural rubber latex and can be misleading to you if you are allergic to natural latex protein.

What Do Latex Glove Manufacturers Suggest To Relieve Latex Allergy Symptoms?

According to latex glove manufacturers, there are several things you can do that can help alleviate the symptoms of glove-related reactions.

Firstly you should consult your health specialist or a dermatologist to confirm if you have a latex allergy.

You can go for cotton gloves or use liners that are made from nylon.

Use gloves that are less chemically treated and are powder-free.

Change your gloves frequently.

You can try some different brands or types of gloves, such as vinyl or nitrile gloves that do not use latex.

You can also try using various soaps and detergents for washing hands to remove the natural latex protein.

To allow air circulation, use gloves that are larger in size.

Hand lotions, water-based creams, or anti-inflammatory creams can be used after or between using gloves.

In severe cases, you may need to use antihistamine and hydrocortisone cream.

If it doesn’t help, your doctor may even prescribe a robust steroid cream.

You may even use steroid pills if the reaction persists.

What Is The Difference Between Powder Free And Powdered Latex Gloves Provided By Latex Gloves Manufacturers?

The difference among these two is that the powder-free latex glove goes through a process called chlorination, and the powdered latex gloves don’t.

Chlorination helps to make latex gloves less form-fitting so that powder is not needed for easy removal.

The downside of this process is that powder-free gloves can be harder to remove quickly.

It also decreases the firmness of the glove.

 Chlorination Process

Chlorination Process

How Has Chlorination Process Done By Latex Gloves Manufacturers?

Chlorination is a process through which chlorine, ammonia, water, and other chemicals are used in glove making.

The chlorination process extracts powder and disintegrates both the latex binding and the chemical compounds on or below the surface of the glove.

Then, the product goes through the leaching process and is washed thoroughly to remove as many substances as possible.

Chlorination that is done poorly can lead to gloves that are thin and fragile, break quickly, and discolor to dark yellow or brown colors.

The gloves will also be very sticky so you will find it difficult to put on or you may feel it is very flexible without traction on the body.

Poor chlorination also produces gloves with a strong odor of chlorine.

Chlorinated powder-free latex exam gloves should not be recommended for dental use as chlorine can be harmful when consumed

You can watch this video to find out how latex items are chlorinated.

Does Glove Powder Use By The Latex Gloves Manufacturer Cause Allergies?

Glove powder is used to coat the molds of the gloves, so it is easier for them to pull out of your hands.

It acts as a lubricating agent for the molds as liquid lubricants cannot be used.

Some people believe that this added powder could be the cause of an unpleasant sensation when you wear gloves.

However, it is vital to understand that the powder used by the manufacturers is cornstarch powder or other starch powder, which has no proof of causing any allergies.

It is during the production process that the glove material is able to absorb any soluble protein.

Those powder particles become airborne by thermal decomposition or anaerobic decomposition.

Allergic reactions are reportedly caused by inhalation or direct contact with these powder particles.

You can counter this by using low protein gloves and powder-free gloves.

What Is The Difference Between Low Protein And Powder-Free Gloves Provided By Latex Gloves Manufacturer?

Powder-free gloves contain very little powder because of the chlorination process.

Low protein gloves contain very little excessive protein.

Low protein gloves provide resistance to allergies, but it has a downside that it loses its durability because of less protein.

You can watch this video to find out alternatives for you if you are allergic to latex gloves.

Are Powder-Free Gloves Made By Latex Gloves Manufacturers Completely Powder-Free?

Powder-free gloves can not be 100 percent completely powder-free because of the various powder-free glove production methods.

According to the ASTM definition, the powder is something that does not move through a 2.7-micrometer glass microfiber filter using suction filtration.

These include cornstarch, calcium carbonate, and dust.

ASTM has, however, set a maximum limit for powder.

For all powder-free gloves, this limit is at 4 mg per glove and ASTM intends to further reduce the limit to 3 mg, and then to 2 mg per glove in the future which is much less compared to powdered latex gloves.

Synthetic Vinyl Gloves

 Synthetic Vinyl Gloves

How Do Latex Gloves Manufacturers Compare Synthetic Vinyl Gloves To Latex Gloves?

Vinyl is one of the artificial materials used in the manufacturing of gloves.

Evidence has found that vinyl gloves are not commonly considered to be as durable as latex gloves, and can be more easily torn apart.

Due to their restricted capacity to stretch and extend, you will find that they fit loosely on the neck, and in the past, were not as strong as barrier-protected latex gloves.

Latex gloves fit better and more comfortable on the hands with superior strength, which has improved flexible properties for greater elasticity.

They are thick, so they have better defense toward harmful substances.

Overall, in both features and safety, the latex gloves outperform vinyl gloves.

Individuals that are allergic to latex protein, though, should prevent interaction with all latex materials and wear lightweight, non-latex gloves instead.

Switching to vinyl gloves may not eliminate the risk of irritant dermatitis of contact or chemical hypersensitivity reaction.

This is because allergy can also be caused by residual chemicals, which can be in vinyl gloves as well as powder-free latex gloves.

Gloves should depend upon the situation and condition of your skin.

If you need higher protection from chemicals, you should use latex gloves.

If you are looking for something casual, then you can use vinyl gloves.

For household work, it is not necessary to use latex gloves.

If you are allergic to latex gloves, you should switch to a synthetic glove that is powder-free and has low protein.

Some latex glove manufacturers provide this option.

For How Long Do Latex Gloves Manufacturers Label The Expiry On Latex Gloves?

The precise shelf period depends on the particular nature of the gloves and the storage area where it is kept.

The standard thumb law is three years for disposable natural latex gloves and up to five years for disposable;atex gloves.

Certain pointers can tell you when it’s time to throw your gloves away.

These indicators are:

  • Dis-coloration of the gloves
  • Weird texture formation on the gloves
  • Smell releasing from the glove
  • Small hole on the surface of the gloves
  • Gloves become slimy or sticky.

All of these are indicators that your gloves shouldn’t be worn again.

 Eco-friendly Latex Gloves

 Eco-friendly Latex Gloves

Are The Latex Gloves Manufacturer’s Claims Of Latex Gloves Being Eco-Friendly True?

The answer is yes and no.

Latex gloves are bio-degradable and over time, they are transformed into simpler substances.

However, some latex gloves have so many impurities included inside of them that they are not bio-degradable anymore. When they expire, they cannot be recycled either.

Latex gloves also take centuries to be broken down and release large amounts of greenhouse gases into the environment in the process.

Does Latex Gloves Manufacturer Make Their Gloves Impermeable?

No protective gloves are totally impermeable.

No material is 100% resistant and impermeable to all substances.

Latex gloves are advertised as chemical resistant and liquid resistant.

They are never meant to be impermeable.

Some weaker substances will not permeate into the latex gloves, but some stronger chemicals can easily penetrate the glove.

For maximum protection, these gloves are available in many thicknesses so you can choose the thickness most suitable for your work.

Hand Lotion Under Gloves

 Hand Lotion Under Gloves

Do Latex Gloves Manufacturer Allow The Use Of Hand Lotion Under Latex Gloves?

Usage of hand lotion in between or after the use of glove is advised.

If you prefer to use a cream or lotion when wearing gloves, you can use it.

It is to be considered that the lotion you are using must be a water-based lotion and not oil or petroleum-based.

These substances can deteriorate the protective surface of the gloves.

Lotion can also make your hand feel slippery inside the gloves.

In that case, you can use lotion after the glove has taken off.

Are Brown Stains On Latex Gloves Defects By Latex Gloves Manufacturers?

Brown stains are actually caused by the chemical reaction between the glove and the metal particles on your skin.

Before putting on gloves, there is a chance that your hand had contact with metals from coins or metal pipes.

This metal reacts with gloves to form brown stains.

Studies have shown that these brown stains are completely safe to our skin and only stains it for few hours.

A thorough wash should remove it.

If you want to prevent the stains from occurring, just wash your hands with soap and dry it completely before you put on your gloves.

These brown stains do not affect the protective properties of gloves.

Heat Resistant Latex Gloves

 Heat Resistant Latex Gloves

Do Latex Gloves Manufacturers Claim That Latex Gloves Are Heat Resistant?

Yes, latex gloves are highly heat resistant and can be used in high temperatures.

Latex is an emulsion similar to milk. It cannot be melted the second time, because all the water will evaporate.

This makes it able to withstand temperatures greater than 120 degrees Celcius without any problem.

This also makes it ideal for cooking and oven work.

If you do use the latex gloves in high heat conditions, make sure that the latex gloves you are using are thick.

The manufacturers do not recommend disposable latex gloves if you are working with hot temperatures as these can melt more easily.

 Sizes of Latex Gloves

Sizes of Latex Gloves

Is It Important To Follow The Size Chart Of Latex Gloves Provided By The Latex Gloves Manufacturer?

Wearing the correct sized safety equipment is key in the medical profession.

Many medical professionals wear latex gloves every day, and these gloves must fit well as they require dexterity and precision in their work.

It is important to know the right size of your gloves to use at work.

The following points are ways to identify that your glove is not your size.

· Larger Than Your Size

If your gloves are too big, they can be quickly taken off or fluids can find their way inside the glove.

You may also be bothered as the gloves might get in your way.

·  Smaller Than Your Size

If you have too tight latex gloves, it can cause fatigue and can lessen handiness.

· Perfectly Sized

A perfect size glove feels like you are wearing nothing as it fits right on and has no creases.

You have a complete range of motion and can do all the things that you can without gloves.

Remember that properly sized gloves can help you boost your performance.

To make sure you are trying a pair of the right sized latex gloves, you’ll want to measure your hands.

You should measure around your hand’s knuckles, around the palm and measure the V of your thumb.

Also, measure the length of your hand and your wrist.

Usually, the size chart only requires the measurement of your knuckles.

You can then match the measurements to the sizing chart provided by your manufacturer to find the right size for you.

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