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ESD POM also known as Electrically Static Dissipative Paraformaldehyde, is a kind of antistatic material which is made by POM acetal, providing stable and uniform antistatic value. Our sheets are made of ESD POM, which can present great performance in resisting static and reducing friction. Due to its great mechanical properties, our ESD POM sheets are the perfect choice in the semi-conduct and static control industry. In addition, there are also ESD POM Plastic sheets for the electronic industry in our company, which can play an important role in controlling static among electronic components. Our high-quality ESD POM Sheet  is easy to machine and can withstand heavy impact. For one piece of equipment to control and reduce static, ESD POM sheets in our warehouse can meet all of your requirements. Moreover, our ESD POM sheets can provide you with the most competitive prices. Additionally, there are many different sheets in our company, including customized length, thickness, color, and so on. For professional applications, our ESD POM sheets always offer the best solutions for our clients.

Please refer to the following chart for more specifications:

Length (inch)12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26, 28, 30, 36, 38, 48
Width (inch)6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34
Thickness (mm)5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100
Unit Weight (KG/pcs)7.32, 9.77, 12.21, 14.94, 18.68, 24.90, 31.13, 37.35, 49.80, 62.25, 74.70, 87.15
Colornatural, black, off-white, gray, blue, green, red, white, beige
Molding MethodInjection Molding, Extrusion, Compression Molding, Machining Center, Thermoforming, Laser Cutting
Material NamePOM, Polyoxymethylene, Acetal, Delrin, Polyacetal

ESD POM Sheets Provide Excellent Features

The ESD POM sheets are famous for their material, Electrically Static Dissipative Paraformaldehyde, which presents good mechanical strength and wear properties. This feature makes it a perfect solution for electronic components. Our ESD POM sheets with great resistance to chemicals, impact, and creep can ensure the stability of components for aerospace construction. Because of high stiffness and good dimensional stability, our ESD POM sheets are able to operate for a long time and withstand mechanical friction. What’s more, Black Anti Static ESD POM Sheets not only provide customized color but also can work in the most rigorous conditions and static environments. Additionally, our ESD POM sheets also offer high hardness and stiffness, which can meet the working requirements of medical devices. Compared with sheets of other materials, our ESD POM sheets have dimensional stability and excellent dialectical properties. It also presents a low coefficient of friction. Most importantly, you can purchase personalized ESD POM sheets in our companies, such as different widths, unit weights, and modeling types.

ESD POM Sheets Provide Excellent Features to Promote Major Advanced Industries
Approaches for Testing ESD POM Sheets in Electrostatic Electricity

The Wide Applications of ESD POM Sheets in Various Industries

As an important piece of equipment in crucial industries, ESD POM sheets can play a significant role in fixing or supporting things. Due to the outstanding performance of its properties, our ESD POM sheets present an excellent application in two major areas. For example, in the electronic industry, Weprofab ESD POM sheets with great mechanical performance and electrostatic conductivity can become the ideal material for producing Hard Disk Drive Fixtures. Our ESD POM sheets also can be used to make High-Speed Electronic Printing Components, preventing static from damaging the device’s performance. For Jigs & Fixtures for Static Control in many industries, our ESD POM sheets can be widely employed in semiconductor manufacturing and electronic installation. Moreover, in mechanical engineering, Semiconductor test fixtures made by our ESD POM sheet can effectively reduce the electrostatic interference during the test. Weprofab ESD POM sheet can be used to manufacture the shield and support stands, which can protect sensitive electronic components. Additionally, We can also use ESD POM sheets to produce high-precision automated fixtures, such as PCB installation, electronic device installation, and so on. 

Approaches for Testing ESD POM Sheets in Electrostatic Electricity

Approaches for Testing ESD POM Sheets in Electrostatic Electricity
Approaches for Testing ESD POM Sheets in Electrostatic Electricity

Preparation Steps:

Make sure the test equipment is working properly. Special electrostatic testing instruments, such as electrostatic charge meters and voltmeters, are normally used in electrostatic testing. A piece of ESD POM sheets that need to be tested should present a clear surface, without any dirt. The test should be conducted under an electrostatic environment without wind, avoiding an outside static interface. 

Testing Steps:

Set the electrostatic voltmeters as a proper testing mode, such as a surface charge test or surface voltage test. Ensure a sound contact between the testing probe and ESD POM sheers. Turn on the testing devices to conduct the test and record the results. Several tests should be conducted at different locations and times, to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the results.

Results Analysis: 

According to the test results, ESD POM sheets can be elevated. Regularly, the electrostatic test results can display the charge value or voltage value.

Record and Report:

Record the testing results and relevant information to generate testing reports, including testing date, method, and results.

What are the major differences between the ESD POM sheet and the common POM sheet?

Compared with common POM sheets, ESD POM (Electrically Static Dissipative Paraformaldehyde) sheets have great static resistance, which means ESD POM sheets can effectively prevent the accumulation and discharge of static electricity. In addition, ESD POM sheets usually add conductive fillers to the material, such as carbon fiber, carbon black, etc., to improve the conductive properties of the material. Ordinary POM sheets, on the other hand, do not contain these conductive fillers. Due to static resistance, ESD POM sheets are commonly applied in certain areas that require antistatic properties and excellent mechanical properties, while common POM sheets are utilized in regular mechanical production and engineering applications. Overall, ESD POM sheets have more application areas and wide features. 

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