• Acrylic Wall Calendar

Acrylic Wall Calendar

Weprofab is an executive supplier & manufacturer of any metal and plastic thermoformed products. We provide top graded acrylic wall calendar in accordance with your specifications. Great and high-quality acrylic wall calendar is highly included at our factory. Visit Weprofab and discover premium-quality products!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Wall Calendar to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is providing the acrylic wall calendar you desire whether for business or personal applications. Everything you need is all right here!

Pre-printed Acrylic Wall Calendar

When you need guidance in purchase decision-making, Weprofab is the best and trustworthy manufacturer. We are equipped to give the support you need.

Premium Acrylic Wall Calendar

Are you consistently looking for a premium acrylic wall calendar in the best factory? We, Weprofab is active fabrication operators in China.

Personalized Acrylic Wall Calendar

Weprofab is offering you a special, personalized acrylic wall calendar for fair rates. There are wide choices of acrylic wall calendar here.

Custom Acrylic Wall Calendar

As the most specialized supplier and manufacturer, we offer high-quality and efficient services. Count on us when you need custom acrylic wall calendar!

Acrylic Wall Decor Calendar

Do you have any plans to rely on the best and most trusted manufacturer? Weprofab team brought convenient services, especially the vital creation of an acrylic wall decor calendar.

Acrylic Wall Calendar Manufacturer

Weprofab is the best manufacturer of an acrylic wall calendar. These are lightweight, easy to locate, saves you energy and money as well.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Wall Calendar Manufacturer

Weprofab is proud to offer quality-improved acrylic wall calendars. We manufactured your ideal acrylic wall calendar in most strengthened and durable designs  We make speedy machining of your desired product if you require us to make fabrications for your orders.

As the most reputable manufacturers in China, Weprofab allows you to order the acrylic wall calendar in bulk ways. They are accessible in various texture, sizes, colors, patterns, and designs, and more. You can bulk from custom sizes, thicknesses and custom designs for your business` booming desires.

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Custom Acrylic Wall Calendar to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Weekly Wall Calendar

Weprofab is your origin source of acrylic weekly wall calendar types. They are nice to display in offices, homes, etc.

Perpetual Acrylic Wall Calendar

Weprofab is presenting a perpetual acrylic wall calendar with very unique designs. These are well-processed using our advanced technologies.

Clear Acrylic Wall Calendar

Weprofab is offering a clear acrylic wall calendar with extraordinary properties. They are extreme in quality and functions.

Erasable Acrylic Wall Calendar

Weprofab is only the marketing place who provides uncommon quality of erasable acrylic wall calendar. These are accessible only at economic prices.

Birthday Reminder Acrylic Wall Calendar

Weprofab is an executive in regards to distributing birthday reminder acrylic wall calendars. It is available in different designs for lower costs.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Wall Calendar

Impact-resistant acrylic wall calendar is functional enough to organize the schedule. Adds a touch of class to any setting. Features a flat and smooth surface and the design is printed permanently on the acrylic.

Small Acrylic Wall Calendar

A small acrylic wall calendar is an eye-catching and super functional product. Can be personalized with any titles and printed in any color. Perfect for a modern and stylish application.

Pin-On Acrylic Wall Calendar

Pin-on acrylic wall calendar is equipped with mounting screws and a hanging system. Features clean lines and classic color options. Fit almost anywhere such as on commercial and residential walls.

Personalized Acrylic Wall Calendar

A personalized acrylic wall calendar is professionally printed with characters that will last forever. Highly customized with the company name and logo. Crafted using high-quality and defect-free acrylic.

Custom Acrylic Wall Calendar

A custom acrylic wall calendar is best suited for the home and workplace to mark important events and appointments. Characterizes a marker-friendly and reusable solution. Available in custom sizes and colors.

Large Acrylic Wall Calendar

The large acrylic wall calendar is admired for its simplicity with the clean look. Guarantees an exquisite pop of colors making it look so good on any kind of wall. Accessible in large shape with various designs.

Oversized Floating Acrylic Wall Calendar

The oversized floating acrylic wall calendar is flexible, useful, and compatible with any interior design. A useful product for every environment. Characterizes a floating functionality and arrives with large size.

Magnetic Acrylic Wall Calendar

The magnetic acrylic wall calendar features flexible magnets on each corner that easily attaches to metal surfaces. Designed with special coatings and is made of acrylic material that is extremely durable.

Erasable Custom Shape Acrylic Wall Calendar

Erasable custom shape acrylic wall calendar offers an amazing writing surface. Made of clear and transparent acrylic. Compatible with any markers that can be erased completely without ghost or stain.

Custom Print Design Acrylic Wall Calendar

Custom print design acrylic wall calendar is popular with its elegant and stylish structure. UV printed on the back with a smooth surface. Formed using a strong and durable acrylic material and is highly customized.

2mm Acrylic Wall Calendar

A 2mm acrylic wall calendar guarantees a realistic effect that will not fade over time. Arrives with a clear protective film to prevent scratches making it look perfect. Available with 2mm thickness.

Shatter Proof Acrylic Wall Calendar

Shatter-proof acrylic wall calendar adds elegance to any environment without the risk of breakage. Guarantees a beautiful and eye-catching structure with permanent designs. this will not scratch or fade easily.

Acrylic Wall Custom Text Font Calendar

Acrylic wall custom text font calendar is a professionally cut product with polished edges. Looks lovely hanging in any setting. Easy to use and is laser cut. Made with shatterproof and lightweight acrylic.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Wall Calendar

Weprofab Acrylic wall calendar has versatile and general functions and purposes. As the largest factory worldwide, Weprofab offers wide options of the acrylic wall calendars for various decor applications. It is usually in framed or non-framed designs. Whatever the design you choose, they are easy to cut, to form, flex and glued through using our state-of-the-art technologies and machines.

Acrylic Wall Calendar

Our Acrylic wall calendars are optional between weekly or monthly setups. Available in personalized designs with different font and color of font designs. There are various options for the acrylic wall calendar available up until this moment. It is economically rated to suit your budget plans for the business.

Weprofab Acrylic wall calendar featured no yellowing effects and no deformations yet highly present the best quality. Also, it is high in impact-resistance, which all means they are strengthened 3x over glasses. Knowing about the basic features and importance of the acrylic wall calendar is very helpful to make you less worried. It gives a sudden boom to your business and fulfills your projects in no time.

Acrylic Wall Calendar

When positioned to walls, our acrylic wall calendar will surely look great. And because this kind of calendar is made from acrylic, you can use them for the long-term. It smoothly functioned as a great decoration for home, offices, and more.

Being the most reputable manufacturer in China, Weprofab allows you to order the acrylic wall calendar in bulk ways. They are accessible in various texture, sizes, colors, patterns, and designs, and more. You can bulk from custom sizes, thicknesses and custom designs for your business` booming desires.

Acrylic Wall Calendar

Weprofab is proud to offer quality-improved acrylic wall calendar options. We manufactured your ideal acrylic wall calendar in most strengthened and durable forms.  We make speedy machining of your desired product if you require us to make fabrications for your orders.

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Acrylic Wall Calendar: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about acrylic wall calendar.

From design, features, benefits, durability or manufacturing process – you will find all information you’re looking for right here.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Acrylic Wall Calendar?

It is a clear, transparent, non-toxic calendar which displays days, weeks, and months of a particular year.

You can purchase it in your preferred size, color, and design or have it made at the comfort of your home.

They come in various designs, sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and color shades.

These factors are dependent on what you may want.

Unlike paper and acrylic calendars, it is cost-effective, and you can make changes to what is written.

You can use them for multiple purposes, such as socially, administratively, and among others.

acrylic wall calendar

Acrylic wall calendar

How Do You Make Acrylic Wall Calendar?

Here is the procedure for making an acrylic calendar.

Step 1: Acquire Necessary Tools

You will need to acquire an acrylic sheet material.

The sheet’s size will be dependent on how big or small you want your calendar to be.

Ideally, ensure you select a sheet with the color or colors of your choice.

Get letter stickers which would complement the color of your acrylic sheet.

Purchase wall mounting hardware, a drill, and a 1/8 inch vinyl tape.

Also, get an acrylic ruler, an X-Acto knife, painter’s tape for placement guides.

Step 2: Cut Letters

After having all the required tools and needed materials, ensure you cut the sticker sheets.

You will use these to make days of the week and months.

As you are cutting the letters, leave a little piece of paper around every letter’s shape.

It will provide alternatives when placing the letters and positioning the letters.

Step 3: Mark Surface Material

Pick up your acrylic ruler and painter’s tape and mark a rectangle on the acrylic sheet, depending on the size of the actual calendar you are creating.

The markings should be within the rectangle edges at the top.

Afterward, tape around the rectangle and make markings on the tape.

Based on the size of your sheet, make sure your spacing is uniform. 4” is the recommended size for a 1/8″ thick 36″x36″ acrylic sheet.

You should have a row of seven and five marks horizontally and vertically on your rectangle.

Connect the marks with vinyl tape to end up with 35 boxes.

Cut through points; the tape overlaps with an X-Acto knife.

Step 4: Position Your Letters

Use your acrylic ruler to place the letters.

A ruler will ensure you are accurate.

Set your months and days spot, and your calendar is ready to be hanged.

These steps are the easiest way to make an acrylic calendar.

The tools needed may vary based on the design you opt to purchase.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Wall Calendar?

These are the benefits:

  1. Non-toxic – It does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which poses a hazardous health risk.
  2. They are a cheaper investment due to the low cost of maintenance. Also, it is very easy to modify your calendar.
  3. There are a variety of colors you can choose from. You can decide to have a colored or multi-colored calendar.
  4. Aesthetically appealing and weather resistant. You do not have to worry about the location of your calendar as it can withstand any environment.
  5. It is resistant to UV light/sunlight – it will not discolor when exposed to sunlight or used for outdoor purposes.
  6. An acrylic calendar is dry erase – You can make changes to the calendar whenever you want.
  7. An acrylic wall calendar is eco–friendly. Emissions of harmful toxins to the environment will be the least of your concerns with this calendar.
  8. There is a wide range of colors, sizes, and thicknesses.

What are the Features of Acrylic Wall Calendar?

Popularity of acrylic wall calendar in the recent past is attributed to the ideal features it exhibits compared to other alternative materials.

These are some of the features making it stand out;

  • Outstanding versatility
  • Good abrasion resistance -Wearing and tearing will not occur when the calendar comes into contact with another surface.
  • Weather-resistant –Able to endure and resist harsh atmospheric weather conditions such as high humidity.
  • Resistant to sunlight / UV light– It does not discolor or yellow when exposed to sunlight and UV light.
  • Lightweight – Moving your calendar will be an easy process as it is not heavy

How Do You Hang Acrylic Wall Calendar?

Here are the step you can use to hang acrylic wall calendar;

  1. First, have the tools (driller, screws) needed ready.
  2. Before hanging the calendar, determine how high you want it to be.

Having it to the size of your height is advisable. It will reduce the struggle when fitting in the calendar.

  1. Use a pencil to mark the holes.
  2. Then, use the driller to drill the holes
  3. Have the anchor installed
  4. Ask for help when hanging the calendar

To build the calendar out from the wall, use a washer, nuts, and screws.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Wall Calendar?

Cleaning an acrylic calendar is an easy process. Ensure you avoid using harsh solvents or cleaners, which will damage the surface material.

These are ways you can clean an acrylic calendar:

  1. Always begin by wiping the dust particles off to avoid scratches on your calendar.

Instead of using paper towels, go for cotton or microfiber as they will not scratch the surface.

  1. Apply glass cleaners which do not contain ammonia and polish in circular motions.
  2. Alternatively, you can use plastic cleaners which are safe and reduce the static charge, such as Brillianize Acrylic Cleaner & Polish.
  3. Do this for every section, and you will have a glossy and clean calendar.

How Do You Remove Scratches from Acrylic Wall Calendar?

  1. Make a soft cleaning cloth (made of cotton or microfiber) wet with warm water.
  2. Soak it or run the cloth under warm water until it is completely wet.
  3. Squeeze the cloth so it is not dripping wet when you use it.
  4. On your cloth, apply a sizeable amount of scratch remover(Novus or Turtle wax).
  5. Spread the remover by rubbing it into the damp cloth.
  6. Use a quarter-size amount if scratches are plenty.
  7. Alternatively, you can directly apply the scratch remover to the calendar.
  8. Rub up the remover into the scratch for 30 seconds with your cloth.
  9. Ensure you move the cloth in circular motions.
  10. For filling and blending the scratch remover with the rest of the calendar, evenly coat the scratch.
  11. Keep running up the remover for 30 seconds till it turns clear.
  12. Work in circles using a soft cleaning cloth to remove any excess off.

What is the Suitable Color for Acrylic Wall Calendar?

colored acrylic calendar

Colored acrylic calendar

When it comes to acrylic calendars, any color is suitable.

Therefore, depending on your preference, a wide range of different colors exist for you to choose from.

Alternatively, you can opt to get a multi-colored calendar.

You may get your acrylic surface material injected with multiple colors of your choosing.

If you prefer a lot of colors, you may opt for a rainbow-like calendar.

Ultimately, the suitable color for your calendar is dependent on your needs, taste, and liking.

How Does Acrylic and Fiberglass Wall Calendars Compare?

Acrylic Calendars are easier to maintain than a Fiberglass calendar.

fiberglass wall calander

Fiberglass wall calendar

An acrylic calendar is durable than a fiberglass calendar since it does not fade, crack or chip easily since its surface is thicker.

Due to the non-porous characteristic, an acrylic calendar resists stains easily and is easily cleaned than a fiberglass calendar.

Choosing and buying an acrylic calendar offers various colors, textures, and fixtures compared to a fiberglass calendar.

An acrylic calendar is stronger than a fiberglass calendar.

What are the Common Designs of Acrylic Wall Calendars Available?

The popular designs of this type of wall calendar include the following;

  • Pre-printed acrylic wall calendar

pre printed acrylic wall calander

Preprinted acrylic wall calendar

  • Premium acrylic wall calendar

premium acrylic wall calendar

Premium wall acrylic calendar

  • Personalized acrylic wall calendar

personalized acrylic wall calendar

Personalized acrylic wall calendar

  • Acrylic wall calendar décor

acrylic wall calendar decor

Acrylic wall calendar decor

  • Acrylic weekly wall calendar
  • Perpetual acrylic wall calendar
  • Clear acrylic wall calendar
  • Erasable acrylic wall calendar

erasable acrylic wall calendar

Erasable wall acrylic calendar

  • Birthday reminder acrylic wall calendar
  • Acrylic wall family calendar; customized with significant dates for family events

acrylic family calendar

Acrylic wall family calendar

Where Can You Use Acrylic Wall Calendar?

At home – to keep track of your duties, plan your activities of the day /month.

You can also use it for meal planning and vacation planning as a family and as an individual.

In school – Helps you keep track of your class schedule, cats, exams, and sports activities.

In the office – Will help you track your meetings, appointments, and your deadlines for projects.

For your organization /company – Keeping track of goals set, objectives meant to be met by different departments.

In your working out space – to track the progress of your fitness goals.

At the gym – for gym instructors to record how many clients they got in a particular month or day.

How Durable is Acrylic Wall Calendar?

They are hard to break and bulletproof.

These calendars can serve you for many years as they cannot be broken and they cannot be spoilt easily.

Their durability is also contributed to by their surface being thicker; thus, they do not fade, chip, or crack easily.

Acrylic wall calendars can last for a long time since they have a great impact resistance.

It takes a lot of force to shatter an acrylic calendar.

Its all-weather nature allows it to maintain its glossy surface under harsh weather conditions.

Can Acrylic Wall Calendar Break?

No, it will not break.

Acrylic is stronger than regular glass by about 17 times and much more resistant to impact than glass.

It is strong and difficult to shatter.

Lastly, when getting manufactured, numerous additives reinforce its strength, making it shatterproof and durable.

How Does Acrylic Wall Calendar Compare with Other Materials?

Acrylic calendars are a better option in comparison to other types of calendars.

These are advantages which set it apart:

Durability – it exhibits strong resistance to impact, thus making it last longer than other materials.

Easy maintenance – you need to polish the surface with a cloth or microfiber constantly to maintain its luster.

Variety – you can order your calendar based on the color, size, design, and material thickness your desire.

Consequently, it will ensure you get your needs met as you can specifically order what you want.

Secure – the material used to design it is inert. Therefore, it will not emit toxic fumes when exposed to chemicals or

Wonderful optical clarity – the transparency of the acrylic calendar makes it appeal aesthetically.

Can You Find Customized Acrylic Wall Calendar?

Yes, you can find one.

Because preferences and situations vary, people may prefer to get a customized wall calendar.

For example, the color, shape, or design make buyers desire a customized calendar.

These are factors which drive a person to purchase or order a customized calendar.

Manufacturers have noted the need for customization, thus increasing the pool of variety for their customers.

Therefore, a customized design may better fit the needs of a buyer.

What is the Suitable Thickness for Acrylic Wall Calendar?

There is no suitable size.

The thickness is dependent on your needs as the buyer.

You may desire to have a thick calendar, while others may want a thin one.

Calendar sizes may be as follows:

  • 5″ x 18.5
  • 5″ x 23
  • 23″ x 23
  • 23″ x 31
  • 24″ x 18″ x 1/8
  • 36″ x 24″ x 1/8

However, you are not confined to these sizes as you may order or purchase a calendar which suits you.

Customization offers a buyer the flexibility to purchase the calendar they desire.

What is the Price of Acrylic Wall Calendar?

The price is never consistent due to changing variables such as the color, size, shape, and design the client may desire.

For instance, the type of acrylic used to make the product influences the price.

The thickness of the material used influences the price.

The thicker the surface, the more expensive it shall be.

The quantity you purchase will affect the price as you will pay more to acquire more.

Personal customization of your calendar will make the product more costly.

The more specifications of customization you have, the higher the price.

However, the price ranges from $50 onwards.

How Does Clear and Colored Acrylic Wall Calendars Compare?

Plenty of acrylic calendars are clear and transparent.

Their resemblance to glass gives them a wonderful appeal.

However, there is a variety of options one can select.

The colors will be in the shade a buyer chooses.

clear acrylic wall calendar

Clear acrylic wall calendar

They may choose a lighter shade, thus maintaining the transparency, or choosing a dark shade that will give it some tint.

Clear acrylic calendars are transparent.

Colored wall calendars are in a wide range of hues.

However, they share commonalities, such as durability, aesthetic appeal, and lightweight.

Both clear and colored acrylic wall calendars are all-weather and can endure different environmental conditions.

You will decide whether you may want a colored or clear calendar based on your décor or preference.

Can Acrylic Wall Calendar Fade?

It might lose its luster over time, but it will not fade.

However, polishing your calendar will restore the glossiness, and it will be as good as new.

Acrylic Inks are made from lightfast pigments.

They will last for a very long time when stored in proper condition

Unlike dyes which fade quicker when exposed to light, your acrylic calendar will remain intact for the duration you intend to use it.

Polish your calendars constantly so that they may remain in top condition.

Can You Find Colored Acrylic Wall Calendar?


There are various colors, and each client can get the specific color or color

Beside the clear ones, you can opt for a color you like and have it made for you.

Aside from having it manufactured for you, some calendars are already colored.

However, customization may cost you more.

colored acrylic wall calendar

Colored acrylic wall calendar

What is the Best Surface Coating for Acrylic Wall Calendar?

There are various surface coating options you can opt for based on the application.

These are some of the options you can consider:

Anti-reflective coating – This is applied to reduce the reflection of light and stop excess light from penetrating the podium’s surface component.

Anti – Scratching –The surface will prevent the calendar from being scratched by anything rough.

Anti-Fingerprint – prevents fingerprints from being visible to the naked eye, thus increasing visual appeal.

Anti-static – points to an electrically conductive surface coating applied on the calendar to prevent static-electrical charges.

What Do You Look Into when Choosing Acrylic Wall Calendar?

People will consider the following when searching for an acrylic calendar:

Price– How affordable is the product? Is it within your budget?

Weight – How heavy or light do you want your calendar to be?

Payment options – Convenience is important for the consumer. Therefore,is there a payment plan when purchasing the calendar/calendars?

Design– aesthetic appeal matters. You may want your calendar to have a certain text or pattern. It will always vary based on the client.

Color – the surroundings dictate the calendar that shall be placed in. Will there be an aspect of compatibility?

How will it look in the said environment?

Size – How big or small should the calendar be? Some clients may want a large calendar, while others vice-versa.

MoQ – Determine whether the stipulated MOQ for buying this product is within your demands.

Which Material Can You Use in Place of Acrylic for Wall Calendar?


Ideally, the features of this thermoplastic material is more or less similar to what acrylic material offers.

Polycarbonate is slightly superior to acrylic making it the best alternative to consider for wall calendar.

It exhibits excellent visual appeal, durability and relatively easy maintenance demands.

You can also easily customize polycarbonate material as much as you would do acrylic.

Additionally, it is non-corrosive making it the best choice to consider as an alternative to acrylic for wall calendar.

Does Acrylic Wall Calendar Have MOQ?

It is dependent on the manufacturing company you are purchasing from.

The minimum order quantity of one company may vary from another one.

Some companies may not have MOQ.

Depending on the design you are purchasing, there may be a fixed MOQ by some companies, especially for customized pieces.

Mostly, manufacturers offer flexible MOQ thus you can negotiate and agree on what suits your needs at such a time.

How Can You Restore Glossiness of Acrylic Wall Calendar?

You can restore its glossiness in the following ways:

Sanding – a razor blade or a sharp object is used to scrape off markings, making it clear.

Polishing – it restores the shine of the acrylic. However, this has to be done frequently.

Wiping –Use a microfiber cloth or a cotton t-shirt and wipe slowly in circular motions.

These are some of the ways you can ensure your wall calendar maintains its glossiness.

How Do You Order Acrylic Wall Calendar?

You can order an acrylic wall calendar directly from WeProFab.

However, you shall have to state the type of design you desire to have.

You will have to state the size, color, design when placing your order.

It will paint a clear picture for the manufacturer to meet your needs as the buyer.

After establishing this, you will get an exact quotation.

Also, you will need to provide the manufacturer with a prototype to serve as a reference when producing your order.

Payment can be made directly on WeProFab’s website.

Provide all relevant details including your shipping address to ensure quick facilitation of your order.

You can also opt to visit the factory physically to place your order if you have ample time rather than placing an order online.

After this, you await the dispatch and delivery of your product within the time stated.

Is Acrylic Wall Calendar Safe?


First, it is unbreakable.

It 17-20 times stronger than glass, and the molecule structure is strong, making it impossible to shatter even when subjected to high-pressure levels.

Secondly, acrylic is the base material used to make this calendar, and it is inert.

Lastly, it is light making it convenient to move around.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about it ripping a part of your wall off when you hang it.

What Quality Standards Do Acrylic Wall Calendar Conform to?

Standards may range from national, international, and regional.

These are the standards it may conform to:

ISO 9001

A standard quality authorization shows whether a manufacturing company can produce products to meet the clients’ regulatory requirements and needs.


It is a universal quality agency which tests, verifies, inspects, and certifies whether a manufacturer’s products are suitable or not.


This certification proves your company is committed to producing quality products and ensuring public safety.

Because of this certification, you will have an easier time pointing out which manufacturers you will purchase from as it will show their level of credibility.


It is a common requirement for the European market as it indicates whether a product has met the stated directives.

It ascertains whether companies meet health, environmental, and safety requirements.

How Do Chinese Manufacturers Administer Quality Manufacturing in Acrylic Wall Calendar?

  • Chinese factories ensure they use quality raw materials and the best technology to meet customers’ expectations.
  • There is strict governmental and regulatory interventions to ensure the acrylic wall calendar products meet the required quality standards.
  • Clear product specifications by clients ensure the goods produced to meet their needs.
  • Verification and inspection keep factories in check to avoid the production of low–quality goods both for local and international markets.
  • Manufacturing companies that produce high-quality products will have more clients than vice-versa.

As you can see, there are many factors you should consider when choosing acrylic wall calendar.

At WeProFab, we will help you choose a perfect acrylic wall calendar for your specific needs and requirements.

Contact us now for all your acrylic wall calendar.

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