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WeProFab is your #1 manufacturer of acrylic backboards. Our range of acrylic backboards is made heavy-duty, elegant, and long-lasting. This unit has strong steel frame supports. It is manufactured from UV-resistant acrylic material perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. WeProFab acrylic backboard supports both beginner and advanced players with great playability.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Backboard to Delight Your Customers

You can avail cost-effective acrylic backboard from Weprofab. The rectangle shape and superior structure of the acrylic backboard make it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Choose from a variety of acrylic basketball backboards that you can mount to any interior wall, garage, roof, or barn.

Rectangular Acrylic Basketball Backboard

32inch x 48inch Rectangular acrylic basketball backboard is made from a high-performance acrylic board with authentic-style padding. It has a steel board frame with an aluminum trim.

52inch Acrylic Backboard

52inch Acrylic Backboard is designed for outdoor residential play. It is lighter yet more long-lasting than a glass board. This acrylic backboard is more shatter-resistant than glass.

Acrylic Backboard with Rim Combos

Competition-grade acrylic backboards with rim combos are supported by steel with a powder-coated rust-resistant finish. Weprofab delivers the most satisfying acrylic backboards for your business.

Heavy-Duty Acrylic Backboard

We recommend a heavy-duty acrylic backboard, easy to assemble and install. It offers a superior rebound when compared to polycarbonate or other materials. It can be mounted to the garage, roof, or wall, an existing portable or in-ground pole system, etc.

Recreational Full Sized Acrylic Basketball Backboard

Recreational full-sized acrylic basketball backboard has a stable, weather-resistant acrylic backboard that will resist both the elements of the outdoors environment and the impact of a dunk.

Rectangular 42inch x 60inch Acrylic Backboard

Comprised with thick UV-resistant acrylic, this acrylic backboard is perfect for school, college, and NBA basketball competitions. This is a sturdy and weather-proof basketball board.

Residential Acrylic Basketball Backboard

Residential acrylic basketball backboard provides vandal-resistant properties. It is forgiving when it comes to vandalism such as rock-throwing, etc. Acrylic material is a choice for unsupervised parks and playgrounds.

Shatterproof Acrylic Backboard

Set up and play anywhere with the shatterproof acrylic backboard. Weprofab designed superior quality products to boom your brand. Custom shatterproof acrylic backboard here!

High-Performance Acrylic Backboard

Avail of the high-performance acrylic backboard. It is easy to use and install. We can make a smaller board size perfect for residential use and youth play, shooting station, and for practising. 

WeProFab: Your No.1 Acrylic Backboard Manufacturer

Weprofab is a premier acrylic backboard manufacturer and supplier in China. For more than 20 years, we engaged in the unique R&D, designing, manufacturing, and sales of various acrylic products including acrylic backboard. We offer full customization to meet your requirements.

As a professional provider, we promise to supply high-quality acrylic backboards. It is made from 100% and thin acrylic. You can avail a set of this product including the backboard, rim, net, Lock ‘n Rock mount, etc. Weprofab acrylic backboards are made based on your preferred designs, colors, sizes, acrylic thicknesses, and finishes. Message us today!

Custom Acrylic Backboard to Skyrocket Your Brand

44 inch Acrylic Backboard Combo with Bracket

44″ Acrylic Backboard Combo with bracket and all-weather white nylon net delivers outstanding performance for any backyard basketball court. This board can be fastened to any flat surface.

52 inch Acrylic Backboard

Our 52-inch acrylic backboard features a better rebound for competitive play. It can be supplied with a universal mounting bracket to attach the board to most surfaces.

54 inch Acrylic Backboard

Get a 54″ x 36″ acrylic backboard with a 3′ overhang and steel backboard frame at Weprofab. It is designed elegantly and strong for safe play. This wall-mount 54″ x 36″ acrylic backboard comes complete with a nylon net, rim, rim mounting hardware.

Clear Acrylic Backboard Adjustable Height Basketball System

Clear acrylic backboard adjustable height basketball system has a 5-inch x 5-inch hole spacing. It is made with a thick UV-resistant acrylic permanently connected to a welded steel tubular uni-frame.

Custom Acrylic Backboard

Weprofab custom acrylic backboard according to your style, sizes, acrylic thicknesses, color, or design request. It has the same look as a glass board but is more tough and long-lasting.

Durable Acrylic Backboard

Durable acrylic backboards are versatile for indoor or outdoor use. It shouldn’t snap, crack, or shatter even if you were to hit the backboard flush with the ball.

Roof-Mounted Acrylic Backboard

Roof-mounted acrylic backboards maintain strength and durability for a long time that making them so popular nowadays. Weprofab guarantees superior quality and play.

UV-Resistance Acrylic Backboard

Made from UV-resistance material for high durability, Acrylic backboards are less expensive and much more lightweight compared to glass. You won’t need to have as much support for its base. 

Wall-Mounted Acrylic Backboard

Find the best deal wall-mounted acrylic backboard at Weprofab. It is ideal for garages, fitness camps, centers, schools, etc. Weprofab uses advanced quality machines in producing top-quality wall-mounted acrylic backboards.

Weatherproof Acrylic Backboard

Designed for indoor or outdoor basketball court use, Weprofab offers a weatherproof acrylic backboard with great durability and stability. You can ensure that this product ae well-made and conforms to various certifications.

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Is Acrylic Great for Making a Backboard?

Yes, definitely. Acrylic a clear plastic material offers many advantages perfect for producing basketball backboards. Some are the following reasons:

  • Vandal-resistant properties
  • UV-resistant characteristics
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ideal for heavy-duty use
  • More shatter-resistant than glass
  • Competition-grade acrylic backboards
  • Can be customized
How Thick Should an Acrylic Backboard Be?

Manufacturers offer 3/8 inches thickness acrylic backboards. But some recommend ½ inch thick backboards to meet competitive levels like NCAA, NBA levels. It can be customized at your request.

How Long Do Acrylic Backboards Last When Use Outdoors?

Due to its great vandal-resistant properties and UV-resistant features, acrylic backboard will remain mostly clear for 15-20 years when used outdoors.

Glass Backboards or Acrylic Backboards: Which is Better?

Glass backboards are commonly used in indoor basketball competitions. Its hardness and stiffness provide exceptional ball bounce off the backboard.

But, its disadvantage is its susceptibility to vandalism. Any solid object that impacts the surface of the glass at a high velocity will affect its appearance and can imaginably cause tempered glass to shatter and broke.

Acrylic backboards are impact-resistant and shatterproof. It is a softer and lighter material than tempered glass. Thus, if a hard object is thrown at an acrylic backboard will more than likely just bounce off. It will not damage the acrylic backboards at all.

Why Choose WeProfab Acrylic Backboards?

WeProfab acrylic backboards are made from 100% clear thick acrylic. It is guaranteed durable and impact resistant.

Acrylic backboards are unaffected by UV light and can withstand various elements outdoor. It also produced a better rebound.

If you are searching for a higher-end basketball goal, WeProfab acrylic backboards is your best choice.

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