• Acrylic Sheet Windows

Acrylic Sheet Windows

The acrylic sheets for windows are more durable, not easy to break, UV and high-impact resistant, and flexible. Over the decades, when people talk about windows, they most likely thought of traditional glass sheeting thick panels. Back then, the typical glass was the only material utilized in windows, but as acrylic sheeting has gained popularity, they are now a favored choice for glazing applications.

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The heightening of knowledge and acrylic sheet utilization in the contemporary world make glass windows alternatives are now readily available. And frequently more beneficial to home and business owners correspondingly. The acrylic sheet for windows has a lower density compared to glass. That makes the sheet inexpensive to produce and transport. Their lightweight feature allows them easy to work and install.

Decorative Acrylic Sheet Window

The decorative acrylic sheet for windows features weather and high-impact resistance. They have about 93% light transmittance. They are easy to install perfect for windows.

Recycled Cast Acrylic Sheet Window

Recycled cast acrylic sheets for windows are available in multiple color options. They are designs with a glossy surface on both sides or a single frosted side.

Transparent Acrylic Sheet Window

The transparent acrylic sheet for the window diffuses lights and has a high-impact resistance feature. This acrylic sheet is the perfect replacement for window glass.

Light Smoked Acrylic Sheet Window

Lightly smoked acrylic sheets for windows are usually rectangular. But their shapes are customizable. These sheets have outstanding electrical insulation, easy to clean and fabricate.

Glossy Acrylic Sheet Window

The glossy acrylic sheets for windows are accessible in various color selections. They feature lightweight, surface hardness, and weather resistance. These sheets are easy to maintain and clean.

Acrylic Sandstone Sheet for Window

Acrylic sandstone sheets for windows are available with various design options. They are also applicable for walls, ceilings, and tabletops. These sheets have super matte finishing.

Custom Colored Acrylic Sheet Window

The colored acrylic sheets for windows are to shape and design. They feature good electrical insulation, sturdy surface, and are lightweight. 

Anti-Static Acrylic Sheet Window

The anti-static acrylic sheets for windows have excellent transparency and surface hardness. They are available in transparent or customized colors that suit your window applications.

UV Resistant Acrylic Sheet Window

UV-resistant acrylic sheets for windows are available in marble, mirrored, black, frosted, or customized colors. These sheets are also ideal for furniture, doors, etc.

WeProFab: Your Expert Acrylic Sheet Windows Manufacturer in China

Employing acrylic sheets for windows has many advantages. Read on to discover the practical benefits of acrylic sheet windows. And how WeProFab can meet your need for a quality and durable acrylic sheet window. 

There are quite a few reasons you should opt for acrylic sheet windows instead of standard glass. Compared to traditional glass windows, acrylic sheet windows can be a personal and commercial budget material.

Custom Acrylic Sheet Windows to Popularize Your Brand

Pastel Color Acrylic Sheet Window

Pastel color acrylic sheets for windows are very lightweight. These sheets have durable surfaces and suitable transparency features. Their pastel color blocks UV rays.

Mirror Acrylic Sheet Window

The mirror acrylic sheets for the window are available in red, gold, white, mirror, black, and more colors. They are widely used for buildings and office room windows. 

Sandwich ECO Acrylic Sheet Window

Sandwich ECO acrylic sheet window has natural flowers, grasses, or leaves. Perfect for window and decorations. They feature non-toxic and fire-proof properties. 

Laser Cut Acrylic Sheet Window

The laser-cut acrylic sheets for windows are available in customized colors. They have undergone engraving, cutting, and printing processes. 

Thin Transparent Acrylic Sheet Window

Thin transparent acrylic sheets for windows have high-impact strength and withstand even harsh weather conditions. They are perfect for windows and other applications that need glazing.

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet Window

The acrylic sheets for windows with heat-resistant features are widely used. They are more affordable than typical glass. These sheets are recyclable and eco-friendly.

Modern Acrylic Sheet Window

The modern acrylic sheet windows are easy to bend and don’t fade long. They feature excellent mechanical operation and can be cut-ti-size you need.

Vacuum Formed Acrylic Sheet Window

Vacuum-formed acrylic sheet windows are accessible in customized colors and sizes you need. These sheets can also use for doors, furniture, advertising, and many other applications.

High-Quality Acrylic Sheet Window

The high-quality acrylic sheets for windows have weather and high-impact resistance features. They have over 93% light transmittance. 

20mm Acrylic Sheet Window

The 20mm acrylic sheets for windows are available in multi-colors like red, green, blue, transparent, etc. They are more lightweight than glass windows.

2mm Colored Acrylic Sheet Window

A 2mm colored acrylic sheet window is accessible in a wide range of colors, thicknesses, and shapes. Has guaranteed physical properties with 2mm thickness. A variety of colors are available to choose from.

15mm Acrylic Sheet Window

15mm acrylic sheet window is an excellent material choice for numerous residential and commercial applications. Comes with a 15mm thickness and offers years of guarantee against damage and yellowing.

Black Glossy Acrylic Sheet Window

A black glossy acrylic sheet window is easy to be machined and fabricated. Made with glossy acrylic in black color. Can be used in a wide range of industries for both commercial and domestic applications.

Black Tinted Acrylic Sheet Window

A black tinted acrylic sheet window is a great choice for interior design, lighting, and architectural applications. Guarantees high uniformity and transparency. Tinted with black color and offers abrasion resistivity.

Blue Tinted Acrylic Sheet Window

Blue tinted acrylic sheet window assures high performance on hardness and abrasion. Arrives with a standard anti-smudge function and excellent flexibility. Tinted with blue color in different thicknesses.

Bullet Proof Acrylic Sheet Window

Bulletproof acrylic sheet window is one of the cost-effective solutions available. Applicable to use for high-quality and clear sheeting purposes. Can be drilled, cut, and mounted easily to any structure without being damaged.

Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet Window

Clear cast acrylic sheet window comes in a variety of styles. Perfect match for all kinds of projects. Made from sturdy and high-quality acrylic sheets. Highly reflective and offers a clear view of different types of conditions.

Embossed Acrylic Sheet Window

An embossed acrylic sheet window is commonly used for specific projects. Can also be cut to the desired dimensions and shapes. Preferable for glazing and window applications. Offers ease of fabrication and flexibility.

Fog Resistant Acrylic Sheet Window

Fog-resistant acrylic sheet windows can be accessed with varying measurements, shapes, and designs. Characterizes easiness of maintenance, UV stability, and weather resistance.

Frosted Acrylic Window Sheet

Frosted acrylic window sheet has excellent weather resistance. Assures excellent surface hardness and surface gloss. Has a roughened surface and high accuracy. Highly flexible to the natural environment.

Hard Coated Acrylic Sheet Window

Hard coated acrylic sheet window offers water-resistant properties. Can also endure high impacts that make it very suitable for outdoor use. Made with hard-coated and superior exterior acrylic shell.

Heat Resistant Acrylic Window Sheet

Heat-resistant acrylic window sheet resists excessive discoloration and degradation. Comes with clear edges and can safely withstand heat. Can be drilled into any structure without the fear of cracking and damage.

Impact Resistant Clear Acrylic Sheet Window

Impact-resistant clear acrylic sheet window is naturally resistant to UV rays. Exhibits great resistance to breakage and is made with crystal clear acrylic. Can be molded easily and subsequently recycled.

Mirror Acrylic Sheet Window

Mirror acrylic sheet window is a great impact and shatter-resistant option. Offers excellent flexibility in a range of available colors. Perfect for multiple applications and industries. Made with premium mirror acrylic.

Patterned Tinted Acrylic Sheet Window

Patterned tinted acrylic sheet window offers transparent clarity. Highly applicable in lighting, skylights, and decorative glazing. Arrives with a pattern on the side panel.

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Acrylic Sheet Windows: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

How Much Does Acrylic Sheet Windows Cost?

The actual price of acrylic sheet windows solely relies on the acrylic sheeting type and customization you are purchasing.

There are typical transparent acrylic window sheeting, colored acrylic sheets, acrylic mirrored sheeting, lucite block, and so much more. 

Why Use Acrylic Sheet For Windows?

There are quite a few reasons you should opt for acrylic sheet windows instead of standard glass. We will talk about the leading bases:

  • Cost-effective

If you are a cost-conscious business owner or consumer, you will be pleased to know acrylic window sheeting is an economically conservative alternative to using glass. 

Acrylic sheet windows require less power and funds to manufacture. And are lighter than traditional glass, so their transportation and shipping expenses are much lesser. 

Similarly, acrylic window sheeting does not require additional expenses for coatings and films, as you can purchase acrylic sheet windows with these finishes already.

  • Safe to use and exceptional strength

There are several grounds to purchase superior strength acrylic sheeting windows, whether you have large pets, live in a hurricane-prone area, or are anxious about outsiders breaking in. 

Acrylic plastic sheets have seventeen times the impact strength of typical glass, which means it takes a lot more force to shatter acrylic sheets than traditional glass. 

When you employ acrylic sheeting as your window panes, you no longer worry about someone getting injured if a panel breaks. Acrylic window sheeting may unintentionally shatter, but it will not shatter into a thousand tiny dangerous shards.

  • Customizable and ease of use

Although these are two different advantages, the acrylic sheets’ ease of use links straight into their customization capacity. Acrylic sheet windows are much more convenient to modify than traditional glass. 

Acrylic window sheeting can be cut much like wood, operating similar instruments such as a router, scoring tool, or table saw. Additionally, this product weighs roughly half of what glass does, making it easier to move, cut, and install. 

  • Superb Light Transmission

Acrylic sheet windows do not have glare and reflections. The transparency allows more than 90% of light to pass through. 

However, no matter the thickness of the acrylic sheet, it always remains transparent and does not yellow under the sun.

  • Lighter Weight

The lightweight acrylic sheet characteristic makes it a prominent option for glass in various applications, such as window glazing and roofing. 

The acrylic sheet is lighter, making them an ideal DIY material, as it is easier to work with and maneuver.

  • Durability

Acrylic sheet windows are robust and durable in most applications. Acrylic sheet is also weather-resistant, allowing nearly twenty years of usage without damage or deterioration in all weather conditions.

It will last ten years or more under proper maintenance. 

  • Appealing structure finish

The acrylic sheet window provides a crystal clear view of the surroundings. 92% of light penetrates through the acrylic sheet. That means you will have a superb crystal clear sight of your surroundings. 

You will see the colors of the surroundings without unwanted distortions. You will never be able to look cheerfully out of a transparent acrylic window ever again.

Once you consider all the benefits acrylic window sheeting has over traditional glass for window applications, it makes sense that professionals choose acrylic sheets for years. 

Which Is Suitable For Windows- Acrylic Sheets or Glass Sheets?

Traditional glass is not practical when designing windows for architectural projects. On the other hand, acrylic sheet windows are durable and open for shape and design customization. It is an ideal material in accent and designed windows production.

Acrylic Sheet Window Manufacturer

Additionally, acrylic sheet windows offer multiple advantages over typical glass and other forms of plastics. It is, therefore, a prevalent material for windows. Acrylic windows are robust, durable, and trustworthy. They do not shatter like traditional glass and have better storm resistance. 

How Thick Does Acrylic Need For A Window?

A one-eighth inch or one-quarter inch acrylic sheet thicknesses are beneficial for glazing. On the other hand, the one-tenth size is ideal for small panels indoors. The thicker the window panes, the more break-resistant it is.

The acrylic sheet thicknesses are based on where you plan to install them. For big window projects, we highly suggest the acrylic window be thicker. Further, sturdy acrylic windows provide additional protection for areas prone to natural disasters.

Is An Acrylic Sheet Windows A Good Insulator?

In terms of insulation, acrylic sheet windows are far more efficient. Acrylic sheet is twenty percent more practical than traditional glass in lowering temperature flux. It means that cool or warm air from outside penetrates less than through ordinary glass. 

The salient feature helps to control temperature and decreases heating expenses.

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