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Crafted with great precision and exceptional optical clarity, our clear acrylic tube is the epitome of moderness and elegance, featuring transparency in color and enjoying a myriad of applications. Our product boasts many strengths, including excellent quality, superior performance as well as durability. Given its crystal clear color and high-light transmittance, clear acrylic tube showcases exceptional optical performance, rendering an unobstructed view. We not only supply cut-to-size clear acrylic tubes but also bespoke clear acrylic tubes are available. There are a wide array of options for clear acrylic tubes in different diameters and thickness. Meanwhile, we are ready to supply bespoken clear acrylic tubes based on your specific needs. Therefore, our product can be an ideal solution for you to give play to your creativity. 

Detailed Specification
Raw material Acrylic
Outer diameter5-300 mm
Inner diameter3-295 mm
Length100-2000 mm
Thickness1-5 mm
StyleModern and minimal

Key Features of Clear Acrylic Tubes

Durable: Seldom do our clear acrylic tube fade from extreme wheather or harsh conditions without degradation. It can also withstand long-term wear and tear.

High-impact resistant: Compared with glass, our product features good impact-resistant properties. Therefore, it is suitable for more applications where safety and mobility are regarded as top priorities.

Lightweight: Our clear acrylic tube is lightweight in nature which promotes its easy installation. It is also easy to move and handle. 

Recyclable: Our clear acrylic tubes can be transformed into other products, causing less pollution and waste. 

Flexible and Rigid: Our clear  acrylic tube features flexibility and rigidity, making it a popular alternative for glass. Weather-resistant: Our product is manufactured with premium acrylic, enabling it to be proof of moisture, chemicals, physical impact, UV degradation as well as fluctuational temperatures

Key Features of Clear Acrylic Tubes
Why Choose us?

Why Choose us?

Our clear acrylic tubes have multiple functions, for we can find the use of clear acrylic tubes in many aspects, including signage, models, displays and interior design. Besides, it is manufactured at an affordable price which will not consume too much for your budget. What’s more,  bespoke fabrication of clear acrylic tubes is available here. You can contact us to tail clear acrylic tubes at any length or diameter.

Application of Clear Acrylic Tube

Application of Clear Acrylic Tube
Application of Clear Acrylic Tube

Clear acrylic tube has a myriad of applications across different industries. Its unique and excellent properties enable it to be a popular choice among many people. Some of its applications entail:

Display and sinage: Clear acrylic tube is often seen in retail counters or display stands for product showcases which elevates visibility of products. This in turn can boost sales and drive promotion.

Lighting design: Clear acrylic tubes can be used for diffusing and distributing light, so you can find their applications in LED light tubes, decorative lighting effects as well as fluorescent light covers. They can be tailored to yield different lighting effects.

DIY projects and crafts: Clear acrylic tubes are used for various projects, including crafts, model building as well as prototyping. It can be cut, drilled and shaped to meet personalized demand. 

Piping and fluid transport: Clear acrylic tube can be applied to dispose of fluids. Their excellent chemical-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties enable it to handle some poisonous and pungent substance  without causing great harm and pollution.

What can you Choose from us?

Clear Extruded Acrylic Tube
Clear Extruded Acrylic Tube

Clear extruded acrylic tube is manufactured by pushing the material into a die to form the desired shape. It is more cost-effective given its simper manufacturing process.

Clear Cast Acrylic Tube
Clear Cast Acrylic Tube

Clear cast acrylic tube is fabricated by pouring liquid acrylic into a mold to form a certain shape. It has superior optical performance as well as unifomity. It is often more expensive due to the casting process.

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