Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets

WeProfab is a professional manufacturer of bulletproof polycarbonate sheets. We have full capabilities in manufacturing bulletproof polycarbonate sheets, scratch-resistant polycarbonate sheets, abrasion/UV-resistant polycarbonate sheets, and more. We can manufacture real promising high-quality bulletproof polycarbonate sheets with different thicknesses, colors, and sizes.

Get WeProFab Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are highly durable and versatile for various applications. These bulletproof polycarbonate sheets have complete selections from different types of dimensions, sizes, textures, etc. It is available in frosted, colored, solid colors, and more. It has great effectiveness and longevity that saves money in different ways.

Acrylic Bullet Resistant

Weprofab is not just an expert in manufacturing bulletproof polycarbonate sheets but also acrylic bullet resistance. We are really your one-stop shop for polycarbonate products.

Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet

We can manufacture real promising high-quality Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet with different thicknesses, colors, and sizes.

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Weprofab is capable to manufacture plenty of outstanding Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet designs to suit every fitting requirement or in some business inclusions.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

We can manufacture Weprofab Bulletproof Polycarbonate Solid Sheet in our state-of-the-art technologies.

Bulletproof Anti-age UV Sheets

In manufacturing Bulletproof Anti-age UV Sheets, we used Makrolon and Sabic materials. We guarantee that you get the best Bulletproof Anti-age UV Sheets at affordable price.

Bulletproof Double Wall Plastic

Weprofab chose a suitable extrusion tooling and machine to manufacture your required Bulletproof Double Wall Plastic.

WeProFab: Your Leading Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also metal fabrication.

We are the biggest manufacturing factory in China, Weprofab is capable to produce a bulletproof polycarbonate sheet. We can manufacture Weprofab bulletproof polycarbonate sheets in our state-of-the-art technologies.

We used Makrolon and Sabic materials in our bulletproof polycarbonate sheets. We chose a suitable extrusion tooling and machine to manufacture your required bulletproof polycarbonate sheet.

Our full capacity for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication can give you a one-stop solution. Send us an inquiry now! We will give you back with a perfect product.

Custom Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets to Skyrocket Your Brand

Polycarbonate Sheet Connector Bulletproof

Polycarbonate sheet is the best form of bulletproof sheeting. When looking for the best Polycarbonate Sheet Connector Bulletproof, always choose Weprofab.

Polycarbonate Sheet Plastic Panel

WeProFab can customize Polycarbonate Sheet Plastic panels for you according to your specifications.

Polycarbonate Sheet Solid Clear

WeProFab is a one-stop solution provider that can customize your own Polycarbonate Sheet Solid Clear with different thicknesses, sizes, shapes, colors, and surface treatments.

3mm Bulletproof Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

3mm polycarbonate sheets can be bulletproof. It is applicable for different industries like the military perfect for shielding. It is also available in different thicknesses provided according to your request.

8mm Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

8mm bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are ideal for various fabrications and building applications. Available in a variety of textures, colors, and types of sheets like solid and multiwall sheets.

Anti-Color Aging Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The bulletproof polycarbonate sheets have great anti-color aging resistance which longer the life span. It is used indoors and outdoors, with great chemical resistance.

Bulletproof Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet

Bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are available in different options like embossed sheets. It is designed with different dimensions, colors, and dimensions accessible in lower prices.

Bulletproof Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Hollow bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are applicable for greenhouse and roofing. Hollow bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are multi-walls available in various dimensions. It is designed with different textures as well.

Bulletproof Marble Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate marble sheets are also bulletproofed. It is easier to fabricate and cut applicable for tabletops, countertops. It has great impact and scratch resistance that keeps the perfect appearance.

Bulletproof Opal Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

Opal bulletproof polycarbonate sheets provide a great appearance for different applications. It is available in solid and hollow sheets suitable for enclosure fabrications.

Bulletproof Solid Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Solid clear polycarbonate sheets are bulletproof. It is available in different finishes, coatings, dimensions, and more options. It has great durability but lower prices according to its size.

Bulletproof Solid Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

The bulletproof polycarbonate solid sheets have perfect bulletproofs. It has high temperature and scratch resistance suitable for shelves and cases. It has shatterproof resistance that prevents breaking and impact.

Clear Twin Wall Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Clear twin-wall bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are easier to cut and shape. It has great transparency perfect for furniture, construction materials, and other decorative product fabrications.

Colored Frosted Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Colored frosted bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are commonly available in red, orange, blue, green, and yellow colors. It has great frost attractive colors suitable for comfort room partitions and paneling.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Bulletproof Sheet

Corrugated bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are perfect for roofing applications. It has great protection from bullets and even impact caused by snow and throwing rocks. It is available in custom colors.

Frosted Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are available in clear frosted, color frosted, or matte frosted. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures which is applicable for different window and door applications.

Hard Coated Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are hard coated. Hard coated are available in all types of polycarbonate sheets. It can be used for partitions or building panels that last many years.

Multiwall Bulletproof Colored Bulletproof

If you are looking for durable bulletproof polycarbonate sheets, multiwall has the great bulletproof ability. It is hard coated strong for any weather conditions including scratches.

Patterned Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

If you are looking for patterned bulletproof polycarbonate sheets, it is offered in a variety of thickness and textures. It has different types and custom patterns based on your special request.

Solarlite Twin Wall Polycarbonate Bulletproof Sheet

There are different polycarbonate sheets options related to twin wall sheets. It has great light transmissions available in multiple colors. It is lightweight safe for roofing applications and easier to install and cut.

Solid Corrugated Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Solid corrugated bulletproof polycarbonate sheets have great UV resistance excellent for roofing applications. It has anti- color aging which remains the color attractive. easier to install which does not need a number of laborers.

Textured Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Textured polycarbonate sheets have great bulletproof resistance perfect for partitions and other divisions. It has great durability for outdoor applications 250 stronger than glass materials.

Weather Resistant Bulletproof Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Bulletproof polycarbonate sheets are weather-resistant and strongly fight the highest to the lowest temperature. Bulletproofs have great impact resistance which is great for heavy snow. It is easier to drill and cut sheets for faster installations.

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Why Weprofab Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is the leading polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in China.

We are experts in manufacturing Weprofab bulletproof polycarbonate sheet, abrasion/UV polycarbonate sheet, scratch-resistant polycarbonate sheet, and many more.

Polycarbonate sheet is the best form of bulletproof sheeting.

Weprofab bulletproof polycarbonate sheet or bullet-resistant polycarbonate sheet is extremely high resistance.

So, it does not shatter when exposed to violent impact.

Whether you are a bulletproof polycarbonate supplier or distributor, Weprofab is your one-stop shop solution.

We produce this Weprofab bullet polycarbonate sheet for protection against forced entry, whether ballistic or impact from heavy tools.

Aside from the durability and superior strength qualities of bulletproof polycarbonate sheets, we can also add other unique features.

It can be UV protection, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, and so on.

This unique feature makes Weprofab bulletproof polycarbonate sheet meet the most intense requirements for personal protection.

You can use our Weprofab bulletproof polycarbonate sheets for security glazing in government facilities and banks, public institutions, drive-up windows, convenience stores, gas stations, and so on.

Weprofab bullet-resistant polycarbonate is the best alternative to bulletproof glass.

We can offer you different levels of protection for our Weprofab bulletproof polycarbonate sheet.

Aside from its protection level, Weprofab can also provide bulletproof polycarbonate sheets in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

And of course, custom cut options are available.

But if you need the cut to size bulletproof polycarbonate sheet, we can also cut them for you in the manufacturing process.

We can also provide you a free sample of a bulletproof polycarbonate sheet in order to check the quality before a large order.

As one of the leading plastic sheet manufacturers, we have passed a lot of certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, CE, and more.

In our factory, we have 10 sets of different polycarbonate sheet manufacturing lines and an in-house plastic fabrication factory.

Whether you need bulletproof polycarbonate sheets or need to customise any polycarbonate product, WeProFab can always satisfy your needs.

Contact us now!

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you want to learn more, or import bulletproof polycarbonate sheets from China, this guide has everything you’re looking for.

It includes properties, quality testing, cutting to size, features, and where to buy bulletproof polycarbonate sheet amongst others.

So, if you want to be an expert in these polycarbonate sheets, read this guide:

What is Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet?

Bulletproof polycarbonate sheet

Bulletproof polycarbonate sheet

It refers to a transparent, multilayer laminated polycarbonate sheet engineered to meet all necessary security requirements regarding the ballistic impact and forced entry.

It offers superior strength compared to conventional polycarbonate sheets.

It also offers a durable alternative to glass for different structures and other applications, which require additional protection level.

Is there Difference between Bulletproof and Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets?

Essentially, there is a thin line between bulletproof and bullet resistant polycarbonate sheets.

The engineering of bullet-resistant panel is intended to test the ability of the material to withstand attack from physical impact.

Irrespective of whether you’re hitting it with a hammer or firing weapon at it, this panel should withstand the punishment without breaking or cracking.

On the other hand, bulletproof polycarbonate sheet is an advanced version of bullet-resistant sheet.

It offers a higher level of strength, depending on the desired thickness.

You can choose to use it in highly sensitive applications such as military and government establishments.

How Thick is Bulletproof Polycarbonate?

Thickness of bullet resistant polycarbonate sheet

 Thickness of bullet resistant polycarbonate sheet

Ideally, the ability of bulletproof polycarbonate sheet to prevent or stop projectiles with variable energy is directly proportional to its thickness.

In other words, the thickness of this component tends to vary depending on the actual needs and application.

In many instances, though, the ideal thickness for this type of material should be at least 3.5mm.

But this is also dependent on the design of the bulletproof polycarbonate sheet.

How are Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets priced?

Several factors, of course, determine the pricing model of a wide range of bulletproof polycarbonate panels.

For instance, one with a relatively thicker layer will always be a bit pricier compared to one with a somewhat thinner layer.

They are also priced based on the overall size and design.

Remember, you can always find these panels in wide-ranging sizes and designs depending on your preference.

Therefore, the larger the size and the pricier the sheet and vice versa.

Moreover, the cost would also depend on the customization needs you want on this particular piece.

If you are going for customized design, the complex it is costlier, it will be compared to simple designs.

Also, this piece is priced depending on the actual grade of polycarbonate material used in manufacturing it.

Some of the high-grade panels tend to be somewhat more expensive compared to the relatively low-grade panels.

Can Bulletproofing Polycarbonate Sheets Fit into Existing Framing?

Absolutely correct!

In some instances, you can retrofit this particular type of ballistic glazing material into an existing frame.

Even so, it is wholly dependent on the specific size of the glazing pocket hence not necessarily a guarantee always.

Therefore, it is always recommended to ensure the measurements of both the material and the framing pocket match. This helps in guaranteeing an intact fix.

How Clear is Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets?

Clear bullet resistant polycarbonate sheet

Clear bullet resistant polycarbonate sheet

This component is without question highly transparent.

Ideally, it permits light transmission of up to about 94%.

And this is a clear indication of how clear it is compared to other alternative materials, which can offer similar solutions.

Moreover, the clarity of bulletproof polycarbonate sheet is not affected irrespective of the thickness.

So even if you have a piece with a relatively thick layer, it still maintains the high optical clarity.

And this aspect also applies to the colored and multicolored shades of this component.

Can Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet Crack?

Never at all!

Essentially, the engineering model of a bulletproof polycarbonate sheet is intended to absorb the energy of bullets upon impact.

And the different building units incorporated in this piece ensure it withstands any form of pressure or impact.

It is thus a clear indication it can never crack irrespective of the conditions it is subjected to.

Can you Cut Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets to Size?

Most definitely!

As much as this type of component is somewhat hardy and sturdy, it has a relatively soft surface.

This makes it quite easy to cut using different hand and power tools.

Moreover, you can as well use different advanced techniques to reduce this component into the desired size.

For instance, you can choose to use a laser cutting machine and CNC machining, especially if you’re looking for speed, accuracy, and clear finish.

The essence of cutting polycarbonate sheet is to ensure it suits the specific dimensions for the structure.

How is Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets Manufactured?

Extrusind plastic sheet

Extruding plastic sheet

Generally, it is quite an involving process, which requires advanced equipment and a high level of understanding of the various aspects revolving around it.

The actual sheet is dependent on the specific level of protection.

And this is often based on the number of layers you desire to attain.

Primarily, the first step in the manufacturing process of this component involves cutting all the necessary units from flat sheet polycarbonate stock.

And this is done along with all the bonding interlayers sheets.

So you’ll have to cut the first layer of polycarbonate panel to the exact dimensions.

The second layer entails first of numerous of polyurethane bonding interlayers.

The next set of polycarbonate is as well cut as explained above, and this happens to any subsequent layer you’re cutting.

And this should be the same until the final lay-up of this panel.

Once this is over, all the individual units are cleaned, and then the clean lay-up surface is taken to the cleanroom for final assembly.

In this room, all the layers of this component are assembled in a proper configuration.

The final assembly is then taken to inspecting several critical factors, such as size and defects in the manufacturing process.

After inspection, the component is taken through into a vacuum bag then pulled to eliminate all the air.

It is then taken to an autoclave where bonding of all interlayers occurs.

It is then allowed to cool down and afterward, packaging awaiting shipment.

How does Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet compare to Bulletproof Glass Sheet?

Ideally, bulletproof polycarbonate is widely popular in most of applications which require such solutions as a result of its outstanding intrinsic features.

It offers incredible strength compared to glass bulletproof glass sheet.

Bulletproof glass

 Bulletproof glass

 And it is the reason it can resist a forceful projectile as many times as possible without cracking or breaking.

On the contrary, glass can only resist a projectile up to a certain level.

The other comparison is with regard to clarity.

Polycarbonate is seemingly clearer than bulletproof glass sheet.

Of course, polycarbonate allows up to about 94% of light to pass through it.

Glass, on the other hand, allows up to about 84% of light to pass through it hence making polycarbonate a bit superior.

In terms of flexibility, bulletproof polycarbonate sheet stands out as a better alternative compared to glass.

You can easily mold glass and fabricate it using various techniques to suit your needs.

This is, however, different from glass, which is seemingly, brittle hence making it quite difficult to fabricate.

It is easier to clean and maintain bulletproof polycarbonate sheet compared to bulletproof glass sheets.

Glass has a relatively hard surface hence requires more effort to clean.

Polycarbonate, on the other hand, has a tender surface making it easy to eliminate debris from the surface.

Also, bulletproof glass polycarbonate is relatively resistant to scratch compared to polycarbonate sheet.

Glass is hard hence making it a bit difficult for scratchy objects to penetrate through it.

On the contrary, polycarbonate tends to be relatively tender hence sensitive to abrasive elements.

How does Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet Work?

 Thick bullet proof polycarbonate sheet

 Thick bulletproof polycarbonate sheet

This component is unique and in different applications.

However, it uses alternating layers of plastic as a way of absorbing the impact force.

What happens is the projectile will typically pierce the first layer of this panel.

Even so, the next layer of this sheet will evidently, offer much more resistance hence dissipating the projectile’s energy upon impact.

If the bullet still applies more force, it will again pierce the ensuing layer of this sheet.

So primarily, this process will continue until it gets to a particular layer of the sheet stops it.

Alternatively, it can continue piercing the layers until it emerges through the barrier.

And this point the energy will have far less energy to propel it forward.

And should the projectile pierce the lay-up layer of this sheet, its velocity will be substantively reduced to cause harm on the other side of the sheet.

It is the same reason why this type of multi-layered thermoplastic sheet is engineered to reduce kinetic energy of the projectiles even if they pierce the plastic.

But also remember the effectiveness of this material is only limited to a few bullets at a time.

What are the Applications of Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets?

Bullet resistant polycarbonate window

Bullet resistant polycarbonate sheet

It is widely used in various applications, particularly those, which emphasize the sensitivity of security details.

Some of the critical applications of bulletproof polycarbonate sheet include the following;

Building and construction – Most of the government establishments and other buildings sensitive to security use this material often.

They are placed or fixed in different areas such as window panels, door panels, fences, and other crucial spaces.

For example, they are fitted in banking halls on the counter sections.

Military establishments – Bulletproof polycarbonate sheet is also common in various military building components.

It serves as a security detail since it prevents bullets from penetrating to the other side in case of an imminent attack.

Jewelry shops – It is also used in constructing POS countertops in most jewelry and related outlets.

In this case, it helps in serving two purposes; security and aesthetics.

Automotive industry – Most of the high profile government leaders and officials and security vehicles are armored using bulletproof polycarbonate sheet.

The essence is to reinforce the security of such officials by preventing them from inevitable bullets from hitting the possible target.

Embassies – It is also common in most embassies, of course, for obvious security reasons.

Embassies are some of the highly secured establishments, which require intense security.

And bulletproof polycarbonate panel is one of the materials providing the ideal security in such establishments.

Why should you Invest in Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets?

Investing in a bulletproof polycarbonate sheet has numerous benefits.

It thus a decision you can hardly regret since, in the long run, you’ll find it worth its value.

Some of these beneficial reasons include the following;

  • It offers supreme strength, and this is essential since it guarantees a high level of security both from flying objects, forceful entrance, and projectiles.

It thus gives you the necessary piece of mind given the safety is guaranteed.

  • It is highly durable; it is resistant to wide-ranging chemical, environmental and mechanical elements.

This, of course, enables it to last for quite a long time and subsequently enabling you to cut on replacement and related costs.

  • It is lightweight; and this is vital, especially for a component with ballistic resistance features.

In such a case, it implies it is easy to transport, handle, and also install on different surfaces.

So this is also vital as it helps in cutting costs surrounding freight, handling, and fixing.

  • It has excellent UV protection, which protects it from different effects such as fading as a result of exposure to direct sunlight.
  • It is also easy to clean, maintain, and fabricate where necessary.

This material is quite flexible and has a tender surface hence making it quite easy to customize to suit your specific requirements.

How do you Choose Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets?

If you’re not an expert in this field, choosing an ideal bulletproof polycarbonate sheet could be a bit challenging.

Several aspects revolve around this component, thus the need for making sure you meticulously get what suits your needs.

Some of the elements to guide you in making a choice include the following;

Specific application – It is important to always figure-out what your project entails when buying this component.

Ideally, this panel is designed differently for various applications hence the need for ensuring you clearly understand what your structure entails.

Thickness – It is, without doubt, a vital aspect when it comes to choosing bulletproof polycarbonate sheet.

Thicker sheets, of course, tend to offer better bullet resistance than relatively thin sheets.

But the choice in regards to thickness will also be determined by the application.

Color – This component is available in different color shades.

he choice of the ideal color is again dependent on the specific application and, in some instances, the customer’s preference.

Customization – Most of the bulletproof polycarbonate sheets nowadays come in various forms of customized designs.

You need to consider the type of customization you would require to have on the panel.

Grade – This component comes in different grades ranging from low to high.

It would be essential to pick an ideal grade of this panel, which suits your application for best results.

Budget – It is also vital to consider the cost of the bulletproof polycarbonate sheet you are buying.

They come at different rates depending on several factors.

With your budget, you’ll be able to know the exact piece you’ll have for your project.

Are Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets Resistant to UV?

Generally, the ordinary low-grade bulletproof polycarbonate sheets can be affected by direct sunlight, especially when exposed for extended period.

But this can take as many years as possible before it starts exhibiting such or related signs.

What happens, in this case, is continuous prolonged exposure of this component to direct sunlight renders it to ultraviolet radiation attack.

Typically, such radiations often penetrate easily through the soft surface of this moment, albeit gradually.

And with time, you’ll notice some form of discoloration, fading or yellowing on the surface of this material.

But it is a phenomenon which has to take many years before it happens or becomes visible.

Even so, modern high-grade bullet polycarbonate sheets have incredible resistance to UV.

They have never affected in any way irrespective of how long they are exposed to direct sunlight.

In essence, they incorporate UV stabilizer additive, which helps in containing the radiations from attacking the surface material.

Also, the manufacturing process of the component integrates several anti-UV elements making it highly resistant.

Can you get Customized Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets?

Of course, yes!

In fact, most of the bulletproof polycarbonate panels from different suppliers nowadays are made-to-order.

The necessity for this is because many customers have varied preferences suitable for their projects.

So most manufacturers have come up with a model, which helps in enhancing customization of this type of component.

Nonetheless, not all suppliers have the capacity to offer all sorts of customizations on your bulletproof polycarbonate sheet.

For that reason, it is advisable to seek clarification from your preferred supplier to determine whether or not they can provide your specific customization needs.

How do you Fabricate Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet?

Solid bullet poof polycarbonate sheet

 Solid bulletproof polycarbonate sheet

Since this material is relatively soft and flexible, it is quite apparent you can always use various forms of fabrication techniques to mold it accordingly.

Of course, the ideal fabrication method is dependent on what you desire to attain.

However, some of these ways include the following;

Welding – It is a fabrication technique, which involves the creation of molecular bonds between this type of polycarbonate and other compatible materials.

It helps in enhancing superior strength, as well as reducing cycle times.

It entails pressing, heating and cooling but often differentiated by heating method.

Lamination – It is a method, which involves the application of a thin film on the surface material of the bulletproof polycarbonate sheet.

It essentially helps in enhancing the strength, functionality, and in most cases, the aesthetic features of the component.

Cutting –to-size – It is a common fabrication technique of this panel.

It primarily entails reducing the dimensions of this sheet to desirable dimensions, which meet the requirements of your project.

Machining – It involves use of different types of machines to mold the surface material of this sheet to the ideal design and shape.

Some of the commonly used machines include CNC and laser machines.

Coating – It is a fabrication technique, which entails application of a thin coat on the surface of the sheet.

The specific coat helps in enhancing efficiency of the material in a particular approach.

Silk screening – It is about imprinting an image, logo, or signage on the surface material of the bulletproof polycarbonate sheet.

It is essential when it comes to use in applications, which revolve around branding and marketing.

Is there any Ideal Surface Treatment for Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet?

Most definitely!

And the ideal surface treatment for this sheet is also dependent on the specific application of the same.

In most instances, such surface treatments aim at enhancing the efficiency and functionality of the component.

And some of these treatments include the following;

Anti-scratch treatment – It refers to a coating treatment aimed at preventing or reducing abrasive objects from scratching the surface of this material.

UV stabilizer – This surface coating technique intends to help in preventing ultraviolet radiation from attacking, penetrating, and weakening the surface material of this component.

Anti-fog coating – It is a surface treatment method ideal for bulletproof polycarbonate sheet is humid areas.

It helps in preventing moisture from accumulating and sticking on the material surface.

Anti-reflective coating – It is aimed at preventing, eliminating, or reducing the intensity of light reflection emanating from the surface of this component.

It is vital, especially for automobile windscreens and other structures, which are well lit.

How many Bullets can Proof Polycarbonate take?

Bullet resistant polycarbonate sheet

Bullet resistant polycarbonate sheet

Generally, this is entirely dependent on the number of layers the particular bulletproof polycarbonate sheet contains.

In simple words, the number of bullets this sheet can take depends on its thickness.

It also depends on the grade of polycarbonate material used for designing this component.

Even so, this sheet can only take a few bullets at a time before it becomes ineffective.

The reason is it only withstand the energy or impact of projectile as it pierces the layers of this sheet.

Therefore, it can only withstand a few bullets at a particular time.

Can Clear Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet fade?

In ordinary circumstances, bulletproof polycarbonate panels can never fade at all.

It is made of strong molecules derived from natural gases in solid form, making the surface resistant to several elements, including ultraviolet rays.

However, if it is exposed to extremely unfavorable conditions, it might start dulling.

But this has to be after prolonged exposure, possibly several years.

How Durable is Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets?

Primarily, this component has incredible durability, given it is a multi-layered material.

It can last for as many years as possible without degrading or distorting, depending on the type of exposure it is subjected to.

Nevertheless, under normal conditions, it should last for at least 20 years or more.

Is there any Material you can use in Place of Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet?

Absolutely yes!

Of all the available materials, acrylic stands out as a better alternative to use in place of bulletproof polycarbonate sheet.

The reason, in this case, is quite simple, and acrylic has more or less similar intrinsic features as polycarbonate.

Acrylic is also incredibly strong; hence can easily withstand the impact of projectile and preventing it from penetrating to the other side.

It can also be layered in different configurations to provide the necessary protection without breaking or cracking.

Furthermore, acrylic is also lightweight, flexible, and resistant to several environmental, chemical, and mechanical elements.

Therefore, it is a bit resilient and can last for as many years as possible juts like polycarbonate.

Can you Repair Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet?

Most definitely!

This material is naturally amorphous, which makes it easy to repair whenever it develops any form of distortion.

You can as well, merely choose to improve the surface material of this sheet to suit the specific requirements when need arises.

Is Bulletproof Polycarbonate Eco-friendly?

Absolutely correct!

This component is designed primarily using polycarbonate, which is derived from natural raw materials.

In essence, this component does not react with any environmental feature nor degrade them in any way.

It is highly recyclable, and you can as well re-use on other structure should you choose to re-install another piece.

Furthermore, this component is highly bio-degradable, making it safe and friendly to the environment.

How do you Maintain Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet?

It depends on the specific application of the bulletproof polycarbonate panel.

The basic maintenance routine you can often undertake for this component is ensuring it is clean.

It helps in enhancing its efficiency as well as optical clarity.

In most instances, those engineered for relatively large outdoor applications tend to self-clean, especially when it rains.

And this is vital because it relieves you from the stress and energy it could have demanded to clean it.

However, for indoor applications, all you need to do is use warm water, liquid soap, and soft cotton cloth.

So you only need to scrub the surface of this material gently using a soft damp cloth and wipe off using clear after a few minutes.

Where can you Buy Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet?

The popularity of this component is on the rise; hence several manufacturers are coming to play in a bid to meet the demand.

You can find it in various places, particularly in China, but you have to ensure your preferred supplier is reliable.

One way of finding a suitable supplier for this component is by doing an online search on the internet.

This way, you’ cone around several manufacturers hence the essence of meticulousness to find best option.

Alternatively, you can as well contact WeProFab, one of the leading bulletproof polycarbonate sheet suppliers in China.

They provide high-quality pieces, both standard and customized, depending on your specific requirements.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when importing bulletproof polycarbonate sheets.

However, if you find it difficult to choose a suitable bulletproof polycarbonate sheet, WeProFab team is here to help.

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