• Polymer Injection Molding

Polymer Injection Molding

WeProFab is known as a professional in polymer injection molding. We provide a one-stop solution to your polymer injection molding needs. WeProFab can provide all your needed polymer injection molding services for your business or project. We are always ready to cater to your needs and skyrocket your business. Message us for your inquiries!

WeProFab Polymer Injection Molding to Delight Your Customers

Through our excellent polymer injection molding, we can create different plastic products for you. We have different types of pre-made molds to produce a wide range of parts and components that will suit your needs.

Polymer Injection Molding for Medical Device

We used polymer injection molding for producing various medical device. We make sure that our polymer injection molding processes for medical device are safe.

Custom Polymer Injection Molding

We can produce different plastic parts through our polymer injection molding. We have hundreds of premade molds to be used for polymer injection molding.

Polymer Injection Molding Services

We have a wide range of polymer injection molding services that includes mold making and mold design. We also offer tooling and other processes.

Polymer Injection Molding Machine

WeProFab is well-quipped with automated and advanced injection molding machine. Thus, you can assure that we can give you excellent polymer injection molded products.

Polymer Injection Molding Manufacturer

WeProFab is expert in polymer injection molding for many years. We can give you excellent polymer injection molding solution and services.

Polymer Injection Molding Materials

For polymer injection molding, we used different polymer materials like PVC, polyurethane, resin, and more materials to produce plastic parts.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Polymer Injection Molding Services Supplier

WeProFab is a trusted Chinese manufacturer and supplier specializing in polymer injection molding. We cater to the different needs of our customers from different countries around the world. We have been the leading polymer injection molding services provider for over 20 years.

Due to our rich experience, you can assure a high-quality and functional polymer injection molded product. We can supply polymer injection molding services to different industries like automotive, medical, aerospace, and more.

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WeProFab Polymer Injection Molding

Polymer PEEK Injection Molded Parts

You can find the broadest selection of polymer PEEK injection molded parts at WeProFab. It features high temperature resistance. It is widely used for different industries like automotive, medical, etc.

Polymer Composites Injection Molding

If you need polymer composite injection molding services, WeProFab is your best choice. We make different polymer composite injection molding molds for creating different polymer plastic products. Good-quality and excellent services are rest assured.

Polymer Workpiece Form Shell Mold Service

WeProFab offers polymer workpiece form shell using polymer injection molding. It comes with lots of surface treatments such as anodizing, coloring, painting, laser engraving, and more.

Polymer Injection Molding for GPS

At WeProFab, we offer polymer injection molding services and mold making for making GPS devices. Our services includes injection molding, tooling, and production.

Precision Polymer Injection Molding

Our precision polymer injection molding comes with different services such as mold designing, material selection, mold processing, and other processes like drilling, polishing, machining, etc.

Polymer Aluminium Custom Plastic Micro Injection Molding

We offer Polymer Aluminium Custom Plastic Micro Injection Molding for creating laptop plastic parts. It comes with various processes such as machining, 3D printing, and so on.

Plastic Model Polymer Injection Molding

WeProFab offers advanced plastic model polymer injection molding for producing broad range of plastic products like toys, keyboards, pulleys, washers, bottle caps, power tools, car panels, etc.

Polymer Injection Products

Our polymer injection products are available in different surface treatments like sandblasting, polish, and chrome. We can also customize your orders based on your exact specification.

Custom Prototype Polymer Electronics Switch Injection Mold

WeProFab manufactures custom prototypes of polymer electronic switch through injection molding. We offer high-precision molding for high-quality products.

Polymer Small Injection Molding Die

Our Polymer Small Injection Molding Die is available in multi or single cavity. It also features hot and cold runner to ensure multi-functionality.

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WeProFab Polymer Injection Molding

Custom Polymer Injection Molding

WeProFab is a rich experience in polymer injection molding. We have more than 20 years of expertise in the industry. As a professional manufacturer, WeProFab can provide you a one-stop solution to your requirements.

During polymer injection molding, the melted polymer will be forced into a multi-cavity mold opening under high pressure.

WeProFab uses different types of polymers for injection molding. We used polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, nylon, Teflon, thermoplastic polyurethanes, low-density polyethylene, HDPE, and so on.

Polymer Composites Injection Molding

All the polymer materials are made into pellet forms and injected into the injection molding machine using a hopper. Then materials will fill the mold cavity by a feeding system.

WeProFab has a full capacity in providing you polymer injection molding services. In our factory, we have the largest manufacturing facilities and advanced injection molding machines. Thus, we can surely provide the best services for you.

WeProFab polymer injection molding is a manufacturing process that is widely used for producing different plastic products like pipe fittings, electrical switches, power tools, automotive power brake, cellphone housings, computer mouse, household items, toys, appliances, electrical parts, steam irons, and so on.

Polymer Injection Products

WeProFab offers different surface treatments like anodized, polished, chrome, painting, and more. We can also customize based on your requirements. WeProFab has a wide business and service scope. We expand our capabilities to meet your requirements.

You can always rely upon WeProFab when it comes to polymer injection molding. We can be your best partner for your business or projects. Our one-stop polymer injection molding services and solution will surely boost your brand.

We can manufacture different plastic products with a wide range of sizes, designs, and configurations through our polymer injection molding. WeProFab will help you in finding the right solution to your requirements.

All our polymer injection molding services and products are offered at competitive pricing without compromising the quality. We also offer a short lead time and low MOQ to support your business. Aside from polymer injection molding, we also offer plastic injection molding, thermoplastic injection molding, acrylic injection molding, perform injection molding, etc.

Polymer Injection Molding Materials in China

If you have more questions about our polymer injection molding, contact us immediately. We offer 24/7 technical and online assistance. Our expert engineers and customer service team will guide you from the beginning until the end of the process.

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