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Custom Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Fireproof polycarbonate sheets, also called flame retardant polycarbonate sheets, are often used in applications where fire safety is a concern, such as the construction, manufacturing and automotive industries. They can reduce the growth of fire in a very short time without igniting or sustaining combustion. Our fireproof sheets all comply with international standards like UL94 V-0 and EN 45545-2 requirements R4, R22, R23 and R24. Improved optical clarity and light transmission are also highlights of our sheets.

In HM, our fireproof polycarbonate sheets are flexible to form, cold or hot bend, die cut, shear and punch to satisfy your specific fabrication needs. In addition, we can customize different fireproof polycarbonate sheets according to your requirements of various thickness, sizes, and formats. And we have abundant color choices like gray, brown, black, red, clear, bronze,  lighter blue, lighter green and so on.

Fireproof PC Sheets for Utter Protection

Our fireproof polycarbonate sheets offer excellent clarity, with light transmission of up to 64%. Additionally, they are customizable, allowing for the addition of surface and in-mold decorations. Due to the special raw material, fireproof polycarbonate sheets have high impact strength and good chemical resistance. In addition, the high heat and flame resistance of fireproof polycarbonate sheets contribute to their popularity, as they can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 120°C.

Fireproof PC Sheets for Utter Protection
Discovering Polycarbonate Sheet Applications

Discovering Fireproof PC Sheet Applications

Fireproof polycarbonate sheets are often used in public as security barriers, such as airports, public authorities, shopping centers or shops. And some sound barrier walls, greenhouse and garden center roofs, stadium and bus shelter sunshades are also made of them. For decorative purposes, some architects also use them for wall cladding to add a little interior design element. In industrial environments, these fireproof sheets are used to create fireproof machine guards to ensure personnel safety and equipment protection.

Testing Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet for Quality Assurance

Testing Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet for Quality Assurance
Testing Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet for Quality Assurance

After producing each batch of fireproof sheets, we conduct quality tests. Complete quality testing ensures the self-extinguishing capability of the fireproof polycarbonate sheet in terms of burning rate, vertical and horizontal performance, heat release, smoke density and smoke toxicity.

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