• Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is a premier fireproof polycarbonate sheet manufacturer you can find in China. You can get here the highest quality polycarbonate sheet at various dimensions and textures. Our products and services can help you save money, time, and effort. Allow us to assist your needs. Contact us!

Get WeProFab Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

As your expert manufacturer and supplier in China, Weprofab has full capabilities to custom your fireproof polycarbonate sheets. We are very capable to produce fireproof polycarbonate sheets perfect for your applications. We write down below the different types of fireproof polycarbonate sheets to suit your needs.

Custom Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheets

Custom fireproof polycarbonate sheet is available in custom designs. This provides long-lasting and exceptional durability for application in homes, greenhouses, etc.

Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Fireproof polycarbonate sheet features extreme impact strength, excellent weather resistance, and UV resistance. It is available in customized and standard designs.

Multi-Color Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

This multi-color fireproof polycarbonate sheet is unbreakable and impact-resistant. It is the perfect use for windshields application, windows, and roofing.

OEM Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

This OEM fireproof polycarbonate sheet is high-strength, fire-resistant, and bullet-resistant. It is available in many colors, such as transparent, green, black, etc.

UV-Coated Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

We produce UV-coated fireproof polycarbonate sheet which is fire-retardant and highly durable. Its durability makes it last for many years without fading away.

Wholesale Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

A wholesale fireproof polycarbonate sheet is your best choice if you’re a wholesaler, retailer, or distributor. This is a cost-effective solution, tailored to your requirements.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a skilled manufacturing firm in China with almost 20 years of experience. We manufacture all kinds of sheets, including fireproof polycarbonate sheets. This product has an outstanding quality proven by our long-term partners and clients worldwide. Weprofab provides one-stop solutions for your fireproof polycarbonate sheet needs.

Our team has high capabilities in handling rigorous quality inspections to ensure our fireproof polycarbonate sheets’ quality. We also ensure safe packaging and quick delivery. With your experience here in Weprofab, rest assured you can get certified products that meet your standards. All fireproof polycarbonate sheets here are 100% proven and tested. Contact our team today!

Custom Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet to Boost Your Business

Bronze Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

A bronze fireproof polycarbonate sheet is ideal for roofing applications. It has extreme UV protection and has excellent durability. It is also cost-effective compared to other types.

Multi-Wall Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Our multi-wall fireproof polycarbonate sheet is bullet-proof. It is available in transparent color or colored types. We can customize this type according to your specific requirements.

Transparent Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

A transparent fireproof polycarbonate sheet is 100% fire-resistant. These are perfect for any roofing uses, greenhouses, and other construction purposes. Available for a lower cost.

Fireproof Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

We can supply fireproof polycarbonate roofing sheets in different colors and features. It is a popular type for its high-impact resistance and UV resistance features.

Fireproof Polycarbonate Twinwall Sheet

Weprofab fireproof polycarbonate twinwall sheets are widely applicable for building purposes. Available in different colors at competitive prices.

Durable Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

You can choose various colors, textures, and sizes of durable fireproof polycarbonate sheets. Custom options are also available.

Color-Coated Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Color-coated fireproof polycarbonate sheets are available in different dimensions, colors, and textures. It is known for its higher durability.

Outdoor Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Our outdoor fireproof polycarbonate sheet is made extra durable and reliable to support outdoor applications. Custom sizes, textures, colors, and designs are available at lower costs.

Coated PVC Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab creates coated PVC fireproof polycarbonate sheets with superior quality and higher strength. It is available in matte and sleek colors for your needs.

Modern Hollow Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The modern hollow polycarbonate sheets with fireproof strength are multiwall. They are ideal for extensive applications, like hotels, awnings, roofing, carports, and more. These sheets have anti-static, moisture-proof, lightweight, and shockproof features.

Solid Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Solid fireproof polycarbonate sheets function as sound-absorbing and outdoor displays materials. They block harmful UV rays, anti-aging, prevent fire and withstand temperature changes. Their lightweight property makes them more convenient and safer to use.

Anti-Static Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-static fireproof polycarbonate sheets have a thickness of 8mm to 10mm with multiple dimension options. They are suitable for cutting and molding processes. These sheets are perfect to use on ESD applications. 

4.5mm Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The 4.5mm fireproof polycarbonate sheets are ideal for farmhouses, public buildings, awnings, entertainment facilities, and more utilization. These sheets feature shatter-resistance perfect glass replacement. You can choose your desired colors.

Strong 3mm Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The strong 3mm fireproof polycarbonate sheets have a 50-micron thickness of UV layers. They have lighter weight, extreme impact strength, waterproof, and flame retardant properties. These sheets are not easy to break yet last for a long time.

Traditional Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The fireproof polycarbonate sheets with traditional designs are suitable for garage sheds and hotels buildings. They are environmentally friendly materials with high fireproof advantages. These polycarbonate sheets provide proper light transmittance effects.

Compartment Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Compartment fireproof polycarbonate sheets are excellent materials for automotive or bus applications. They have high surface hardness, fireproof, scratch-resistance, and moisture-proof features. These sheets are also available with different designs and patterns.

Honeycomb Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Honeycomb fireproof polycarbonate sheets have about 8mm to 20mm thickness options. Various colors, like blue, green, yellow, red, etc., are available. These sheets have contemporary designs, perfect for skylights, greenhouses, office buildings, and more.

Extruded Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The extruded fireproof polycarbonate sheets are made from 100% virgin raw materials. They have UV resistance, extreme weather resistance, and lightweight features. These sheets are ideal for numerous applications, such as pool covers, decks, patios, sheds, etc.

Greenhouse Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Fireproof polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses filter 99% ultraviolet rays. They have customizable colors on which the light transmittance level depends. These sheets are also available in corrugated, embossed, or multiwall designs.

Compact Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The compact fireproof polycarbonate sheets have multiwall structures, ideal for office building usage. They are reachable in extensive length, width, and thicknesses measurements. These tight polycarbonate sheets have excellent flam resistance strength.

Embossed Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Embossed fireproof polycarbonate sheets are for hospital building applications. They have wide dimensions and hues ranges. Their high fire-resistant feature makes them in demand to use for most facilities. Embossed polycarbonate sheets are also excellent decorations.

All Season Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

The fireproof polycarbonate sheets for all seasons have UV-coated layer protection. They are ideal for outdoor carports and skylight utilization. These sheets can withstand temperature changes for all seasons. Colors, lengths, and logos are customizable.

U-Lock Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

U-lock fireproof polycarbonate sheets can be triples, double, or four-wall structures. These sheets are easy to handle, clean, and install. They are suitable for walkways, railway stations, outdoor billboards, indoor partition, architectural roofing, and more.

Fireproof Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

Fireproof corrugated polycarbonate sheets are suitable for skylight roofings, carport roofs, greenhouse buildings, and more. They have one side or double-sided UV blocking coatings. Massive selections of colors and dimensions are available.

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Why WeProFab Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet

For your fireproof polycarbonate sheet needs, allow Weprofab to provide for you. We are not only manufacturing fireproof polycarbonate sheets for you, but we also support your own design. With vast experience in the industry, many clients have trusted our services.

One of our best products is the fireproof polycarbonate sheet. Weprofab is proud to offer a fireproof polycarbonate sheet that meets UL 972, UL 94 V-0, or V-2 standards. These sheets are stronger compared to plexiglass or glass. They are also easily cut out, sheared, and punched to meet the molding requirements.

Weprofab Fireproof Polycarbonate Sheet Features:

  • UV stable
  • flame-retarding
  • virtually shatterproof
  • weatherable
  • incredible clarity
  • printable
  • heat formability
  • temperature resistance
  • impact protection
  • excellent light transmission
  • bullet resistant

Our team carefully selects the most solid material in creating this fireproof polycarbonate sheet. When you purchase from Weprofab, this sheet comes in various colors, shapes, sizes, and more specifications. Also, these are both useful for outdoor and indoor applications.

Weprofab produces fireproof polycarbonate sheet which is used for projects with fire hazards and extreme temperatures.  This sheeting helps to avoid fire hazards and lessen the damage caused by fires and high temperatures.

As an outcome, our fireproof polycarbonate sheet is the best choice in applications, such as:

  • aerospace
  • construction and building
  • transportation
  • greenhouse
  • residential building

Tell us your specific fireproof polycarbonate sheet requirements. We always consider your ideas before we custom-make your fireproof polycarbonate sheet. We make sure we provide precise and efficient fireproof polycarbonate sheets for you.

Due to our great reputation in the industry, Weprofab is now the leading manufacturer you can trust the most. We serve customers all over the world. Try our fireproof polycarbonate sheet and get satisfaction! OEM and ODM requests are welcome.

We are 24/7H available to give you assistance. Contact us!


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