• Polycarbonate Hinges

Polycarbonate Hinges

WeProFab is your ultimate polycarbonate hinges manufacturer in China. We offer different sizes, colors, and styles for your polycarbonate hinges to meet your specifications. We can provide you a high-quality, strong yet affordable. Send us your ideal polycarbonate hinges.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Hinges to Delight Your Customers

Our polycarbonate hinges are perfect for your construction and hardware store since we provide a high-quality, durable, and economical. We always provide polycarbonate hinges fitted on your requirements.

Clear Polycarbonate Hinges

We offer clear color for your polycarbonate hinges which is a smooth, silent operation and has good corrosion. WeProFab is your best supplier for having a durable and lightweight clear polycarbonate hinges.

Polycarbonate Cover Hinges

WeProFab provides cover for your polycarbonate hinges which gives safety and dirt-free. If you want a better cover for your polycarbonate hinges, you can purchase here in WeProFab.

Polycarbonate Door Hinges

We fabricate polycarbonate hinges for door applications that provide excellent security and the highest heat retention. WeProFab is your best manufacturer for that since we provide high-quality and strong.

Polycarbonate Hinges Manufacturer

As WeProFab is one of the polycarbonate hinges manufacturers in China, we can manufacture mini or large size, white or black polycarbonate hinges. And you can free to select your desire polycarbonate hinges here in WeProFab.

Transparent Polycarbonate Hinges

Our transparent polycarbonate hinges have a glassy appearance and have superior impact resistance. WeProFab will produce a high-quality and affordable transparent polycarbonate hinges.

Custom Polycarbonate Hinges

WeProFab offers custom for your polycarbonate hinges. We have plenty of various types in our polycarbonate hinges that will suit your demand. We can give you the best and high-quality polycarbonate hinges.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Hinges Manufacturer

As WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and Chinese local fabrication, so we provide you the best and great solution for plastic fabrication. Our polycarbonate hinges are one of the in-demand material for construction.

We can offer you plenty of different kinds in our polycarbonate hinges such as terminal box polycarbonate hinges, polycarbonate cover hinges, polycarbonate door hinges, transparent polycarbonate hinges, and so on. You can free to choose whether mini or large size, white, black or transparent color for your polycarbonate hinges.

We can assure you to have a high-quality, durable, and affordable products when you purchase at WeProFab. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we manage the quality of our polycarbonate hinges products before delivering to our purchaser. We also deliver the purchase products at the scheduled time so no worries if you want to have a quick and exact delivery time for the purchase of your product.

Custom Polycarbonate Hinges to Boost Your Business

Black Polycarbonate Hinges

If black is your demand color for having polycarbonate hinges, you can count on us since WeProFab provides you a stunning black color.

Large Polycarbonate Hinges

WeProFab can provide you a wide selection for your polycarbonate hinges if the large size will suit your demand. We can be your best supplier for that.

Mini Polycarbonate Hinges

If you want to have small polycarbonate hinges for your small kinds of uses, WeProFab will provide you a mini size and lightweight polycarbonate hinges.

Terminal Box Polycarbonate Hinges

Our polycarbonate hinges for a terminal box are perfect material since you can easy to access the inside of the box. WeProFab provides you a strong, lightweight, and affordable.

White Polycarbonate Hinges

WeProFab offers different kinds of colors so if white is your desire color for your polycarbonate hinges, we can provide you a high-quality and affordable.

Self-Adhesive Polycarbonate Hinges

Self-adhesive polycarbonate hinges can be easily cut to smaller lengths if desired. Beneficial to a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Offers a self-adhesive feature.

Non-Glue Required Polycarbonate Hinges

Non-glue required polycarbonate hinges feature maximum durability. Extruded from high-impact polycarbonate and can be installed without the use of any adhesives. Widely used in a wide range of applications.

Flexible Polycarbonate Hinges

Flexible polycarbonate hinges are available in wide and varied colors that can withstand cleaning activities. Capable to withstand drilling and ready to use without the need for additional adhesives.

Crystal Folding Polycarbonate Hinges

Crystal folding polycarbonate hinges are made with a transparent and amorphous material.
This will not crack as easily and can be polished to restore its clarity. Provides a higher chemical resistance than any options.

Crack Resistant Polycarbonate Hinges

Crack-resistant polycarbonate hinges are a strong and optically-clear material. Designed to glue to acrylic sheets and features a large surface area. Includes a wide outer bonding surface for added surface strength.

Clear Polycarbonate Hinges

Clear polycarbonate hinges are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and a lot of restoration projects. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles to suit your needs. Designed to glue to any kind of sheet.

Cabinet Polycarbonate Hinges

Cabinet polycarbonate hinges ensure a perfect bond when using acrylic cement. Feature a patent-pending design that will resist failure for years to come. Widely used for cabinets and quality organizers.

Acrylic Plexiglass Lucite Polycarbonate Hinges

Acrylic plexiglass lucite polycarbonate hinges are characterized by its superior flex-life and excellent impact resistance. Provides a slim low profile and are manufactured using high impact materials.

300mm Polycarbonate Hinges

300mm polycarbonate hinges are frequently used as close cabinet hinges, and adjustable cabinet hinges. Guarantees simple and convenient operation. Ensure secure attachment of moving parts. Manufactured using high-grade materials.

45mm Polycarbonate Hinges

45mm polycarbonate hinges are virtually unbreakable and made with a professional-quality material. Can be easily attached and mechanically fastened to ensure secure attachment. Perfect for installing window-mounted signs.

25mm Polycarbonate Hinges

25mm polycarbonate hinges are designed for maximum durability with polished edges. Provides contact and smooth surface for bonding making it an ideal replacement for
metal hinges that require drilling.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Hinges

Having attractive and durable hinges for some types of uses are your need, WeProFab is your great choice since we are exceeding 20 years in the industry and we have plenty of experiences in regards to fabricating plastics. We proudly offer a wide selection of polycarbonate hinges and we provide plenty and different types of polycarbonate hinges.

We offer transparent polycarbonate hinges, polycarbonate cover hinges, polycarbonate door hinges, clear polycarbonate hinges, and so on. WeProFab polycarbonate hinges are great for outdoor and indoor applications.

Our polycarbonate hinges can be applied indoor, cover, makeup compact, candy container caps, fishing tackle, and lure boxes applications. It can be also applied in electrical enclosures for industrial electronic housing.

Polycarbonate Hinges

Our polycarbonate hinges are perfect for your door since it provides excellent security, highest heat retention, superior impact resistance, corrosion resistance, good visibility, chemical resistance, and lightweight. It also provides a smooth, silent operation, high transparency, dirt-tight, dust-tight, and moisture resistant.

We offer a strong and attractive polycarbonate hinges to gain more attraction and long-lasting use. It also makes it possible to meet virtually perfect for electronic equipment which is easy to access the inside of the box. It is perfect for your door since it optimized for areas with heavy traffic, tough, and resistant for instance heat and cold.

We can provide you a gorgeous finish polycarbonate hinges product like terminal box polycarbonate hinges, large polycarbonate hinges, mini polycarbonate hinges, black polycarbonate hinges, and white polycarbonate hinges. WeProFab also offers a wide range of selection for sizes, colors, and styles that will suit your desire and demand.

Polycarbonate Hinges

WeProFab assures you to have better products from us since we perform product processes such as plastic injection molding, bending, and more to meet our customer’s expectations.

As an ISO 9001 certified, WeProFab manages the quality of the products and make sure to have good quality before transporting. If you want polycarbonate hinges for your personal use or business purpose like the hardware store, WeProFab is your great supplier and fabricator for that.

For further questions and inquiries with regards to our polycarbonate hinges product, please message us now!

Polycarbonate Hinges

What Are Polycarbonate Hinges?

Polycarbonate hinges are flexible devices made of thermoplastic material that allow free movement of doors, swings, gates etc.

Polycarbonate hinges are such a great replacement for metal hinges since they offer a silent and smooth performance.

They have a high corrosion and chemical resistance.

What Are The Uses Of Polycarbonate Hinges?

Polycarbonate hinges

polycarbonate hinges

The most common function for polycarbonate hinges is to connect two objects and a allow a determined degree of rotation between them.

You can use polycarbonate hinges on:

  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Cabinet doors
  • Pianos
  • Jewellery boxes
  • Windows
  • Vault doors
  • Vehicles( armoured)
  • Shipping containers
  • Wall mounting
  • Shower doors
  • Sliding doors

What Are The Benefits Of Using Polycarbonate Hinges?

  • They are corrosion resistant- polycarbonate hinges do not deteriorate or decrease in quality due to chemical or electro-chemical reactions.
  • These hinges are heat resistant- polycarbonate hinges are not easy to catch fire or melt under high temperatures.

The material used for making polycarbonate hinges allow them to be self-extinguishing and heatproof.

  • They have a high impact resistance- polycarbonate hinges do not deform or distort when you apply sudden external pressure or force to them.
  • Polycarbonate hinges are very durable- polycarbonate hinges are very strong and have very long lifespans.

They can last up to 10 years or more if you use them carefully.

  • They are lightweight- polycarbonate hinges weigh way less than other hinges.

This means they are cheaper to ship, easy to move around, flexible and easy to install.

  • They have a high temperature resistance- polycarbonate hinges have the ability to withstand very high temperatures.

This is makes them very suitable for outdoors or settings where high temperatures are involved.

  • Polycarbonate hinges are low maintenance- polycarbonate hinges do not require a lot of effort or cost to look after. They can maintain their functionality and quality over long periods of time.
  • Polycarbonate hinges are strong – polycarbonate hinges have high strength.

They have the ability to resist force, pressure and wear and tear for long periods.

  • Polycarbonate hinges offer silent and smooth operation- polycarbonate hinges rarely squeak or make lots of noise when rotating.
  • Polycarbonate hinges have UV resistance- this means their quality does not decrease due to the effects of UV light.

This makes them a perfect option especially for outdoor applications.

  • Polycarbonate hinges are versatile.

You can use them for various applications and functions. It is also easy for you to customize them to the design and style of your choice.

  • Its easy for polycarbonate hinges to blend in seamlessly with the item you are using them on.

If you do not prefer conspicuous hinges polycarbonate ones are a perfect choice.

If you do prefer decorative or noticeable hinges, polycarbonate hinges are still a good option.

This is  since they easy to customize and decorate.

  • Polycarbonate hinges are suitable for everyday use and are very easy to install ans replace.

Are There Limitations Of Using Polycarbonate Hinges?

The following are some of the limitations of using polycarbonate hinges:

  • Costly- polycarbonate hinges are expensive to purchase than hinges made of other materials.
  • Prone to scratches- polycarbonate hinges are not scratch resistant. Their appearance might be ruined if exposed to scratching.
  • They have low chemical resistance- the quality of polycarbonate hinges tend to deteriorate when you expose them to chemicals and certain solvents.
  • Expansion- when working with polycarbonate hinges, you have to leave room for expansion as their rate for expansion is quite high.
  • You cannot polish polycarbonate hinges- polycarbonate hinges will remain with their old or beat appearance since it is not possible to refresh their looks by polishing.

Acrylic hinges

Types of polycarbonate hinges

What Types Of Polycarbonate Hinges Are Available?

  • Polycarbonate corner hinges– the main use for corner polycarbonate hinges is on metal cabinets. You should mount them on the inside to avoid tampering.

Polycarbonate corner hinges have a removable pin which you can take out when the door is open. This allows you to detach the door.

  • Polycarbonate lift-off hinges– these are for use on heavy doors which are in are in frequent use. These type of hinges allow easy removal of the door or parts during maintenance or repair. Polycarbonate lift-off hinges are also referred to as polycarbonate door removal hinges.
  • Polycarbonate offset hinges-a good example of these hinges is the 90 degree offset hinge. Polycarbonate offset hinges are perfect for narrow spaces and doorways.

Polycarbonate offset hinges allow you a wider access of the doorway.

Otherwise in their absence you would need a larger door or space. Polycarbonate offset hinges are also known as polycarbonate swing-clear hinges.

  • Polycarbonate piano hinges– these are also referred to as continuous hinges.

They reduce the pressure and the stress from the door by distributing the weight.

Polycarbonate piano hinges are perfect for doors or cabinets that in constant use and are susceptible to wear and tear.

  • Polycarbonate leaf hinges– hidden mounted screws do not allow outside access to the hinge.

This makes them perfect for use where matters security are concerned.

  • Polycarbonate concealed hinges– you install these on the inside to keep them away from outside interference and tampering.

You can use them aesthetically to achieve a minimalist look and clean finish.

  • Polycarbonate spring butt hinges– these hinges ensure that the door to close behind you.

They are also known as spring loaded butt hinges. You can use these mainly for hinges for garage doors or interior building doors.

  • Polycarbonate side hinges– these are ideal for applications where you require high security.

These applications include wall mounting, electrical or internet server cabinets etc.

  • Polycarbonate strap hinges– these are mostly used for gates.

They are useful for offering extra support and ensuring optimal performance for doors.

  • Polycarbonate overlay hinges– these hinges help reduce the bulkiness that hinges add to cabinets. Polycarbonate overlay features have a feature that allows them to fold back on itself.
  • Polycarbonate T hinges– these are basically an addition of a butt and strap hinge.

These hinges are best for mounting frames, wooden doors, garage doors etc.

  • Polycarbonate double action hinge– these hinges allow the door to swing both ways bringing it back to a closed positions.

They are also referred to as Saloon Door Hinges. Common uses for polycarbonate double action hinges are for salons, bars, dining rooms, kitchens, cafes, etc.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Polycarbonate Hinges?

Polycarbonate hinges are available in variety of sizes from small to huge.

The standard size for polycarbonate hinges is 3.5” *3.5”. This is the most common size to find in homes or normal doors.

You can find small sizes like those used in jewellery boxes all the way up to large ones used on gates or shipping containers.

The bottom line is polycarbonate hinges are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your needs.

They are also easy to customize to your specifications.

What Are The Components Of Polycarbonate Hinges?

A standard polycarbonate hinge consists of the following basic components:

  • Leaf- this is rectangular in shape.it is the plate that is usually on the sides of the hinge.

The leaf is the part that you attach to either the fixed or movable item.

You can install them by screwing, gluing or even welding. When you attach the leave to a moving part it rotates around the pin.

  • Knuckle- you can also refer to it as a barrel or bearing.

A knuckle is cylindrical in shape and it is formed when the leafs join in together. The pin goes through here.

  • Pin- a pin is a rod made of polycarbonate that goes through the knuckle. Its function is to interlock and hold the leafs together.

How Do Polycarbonate Hinges Compare To Acrylic Hinges?

Some comparisons of polycarbonate and acrylic hinges are the following:

  • Polycarbonate hinges are a lot stronger than acrylic hinges.

Acrylic offer low resilience making them unsuitable for heavy applications.

 Types of polycarbonate hinges

Acrylic hinges

Polycarbonate on the other hand can withstand heavy doors or applications due to their superior strength.

  • Acrylic hinges are more aesthetically pleasing as they have a shiny glossy finish.

If you are looking to make a statement with your hinges you should consider acrylic hinges.

  • Polycarbonate hinges are more susceptible to scratching than acrylic hinges.

Acrylic has a higher resistance to scratching than polycarbonate.

  • Polycarbonate hinges have higher impact strength. Acrylic hinges are more fragile and are likely to break when you exert an external force or pressure.
  • Polycarbonate hinges are more expensive compared to acrylic hinges.

Polycarbonate material is expensive and polycarbonate hinges can cost up to two times the price of acrylic hinges.

Polycarbonate hinges

Polycarbonate hinges

  • Acrylic has a lower chemical resistance in comparison to polycarbonate hinges.

Unlike acrylic hinges, polycarbonate hinges have the ability to retain their original qualities when you expose them to chemicals or solvents.

  • You can polish acrylic hinges to make them appear shinier and brighter which is impossible for polycarbonate hinges.

How Do Polycarbonate Hinges Compare To Metal Hinges?

  • Both polycarbonate and metal hinges have high strength.

Once you install them it is hard for them to break or disfigure due to their high impact resistance.

  • Polycarbonate hinges require less maintenance compared to metal hinges which need constant maintaining and taking care of.
  • Polycarbonate hinges are more expensive than metal hinges.

However there are high quality premium metal hinges that could be just as costly as polycarbonate hinges or even more expensive.

  • Metal hinges are more prone to corrosion and rusting unlike polycarbonate hinges.

To prevent these reactions you can use paint or protective coating on them. You can also go for stainless options too.

  • Both polycarbonate and metal hinges are durable. They are able to last for many years and they can withstand harsh conditions.
  • Both polycarbonate hinges and metal hinges are easy to install.

Although metal hinges are heavier than polycarbonate hinges, this does not present any difficulty while working with them.

  • Metal hinges provide better resistance to UV light.

This makes them perfect for outdoor projects since they will remain unaffected even when exposed for long periods.

  • It is easier to decorate metal hinges with paint than it is polycarbonate hinges.

Metallic hinges

Metallic hinge

Due to their smooth surface, it is hard for paint to bind to them. You need to properly prepare for painting or use special adhesive paints.

What Colors Are Available For Polycarbonate Hinges?

The most commonly available colors for polycarbonate hinges are:

  • Light gray
  • Clear
  • Frosted(milky white)
  • Black

Polycarbonate hinges are also available in custom colors. You simply order from the manufacturer the color you like or which suits your needs best.

Can You Paint Polycarbonate Hinges?

Just like other plastics, it is quite hard to apply paint to polycarbonate hinges.

This is due to their thermoplastic properties and smooth surfaces which make it hard for paint to stick. This does not mean it is entirely impossible to paint polycarbonate hinges.

There are a few steps you can follow if you wish to ‘Do It Yourself (DIY)’ paint your polycarbonate hinges. They are as follows:

  • Clean the polycarbonate hinge using a water based soap and rinse thoroughly. Leave it for a couple of hours to dry properly.
  • Use a sandpaper to roughen the surface of the hinge. This is to increase its adhesive capability. Keep sanding until you achieve the perfect roughness.

You have to be careful to achieve a good roughness or the paint will not adhere to the hinges.

  • Protect your working surface with painter’s tape or whatever material you have available.
  • Start with applying a primer. In this case you can use acrylic bonding spray primer.

Make sure to maintain an 8- inch distance between your hinge and the spray can. This is to avoid build up or sagging.

Give the primer a few minutes to dry.

  • Go ahead and apply the acrylic paint ensuring you maintain the 8 inch distance as you did with the primer.

Leave your hinge to dry for at least two hours before installing or putting it to use.

For a perfect finish without any flaking, ensure to follow all the steps.

Can You Use Polycarbonate Hinges On Other Materials Such As Word Or Metal?

Polycarbonate hinges are perfect for use over a variety of materials including wood and metal.

More materials where you can use polycarbonate hinges are:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Polycarbonate
  • Copper
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Fibreglass
  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • Wrought iron

What Are Mounting Styles For Polycarbonate Hinges?

The most common style of mounting a basic hinge with holes is by using screws and a cordless drill.

The steps to follow are:

  • First determine the placement of the hinges. You need to decide if you want your door to swing inwards or outwards.

Place the hinges on the positions you would wish to mount them.

  • Ensure that the pin side is on the side where the door swings. Let one end of the hinge rest on the door and the other to hang down.

Outline the hinge with a pencil.

  • Go ahead and cut the outline with a knife. Make the outlines at least 1/16 of an inch.
  • Mortise the hinge. Use a chisel and a hammer to cut the insides of the outlines you just made. Make sure to flatten the mortise area.

You can do this by hand.

  • Finally it is time to mount the hinges. Use the screws and the cordless drill to install the hinges on the door.

Other Mounting styles for polycarbonate hinges include:

  • Adhesive- this applies to polycarbonate hinges without holes. Normally you just peel the adhesive cover and stick it to the item
  • Top mount – in this style, you place the hinge knuckles up above the face.
  • Flash mount- here the hinge knuckles go below the face.
  • Swayed- in this style, you set the hinge knuckles evenly on top of the face and below.
  • 180 degrees- this style applies, you place the dual knuckles at 180 Degrees. This allows the hinge and hatch to open at the same angle.
  • Offset- offset hinges allow you to mount of uneven or rough surfaces.

What Is The Range Of Motion For Polycarbonate Hinges?

Polycarbonate hinges are able to rotate and swing starting from 90 Degrees to 360 Degrees.

What Are Polycarbonate Hinge Cover Enclosures?

Polycarbonate hinge cover enclosures are usually small hinged boxes made of polycarbonate material.

Are Polycarbonate Hinges Durable? What Is Their Lifespan?

Polycarbonate hinges are very durable. Most manufacturers give a warranty of 5 years or more.

The life span of polycarbonate hinges is roughly 5 to 10 years. If well taken care of polycarbonate hinges can live up to or outlive their lifespan.

How Much Do Polycarbonate Hinges Cost?

Polycarbonate hinges are quite costly compared to hinges made of other materials such as steel, acrylic or aluminium.

Averagely polycarbonate hinges retail from 20$ upwards. The price may vary depending on the size and type.

The average price for installation is approximately 15$ per hinge. The total cost for the labor, materials and anything in between comes to about 150 $.

Are Polycarbonate Hinges Suitable For Outdoor Use?

Polycarbonate hinges are a perfect for outdoor projects. The following features of polycarbonate hinges make them suitable for outdoor use:

  • They are impact resistant- polycarbonate hinges rarely disfigure or distort in shape when hit by an instant external force.

This feature makes them perfect for outside where they could get hit anytime.

  • They are temperature resistant- outdoors have temperatures shifting from high to low all the time. Polycarbonate hinges have the ability to withstand sudden changes in temperatures.
  • They have a high UV resistance- polycarbonate hinges do not decrease in quality after you expose them to UV light even for long periods of time.

This feature makes them perfect to use outdoors.

  • They are weather resistant- polycarbonate hinges have the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

This makes them such a good option for outdoors.

  • They are high in strength- polycarbonate hinges are very strong. They have the ability to withstand pressure high force and pressure.

They also have a good resistance to wear and tear.

How Strong Are Polycarbonate Hinges?

Polycarbonate hinge on electrical enclosure

Polycarbonate hinge on polycarbonate enclosure

Polycarbonate hinges are virtually unbreakable. They have the ability to withstand extreme external force and pressure.

Polycarbonate hinges are just as strong as metal hinges.

They are impact resistant. They are able to withstand instant force without breaking or disfiguring.

Polycarbonate hinges are about 20 times stronger than acrylic hinges.

Do Polycarbonate Hinges Squeak? Can You Use Lubricant Or Grease On Them?

Polycarbonate hinges are normally very silent. They do not not squeak or make noise even after being in use for a long period.

However, if ever your polycarbonate hinge begins to squeak for whatever reason, you can follow the following simple steps to make it stop:

  • Start by loosening the pin of the hinge. You can do this by tapping a nail at the bottom.
  • Pull the pin out once it loosens.
  • Ensure you keep the door closed as you work on the hinge.
  • Coat the pin lightly with the lubricant of your choice.
  • Add lubricant to the slot where the pin goes.
  • Return the pin back and wipe any excess lubricant.
  • Swing the door a couple of time just to work the lubricant in to the hinge joints.

What Are Some Of The Maintenance Measures You Can Apply To Polycarbonate Hinges?

  • Clean often- you can use a water based detergent to wipe down any dirt that has accumulated. Make sure to dry with a clean rug.

Avoid cleaner with chemicals since they can be harmful to your hinges.

  • Lubricate- make sure you use a lubricant on them regularly. This is to ensure their performance stays perfect.

This is also to prevent them from squeaking or making any noise whatsoever. Always make sure to use manufacturer’s recommended lubricant.

  • Ensure you check for loose screws regularly to avoid sagging of the hinge which could lead to damage.

Tighten loose screws to get a better performance and even increased security.

  • Over time, hinges accumulate grime which may affect their performance.

Make sure to spray with cleaners that are great with breaking down such build ups.

You can also apply a coating that protects your polycarbonate hinges from such.

What Quality Standards Do Polycarbonate Hinges Conform To?

Apart from the ISO Standards, polycarbonate hinges should also conform to the following set standards:

  • Strength
  • Resilience
  • Resistance
  • Flexibility etc.

For all your polycarbonate hinges, contact us now.

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