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Perspex Signs

Weprofab is the leading manufacturer operating in China. We highly support the designs you wanted to use for the products of your order. Considering our full capacity in manufacturing your wanted product designs, you will get excellent and impact-proof finishes. Send us your drawings for specific fabrications.

Get WeProFab Perspex Signs to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab did laser cutting, polishing and machining your perspex signs orders. For your business to improved unexpectedly, we made it customized for your specified applications. We fabricate perspex signs that comes from quality acrylic and polycarbonate material.

Custom Printed Perspex Signs

Weprofab custom printed perspex signs are for determined business applications. When finding the best and have outstanding products, you can find it here in Weprofab.

Cut-to-size Perspex Signs

We have comprehensive potentials in cut-to-size perspex signs into different size numbers. These are great for some particular uses. Have a gorgeous and elegant appeal.

Developing Graphics Perspex Signs

Also, we are able to develop graphics based on your determined perspex designs. Weprofab has plastic inject molding machines for distinct application acts.

Installing Perspex Signs

For the past few years, we, Weprofab experienced different tragedies. But that not just a barrier to be unsuccessful, we did install perspex signs services as an addition for reliable performances.

Personalized Perspex Signs

We also offer personalizing of your perspex signs. Weprofab is single-minded and has a good management system when in terms of deciding for its company`s good sake.

Polishing Perspex Signs

When polishing perspex signs, we make sure that it provides attractively-looking finish. Weprofab offers good quality products and services for lower yet in competitive prices.

WeProFab: Your Leading Perspex Signs Manufacturer

Since the plastic injection molding process, bonding, thermoforming until we create good appeal finishes. We have a wide capacity to provide you certain services in terms of manufacturing. We can do more.

And because of our partnerships towards WeeTect Material Limited company, we learned different strategies in manufacturing. We can support you all through and surely provides unlimited stocks of perspex signs products for your retail (OEM/ODM) customers.

To experience our excellent quality service, deal with us now.

Custom Perspex Signs to Skyrocket Your Brand

Laser cut Perspex Signs

Weprofab offers great finished laser cut perspex signs. These give informative signs that can also be installed outside the residential areas generally.

Perspex Business Signs

Perspex business signs give correct instructions. These are usually seen located at interior offices. Weprofab made it elegant to glance.

Perspex House Signs Number

Perspex house sign number exceptionally installed at residential outdoor areas. If you have your own design ideas, Weprofab ready to assist you and manufacture your demands depending on your given drawings.

Letter Perspex Sign

Letter Perspex sign is a budget-friendly solution that provides a high-quality look. Arrives with precise and polished edges. Accessible with virtually unlimited options applicable for walls and buildings.

Impact Resistant Perspex Sign

Impact-resistant Perspex sign is virtually shatter-proof and is often used as bulletproof material. Offers higher light transmission than any other material. Guarantees superior optical brightness and excellent impact resistance.

Shatterproof Perspex Sign

A shatterproof Perspex sign is great for a small picture frames, art projects, signs, and more. Highly transparent. flexible and shatterproof. Extruded using high-quality and UV-resistant sheets. Bendable and safe.

Color Transparent Perspex Sign

Color transparent Perspex sign is an excellent choice for the company’s interior and exterior walls. Known for being lightweight, transparent, and durable. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses and colors.

Customized Shape Perspex Sign

Customized shape Perspex sign is colorless, transparent, and durable. A perfect substitute for traditional glass due to its outstanding clarity and beauty. Frequently utilized architectural signage.

Personalized Perspex Sign

Personalized Perspex sign is available in multiple thicknesses and are used in office buildings, stadiums, and for personal decorations. Great for displaying branding, durable and dependable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Small Perspex Sign

A small Perspex sign is available with clear and frosted material options. Available with straight edges, drilled holes, and wall clamps available. A modern way to display the company name and logo in any kind of company.

Large Perspex Sign

Large Perspex sign is widely used as office signs or in the reception area. Features an impressive appearance that is available in different colors. Capable to be imprinted with company name and logo.

Anti-Color Aging Perspex Sign

Anti-color aging Perspex sign is suitable for both internal and external use. Guarantees market-leading longevity, excellent resistance to damage, and an anti-color aging feature. Available with a wide range of material finishes.

High Gloss Perspex Sign

The high gloss Perspex sign is known for providing a premium feel and guaranteed longevity. Comes with a glossy surface making it a perfect choice for any environment. 100% waterproof and has strong color fastness.

Gradient Perspex Sign

Gradient Perspex sign is lightweight and durable. Guaranteed for life against fading, damage, and cracking. Arrives with a wide variety of standard and custom gradient colors. Delivered with polished finishes.

Highwall Mounted Perspex Sign

Highwall mounted Perspex sign is perfectly capable of standing strong in high winds. Designed for long-term clarity and will last for years. Specifically produced to meet any kind of business needs.

Hanging Perspex Sign

The hanging Perspex sign is built with shatterproof properties making it suitable for displaying photos. Offered with smooth angle design, transparent protective films on both sides. Typically placed on walls and ceilings.

Table Top Perspex Sign

Tabletop Perspex sign is available in a wide variety of standard colors. An excellent choice for the modern look in any professional setting. 100% customizable and is commonly placed on table tops and counters.

Free Standing Table Perspex Sign

Free standing table Perspex sign is commonly used as beautiful lobby signs and directional signage. Produces an eye-catching appearance and offered with unlimited custom color choices. Lightweight and durable.

Floor Stand Large Perspex Sign

The floor stand large Perspex sign is made of lightweight and shatter-resistant polymer. Frequently used as personalized business signs that are easy to display. Arrives with different styles that suit any business needs.

Custom Print Perspex Sign

Custom print Perspex sign is perfect for corporate offices with a lifetime guarantee. Capable to stand the test of time and the prints are fully customizable designs. Ensures a polished solution and is ready to display.

Rectangular Perspex Sign

The rectangular Perspex sign is a popular product due to its transparency and smoothness. Features a smooth surface and has numerous customizable options. Perfect for engraving, large-format printing, and color matching.

Round Perspex Sign

Round Perspex sign can be printed on the front and back of the surface. This will not be scratched or damaged once installed. Delivered with added durability and rigidity. Offers greater light refraction.

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Why Choose Perspex Signs

Weprofab Perspex signs are made from quality-checked acrylic and polycarbonate.

It is versatile and in-inclusive for extreme applications. These are well-known because of having brilliant finishes and a broad variety of sizes as well.

These appeals enlightened and have a high-tech aspect in total.

Extensively rugged and accessible for different varying colors, often implement for architecture and illumination activities.

Perspex signs usually found at places where there are many people passing by.

Perspex Signs

These can be used for advertising your own products. This helps your retail customer be convinced to purchase an advertised product from your store.

Big or smaller stores, the Perspex signs made by Weprofab are generally useful. These support your business capabilities and skills. You can advertise your own product brands with this and gives exact highlighting. Significantly, this culminates your own offered quality finishes.

In Weprofab manufacturing institutions, we have to heat first the plastic product and style it into different sizes and shapes.

To suit your requirements, measured shapes must consider having a well-created and clean-finish product look.

We can make it box-shaped, used as holders, for pointing obtainable items, as retail signs, and many more.

For office buildings and new structural buildings, Perspex signs are beneficial for great flexibility applications.

These Perspex signs help to enhance your business.

Perspex Signs

This is the only way to introduce your complex brands. Through this, people nearly passing by will be informed, then, that makes them convinced to explore more about your brand.

So, what you think about this idea?

There are plenty of advantageous effects when using our Perspex signs for business necessities or even into business inclusions.

Better purchase now before it`s late.

We accept bulk orders from our valued clients. Trust our manufacturing skills, from fabricating until the delivery you will experience good assistance only with us.

Additionally, when planning to install Perspex signs, better to make it stripes and with borders compositions.

This can achieved nice-looking appeals when applies triple illuminated letterings.

These are going to be eye-catching as well, when applied something awesomely designs. You must also require incorporated logos for your business booming and development.

Introduce your business potentials and skills through this product then you will get an earlier result.

Perspex Signs

Weprofab designs Perspex signs with tailored applications that incorporate.

And to prevent glare troubles, better purchase non-glare productions.

For over years in services, Weprofab already become trusted. We did inspirational skills when manufacturing your demands.

We also strictly get basis on your approved designs.

We did what exactly your drawings are demonstrated. We have muscular powers to do that.

We are your perfect partner and supporter to have great-built business.

To know more about Weprofab Perspex signs, message us immediately.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Perspex Signs

Lightweight and impact-proof, Perspex signs are fabricated to create eye-catching designs enhanced with printing that does not fade in time.

Perspex Sign

Perspex Sign

You can choose between quality Perspex signs that are laser cut, polished, and machined to support your business capabilities.

If you have a question about Perspex signs, read on to find out all you need to know about this topic.

How Are The Different Types Of Perspex Signs Used?

Perspex signs are used in applications where exceptional light transmission rates and special illumination effects are needed.

With a wide range of textures, colors, and finishes to choose from, you’ll always find a Perspex signage solution to match your inspired design.

· Perspex Clear Signs

Perspex Clear Sign

 Perspex Clear Sign

If you need a clear sign, then consider Perspex clear signs which have a 92% light transmission.

They allow more visible light to pass through than glass without exhibiting any signs of color bias.

· Perspex Silk Signs

Perspex Silk Sign

Perspex Silk Sign

With a matted textured finish on one side, you can use these Perspex signs to reduce reflections and thereby reduce glare.

Consider Perspex signs in standard color or choose from your supplier’s extensive library of opaque, translucent, and transparent colors.

You can get an exact match to the Pantone, BS, or Ral color reference you provide for the colors you want on your silk sign.

The design you need can be printed onto the sign with screen printing.

You can select your estimated annual usage, light diffusion requirements, illumination light source and sheet thickness.

· Perspex Secret Signs

Perspex Secret Sign

 Perspex Secret Sign

These Perspex Secret Signs will appear black to your audience when they are not lit.

However, these fine matt-textured Perspex signs will appear blue, red, white, or green depending on the backlight you choose when you illuminate it.

These signs are used as advertisements with letters that change colors at night or to display road safety messages at night.

· Perspex Spectrum LED Signs

Perspex Spectrum LED Sign

Perspex Spectrum LED Sign

For slimmer designs, you can choose Perspex spectrum LED signs that are designed to optimize color performance in both reflected and transmitted light applications with the use of white LEDs.

Your Perspex signs will appear bolder, brighter, and with light distributed evenly throughout without the appearance of LED ‘hotspots’ or loss of light diffusion.

· Perspex Fluorescent Signs

Perspex Fluorescent Sign

 Perspex Fluorescent Sign

If you need your Perspex signs to glow with a fluorescent edge, then these Perspex fluorescent signs do so in different colors.

They appear to glow in ambient light creating a striking effect.

You can also get the anti-reflective variety of Perspex fluorescent signs that have a matte finish on both sides to improve anti-reflective properties.

· Perspex D-Lux and S-Lux Signs

Perspex S-Lux & D-Lux Sign

 Perspex S-Lux & D-Lux Sign

For brilliant, bright, and graphically clear lighting effects on edge-lit Perspex signs, you can go for Perspex D-Lux and S-Lux signs.

You will find that S-Lux signs have a special texture on one side that helps even out the illumination on the surface.

D-Lux signs have a special texture on both sides if you need messages to be displayed in different angles and directions.

The banding effect you normally see in conventional backlit signs is eliminated.

These Perspex signs are slim, attractive, offer you control over the angle of refection, and are easy to maintain.

Custom Perspex Signs

Custom Perspex Sign

 Custom Perspex Sign

You can get cut-to-size custom Perspex signs that extend the elegant appeal to your unique business applications.

Cost varies depending on the materials, LED lighting, custom shape and size, and the frame you choose.

Are Perspex Signs Better Than Glass Signs?

Perspex signs have several advantages over glass signs.

The fabrication costs for Perspex are much lower.

You can use Perspex signs in a wide range of custom applications.

Perspex signs will not shatter so you can use them in applications that demand high-impact resistance, instead of glass signs.

How Do You Make Perspex Signs?

· Machining Perspex Signs

The process of machining Perspex signs starts with cutting the acrylic sheet into cut-to-size pieces as per your design.

You can make this initial cut with power saws that have blades containing alternate-beveled teeth, depending on the thickness of the sheet you are using.

You can use fret saws, jigsaws, and band saws but ensure that cutting temperatures do not exceed 80 degrees Centigrade.

You can use CNC machining and other light machining processes like turning with a slow cutting speed to improve the quality of the finish on your Perspex sign.

This video shows you how you can use a CNC machine for your Perspex sign.

· Polishing Perspex Signs

Flame Polishing Acrylic Perspex

Flame Polishing Perspex

Machining marks are often removed by sanding and polishing your Perspex signs.

Polishing gives your Perspex signs a clean and smooth surface.

Generally, you can wash your Perspex material with a mild detergent added to clean water at room temperature.

Perform power buffing on acrylic with rotating calico mops washed by a mild, abrasive buffing soap to get smooth edges.

You can then flame polish the edges to get that shiny finish.

Care must be taken to avoid solvents like turpentine, methylated spirits, or proprietary window-cleaning products that you get in the market.

· Engraving Perspex Signs

You can include different kinds of letters, signs, and symbols by engraving them on your Perspex signs.

1. Laser Engraving Perspex Signs

Use a laser machine to do laser engraving.

It is one of the most efficient and effective ways to engrave signs with accuracy and precision.

You can engrave at high speed this way while regulating at a moderate working temperature.

Your professional manufacturer has special engraving machines in place to regulate the laser cutting temperature and to achieve custom patterns.

This video shows you how to do laser engraving on Perspex.

2. Rotary Engraving Perspex Signs

If you are looking for a cheap way to engrave your Perspex signs, then try the rotary engraving process.

It involves using a rotating cutting tool mounted on a motorized spindle to engrave into the Perspex sign.

However, using this method is not as efficient compared to the laser engraving process.

You can watch this video to find out how to do rotary engraving.

3. Etching Perspex Signs

With this method, you can use chemicals are used to etch your design into your Perspex signs.

This is the least effective engraving method, as you do need etching expertise and knowledge about chemicals to achieve accurate end results.

This video shows you how to etch your designs and words onto your Perspex sign.

· Printing On Perspex Signs

Screen printing is the popular choice to print on acrylic Perspex signs.

Print letters, signs and symbols of different shapes and sizes on your Perspex signs.

Depending on your budget, design, and chosen engraving, you can choose the printing techniques that meet your exact specifications and requirements.

Of course, you can use other printing techniques depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

Quality inspections are done at various stages to ensure top quality Perspex signs.

This video shows you the full process of preparing your Perspex sheet to print your sign.


1. Standard Printing Option

You can choose clear, white, black, or frosted printing graphics to be directly printed on one side of the Perspex sign sheet.

The Perspex sign appears with a matte finish on the printed side.

2. Second Surface Printing Option

When you use the second surface printing option, a mirror image of the graphics is printed on the backside of the Perspex sign.

This creates a visual effect where the graphics appear to be inside the Perspex sign.

A glossy finish on the back ensures the sign has a clean and shiny look.

3. Double-sided Printing Option

You will prefer the double-sided printing option when you need sharp, opaque images for your Perspex signs with a matte finish.

In this case, printing is done on both sides of your Perspex sign.

Can you Laminate Perspex Signs?

Yes, you can laminate Perspex signs to sustain clarity and appearance by increasing their lifespans.

You can choose different materials to laminate your Perspex signs to achieve the effect you need.

How Much Do Perspex Signs Cost?

There are varying factors that affect the cost of Perspex signs.

1. Design

Simple designs implemented with standard processes are cheaper, as compared to customized designs with complex needs.

Letter count, imaging requirements, color variations, and other design considerations will affect the cost of the Perspex sign.

2. Size

Smaller Perspex signs cost less, so you can choose smaller Perspex signs if you are on a tighter budget.

Otherwise, larger Perspex signs will make your sign more noticeable and stand out more.

3. Additional Accessories

If you have custom frames or are hiring someone to install the sign for you, they will have additional costs that you can need to factor into your budget.

In many cases, these options are needed to create eye-catching and attractive Perspex signs.

Are There Size Limitations On Perspex Signs?

No, there are no size limitations on Perspex signs.

You can decide on the size based on your application and the effect you want to create for the end user.

What Are The Benefits Of LED Perspex Signs Over LED Glass Signs?

The benefits of using LED Perspex signs include:

· Improved Safety

LED Perspex signs make your signs look more attractive than traditional LED signage on glass.

They are easier to handle and do not shatter or break.

This makes it much safer for people because they will not be in danger of stepping on shattered pieces of the sign if it breaks.

· Cost-Effective

LED Perspex signs are cheaper than LED glass signs with lower material and fabrications costs.

How Are Perspex Signs Installed?

You can choose one of these three methods to install Perspex signs on a wall.

You’ll need a drilling machine with drill bits, screwdriver, wall screws, mirror screws, mounting bracket (pair or French cleats}, drywall anchors, ruler, and a level to complete the installation.

· Placing Standoff Bolts

Perspex Standoff Bolts

 Perspex Standoff Bolts

Place the Perspex sign on the wall.

Use the level to align it in an upright position.

Mark four points at the edges of your Perspex sign with a pencil.

Hold the Perspex sign in position, and drill holes at the marked points into the wall.

Insert standoff bolts through the holes.

Tighten them with a screwdriver to complete the installation.

· Hang Your Perspex Sign From A Hook

Perspex Sign On Hooks

 Perspex Sign On A Hook

You will need a hook and some wire to hang your Perspex sign from a wall.

Place the Perspex sign on the wall and align it into position.

Use the ruler to mark a center point for your Perspex sign.

Drill a hole through this point into the wall.

Screw the hook into the wall with your screwdriver and tighten it into position.

Pass a wire through the top two edges of your Perspex sign.

Tie it, and cut the extra wire at both ends.

Pass the wire through the mounted hook to hang the Perspex sign.

· French Cleat Installation

French Cleat Perspex Installation

French Cleat Perspex Installation

Attach one of the mounting brackets to the back of your Perspex sign with mirror screws.

Use the level and drill pilot holes for optimum results.

Mount the other mounting bracket on the wall using wall screws, drywall anchors, and the level.

Hang your Perspex sign on the mounting bracket and align it into position with the level.

When Should You Choose Colored Perspex Signs?

Choose colored Perspex signs that fit into your overall marketing strategy.

· Emergency Display

Perspex signs are ideally suited to highlight emergency signs in hospitals.

These signs are designed for maximum readability.

People take notice because of the color of the sign.

· Marketing Strategy

You can come up with inspired marketing strategies based on the color of your Perspex signs.

The color can determine how many people are able to identify with your brand.

Choosing the right color ensures your marketing strategy is a success.

Colored Perspex signs are known to create those aesthetic designs that increase company revenues.

· Information Purposes

You can use Perspex signs to impart information to your clients.

For example, you might use Perspex signs to print your company name and logo to put in front of your office so your customers know where you to find you.

You can also use Perspex signs to give clients information about your product.

How Do You Create Colors For Your Perspex Signs?

You can use any of these four options to create the colors you want for your Perspex signs.

· Standard Colors

Standard Perspex Colors

Standard Perspex Colors

You can choose two or more standard colors for your designs.

This results in opaque, transparent, and translucent brand assets that are unique.

You can create a blend of colors to bring down the overall cost including single-color Perspex signs.

· Colored Vinyl On Perspex Signs

Colored Perspex

Colored Vinyl

Vinyl color works best when applied to clean smooth surfaces.

Avoid using them on textured Perspex signs.

Use any of these three methods to blend vinyl colors with Perspex signs.

  1. Apply your chosen vinyl color on the face of your custom Perspex sign. For example, a bronze color vinyl coat can help to create a customized logo sign for your brand.
  2. Apply vinyl color on the back of your clear Perspex sign.

The transparent Perspex maintains the gloss and clarity needed to highlight your message, while the vinyl color on the back creates the color shade that you need.

3. Sandwich the vinyl color between two layers of your Perspex sign. This creates uniform-colored walls.

Depth and range of colors can be varied by using Perspex sign sheets of varying thickness.

For example, a vinyl shade between a clear Perspex bottom and non-glare Perspex top creates a beautiful satin look for your Perspex signs.

· Painted Perspex Signs

Painted Perspex

 Painted Perspex

After you choose a color, apply paint to one or both layers of your Perspex sign for the best effect.

The sheen of the paint you select determines the look of your single-layered Perspex sign.

When you apply a second coat of paint on clear Perspex, you can create a vibrant color.

· Digitally Printed Perspex Signs

Digitally Printed Perspex

 Digitally Printed Perspex

You can digitally print your chosen color directly into the Perspex sign material.

You can go to a professional sign printer to combine different colors to create branded Perspex signs for you including faces and architectural displays.

What Shape Options Are Available For Perspex Signs?

You can get Perspex signs in different shapes and sizes.

Choose from square, round, rectangular, or any shape of your choice based on your application.

Should Your Perspex Sign Have A Minimum Thickness?


You can create your Perspex signs in any thickness to match your application, design, printing options, and size.

The thicker your Perspex sign, the more durable it is.

How Do You Remove The Protective Film On A Perspex Sign?

Locate the protective film at the edge of the Perspex sign.

Gently pull the film inwards away from the edge.

You’ll find that the protective film peels off the surface quite easily.

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