• Police Shield

Police Shield

Weprofab is an executive manufacturer of police shield in mainland China. Finding a trusted supplier of a police shield is not easy. In Weprofab, we have all the ability to produce specialized police shield, customized police shield, polycarbonate police shield, acrylic shield and many more. Send us your inquiries!

Use WeProFab Police Shield to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab police shield is made from the highest quality of materials like polycarbonate sheets. We are able to provide you a police shield that you desired for your business required.

Bulletproof Police Shield

Weprofab is a professional producer of all kinds of bulletproof police shields intended for your business. All of our police are strong for any type of multiple threats.

Police Ballistic Shield

Weprofab is one of the reverence manufacturers of ballistic police shield in China. Expert and specialized in protective products for many years.

Fiberglass Police Shield

Weprofab is dedicated in manufacturing fiberglass police shield. We can provide various types of fiberglass police shield according to your business requirements.

Polycarbonate Police Shield

We can design and create different kinds of polycarbonate police sheet with different shapes and sizes according to your specifications done by our trusted engineers.

Defense Police Shield

Weprofab has a largest selection of police shields. We are operated for many years and have served huge numbers of satisfied clients.

Custom Police Shield

Weprofab can design custom police shield with a tremendous quality of materials that you will surely like for your business. Guaranteed all safe from any bullets with great competitive prices.

WeProFab: Your Leading Police Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

Weprofab police sheet is a terrific supplier for your business. We provide all kinds of police sheet including customized police sheets, polycarbonate, and even in the metal form of police sheet.

Weprofab is a professional manufacturer of police shields. Weprofab is an advanced material solution company for many years with vast experience and advanced technology manufacturing facilities within China.

Custom Police Shield to Skyrocket Your Brand

Butterfly Police Shield

Butterfly police shield in Weprofab is strong protection, secure, easy to install, and easy to operate. Guaranteed 99% UV stabilized and approximately 15-20 shelf life span.

Police Tactical Shield

Weprofab manufactures police shield intended for tactical. All of our police shields are provide wide body protection in the field. If you have a police shield business or related to armored protective gear, Weprofab is the best solution for you.

Riot Shield

Weprofab is one of the professional riot shield manufacturers and other tactical armored products. We only serve high quality of protected devices at a very affordable price.

Polycarbonate Clear Police Shield

Polycarbonate clear police shield is known for being a virtually unbreakable plastic material. Manufactured using a clear and durable polycarbonate. Guarantees ultra-clear transparency making it useful for blocking any attacks.

Flexible Matte Polished Police Shield

The flexible matte polished police shield features a tough, stable, and stronger structure. Arrives with a matte polished surface that is although extremely strong and impact-resistant. Possesses admirable flexibility.

Hard Full-Length Police Shield

A hard full-length police shield offers inherent design flexibility. Typically used by police and some military organizations. Arrives in full length with unmatched hardness. Long enough to cover any size of a person.

Custom Police Shield

Custom police shield possesses high strength and transparency. Applicable in almost all the official government organizations for the better safety of the soldiers. Highly customizable when it comes to some features.

Hard Coated Police Shield

Hard coated police shield has extreme strength and is very light in nature. Efficient and effective for use even in extreme conditions. Ensures the best lifespan due to its outstanding durability.

Impact Resistant Police Shield

Impact-resistant police shield is made of high-quality and extremely resistant polycarbonate. Arrives with varying thicknesses and dimensions. Ergonomically shaped and applicable in numerous industries.

Solid Police Arm Shield

A solid police arm shield is more suitable for law enforcement personnel. Highly used for being multi-functional with strong light illumination. Easy to carry, flexible, and fits perfectly into the arm.

Half Body Police Shield

Half body police shield suits perfectly in patrolling, SWAT operations, school security, etc. Provide exquisite ballistic protection and is available in half body size. Includes a durable handlebar and arm strap.

Thin Police Shield

A thin police shield is used for a variety of defensive and offensive applications. Designed to be adjusted during high-tactical situations. Known for being portable and can be stored compactly.

Lightweight White Police Shield

A lightweight white police shield offers a universal fit in any riot conditions. Engineered using high strength and lightweight material that can surely last a long time. Arrives in white color with varying dimensions.

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Why Weprofab Police Shield

Weprofab police shield is designed to protect against any fired projectiles or bullets.

It’s commonly used by police officers, military or any private armies during riot control or from melee attacks.

This shield protects an average person from head to knees.

Police Shield

Weprofab is one of the best manufacturers of police shields.

We provide police shield for police and military organization all around the world.

Weprofab Police shield is made of high-quality, durable and impact resistant polycarbonate, with a thickness of 3mm to 5mm.

We also modify and customize police shields depending on your requested designs, thickness, sizes, and features.

All of our police shield is lightweight and can provide excellent protection.

Police Shield

Weprofab can manufacture and distribute any number of police shields you want to purchase.

With our cutting-edge technology and the latest machinery.

We specialized in body armor and can offer you a huge selection of police shield at affordable prices.

Weprofab can manufacture hundreds and thousands of police shields in a short period of time.

This means you’re worry free from delayed or late deliveries of your orders.

Police Shield

You’ll find a massive number of positive reviews about our Weprofab Police Shields from all around the world.

We ensure quality and satisfying experience for every user of our Weprofab Police Shields.

All Police/army personnel can confidently use Weprofab police shields for protection without any fear of malfunction or any failure of our product.

Rest Assured that it can protect its user from all hazardous projectiles and melee attacks.

We have friendly staff that can accommodate all your orders and purchases.

It’s a great pleasure to provide you the police shields that best suits your needs and demands.

Contact us for more details!

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToPolice Shield

If you are a policeman, you often risk your own life to ensure the safety of the citizens.

There are high chances of policemen getting hurt during riots or any encounters with criminals.

Hence, it becomes very important for the police forces to protect themselves.

For this purpose, the police and military organizations started using police shields.

Police shields are protective equipment used by policemen to avoid injuries while they are on their duty.

It covers your upper body and provides safety against stones, bottles, and fire.

In this ultimate FAQ guide, we will help you understand everything about police shields.

Below are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about police shields.

What Is A PoliceShield?

A police shield is a light-weight protective device used by police forces.

You will find they cover the knees and body and go almost up to the head of the user.

They have a major role in riot control.

It protects you from sharp weapons and high-velocity projectiles.

Police shields can also push back rioters in case of any intrusion.

You will find they are important for every police force in all countries.

Police shield

Police shield

What Are Police Shields Made Of?

Police shields are made of a transparent material which is shatter-resistant.

Transparent shields help you to see clearly through to the other side.

Polycarbonate is the main material used in police shields.

The thickness is around 4 to 6 mm.

Polycarbonate is transparent and lightweight.

It does not break easily and it is heat-resistant, hence it is ideal for designing police shields.

The shields are rectangular with a length of 100 cm.

This ensures that the shield covers the policeman to the knees.

The shields have handles for the policemen to hold.

Some shields have an additional storage compartment for a baton or a non-lethal weapon.

Why Do You Need To Wear A Police Shield?

If you are in the police forces, you may deal with numerous dangerous situations in your lifetime.

You have to face fires, stones, weapons during your work.

Thus, policemen need to take protective measures for their protection.

Police shields are one of the handiest yet effective protective equipment.

They cover most of the body from any injuries caused by criminals or protestors.

Police shields are used along with helmets to provide complete protection.

Stone pelting during a riot

Stone pelting during a riot

Some of the major benefits of wearing a police shield are:

  • Protection From Stones And Other Projectiles

During riots and protests, it is very common for people to throw stones and other objects.

These projectiles are thrown with high velocities and can cause severe injuries.

It is very important for you to protect your eyes and head from stones.

Being hit by objects can lead to bleeding and even death in some cases.

Police shields are made of materials strong enough to withstand the impact of stones and other objects.

You can take shelter behind the police shields if stone-pelting happens.

  • Protection From Sharp Objects And Weapons

If the situation worsens during riots, some people start using knives and other sharp tools to fights with the police.

This can result in deep cuts and hence this is very dangerous.

Police shields are impenetrable to knives, scissors, and mirror pieces and can protect you in such situations.

  • Protection Against Fire Flames

During certain riots, rioters set fire to buses or vans to destroy public property.

If people are stuck inside burning vans, the policemen can’t always wait for the firemen to arrive.

They need to put out the fire and rescue the people inside.

You can use police shields to protect your face from the burning flames.

These shields are also used to protect the people while rescuing them.

· Crowd Control

Sometimes during protests, people march together to a certain place.

The police need to ensure there is no intrusion in someone’s house or any other building.

Along with barricades, police shields help in pushing the crowd back.

Policemen stand in one line with the shields held outwards.

If anyone tries to climb over the barricades, they are pushed backwards without causing them any harm.

What Are The Different Components Of A Police Shield?

The police shields consist of three major components:

· Shield

This forms the body of the shield and is made up of polycarbonate.

This part of the police shield is resistant to any attack from stones and sharp tools.

You will find it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Some shields are concave in shape for pinning down and hand-cuffing criminals.

Electrical shields give minor shocks to the person they come in contact with.

These shields have metal strips attached to the polycarbonate surface.

· Handle

Handles made of metal or plastic keep the shield in place.

You can fit your fist into the handle and keep it in the proper position.

If there is stone pelting from above, you can use the handle to move the shield upwards.

There is additional protection for the forearm which rests against the shield.

A Velcro strap keeps your forearm in place to hold the shield properly.

Handle and Forearm support

Handle and Forearm support

· Storage System

There is a storage system present in modern police shields.

Bigger shields have a storage system to store batons also.

The storage system prevents police equipment from falling during an encounter.

Shields can also be interconnected to form a shield wall.

What Are The Different Quality Standards Available For A Police Shield?

A police shield is essential protective equipment that police forces carry.

They need to be durable and strong enough to endure the impact.

If the shield is of poor quality, it affects the ability of the shield to protect the policeman.

Hence the shields need to pass strict quality check standards.

Manufacturers make sure their shields are of good quality as there is no scope of mistake.

· NIJ Standard For Riot Helmet And Shields

This standard establishes requirements and methods of test for police shields.

It ensures that the police shields are able to protect the user from any potential harm.

The police shields need to fulfill the following requirements.

Light transmission from any part of the shield should not be less than 75 percent.

As for prismatic power, the primary visual area of the shield should be free from distortions.

The police shields should have refractive power between -1/8 to +1/8 dioptre.

The resolving power of the shields should fall within standards.

Each shield must undergo an impact protection test with results in line with the standards.

The following tests ensure that the shields fulfill the requirements mentioned above.

· Light transmission test

Keep a photometer 30 cm from the light source diffuser.

Align the optic access of the photometer with the light bulb.

Read the photometer reading with no test specimen in between.

Keep the clean shield in between the bulb and photometer.

The concave side of the shield should be towards the photometer.

Read the photometer reading and calculate the transmission.

· Refractive and resolving power test

Place the +1/8 dioptre lens immediately in front of the objective lens of the telescope.

Focus the telescope and mark the line of best focus.

Repeat the process with a -1/8 dioptre lens and mark line of best focus.

Remove the dioptre lens and place the shield.

The primary visual area should be normal to the line of sight.

The best focus of the shield should fall between the two marked lines.

If that happens, the shield passes the refractive test.

· Impact protection test

The shield undergoes pre-conditioning before the procedure begins.

Once that is over, the shield rests on the helmet on the floor.

Fasten it with chin straps.

A 45mm steel cylinder is dropped on the shield.

Repeat the process by dropping the cylinder in the same area.

Tilt the shield and repeat the process.

Check if the police shields stay firm during the process.

Police shield testing

Police shield testing

What Is The Correct Way To Hold A Police Shield?

You need to be very careful while holding the police shield.

Any mistake can have very serious consequences.

If the shield falls, you might not be able to protect yourself.

You may be attacked at this point and sustain injuries.

  • Make sure the police shield you are going to use is not broken from anywhere.

The shield should be transparent with no scratches to hamper vision.

Wrap your fist around the handles with a firm and steady grip.

Fix your forearm on the shield using Velcro strips.

Make sure the strips are not too tight or too loose.

Check if you can move the shield back and forth with ease.

Keep elbow at right angles to the body for maximum coverage.

Are Police Shields Sufficient For Protection During Riot Control?

Police shields can protect you from a distance by stopping projectiles.

However, it is not enough to ensure your protection.

You will also need to wear helmets to protect your head from being hit by a stone.

You may also need to use a baton to stop notorious rioters.

Body armour may also be required to protect you from any loose projectiles that get past your shield.

How Much Does A Police Shield Cost?

The police shields are highly durable and strong.

The bulletproof polycarbonate material constituting the police shield is expensive because it is strong enough to withstand impact.

The cost of the shields depends on the amount of force they can tolerate.

Bigger shields are costlier than smaller ones.

If shields have a forearm protection and storage system, their cost increases.

Ballistic shields are more expensive than ordinary police shields.

Do Police Shields Affect Vision?

Transparency is one of the most important features of a police shield.

Police shields are transparent so that you can see the objects being thrown.

You can then adjust their shields to stop the incoming object.

Standard tests ensure shields are free from any form of distortion.

The police shields must have good resolving power and provide crystal clear vision to the user.

Ballistic Shields

Ballistic Shields

How Can You Properly Maintain Police Shields?

Here are the steps you need to follow to maintain your shield in good condition for a longer time.

Clean your shield properly before using it for a clear vision.

Thoroughly check for any holes or cracks before use.

After each use, clean it thoroughly to remove dust, stone particles, fingerprints, and smoke.

Do not use a shield that has a crack or a dent.

Immediately stop using a shield that has a weak handle.

Do not use a shield that has burnt spots on the visual areas as they can impede your vision in a crucial situation.

Are Police Shields Difficult To Handle?

Police shields are made up of lightweight material such as polycarbonate.

This makes it easier for the policemen to hold and move the shield.

Holding the shield for very long durations can cause discomfort.

If you do not have any forearm protection, you may find the shield a little difficult to hold for a long time.

Does A Police Shield Provide Protection Against Bullets?

Normal police shields are not impenetrable to bullets.

A ballistic shield is suitable for protection against the firing of gunshots.

Ballistic shields consist of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene and can stop high-velocity bullets from hitting the officers.

Any high-velocity projectiles that are stopped by the shield will not transfer any pain to the person holding them.

You will find that they can be designed to protect only the upper body or for the whole body.

Bullet proof police shield

Bulletproof police shield

What Is A Butterfly Police Shield?

A butterfly police shield has a unique shape for use in Special Forces and anti-terrorist operations.

You can fold and unfold this shield to store it conveniently as you move quickly during operations.

There is also a slot available so that you can use a gun while using the shield for protection against bullets and ballistics.

Butterfly police shield

Butterfly police shield

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