• Solid Acrylic Cubes

Solid Acrylic Cubes

WeProFab is one of the superior producers of solid acrylic cubes in China. We are trusted in fabricating different styles, types, and sizes. Send your drawings at WeProFab for your satisfaction. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab Solid Acrylic Cubes to Delight Your Customers

Our solid acrylic cubes are perfect for having a gorgeous display design for your businesses and home. It has plenty of various designs that suit your demand.

Clear Solid Acrylic Cubes

At WeProFab, clear solid acrylic cubes have a classic look that perfect for exhibition and at home. It is fabricated with high-class materials.

Clear Cast Solid Acrylic Cubes

At WeProFab, the clear cast acrylic cubes are a crystal clear casting cube that has a classy and luxurious. It is perfect for exhibiting collected jewels, gems, and for business.

Clear Transparent Solid Acrylic Cubes

Our clear transparent solid acrylic cubes have impressive visibility for showcase things or objects. It can be accessible in high-quality and durable material and perfect for commercial usage.

Custom Solid Acrylic Cubes

We produce customize for your solid acrylic cubes that cut and glassy to any size. You can pick your desire size, color, and designs. We can assure you to reach your imagination.

Polished Solid Acrylic Cubes

Our polished solid acrylic cubes are shiny to keep your acrylic cubes from sliding on the contrary. It can keep from getting scratched that has an attractive and gorgeous look.

Solid Acrylic Cubes Manufacturer

WeProFab is the entrust fabricator of acrylic products, who assure to provide high-quality solid acrylic cubes product. We can fabricate plenty of types in our solid acrylic cubes.

WeProFab: Your Leading Solid Acrylic Cubes Manufacturer

Having gorgeous and perfect designs for your business and home displays are such a hard thing to do, but choosing WeProFab we can produce the best for you since we are your one-stop-shop at all time. Our solid acrylic cubes are just perfect for every design you desire.

We can produce a patterned, decorative, frosted, printed, and colored designs for your solid acrylic cubes. You can even customize your desire design for your solid acrylic cubes and we can produce meeting your specifications.

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Custom Solid Acrylic Cubes to Expand Your Brand

Colored Solid Acrylic Cubes

Wanting to have a color for your solid acrylic cubes? We can provide the best quality color we have.

Decorative Solid Acrylic Cubes

We can produce different decorations for your solid acrylic cubes that create an attractive design for display.

Frosted Solid Acrylic Cubes

If you want to have a frost-bite design for your solid acrylic cubes, we can create a very gorgeous design for that.

Patterned Solid Acrylic Cubes

It is impressive for dealer and catering displays, you can pick your desire design for your solid acrylic cubes.

Printed Solid Acrylic Cubes

You can choose various designs for your solid acrylic cubes since we produce fancy designs that suit your desire displays.

Solid Acrylic Logo Brand Cube

Solid acrylic logo brand cube is ideal for brand promotion. Custom logos can be printed here for effective brand promotion. This cube is high-quality, perfect for offices.

Crystal Clear Solid Acrylic Cube

Crystal clear solid acrylic cube has a high glossy appearance. They are ideal for producing imaginative centerpieces and showcase. And also, they are the perfect display for offices, businesses, or houses.

Solid Acrylic Cube Card Holder

The solid acrylic cube card holder is the perfect substitute for glass. They are used to display business cards in your company and offices. They come in a black or white finish.

Wholesale Solid Acrylic Cube

Weprofab offers wholesale solid acrylic cubes at reasonable rates. They come in small, medium, and large cubes sizes. Different colors are also available depending on your choice.

Multicolored Solid Acrylic Cube

The multicolored solid acrylic cube is available in transparent, white color, black, blue, pink, red, etc. They are superior in quality, temperature-resistant, and customizable.

Solid Acrylic Lucite Cube

The solid acrylic lucite cube is popular for its outstanding quality. These cubes are unique, multicolored, lightweight, impact-resistant, and break-resistant. They are used to display jewelry collection.

Silkscreened Solid Acrylic Cube

The silkscreened solid acrylic cube has silkscreen printing. They are flexible ways to improve your custom displays. Moreover, they are durable and extremely lightweight.

Premium Solid Acrylic Cube

The premium solid acrylic cube features high versatility, high strength, and lightweight. These cubes can be infused with different items to achieve attractive culinary display.

Solid Acrylic Tumbled Cube

The solid acrylic tumbled cubes can be used as holders and easy storage for your jewelry collections, figurines, and more items. A dazzling display can be achieved using this cube.

Solid Acrylic Cube Stands

The solid acrylic cube stands are highly durable, impact-resistant, and highly unbreakable. They have strong, versatile, and lightweight properties.

Personalized Solid Acrylic Cube

The personalized solid acrylic cubes are available in personalized prints. They are stronger and tougher compared to glass. They have the same thickness as glass, but only 50% weight.

Black Solid Acrylic Cube

The black solid acrylic cube is popular for its tough and high-quality properties. They can be easily thermoformed and machined into your desire shapes and thickness.

Solid Acrylic Cube Nesting Risers

The solid acrylic cube nesting risers are used to display your items more effectively. They come in black, white, or transparent finish. And also, they feature excellent thermal insulation and chemical resistance.

Thick Solid Acrylic Cube
We offer thick solid acrylic cubes with excellent dimensional stability. These cubes are also easy to glue and maintain. Moreover, they can be coated for surface strengthening.
Wide Solid Acrylic Cube

The wide solid acrylic cube offers incredible strength, durability, and UV resistance. They are superior in quality, a good choice for display applications.

Solid Acrylic Cube Block

The solid acrylic cube block has no keen edges. These cubes are also lightweight and have superior optical translucent. They have an attractive and eye-catching surface finish.

Free-Standing Solid Acrylic Cubes

Our free-standing solid acrylic cubes provide an elegant and strong appearance. They are also scratch-resistant and weather-resistant, therefore, they remain shiny even used for a long time.

2-Sides Solid Acrylic Cubes

The 2-sides solid acrylic cubes come with a glossy and transparent appearance. Moreover, they offer excellent light transmittance and shocking resistance.

Acrylic Solid Display Cube

The acrylic solid display cube is made of premium-grade acrylic material. These cubes offer an excellent transparency finish and are available in 100mm width, 50mm height.

5-Sides Solid Acrylic Cubes

The 5-sides solid acrylic cubes are perfect for your bathroom, nightstand, dresser, and living room. They are used as easy storage for any item. Also, they can be available in custom prints, sizes, and styles.

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Why WeProFab Solid Acrylic Cubes

Solid Acrylic Cubes

WeProFab fabricates plenty of fabulous ways to display for indoor and outdoor uses since we are over 20 years in the industry we can create a very useful product. One of our production of fabulous displays are the solid acrylic cubes, it has various kinds that suit your demand. So that includes clear solid acrylic cubes, polished solid acrylic cubes, clear cast solid acrylic cubes, and many more.

Our solid acrylic cubes can be ideal for making imaginative showcase and centerpieces. It is perfect for your business, offices, or house to display your jewelry, figurines, or any small collections that can add beauty to your products. It can also make a special way to fossils and minerals, markets, and many other applications.

Solid Acrylic Cubes

It can be also used as insertion or risers and grounded into or polished for more complex purposes. Our solid acrylic cubes can set out one or more at one time or separately to attain the showcase look you desire. Our solid acrylic cubes have no sharp edges, lightweight, water-clear transparent, and have excellent optical clarity. It has a strong and elegant appearance in which all of our solid acrylic products are attractive and gorgeous. It also has weather and scratch-resistant to keep a shiny appearance and long-lasting use.

You can either pick a design for your solid acrylic cubes like patterned, decorative, frosted, printed, and colored design. Or you can have a customize since we perform custom solid acrylic cubes for you, just send to us your exact dimensions, colors, and designs and we will produce it base on your specifications. We conduct a production processing that includes CNC cutting and thermoforming. Our solid acrylic cubes can be accessible in high-quality, very durability, and low-cost products.

Solid Acrylic Cubes

If you are a solid acrylic cubes retailer or personalize solid acrylic cubes, WeProFab is your great choice for that. Our solid acrylic cubes are excellent for trading and catering showcase since it has a very lovely design. Aside from solid acrylic cubes, WeProFab fabricates plenty of acrylic products like acrylic blocks, acrylic box frames, acrylic showcase, and many more. Do you have further questions about our solid acrylic cubes, send us a message now!

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