• Colored Acrylic Sheet

Colored Acrylic Sheet

As one of the leading colored acrylic sheet, WeProFab manufacture real promising colored acrylic sheet products with different thickness, sizes, and shapes. We also manufacture custom colored acrylic sheets, decorative colored acrylic sheets, translucent colored acrylic sheet and more.

Get WeProFab Colored Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a colored acrylic sheet manufacturer in China. A great cost-advantage is a must since we are acrylic sheet manufacturer in the first place. We can provide high-quality colored acrylic sheets at cheaper prices. Also, we can customize products to own specifications.

Translucent Colored Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab translucent colored acrylic sheet is manufactured from superior-grade materials. We can provide you quality products with competitive prices.

25mm Colored Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab as one of the professional colored acrylic sheet manufacturers.  We can produce 25mm colored acrylic sheets and other sizes.

Colored Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

If you are not sure which color you use in your application, WeProFab can cut-to-size all acrylic sheets we sell. We can provide a stunning range of colors to suit all requirements.

Custom Colored Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab offers an option to create custom color options. After making a color selection, we can forward to designing and fabricating process.

50mm Colored Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab manufacture 50mm colored acrylic sheets in different colors and thicknesses. Our 50mm colored acrylic sheet can be formed, bent, drilled to produce a new products.

1/8 Colored Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab 1/8 colored acrylic sheet has great impact resistance yet is lightweight.  Our 1/8 colored acrylic sheets are available in various colors, sizes, styles, and textures.

WeProFab: Your Professional Colored Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also metal fabrication.

The raw material of colored acrylic sheets is provided by the company since we are an acrylic sheet manufacturer. We can make different types of colored acrylic sheets to our own requirements. WeProFab will help you figure out the appropriate for your business. We focus on delivering high-value products that will delight your customers.

 Send us an inquiry today! WeProFab will give you back ideal solution. 

Custom Colored Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Fluorescent Colored Acrylic Sheets

If you are looking for a variety of fluorescent colored acrylic sheets, WeProFab is your great choice. We offer a high-quality sheet with a lot of options thus we can cut-to-size products.

Decorative Colored Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab carries a line of decorative colored acrylic sheets made of high-grade material. It can be made to order for special requirements.

1/4 inch Colored Acrylic Sheet

If you need a 1/4 colored acrylic sheet, you can check out WeProFab offers. We have the full capability to design new and unique products conforming to international norms.

High-Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets

The high-transparent colored acrylic sheet is sustainable for both mechanical processing and hot forming. It also offers a very good chemical resistance.

Colored Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The colored frosted acrylic sheet has higher strength than glass. They are perfect in a wide range of applications like furniture, bathroom, craft, advertising, and other building.

Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheets

The pastel-colored acrylic sheets have a good coating. It will never scratch and be damaged easily. Moreover, superior quality is achievable than other plastic or ordinary glass materials.

Colored Acrylic Sheets for Decoration

A colored acrylic sheet for decoration has top quality and is highly made from 100% virgin materials. They feature a stable color, making them perfect for outdoor applications.

Colored Glitter Cast Acrylic Sheets

Colored glitter cast acrylic sheets can be made from various colors like white, silver, green, pink, and many more. Its surface can be printed, coated, and printed.

Colored Mirror Acrylic Sheets

The colored mirror acrylic sheets are perfect for various applications like wedding decoration, advertising material, and others. It achieves an excellent appearance and good edges.

Rainbow Acrylic Sheets

The rainbow acrylic sheets are available in standard and customized sizes. They are widely used for decorating or processing. Applicable for both outdoor and indoor usage.

High-Gloss Colored Acrylic Sheets

High-gloss-colored acrylic sheets feature a perfect light transmission and good weather resistance. It is manufactured from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

Colored Acrylic Cast Sheets

The colored acrylic cast sheet is an adaptable material suitable for any processing method, especially for sawing, laser cutting, milling, and polishing.

Black Acrylic Mirror Sheets

The black acrylic mirror sheets are lighter in weight. It is extremely rigid, strong, durable, waterproof, and moisture-proof.

Colored PMMA Acrylic Sheets

The colored PMMA acrylic sheets have excellent electrical insulation and perfect transparency. They are easy to clean, fabricate, and form.

Rose Gold Acrylic Sheets

A rose gold acrylic sheet has perfect polished edges that are safe for most applications. It can be cut or customized in any size or measurement.

3mm Colored Acrylic Sheets

3mm colored acrylic sheets are extremely designed with good flexibility. They can be processed and fabricated easily. Achieve a perfect resistance to chemicals and weather.

Colored Mirror Acrylic Sheets

The colored mirror acrylic sheets are available in gold, bronze, blue, green, rose gold, and other customized colors. It is usually offered at goo and interesting wholesale price.

Colorful Acrylic Sheets

The colorful acrylic sheets are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and feature other good properties. It has stable colors under outdoor or sunlight exposure.

Colored Rigid Acrylic Sheets

A colored rigid acrylic sheet will never fade easily. The colors will remain bright and dark for a long time. It gives a reliable and best solution for various usages.

Fashionable Colored Acrylic Sheets

Fashionable colored acrylic sheets have a gorgeous appearance. It is an ideal material for most decor applications. The main properties are anti-aging and anti-impact.

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Why WeProFab Colored Acrylic Sheet

Colored Acrylic Sheet-1

Are you having difficulties looking for outstanding durable and versatile colored acrylic sheet? WeProFab is ready to help you. We carry a large variety of colored acrylic sheets. There is over 50 standard color you can choose from. Also, it has a different degree of transparency and finishes. A lot of options waiting for you.

WeProFab colored acrylic sheets can be used in different industrial applications. It will be processed through thermoforming or molding to form new shapes. After that, the created product can be perfectly used in a variety of fields.

Aerospace and defense, chemical processing, electronics, and printed circuits, and marine are some of the fields where the new product can be used. Whenever, wherever you might need a colored acrylic sheet, WeProFab is your best choice.

For indoor and outdoor arts and crafts projects, WeProFab colored acrylic sheet is your perfect option. It has unique physical properties and performance such as impact-resistant and weather-resistant. Aside from that, it has dimensional stability, toughness, and durability while maintaining its lightweight.

Colored Acrylic Sheet-2

WeProFab colored acrylic sheets can be cut-to-size into your desired dimensions. ¼ inch colored acrylic sheet, ½ inch thick colored acrylic sheet, colored acrylic sheets 48 x 96 and more can be custom cut. Utilizing laser cutting method, smooth edge finishes of colored acrylic sheet would be done. WeProFab colored acrylic sheets can be formulated to meet specific requirements.

As a leading manufacturer of colored acrylic sheets in China, WeProFab has the capability to design products in a multitude of colors.  Standard colors include red, blue, yellow, bronze, and green. However, we can custom colored acrylic sheet products to your required colors.

WeProFab colored acrylic sheet superior flexibility and longevity. It has aesthetic qualities making it ideal for signs, displays, framing, skylights and much more. If you are not sure which color perfect for your application, our team will guide you. Free consultation provided.

Colored Acrylic Sheet-3

WeProFab can give a one-stop solution for you. We have full capability to offer reliable and unique colored acrylic sheets to a specific project. With that, you can focus to delight your customers.  We make sure our colored acrylic sheets are dependable and able to last long.

Therefore, we manufacture all products to meet RoHS, REACH, and UL standards. You will surely guarantee 100% satisfaction with our colored acrylic sheet.

As an ISO 9001 certified colored acrylic sheet manufacturer, our controllers strictly perform tests and inspections while on the process. Without a doubt, WeProFab is your one-stop-shop for challenging colored acrylic sheet need.

Do you still need more info? Contact us freely. We have the customer-friendly staff to assist you, guide you. For inquiries and consultation, you can get a quick quote from us.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Colored Acrylic Sheet

With more than 50 standard colors and varying degrees of transparency and finishes to choose from, you can always get the exact colored acrylic sheet for your custom application.

From simple indoor and outdoor crafts projects to sophisticated marine, printed circuits, and defense projects, colored acrylic sheets provide toughness, stability, and durability to unique acrylic solutions.

Read on for the ultimate FAQ guide you need to answer all of your questions about colored acrylic sheets.

How Are Colored Acrylic Sheets Made?

The colored acrylic sheet is either cast or extruded into the desired length, width, and thickness.

· Cast Colored Acrylic Sheet

 Colored Acrylic Sheet Casting Process

 Colored Acrylic Sheet Casting Process

In this casting process, the colored acrylic raw material is heated and shaped between two glass panes.

This cast sheet is then cured and made dimensionally stable before separating it from the glass.

You can watch this video to find out how cast colored acrylic sheets are made.

· Extruded Colored Acrylic Sheet

 Colored Acrylic Sheet Extrusion Process

Colored Acrylic Sheet Extrusion Process

In this extrusion process, acrylic monomers are poured via a feed hopper into the heating chamber.

The professional colored acrylic sheet manufacturer has full capacities to create custom colored sheets that meet your requirements.

Plastic extrusion processes follow strict IPQC, IQC, and OQC quality procedures.

You can watch this video to find out how colored acrylic sheets are extruded.

Why Are The Advantages Of Cast Colored Acrylic Sheets?

The colored acrylic sheet is normally made with the casting process.

Because the curing process is more accurate, you will find that the cast colored acrylic sheet is more durable than the extruded colored acrylic sheet.

The casting process takes place in a closed area.

Therefore, the finished sheet has a harder surface that will not bend, melt, or chip during the machining process.

Cast colored acrylic sheets are normally cut to size and are available in custom thicknesses that can even exceed 15 mm.

You will find they are lightweight and absorb very little water.

These cast sheets have excellent UV- and weather-resistant properties.

They have better chemical-resistant properties than extruded colored acrylic sheets.

Cast colored acrylic sheets are 50% lighter than glass and have around 17 times greater impact resistance than glass.

You can heat this sheet to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and then mold it into different shapes.

The cast colored acrylic sheet does not lose its color even on direct exposure to sunlight.

What Are The Different Types Of Colored Acrylic Sheets?

· Translucent Colored Acrylic Sheet

Translucent Colored Acrylic Sheet

 Translucent Colored Acrylic Sheet

Made from superior-grade material, the translucent colored acrylic sheet is a quality product that you can get at highly competitive prices.

Choose from a wide variety of standard and custom colored acrylic sheets of varying thicknesses.

Other than white and black acrylic sheets that are normally opaque, all other colors are available as translucent sheets with indoor and outdoor applications.

These glossy and hard translucent colored acrylic sheets can be engraved or printed to meet a range of specifications required for your custom application.

· 25mm Colored Acrylic Sheet

25mm Colored Acrylic Sheet

25mm Colored Acrylic Sheet

Cut to size, these 25mm colored acrylic sheets are available in custom colors.

They fall under the M-100 thickness category and have a very low 0.30% absorptivity of water.

The colored acrylic sheet has a high 93% light-transmission level.

With excellent weather-resisting properties and strong surface hardness, you can use the 25mm colored acrylic sheet in show windows, light-absorbing shades, incubators, and display racks.

Reinforced with high plasticity, these colored acrylic sheets can be shaped and processed easily.

· Colored Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

Colored Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

Colored Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

Designed to fulfill custom application requirements, the cut-to-size colored acrylic sheet is stocked in a range of stunning colors.

These sheets are lightweight and rigid, have excellent optical properties and lower water absorption, and exhibit good UV and electrical insulation properties.

You will find them easy to machine, hot-air weld, and easy to glue.

The cut-to-size colored acrylic sheet sustains low length, width, and thickness tolerance of +/- 10%.

· Custom Colored Acrylic Sheet

- Custom Colored Acrylic Sheet

Custom Colored Acrylic Sheet

Made from decorating acrylic sheet material, the custom colored acrylic sheet is manufactured and supplied in a multitude of colors with new colors added regularly to the catalog.

Professional acrylic sheet manufacturers have the capacity to produce unique colored acrylic sheets that are often not available elsewhere.

You can choose from more than 200 different kinds of colors in clear, transparent, frosted, marble, mirror, and opaque colored acrylic sheets.

These acrylic sheets adhere to international environmental protection standards.

You can fulfill your application demands with custom designed and fabricated 1mm to300mm thick colored acrylic sheets.

· 50mm Colored Acrylic Sheet

 50mm Colored Acrylic Sheet

50mm Colored Acrylic Sheet

Formed, drilled, and bent into a unique product, the 50mm colored acrylic sheet is useful in indoor and outdoor decoration and advertising applications.

Self-extinguishing and water-resistant, these flat panels are rectangular in shape but can be precision-cut to your exact requirements.

Made to resist acid-alkali and weathering effects, the 50mm colored acrylic sheet also has excellent electrical insulation properties.

You will find that these colored acrylic sheets are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

· 1/8 Colored Acrylic Sheet

1-8 Colored Acrylic Sheet

 1/8 Colored Acrylic Sheet

Available in different styles, textures, and sizes, the 1/8 colored acrylic sheet is lightweight and has good impact resistance.

This high-quality acrylic sheet is cut to accurate dimensions, comes in transparent and translucent colors.

You can easily use the transparent 1/8 colored acrylic sheet to replace glass in high-transparency lighting applications.

Laser-cut colored acrylic panels produce endearing color combinations in design, art, craft, office, and home projects.

· Fluorescent Colored Acrylic Sheet

Fluorescent Colored Acrylic Sheet

Fluorescent Colored Acrylic Sheet

Ideal for signage and advertising box applications, the fluorescent colored acrylic sheet comes in custom dimensions and in over 50 different colors.

You can laser cut, bend, thermoform, drill, print, and polish these electrically insulated lightweight sheets.

The fluorescent colored acrylic sheet can transmit 93% of the light.

Use these fluorescent sheets for LED light words, outdoor light boxes, aquariums, light guide boards, and in acrylic crafts and furniture.

· Decorative Colored Acrylic Sheet

 Decorative Colored Acrylic Sheet

Decorative Colored Acrylic Sheet

Made to order with high-quality acrylic designer material, the decorative colored acrylic sheet meets any special requirements included in your drawings.

You will find these strong sheets easy to work with and they are highly recommended for use by designers, architects, and interior decorators.

Get the decorative colored acrylic sheet in unique textures, finishes, and colors to create decorative pieces, attractive spaces, and innovative furniture.

Choose from over 100 colors and in different decorative combinations that you can safely use in indoor as well as outdoor applications.

· 1/4 inch Colored Acrylic Sheet

- Quarter-Inch Colored Acrylic Sheet

¼-Inch Colored Acrylic Sheet

Fabrication friendly, this ¼-inch colored acrylic sheet has a shiny and glossy surface.

This sheet is thermoformable and comes to you with protective masking on both sides.

Experienced acrylic sheet manufacturers have developed the full capability to design unique and new colored acrylic sheets that meet international standards.

The ¼-inch colored acrylic sheet is versatile, has high impact resistance, and is suitable for custom computer cases, signage, and displays.

The light is diffused to a great extent, and you can paint or silkscreen over these colored acrylic sheets with great ease.

· Scratch-Resistant Colored Acrylic Sheet

Scratch-Resistant Colored Acrylic Sheet

Scratch-Resistant Colored Acrylic Sheet

Available in brilliant and dazzling colors, the scratch-resistant colored acrylic sheet is highly resistant to scratches, marring, and chemical erosion.

You can get these popular colored acrylic sheets in different sizes and thicknesses.

Scratch-resistant coats are applied on one or both sides of this scratch-resistant colored acrylic sheet.

Drill, cut, thermoform, fabricate, and polish these versatile sheets without compromising on its impact strength and optical quality.

· Brushed Metallic Acrylic Sheet

– Brushed Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Brushed Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Created in metallic shades of red, silver, gold, rose gold, and other colors, the brushed metallic acrylic sheet is either a cast or extruded sheet.

High-tech laser-cutting equipment is used to ensure smooth and rounded edges.

Designed to look like natural metal, this colored acrylic sheet does not oxidize, ding, or crimp.

You do not need edge banding, and you can specify custom anodizing effects to reach the perfect custom color for your application.

Unique, eye-catching designs immediately attract attention.

Made from superior-quality materials, the brushed metallic acrylic sheet is highly durable and sustains high-performance levels even after years of usage.

· Corrugated Colored Acrylic Sheet

Corrugated Colored Acrylic Sheet

Corrugated Colored Acrylic Sheet

The durable and long-lasting corrugated colored acrylic sheet comes with superior characteristics and satisfying finishes.

Choose the Lowes corrugated acrylic sheet or other custom corrugated acrylic sheets for your effective business development solutions.

With load-relevance capacity and built-in rigidity, the corrugated colored acrylic sheet has several stylish aspects and unique color options like the bronze corrugated acrylic sheet.

You can find attractive and quality-guaranteed options are available for patios, greenhouses, windscreens, and many other applications.

· Matte Colored Acrylic Sheet

- Colorful Matte Acrylic Sheet

 Colorful Matte Acrylic Sheet

Perfectly fit for any kind of business application, the matte colored acrylic sheet can be easily formed and fabricated to custom sizes.

Consistent performance is ensured with excellent light stability, optical characteristics, low internal stress, and thickness tolerances.

Match your business requirements with specially priced pre-cut or cut-to-size matte colored acrylic sheets.

Use these colored acrylic sheets for your photography, signs, privacy screen, and lighting applications.

· Holographic Glitter Colored Acrylic Sheet

Holographic Colored Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Holographic Colored Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Delivered in unlimited custom-blended color formulations, the holographic glitter colored acrylic sheet can fit into any custom application.

Whether you need a holographic light-diffusing colored sheet or a colored acrylic holographic tray box, you will find the right shade for your splash-back, display, and signage applications.

Get cut-to-size holographic colored glitter acrylic sheets in 1mm – 4mm or custom thicknesses.

Professional manufacturers can easily produce 5000 or more holographic glitter colored acrylic sheets per day on their advanced automatic production lines.

· Prismatic Colored Acrylic Sheet

 Colored Prismatic Acrylic Sheet

 Prismatic Colored Acrylic Sheet

Meeting all standard quality requirements, the colored prismatic acrylic sheet is ideal for your high-profile lighting applications.

The translucent sheet allows diffused light to pass through its textured finish creating exquisite privacy-based designs.

You can bend, laser-cut, machine, and shape these colored prismatic acrylic sheets to your custom requirements.

They are quality acrylic sheets that allow you to complete complex projects with very little waste.

· Colored Non-Glare Acrylic Sheet

 Colored Non Glare Acrylic Sheet

Colored Non-Glare Acrylic Sheet

Reduce reflections and glare from unwanted angles with the colored non-glare acrylic sheet.

This colored acrylic sheet is rigid and has excellent impact-resistant properties.

It is easy to glue, machine, and fabricate.

Select your sturdy design from non-glare Plexiglass, Optix non-glare acrylic, reflective or anti-reflective colored acrylic sheets.

· Perforated Colored Acrylic Sheet

Perforated Colored Acrylic Sheet

Perforated Colored Acrylic Sheet

Available in unlimited sizes, thicknesses, and colors, the perforated colored acrylic sheet is useful for ventilation, sound insulation, architecture, and warehousing projects.

Though it is lighter than the solid acrylic sheet and glass, it has excellent acid-resistant and scratch-resistant properties.

You can get perforated colored acrylic sheets calibrated by experts who can answer any questions you have about the product.

· Frosted Colored Acrylic Sheet

Colored Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Colored Frosted Acrylic Sheet

With plenty of acrylic sheets to choose from, you can get a frosted colored acrylic sheet that performs consistently and has great impact strength.

Depending on whether you want to use this frosted sheet in furniture, skylights, displays, or signage, professional acrylic manufacturers can fabricate colored frosted acrylic sheets in different sizes, diameters, and thicknesses.

This frosted colored acrylic sheet can be softened and melted to create high-quality frosted sheets that pass ISO 9001, SGS, and CE standards.

· Mirror Colored Acrylic Sheet

 Mirror Colored Acrylic Sheet

Mirror Colored Acrylic Sheet

Easy to customize fitting applications, the mirror colored acrylic sheet is ideal to fabricate into decorative display items.

They do not crack or break easily in indoor or outdoor conditions.

You can cut and shape the mirror colored acrylic sheet to fit any décor application enhanced with radius holes, routed or rounded edges.

· Laminated Colored Acrylic Sheet

 Mirror Colored Acrylic Sheet

Laminated Colored Acrylic Sheet

Manufactured with a fine finish, the laminated colored acrylic sheet is surface treated with modern technology that increases its strong resistance to termites and borers.

Your manufacturer should be constantly upgrading the laminated colored acrylic sheet product range to match your new application requirements in the interior decoration niche dealing with wardrobes, bathroom, and kitchen cabinets.

This sheet comes in different shapes and sizes and meets Rohs, UL, Reach, and ISO quality standards.

Does The Colored Acrylic Sheet Burn If Ignited With A Flame?

Yes, the colored acrylic sheet will burn if ignited with a flame.

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