• Plastic Ramp

Plastic Ramp

WeProFab is one of the top plastic ramp fabricators in China since we offer plenty of different types in our plastic ramp that reach customer’s demand. You can have our durable, lightweight, and economical plastic ramp products. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab Plastic Ramp to Delight Your Customers

Our plastic ramp is environmentally friendly, practical, and high-quality plastic material. It has a wide range of vehicle applications which is affordable and can save your money.

Adjustable Plastic Ramp

Our plastic ramp can be adjustable and it is a retractable design that you can adjust the length. It is a great convenience for daily use since WeProFab offers a durable and high-quality product.

Car Plastic Ramp

WeProFab can offer a plastic ramp to use for your car which gives enough clearance for tasks such as oil changes and other maintenance work that you can do in your own garage. It is highly recommendable for car use.

Colored Plastic Ramp

If you want to have a colorful plastic ramp, WeProFab can offer you a different kind of brilliant colors, a thick high-quality plastic material, and has good shock absorption.

Heavy Duty Plastic Ramp

WeProFab plastic ramp offers heavy-duty in which is best for working on cars, vans, and pickups. Our heavy-duty plastic ramp is made of thick, long-standing plastic, and provides a large surface area.

Plastic Ramp Manufacturer

As WeProFab is one of the trusted plastic ramp manufacturers, we can offer you plenty of types that can be suitable for all plastic ramp applications. We can provide you high-standard products since we utilize advanced types of equipment.

Portable Plastic Ramp

WeProFab plastic ramp can be portable in which you can easily carry and transport from one place to another. It is suitable for a home garage, loading dock, and more. It is highly durable and economical.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Ramp Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture between Chinese Local fabrication and WeeTect Limited Material. We are your one-stop-shop for plastic fabrication. Our plastic ramp is a durable and long-lasting product. We offer different types of the plastic ramp that meet your demand.

We can offer you a single channel plastic ramp, plastic cable ramp, plastic floor tile ramp, plastic curb ramp, heavy-duty plastic ramp, car plastic ramp, colored plastic ramp, and so on. You can also select a color for your plastic ramp. Our plastic ramp is rugged and heavy-duty design, lightweight, and economical.

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Custom Plastic Ramp to Expand Your Brand

Plastic Cable Ramp

Our plastic cable ramp is applicable in outdoor and indoor since it protects cables and wires from the vehicle and heavy equipment traffic. It is highly durable and strong.

Plastic Curb Ramp

WeProFab plastic curb ram can allow standard vehicles to drive safely in up or down uneven height. We can assure you to have the best quality plastic curb ramp product.

Plastic Floor Tile Ramp

Our plastic floor tile ramp has a slip-resistant and pressure-resistant. WeProFab can provide a comfortable plastic floor tile ramp since it keeps the feet warm and dry.

Plastic Folding Ramp

WeProFab offers a plastic folding ramp that has two-fold design and very convenient to use. It is accessible in strong, lightweight, and versatile quality.

Single Channel Plastic Ramp

Our single-channel plastic ramp is perfect for industrial and commercial applications due to its heavy-duty thermoplastic. We can provide a high-quality and durable plastic ramp.

Automotive Plastic Ramp

An automotive plastic ramp is perfect for loading and unloading automotive vehicles. Offers a rough surface that lessens the accumulation of water and dirt. Can handle heavy vehicles with a sturdy and reliable structure.

Custom Plastic Ramps

Custom plastic ramps are heavy-duty and lightweight. Known for its superior strength and stability. Perfect for easy and quick transport. Can be fully customized according to any requirements.

Full Length Plastic Ramp

Full-length plastic ramp is easy to use and lightweight. Produced with a high-quality polymer that is sturdy and durable. Has high-pressure resistance and anti-slip properties. Offers a strong load-bearing capacity.

Lightweight Portable Plastic Ramp

The lightweight portable plastic ramp is manufactured with durable, light, and sturdy plastic. Can be used for a variety of purposes such as for wheelchairs, boats, shopping carts, and many more.

Low Profile Plastic Ramp

Low profile plastic ramp- for low cars offer both professionalism and convenience of use. Arrives with a grid design that allows water and dirt to be filtered. Also, easy to assemble and store.

Plastic Loading Ramps

Plastic loading ramps are perfect for any car user. Features a durable plastic construction that can last for decades. Made of heavy-duty material and has a high weight capacity. Also, prevent moisture build-up.

Plastic Ramp Loading for Dogs

A plastic ramp for dogs is lightweight and easy to transport. Perfect for any terrain especially for dogs. Features a textured surface and an angled track. Made from lightweight, portable, and durable plastic.

Rubber Base Plastic Ramp

The rubber base plastic ramp is engineered from heavy-duty rubber and plastic. Can handle any type of application and is a perfect solution for use in loading docks. Arrives with a rubber base with a flexible characteristic.

Wheelchair Plastic Ramp

Wheelchair plastic ramp features a smooth surface that is commonly applicable for wheelchairs. The perfect way to keep the tires safe from wear and tear. Arrives with an admirable design with premium quality.

Yellow Plastic Ramp

The yellow plastic ramp is made of heavy-duty, reliable, and portable plastic that can support up to 3 tons of weight. Arrives in a yellow color and is tough enough to last a long time. Also easy to transport from one place to another.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Ramp

Looking for a durable and very convenient to use the plastic ramp? WeProFab offers a plastic ramp that has a wide range of applications. You can guarantee our fabrication since we are over 20 years in the industry. Our plastic ramp has plenty of different types that you can select.

WeProFab plastic ramp has a heavy-duty plastic ramp, car plastic ramp, adjustable plastic ramp, portable plastic, colored plastic ramp, and more.

Our plastic ramp can be applied in parking lots, driveways, high traffic areas, sidewalks, garages, uneven curb, loading dock or house driveway, shopping malls, stairs, roads, residents, hotels, convenience stores, entrances, and more.

Plastic Ramp

Our plastic ramp can be used in a car automotive vehicle, wheelchair, walker, trailer, cart, motorcycle, lift, scooter, bike, and elevated sidewalk. It is great to use for loading docks due to its high-traction textured exterior. It is best for general vehicle applications like trucks, cars, and more. It is also a great convenience for daily use since you can easy to carry or transport our plastic ramp product.

We provide an adjustable for your plastic ramp in which you can adjust whenever you needed. When using our plastic ramp products you can assure to have a heavy-duty design, compressive and wear-resistant, high-quality plastic material, non-slip waterproof, easy to climb uphill, easy to install, good shock absorption, and practicality. It has a textured style surface to maximize traction.

Plastic Ramp

Since our plastic ramp is highly durable, it can protect from cables, wires from the vehicle, heavy equipment traffic, and forklift. WeProFab can also provide you a single channel plastic ramp, plastic cable ramp, plastic floor tile, plastic folding ramp, and plastic curb ramp. You can free to choose if you want to have a color for your plastic ramp.

WeProFab provides different kinds of color for your plastic ramp and it gives a better look yet durable. We can fabricate base on the chosen products and meet the customer’s requirements since we perform product procedure that includes injection molding and more.

WeProFab is willing to assist in having plastic ramp products for your business or for personal needs. For more questions or inquiries about our plastic ramp products, you can free to message us.

Plastic Ramp

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