• Acrylic Table Number

Acrylic Table Number

Weprofab is one of the largest manufacturer of acrylic table number in China. You can choose your favorite  acrylic table number for different occasions. If you one of our trusted customers or first timer here, we can export acrylic table number all over the world.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Table Number to Delight Your Customers

As one of the professional acrylic table number in China, you can guaranteed that all our acrylic products are unique and 100% high quality.

Engraved Clear Acrylic Table Number

Here in Weprofab, you can have all our best features engraved clear acrylic table number. Whether you want it to be simple yet fabulous or elegant look acrylic table number, we can provide it for you.

Double Acrylic Table Number

Weprofab has the best acrylic table number. If you need a double acrylic table number for weddings or any occasions, Weprofab is perfect for you.

Round Acrylic Table Number

Weprofab round acrylic table number is one of a minimalist and glam kind of acrylic table number. If you want this type of acrylic table number, Weprofab manufactures all class of acrylic products with outstanding designs that you surely like.

Frosted Acrylic Table Number

Weprofab offers wide range of elegant designs in acrylic table number that will definitely suit your preference. Not just that, we also offer different acrylic table number with a lot of function styles at a very affordable price.

Stand Acrylic Table Number

Weprofab acrylic table number is one of the most common and well-known acrylic table number. If you are looking for an acrylic table number that composed of high quality materials, choose Weprofab.

Gold Mirror Hexagon Acrylic Table Number

If you are looking for a stunning, unique, and one of a kind acrylic table number, Weprofab is a perfect choice for you. We have a lot of acrylic table number choices that are available in our factory.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Table Number Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Weprofab is your ultimate solution when it comes to acrylic table number products. If you are in need of acrylic table number, Weprofab has a lot to offer. You can avail our latest and top-rated acrylic table number at a very affordable cost.

We offer customization in all your acrylic table numbers. If you want it to be in different styles like style of the fonts and the sizes, we will do it for you.

Please contact us to get an instant quote!

Custom Acrylic Table Number to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Painted Acrylic Table Number

To make it perfect and catchy, we do customization in all our acrylic table number depending on our customer’s requests.

Tinted Acrylic Table Number

Here in Weprofab, we do our best to give our clients what they deserve. We will make it unique and modern type of acrylic table number for them to not feel any regret.

Laser Cut Acrylic Table Number

In Weprofab, all our acrylic table number has a glamorous style. We use or high end equipment in making our acrylic table number.

Acrylic Table Number with Frame

Weprofab acrylic table number with frame has a simple effect best for weddings, birthdays, and many more. We have a lot of acrylic table number with different styles, sizes, and designs.

Acrylic Calligraphy Table Number

Weprofan acrylic calligraphy table number offers chic design and and impeccably printed in the acrylic. If you want to purchase acrylic table number, Weprofab manufactures the best acrylic table number for your acrylic business.

Acrylic Table Numbers Wedding

Weprofab acrylic table numbers wedding looks excellent on every table. The understated style is ideal for a minimalist aesthetic, making it the perfect wedding table number for any theme. Available with wooden holders to stand the numbers up.

Clear Acrylic Table Numbers

Clear acrylic table numbers are ideal for engagement parties, weddings, anniversaries, or any celebrations and parties. It’s a perfect table setting for a bar, restaurant, café, or other catering establishment.a

Black Acrylic Table Numbers

Black acrylic table numbers are perfect for any wedding style or table setting the theme, in boho, minimalist, modern, or elegant. Calligraphy in a contemporary script style that contrasts are included.

White Acrylic Table Numbers

Our white acrylic table numbers come in one through nine, to any numbers you want. Features a base that makes them self-standing. Lettering is available in different colors like silver, black, gold, white, etc.

Acrylic Table Numbers with Stand 

Acrylic table numbers withstand ideal for events like weddings. Available in different sizes. Some acrylic numbers come with or without a wooden base. It exudes sophistication and elegance.

Acrylic Table Numbers with Mirror Base

The acrylic table numbers with mirror base are perfect for parties, weddings, and other events. The number has two pieces, the upper number and the base acrylic mirror, which must insert into the base slot before the table can stand up.

Gold Acrylic Table Numbers

Weprofab gold acrylic table numbers are an attractive and functional solution in every event. Guests can direct to their seats with ease. They are constructed of acrylic, an eco-friendly material.

Hand-Lettered Acrylic Table Numbers

Perfect for parties, weddings (vintage, modern, or rustic theme), and other events. Hand-lettered acrylic table numbers are a beautiful and elegant table setting.

Acrylic Table Numbers with Painted Backs

Our acrylic table numbers featuring painted backs can be color brushed to any desired colors. Optional wedding table number holders are also available. To match your event, choose a size and color scheme.

Acrylic Table Number with Gold Frames

Dazzle guests in finding their seats quickly and conveniently with these acrylic table numbers. The gold frame features excellently complement the transparency of the format.

Frosted Arch Acrylic Table Numbers

Made with durable acrylic and vinyl lettering, these frosted arch acrylic table numbers look great with this simple design. It can complement most wedding stationary and signs.

Gold and Silver Acrylic Table Number

Our freestanding acrylic wedding table numbers are precision cut in gorgeous gold or silver acrylic and fixed on a clear base for subtle elegance. It will add some personality to every wedding celebration.

4x6 Modern Acrylic Table Number

Weprofab 4×6 modern acrylic table numbers are high-quality 1/8″ thick transparent acrylic with eco-friendly UV printed writing. Long-lasting durability. It will not easily harm the surface, and the print will not fade.

Candy Color Translucent Acrylic Table Number

Both signs and stands are perfectly cut with clean lines and polished with smooth edges. The candy color translucent acrylic table number comes with a removable protective film from the face.

L-Shaped Acrylic Table Number

This L-shaped acrylic table number is made of high-quality acrylic material that is environmentally friendly, robust, solid, and difficult to break. It can be used in a variety of settings.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Table Number

Weprofab acrylic table number is durable and lightweight. It has a glossy and modern stylish acrylic and as a touch of class that matches to any colour scheme. Our acrylic table number is appreciable for birthdays, weddings, receptions, anniversaries, bridal shower or any special events or parties. It can give a wow effect that enhances your decoration into a luxurious one.

When it comes to the longevity of the acrylic table number you can ensure that it cannot easy to scratch and break since its made from sturdy acrylic. The durable of the materials allow you to benefit the beauty of your acrylic table number.

Acrylic Table Number

We also modify and customize acrylic table number depending on our clients requirements. A lot of options such as the sizes, thickness, and colours are available.

A lot of retailers and distributors like our acrylic table number because it has a smooth surface, outstanding weatherability features, and finely finished.

We received a lot of positive feedback from our retailers and distributors  due to our acrylic table number that has a smooth surface, outstanding weatherability features, and finely finished.

Our team of experts and friendly staffs will accommodate you with all your needs when purchasing Weprofab acrylic table number.  We will be working with you in order to provide you the best service and help you with the selection of designs, styles and sizes that you want. Rest assure that you will only received the high quality Weprofab acrylic table number that you need.

For more information, please contact us  and feel free to discuss with us your inquiries and other questions. Our team are always available to give you immediate response.

Acrylic Table Numbers: The FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you need about acrylic table numbers.

Whether you want to learn about the material grade, designs, polishing techniques, or quality standards, you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Table Number?

It refers to alphanumerical items used for assigning table arrangements for guests in various settings such as weddings.

Often, these items are derived from plexiglass material through different ways of fabrication.

In many instances, a guest finds a card with their name and a respective assigned acrylic table number on it.

Each table has a corresponding number allowing the guest to identify where they sit.

You can find acrylic table numbers in numerous designs, shapes, colors, and material thicknesses.

Of course, this is imperative since it allows you to go for the specific type, which suits your demands and preference.

acrylic table numbers

Acrylic table numbers

What is the Ideal Size of Acrylic Table Numbers?

Acrylic table numbers come in a wide range of sizes.

The surface material is easy to mold using different fabrication methods allowing you to obtain the specific size you need.

However, since these numbers are used for table identification and assigning, it is prudent to go for a clearly visible size.

In other words, the best size of acrylic table numbers is one, which is visible enough from a reasonable distance.

This makes it easy for the guest to quickly identify the respective tables assigned to them.

But in most cases, the average size of these items is four by 4 inches.

How Tall Should Acrylic Table Numbers be?

The standard height of each acrylic table number is four inches, including the base.

Essentially, the table numbers and respective bases come separately but are relatively simple to assemble.

However, you can always go for a taller table number up to about 6 inches, depending on your preference.

Moreover, you can reduce this item’s height up to two inches tall and still use it as a table number.

In short, other than the four-inch standard height, you can adjust it to suit the particular length you desire for your event.

What are the Available Types of Acrylic Table Numbers?

You can find them in a wide range of designs, both standard and custom-built.

Notably, acrylic table numbers also feature various styles, shapes, designs, and finishes.

The specific type, therefore, depends on different manufacturer’s brands.

For instance, WeProFab, a leading Chinese plastic fabricating company, manufactures the following types of acrylic table numbers;

  • Double-acrylic table number

Figure 2 double acrylic table number

Double acrylic table number

  • Engraved clear acrylic table number

engraved clear acrylic table number

Engraved clear acrylic table number

  • Round acrylic table number

round table acrylic table number

Round table acrylic table number

  • Stand acrylic table number

stand acrylic table number

Stand acrylic table number

  • Gold mirror Hexagon acrylic table number

gold mirror hexagon acrylic table number

Gold mirror hexagon acrylic table number

  • Frosted acrylic table number

frosted acrylic table number

Frosted acrylic table number

  • Acrylic calligraphy table number

acrylic calligraphy table number

Acrylic calligraphy table number

  • Custom painted acrylic table number

custom painted acrylic table number

Custom painted acrylic table number

  • Tinted acrylic table number

tinted acrylic table number

Tinted acrylic table number

  • Acrylic table number with a frame

acrylic table number with frame

Acrylic table number with frame

How Do You Customize Acrylic Table Numbers?

You can use several techniques to personalize acrylic table numbers to suit your different tastes and preferences.

The common ways include the following;

Tinting – Involves applying a thin paper coat or layer on the surface material of the table number.

The essence is to enhance the overall appearance and aesthetics of the item.

Painting– Entails applying your ideal color shade on the surface material of the acrylic table number.

Styling – It revolves around enhancing the general appearance of the table number by adding various elements to make it practical and aesthetically appealing.

Some styling elements you may consider include shaping and adding other features such as a classy base.

Etching– This is a customization process, which involves incising a design, logo, font, or text on the surface of this item.

Photo-engraving – Entails using a light-sensitive photoresist applied on surface material of acrylic table number.

It allows you to customize these items to a level, which reflects the theme of the event.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Table Numbers?

The primary use of acrylic table numbers enables event planners to create organized seating arrangements for guests in events.

You can use these items in any event with a properly planned layout where guests are assigned numbers to each table.

Some of the places or events where you can easily use these numbers include the following;

Corporate Events

You can use acrylic table numbers in various corporate events to facilitate seating arrangements.

It encourages teamwork and networking among different professionals from different corporate organizations.


Most restaurants use acrylic table numbers to enable chefs, waiters, and other staff to plan and execute meal services.

Also, these numbers allow hosts to arrange patrons and enabling the waiters to remember orders.

Buffet-Style Dining

You can use the items to call out table numbers when starting a buffet line.

It prevents commotion and disorganization likely to be witnessed in case everyone gets up at once.

Essentially, it allows you to manage buffet lines and to prevent crowding or lengthy waits.


Acrylic table numbers are also used in weddings to assigning tables to respective guests.

It makes it easy for the host to locate the guests when there is a need.

Business Luncheon

You use table numbers on such occasions for assigning collaborative projects and let tables compete for best new ideas.

In essence, it enhances team-building and conceptualization of many ideas.

What is the Suitable Thickness for Acrylic Table Numbers?

The standard material thickness for acrylic table number ranges between 2-8mm.

However, different designs of acrylic table numbers determine the specific material thickness to use.

Some designs require relatively thick surface materials, whereas others require somewhat thin materials.

Mostly, it depends on the type of customization you are incorporating on the respective table numbers.

Is there Color Limitation for Acrylic Table Numbers?


You can find acrylic table numbers in any color of your choice, taste, and preference.

Ideally, acrylic sheet material used for manufacturing these types of table numbers comes in various colors.

You can find acrylic table numbers in about 50 colors or more, depending on the manufacturer.

This makes it possible for you to have broad options to choose from as far as your ideal color hue is concerned.

Moreover, acrylic material is also available in multi-colored hues.

If you appreciate rainbow colors, this would be your ideal choice.

In other words, acrylic table numbers are not limited to color choice.

What are the Features of Ideal Acrylic Table Numbers?

Acrylic material is becoming popular in recent times as an ideal option for making table numbers because it exhibits various excellent features.

Some properties of these items include the following;

UV Resistant

Surface material is integrated with an ultraviolet additive to block sun rays from penetrating and attacking the item’s molecular structure.

As a result, it prevents the table number from fading, yellowing, or discoloring even when used in outdoor places.


Acrylic table number is lightweight, almost 50% less than what glass table number weighs.

This makes it suitable for the intended purpose since it makes the items relatively portable.

Incredible Strength

The primary material used for manufacturing this item is hardy and naturally strong.

Acrylic table number is almost 20 times stronger than a glass table number of similar dimensions.

High Optical Clarity

Typically, acrylic material allows up to about 92% of natural light to pass through its surface material.

This makes it attractive to the eye since it is brighter, clear, and glossy.


Surface material of acrylic table numbers is somewhat supple and soft.

It makes it easy to fabricate it using different techniques to ensure you obtain the specific style suiting your demands.

Which Type of Acrylic Material is Suitable for Making Table Numbers?

Of course, acrylic sheet material used for making table numbers come in different variants.

However, the most appropriate one to choose for this item is dependent on the specific properties you need.

Some of the ideal acrylic materials you may consider for this project include the following;

Extruded Acrylic Material

It is ideal for making beautiful acrylic table numbers when operating on a tight budget.

Extruded acrylic material is somewhat cheaper to produce, making its resultant products relatively affordable.

Cast Acrylic Material

This variant is regarded as one of the best quality of all the acrylic materials you may consider for making table numbers.

You can find cast acrylic material in a wide range of thicknesses making it a suitable choice for these items.

Continuous Acrylic Material

It closely resembles cast acrylic in some ways.

However, it has additional features, given its production involves continuous cooling and heating to control curing.

Moreover, this variant exhibits better clarity and shatterproof abilities than other types of acrylic materials.

Other acrylic variants that you may choose for table numbers include;

  • Frozen acrylic
  • Reflective acrylic
  • Light-up acrylic
  • Non-glare acrylic
  • Perforated acrylic
  • High-gloss acrylic

What are the Benefits of Using Acrylic Table Numbers?

They are quite many, but the main benefits include the following;

a) Offers a professional and lasting impression, particularly to new guests since they are visually appealing and well-constructed.

b) Relatively lightweight, thus highly portable. Of course, this is essential since, in most instances, these numbers can be used in tables set in different settings.

c) Provides excellent strength and resistance to impact, thus creating a secure environment for the guests within the vicinity.

d) You can use them as promotional material by engraving your brand or products to create awareness among your guests.

e) They enhance the general appearance of the table setting, thus making the surrounding classier, more upscale, and ambient.

f) It is easy to clean and maintain, so you can reuse it on different occasions, be it a wedding, business luncheon, corporate dinner, etc.

g) Acrylic table numbers are available in different designs, color shades, styles, shapes, sizes, and material thicknesses.

As such, it broadens your choice options to get the precise item you need.

Are Acrylic Table Numbers Unbreakable?


The molecular structure of acrylic, which is used as a base material for this component, is quite solid.

Secondly, the overall construction of these numbers also incorporates quality artistry to ensure they cannot break.

In essence, several additives are usually integrated during manufacturing process of acrylic table numbers to reinforce their strength.

Therefore, these components can never break under ordinary circumstances.

How Does Acrylic Table Numbers Compare with Other Materials?

Technically, acrylic comes out as a better option for table numbers than many thermoplastic, plastic, and fiberglass materials.

For example, it is more pliable than fiberglass, making it easy for you to customize or fabricate it to your needs.

Acrylic also has better optical clarity, which is a vital element for table numbers. Other materials like glass have a fairly low clarity.

When it comes to impact and tensile strength, acrylic material makes suitable table numbers guaranteeing endurance and durability.

It can hardly break nor shatter under ordinary conditions.

In terms of weight, acrylic table numbers seem to be more lightweight than several alternative materials such as glass.

Notably, acrylic is almost half the weight of glass, making the former incredibly portable and safe.

What is the Price of Acrylic Table Numbers?

Acrylic table numbers are priced based on a wide range of factors.

In many instances, precise design of the component comes out as a great determinant of price.

It means highly customized designs will be more costly than slightly personalized or standard designs.

Another element, which dictates pricing of acrylic table numbers is the type of material used to make it.

Ordinarily, acrylic materials come in many variants with different quality superiority.

For instance, a table number designed using continuous cast acrylic material is likely to be more expensive than one from extruded material.

The specific brand you are purchasing is another fundamental price determinant of acrylic table numbers.

Some companies price their products cheaper than others, depending on brand awareness and positioning in the market.

Furthermore, type of finish you want your table numbers to have will influence the actual cost.

If you need a basic finish, you’ll pay cheaper rates than when in need of high gloss and a better quality finish.

And most importantly, the quantity that you order for these components also determines the amount of money you’ll pay.

In many instances, large order quantities are usually cheaper than few pieces since manufacturers offer better discounts.

Bottom line is there no fixed price for acrylic table numbers.

But you can always negotiate with your preferred supplier to arrive at a reasonable price based on these and many more factors.

How Do You Protect Acrylic Table Numbers?

You can use different ways to protect acrylic table numbers.

For instance, applying an anti-scratch surface coating to prevent abrasive elements from scratching the material.

This goes a long way to improve the overall durability of these components.

Another technique is by cleaning the surface material using organic detergents that will not react with the component.

Cleaning is essential since it removes debris and dust that might eventually compromise the clarity of the table numbers.

Also, you may choose to apply anti-UV material, whether chemical treatment or specialized film.

This protection plays a fundamental role in safeguarding surface material of this component from fading or discoloring.

And importantly, ensure you store the table numbers in a safe place every moment the event or use is over.

Does Acrylic Table Numbers Discolor?

Not necessarily.

In many instances, acrylic table numbers would discolor if subjected to direct sunlight or corrosive elements.

However, this rarely happens since these components are majorly used in indoor or enclosed spaces.

It makes it difficult for abrasive components to come into contact with the surface material of these components.

Furthermore, the material used for manufacturing these table numbers has a natural resistance to discoloration under ordinary conditions.

As such, it becomes difficult for the acrylic table numbers to fade.

Can You Polish Acrylic Table Numbers?


Polishing is one of the best fabrication techniques you can use on acrylic table numbers.

Ideally, polishing aims to achieve a smooth and glossy finish on the surface material of this component.

You may choose to polish regularly as a way of maintaining and enhancing the surface finish of the component.

But for best outcome, you must ensure to clean it appropriately.

There are numerous ways of polishing you may consider depending on numerous factors like quantity and expected surface finish.

Nevertheless, the common options include fire-polishing, vapor-polishing, and buffing.

What is the Best Material to Use in Place of Acrylic for Table Numbers?


Ordinarily, polycarbonate and acrylic material tend to share more or less similar features.

Excellent strength, incredible impact resistance, outstanding optical clarity, reasonably lightweight, etc., are some of the shared properties.

However, polycarbonate table numbers seem to be slightly better than acrylic ones regarding most of these features.

In other words, it would be the best alternative material to consider for table numbers in place of acrylic.

Are Acrylic Table Numbers Long-Lasting?


First, the base material used for manufacturing this component is naturally hardy.

It has excellent resistance to impact and tensile strength making it difficult to break under normal circumstances.

The material also has a somewhat hard surface, thus offering better scratch-resistance to abrasive elements.

Secondly, the manufacturing process of these components also guarantees durability.

In essence, quality artistry ensures the final product can withstand the specific conditions it is likely to be subjected to.

Thirdly, most of acrylic material variants used for making the table numbers are also of high grade.

For instance, extruded, cast, and continuous cast acrylic materials make quality and highly durable table numbers.

In a nutshell, these components are durable and can last up to 15 years or more without deforming or degrading.

What are the Quality Standard Certifications for Acrylic Table Numbers?

They are quite several depending on the specific targeted market for the acrylic table numbers.

But the general ones recommended globally include the following;

  • CE
  • SGS
  • ASME
  • ASTM
  • UL
  • RoHS

What is the MOQ for Acrylic Table Numbers?

It mainly depends on the specific manufacturer you are purchasing the components from.

Most of them often place a relatively high MOQ on custom-built acrylic table numbers.

This is because most customized pieces are unique and might involve a lot of effort, manpower, and resources.

Nevertheless, many manufacturers and suppliers in China, such as WeProFab, often offer flexible MOQ.

It means you can quickly negotiate with the manufacturer and agree on a suitable MOQ based on your specific needs.

Do Acrylic Table Numbers Have Any Shortcomings?

Yes, but a few, and they include the following;

  • The initial purchasing cost can be somewhat costly depending on the design, customization, color, size, and quantity you are purchasing.
  • They need proper and regular maintenance to prevent them from degrading, especially due to scratchy elements.

How Long Does It Take to Manufacture Acrylic Table Numbers?

There is no absolute timeframe for manufacturing acrylic table numbers.

In principle, several factors influence the actual time it takes to manufacture and fulfill the order of these items.

First, the specific order quantity determines the duration it can take to get your order.

Of course, the more the order quantity, the longer the turnaround time and vice versa.

Another determinant element is your preferred manufacture’s policy regarding production turnaround time.

Some tend to adhere to stringent guiding principles irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.

However, some tend to be flexible, allowing you to negotiate an appropriate timeframe depending on prevailing circumstances.

For instance, WeProFab always flexible regarding this element, which is vital since it enhances convenience.

And most importantly, the design of acrylic table numbers you are purchasing, especially if there is a need for customization.

Technically, the extent of customization would determine how long it takes to process the order.

Can you Re-Use Acrylic Table Numbers?


Most acrylic table numbers used for general purposes are reusable.

You can use them on different occasions or events as long as there is a specific order you need to follow.

It doesn’t matter because today you can use them at a wedding, tomorrow in a business luncheon, and the day after a corporate dinner.

However, you can find some table numbers customized specifically for a particular occasion.

Such custom-built pieces are only designed for specific functions hence can rarely or hardly be used.

How Do You Order Acrylic Table Numbers?

The first thing is to identify the particular design or type of acrylic table numbers you need.

In some instances, you may request samples from your preferred manufacturer to determine whether it meets your quality requirements.

Immediately you confirm the sample meets your demands, you can place your order on the manufacturer’s website.

You may also opt to use a sourcing agent or physically visit the manufacturer’s premises to place your order.

While at it, you must ensure you provide your shipping details to facilitate delivery of the order to your respective destination.

At WeProFab, we offer some of the best acrylic tablet numbers in the market.

Our acrylic table numbers are designed to meet high quality standards.

Contact us today for all your acrylic table numbers needs.

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