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Luer lock Syringe

WeProfab is your reliable source for Luer lock Syringe. With more than 10 years in the industry, we developed the best-quality products for the benefit of every individual. WeProfab Luer lock Syringe comes in all sizes, capacities, and other properties. Message us your request now, so we could give best solution.

Get Weprofab Luer lock Syringe to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab Luer lock Syringe is developed to meet and exceed the needs of the medical industry. All products are made to perform at their best for every application. Find and get the best injection solutions at Wepro.

Luer lock 1-ml Syringe

As a professional manufacturer, WePro offer Luer lock 1-ml Syringe 100% no leakage and splatter; promote accuracy.

Disposable luer lock Syringe with needle

Wepro disposable Luer lock Syringe with needle comes in a variety of different properties and sizes. It is Sterile and latex free.

3ml syringe luer lock

This 3ml syringe Luer lock feature a tapered plunger rod and a clear barrel with bold scale markings. Each is individually sealed.

non sterile syringes luer lock

Weprofab non-sterile syringes Luer lock is more economical and environmentally-friendly.

10ml luer lock Syringe

WeProfab 10ml Luer lock Syringe is designed to be use with filters. It is ideal for general-purpose applications. Disposable and sterile.

1ml luer lock tip syringe

1ml luer lock tip syringe from Wepro is available at best price.  It is CE-approved, FDA registered, and ISO9001 certified.

WeProFab: Your Premier Luer lock Syringe Manufacturer

WeProFab devoted to developing a high-quality Luer lock syringe for various applications. Either laboratory use, veterinary, or any medical uses, WeProFab production line will meet your needs.

WeProFab Luer lock syringe consists of excellent features and properties which make it a top choice among our customers. Not to mention our friendly service and professional approach.

All our products have been strictly tested and FDA-compliant. WePro is your one-stop solution for Luer lock syringe. Send us your exact requirements today; we will serve what you need!

Custom Luer lock Syringe to Boost Your Business

luer lock syringe 60ml

Wepro Luer lock syringe 60ml is sterile and individually packaged for secure and tight.

Luer lock syringe 5ml

Wepro Luer lock syringe 5ml is disposable. It has highly transparent barrels and clear printing that allow easy recognition.

Luer lock needle 18 gauge

Wepro offer range of Luer lock needle 18 gauge features stainless steel dispensing tip and plastic hub.

100ml luer lock syringe with needle

Wepro 100ml luer lock syringe with needle is sterile and FDA approved.

luer lock syringe glass

For laboratory and veterinary use, Luer lock syringe glass available in extensive line made and constructed from heat resistant borosilicate resistance glass.

Luer lock Syringe without needle

Our Luer lock Syringe without needles are pyrogenic-free and latex-free.

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Why WeProfab Luer lock Syringe


Weprofab manufactures the best quality Luer lock syringe in mainland China. We distribute products not only in the domestic market but also internationally.

Whether you need Luer lock syringe for your hospital needs or any project, WeProFab is your answer!

Luer lock Syringe-1

At Wepro, we had the widest range of Luer lock syringe available. Rest assured, our products are all affordable. All Luer lock syringes are created with innovative designs to meet the advanced standards.

Weprofab Luer lock syringe features a clear barrel with bold scale markings, easy to use, plunger rod design and each Luer lock syringe provide a secure connection.

Also, we develop products with a tapered plunger rod for positive plunger rod stop and ease of aspiration. With that, you can find and get the best options for your need.

Whether used for clinical applications, hospital, or medical, you can make sure Weprofab Luer lock syringe quality.

Luer lock Syringe-2

Our Luer lock syringes have a snug connection to secure needles like non-locking Luer slip tips. It avoids medication leakage and disengagement.

Being a professional manufacturer, we develop Luer lock syringes from high-quality materials and carefully check in quality. It is latex-free, sterile, non-pyrogenic, and non-toxic. Some are constructed from polypropylene, designed to reduce medication waste and prevent spillage when drawing body fluids.

Weprofab Luer lock syringe is recommended for IV therapy. It is attached to a syringe pump to prevent splashing of drugs when preparing cytotoxic drugs.

Utilizing the latest technology machines, we are capable of producing world-class Luer lock syringes.

Luer lock Syringe-3

Here at Wepro, we guarantee that our product has dependable and consistent performance. It has a transparent barrel with bold graduations, a double-seal stopper, and smooth plunger action.

Our Luer lock syringe has high visibility. Designed with stable and large finger grips and minimal residual volume.

Weprofab created a syringe with Luer slip, eccentric tips, and Luer lock. We also manufacture catheter-fitting syringes, insulin, fine dose, and standard use.

Our products offer an easy experience and comfortable to use, offer efficiency to both health professionals and patients.

Luer lock Syringe3

Weprofab Luer lock syringe is FDA-approved, carefully sealed, and available in the quantity you need. We also manufacture Luer lock syringes that are made from borosilicate glass, equipped with PTFE plunger tips and KEL-F Luer cones.

Our Luer lock syringe is suitable for manual diluter and dispenser applications. We make sure that our product has accurate and clear scale markings and clarity barrel.

It can be used for measuring anaerobic ammonium oxidation and collecting gas samples from pressurized headspace.

Weprofab holds the best product lines of Luer lock syringe and has gained popularity in the domestic and international market.

Weprofab offers products of outstanding quality and provides good services. Our products are guaranteed durable, reliable, and stable to use. We are one of the largest manufacturers of Luer lock syringes in China.

In searching for reliable providers in these products, Weprofab is your best choice. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us today!

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