• Cast Acrylic Sheets

Cast Acrylic Sheets

Weprofab is one of the unbeatable cast acrylic sheet manufacturer in China. We can produce and supply top graded cast acrylic sheets not just in China but anywhere in the world. We take pride in serving our customers with excellence and we serve a thousands of customers. Discover our premium products, inquire us now!

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In Weprofab you can choose us as your supplier and for allowing us to serve all your cast acrylic sheets needs.

3 mm Cast Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab develops outstanding 3 mm cast acrylic sheet products. It can be applied for different applications such as in aircraft windscreens and museum casings.

Virgin Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab virgin transparent acrylic sheet offers a wide range of surface effects such as gloss, anti-reflective and matt surfaces, as well as other textures.

Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab clear cast acrylic sheet has a very high molecular weight, making it more rigid, craze resistant and easy to handle, cut and cement.

Colored Cast Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab colored cast acrylic sheet comes in a wide variety of translucent, tinted and opaque colors, from vivid primaries to subtle natural shades.

Pearl Cast Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab cast acrylic sheet is used due to its optical clarity of clear sheet, color palette, inspiring surface effects, durability and in demanding environments.

Glitters Cast Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab glitters cast acrylic sheet is a product of rare quality, unique abilities, more eye-catching, and has an outstanding performance.

WeProFab: Your Leading Cast Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

If you are looking for a cast acrylic sheet, Weprofab is your ultimate solution. We are manufacturing all types of cast acrylic sheets made from high-class acrylic sheet materials.

We manufactured with modern techniques in order to place good standards. It is the ideal choice for your business, we offer this at affordable prices.

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Custom Cast Acrylic Sheets to Skyrocket Your Brand

Translucent Cast Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab translucent cast acrylic sheet has a better capability to handle long-term mechanical loads. Get your desired translucent cast acrylic sheet at Weprofab.

Cast Acrylic Sheet 6 mm

When that material needs to be clear and have a high molecular weight, Weprofab cast acrylic sheets 6 mm are the right choice.

Gold Mirror Cast Acrylic Sheet

Here in Weprofab, we have a lot of cast acrylic sheets options that can be applied for various applications.

Plastic Cast Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab plastic cast acrylic sheet makes the best option for structural glazing. Weprofab can offer great plastic cast acrylic sheet.

Cast Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab cast extruded acrylic sheet can give your display or point of sale shelving an upgraded look. Weprofab offers affordable cast extruded acrylic sheet.

Pastel Colors Opaque Cast Acrylic Sheets

These types of cast acrylic sheets come in a wide variety of vibrant pastel colors such as lavender, mint green, baby blue, pink, amber, and many more. They are commonly used for attractive project enclosures, point of sale displays, casings, signage, arts & crafts, and decoration.

8mm Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets

The 8mm clear cast acrylic sheets are commonly used for aquariums, museum displays, preservation frames, furniture, signage, and many more. They have excellent UV resistivity, electrical insulation, great optical properties, and high clarity. They can withstand long-term exposure to weathering.

Iridescent Cast Acrylic Sheets

The iridescent cast acrylic sheets can be used for furniture, interior decoration, jewelry, and many more. They have a high light transmittance of up to 92%, excellent impact resistance, and outstanding UV resistance. They have rainbow-like colors that change depending on the angle of viewing.

Thick Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets

The thick clear cast acrylic sheets are extremely durable, lightweight, and highly transparent. They are suitable to use for swimming pools, glazing, windows, display racks, fencing, furniture, and much more. They can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications. They also have up to 93% of transparency no matter how thick they are.

3mm Black Opaque Cast Acrylic Sheet

The 3mm black opaque cast acrylic sheets have clean-cut edges, scratch resistance, good chemical resistance, and unequaled resistance to weathering. They can be used for creating POS displays, POP displays, display stands, signage, shelving, furniture, DIY projects, and so on.

Clear Cast Glitter Acrylic Sheets

The clear cast glitter acrylic sheets are commonly used for both outdoor and indoor decoration. They can be used for decorating furniture, storage racks, buses, train, homes, and many more. They are lightweight and easy to cut into different sizes and shapes.

3mm Thick White Opaque Cast Acrylic Sheets

The 3mm thick white opaque cast acrylic sheets can be used for furniture, signboards, model making, ceilings, display stands, retail display, and decoration applications. They have a smooth surface, excellent resistance to impact, and weathering. They will not fade when used for outdoor applications.

Honeycomb Textured Cast Acrylic Sheet

The honeycomb textured cast acrylic sheets are manufactured from 100% high-quality and virgin PMMA material. They have good sound insulation effects, heat insulation, glare reduction, and up to 85% of light transmittance. They are widely used in lighting applications such as LED panel lights, light fixtures, and many more.

Frosted Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets

The frosted clear cast acrylic sheets are perfect to use for lighting applications, interior decoration, outdoor decoration, shower doors, room dividers, signage, windows, and so on. They have a matte surface, high surface hardness, great impact resistance, and an elegant appearance.

Decorative Cast Acrylic Sheets

These types of cast acrylic sheets are available in a wide variety of designs. The decorative cast acrylic sheets are the materials used for decorating the office, hotels, stores, homes, and other buildings. They have outstanding weather resistance and will not discolor or crack easily when used outdoors.

Fluorescent Cast Acrylic Sheets

The fluorescent cast acrylic sheets have a high gloss surface finish, excellent transparency, great impact resistance, high temperature performance, and more. They are available in a wide array of fluorescent colors such as yellow, red, blue, etc. Their edges glow when lit by ambient room light or natural sunlight.

Solid Pink Opaque Cast Acrylic Sheet

The solid opaque cast acrylic sheets can be used for display stands, furniture, signage, decoration, and more. They have a lot of features such as excellent surface hardness, great durability, color consistency, excellent weather resistance, and much more.

4mm Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets

The 4mm clear cast acrylic sheets are made from premium quality, pure, crystal-clear, and 100% virgin acrylic material. They can be used for a wide range of applications such as hobby display cases, furniture, home décor, art protector, laser engraved signage, shelving, DIY projects, and more.

Cut-To-Size Cast Acrylic Sheets

The cut-to-size cast acrylic sheets have improved weather resistance, superior visual clarity, and excellent impact resistance. They are suitable to use for tabletop protectors, display cases, signage, furniture, and many more. They can be cut according to your exact requirements. They have burr-free and clean-cut edges.

Frosted Cast Round Acrylic Sheets

The frosted cast round acrylic sheets are perfect to use for tokens, cake bases, DIY projects, LED bases, decoration, and so on. They have excellent light diffusion, great surface hardness, excellent strength, and lightweight design.

Marble Cast Acrylic Sheets

The marble cast acrylic sheets come in various marble patterns, colors, thicknesses, and sizes. They have a glossy surface finish, excellent weather resistance, and beautiful designs. They are perfect to use for jewelry applications, architectural models, displays, craft projects, furniture, and decoration.

2mm Cast Acrylic Sheets

The 2mm cast acrylic sheets come in a variety of colors. They are commonly used for lightboxes, display boxes, signage, nameplates, decoration, and many more. They are featuring high light transmittance, excellent impact resistance, non-yellowing, great surface hardness, etc.

Pink Mirror Cast Acrylic Sheet

The pink mirror cast acrylic sheets have a highly reflective, glossy, and hard surface. They can be used for table covers, signage, gym mirrors, horse stable mirrors, and other decoration applications. They have high impact strength and shatter resistance. They are also safer than glass mirrors.

12mm Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet

The 12mm clear cast acrylic sheets are the ideal material to use for safety glazing, skylights, store displays, aquariums, furniture, and so on. They have great thermal stability, superior visual clarity, and high durability. They can be fabricated, formed, and cut easily.

Transparent Linear Textured Cast Acrylic Sheet

The transparent linear textured cast acrylic sheets have good transparency, excellent stiffness, great chemical resistance, and anti-fingerprint features. They can be used for outdoor and indoor applications such as cabinet doors, room partitions, shower doors, retail displays, decoration, DIY projects, and lighting applications.

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Why WeProFab Cast Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is the leading manufacturer of the cast acrylic sheet.

It is usually used because of its versatility compared to plastics and glass.

Our cast acrylic sheet offers great advantages than other traditional materials such as wood, steel, glass or ceramics.

And cast acrylic sheet is a kind of material that easy to shape, fabricate and form.

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab cast acrylic sheet is designed for many useful applications for different industries such as building and construction industry.

And also can be used for trade shows and exhibits, signage, machine shops, sporting equipments, convention displays, structural glazing, and many more.

We design our product to provide comfort and simplicity.

We can also customized cast acrylic sheets with great designs, sizes, and colours.

Due to the many ways you can make cast acrylic sheets into other things, it’s an eco-friendly choice.

Due to its durability, flexibility, and sustainability, the cast acrylic sheet is one of the best substitutes for any projects.

Cast Acrylic Sheet

We intend to be the premier cast acrylic sheet manufacturer and other acrylic products.

As we continue to grow, increase our capabilities, and expand our market influence, our customers can depend on us for the high-quality of our product.

Almost everyone prefers to use cast acrylic sheet because it is durable, shatterproof and easy to clean.

We use the latest equipment together with our knowledge to meet the needs of our customers.

We are a unique manufacturer because we act with honesty and integrity and we show respect and consideration for others.

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Our cast acrylic sheet and other products are all ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Weprofab is the great choice as a manufacturer and supplier of cast acrylic sheet for more than 20 years.

We are the best source of acrylic sheet materials.

We have full capability to provide quality and useful cast acrylic sheet that suited and best for your projects.

Here in Weprofab, we also manufactures different variants of acrylic sheets such as cast acrylic rod, white cast acrylic, frosted acrylic sheet, polylite acrylic, and much more.

If you are interested in our cast acrylic sheet and other acrylic products, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We will glad to help you in your next cast acrylic sheet order.

Cast Acrylic Sheets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all information you’re looking for about cast acrylic sheets.

So if you want to learn more about cast acrylic sheets read this guide.

What is Cast Acrylic Sheet?

Cast acrylic

 Cast acrylic

It refers to a form of Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) formed by casting monomer, methyl methacrylate, and a mixture of initiators and additives into a mold.

This component is lightweight and available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and colors.

Also, it features greater thermal and dimensional stability than when it extruded form.

Cast acrylic sheet is generated by casting the materials into static forms.

It is used in various applications across different industries due to its incredible technical specifications.

What are the Features of Cast Acrylic Sheet?

Cast acrylic sheet exhibits some of the most incredible features making it one of the most preferred in numerous applications.

The main features of this component include the following,

  • Highly thermoformable – You can efficiently heat this material to a pliable forming temperature and use it to form a shape in a mold, trimmed to create a usable product.
  • Lightweight – This material is quite lightweight, almost 50% of what glass of similar dimension weighs.
  • Outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to harsh weather, environmental and mechanical conditions.
  • Impact-resistant – It is relatively strong; hence can withstand high impact pressure without cracking or breaking.
  • Excellent optical features – Cast acrylic sheet has better optical clarity hence allows a significant amount of light to pass through it.
  • Low water absorption – It portrays excellent resistance to moisture, thus ideal for different outdoor applications.
  • Good UV and electrical resistivity – This component exhibits an ideal electric current.
  • Exhibits good adhesive properties making it easy to glue.
  • Incredible dimensional stability – Cast acrylic sheet material hardly deforms nor alters its shape when subjected to extreme temperatures, whether high or low.

What are the Benefits of Cast Acrylic Sheets?

They are pretty numerous, but the major ones include the following;

  1. It is relatively lightweight, making it more convenient to transport and install in the respective applications in different sectors.
  2. You can always mold it to form different shapes or configurations given it has a pliable and soft surface material.
  3. Cast acrylic sheets are quite durable and can last for as many years as possible since they are strong and impact resistant.
  4. Available in numerous color variations ranging from transparent, colored, and multicolored options. In essence, this enables you to make the right choice based on your application’s color demands.
  5. Offer incredible versatility; hence you can use it in a wide range of applications in numerous industrial, commercial and residential settings.
  6. Provide high optical clarity, which is essential in applications where an adequate amount of light is a concern.
  7. They hardly break even when subjected to high tensile and impact pressure. It thus means safety is guaranteed, especially in applications where high human traffic is a concern.
  8. It is relatively easy to clean and maintain cast acrylic sheets as long as you use the recommended solvents, clean water, and soft cloth.
  9. Cast acrylic sheets are reasonably cost-effective in the long run since they are durable and offer efficiency throughout their existence.

Are there Limitations of Cast Acrylic Sheets?

Yes, albeit a few, and they include the following;

  • Depending on the size, thickness, color, and shape you are purchasing, they can be somewhat expensive.
  • They are quite flammable thus unsuitable for applications where open flames and high temperatures are a concern.

Essentially, these sheets won’t necessarily burn easily or immediately when exposed to open flames or sparks.

However, sparks and flames will eventually burn-in and cause the material to smolder.

Colored cast acrylic sheet

Colored cast acrylic sheet

Which Products can you make with Cast Acrylic Sheets?

Ideally, you can use this material to make a wide range of products.

The versatility this component provides makes it an ideal choice for forming numerous products.

Some of these products include the following;

  • All types of furniture, including chair, bench, table, bookshelf, nightstand, end tables, stool, drawer organizer, podium, box frame, signage, makeup storage, etc.
  • Submarine windows
  • Aeroplane canopies
  • Swimming pool windows
  • Pool covers
  • Aquariums
  • Utensils such as cups, tumblers, plates, cake disc, etc.
  • Blocks
  • Trunk
  • Mirror sheets
  • Medical devices
  • LCD screens
  • Security barriers
  • Fence
  • Automobile parts such as windows and windscreens
  • Tanks
  • Helmets
  • Display boxes

The incredible pliability and thermoformability features of cast acrylic sheets make them suitable for numerous products.

How do Cast Acrylic Sheets compare to Extruded Acrylic Sheets?

 Cast acrylic sheet vs extruded acrylic sheet

 Cast acrylic sheet vs extruded acrylic sheet

Technically, the differences between cast acrylic and extruded sheets are few and far.

However, they can make a significant difference to the final product, thus the need to know how they compare.

Manufacturing Process

Cast acrylic sheets are manufactured through where Methyl Methacrylate monomer liquid is pumped into a mold from two different glass sheets.

The monomer or mold is submerged in warm water to trigger the polymerization process resulting in a rigid polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)

On the other hand, extruded acrylic sheets are manufactured through a continuous production process.

Thickness Tolerance

Cast acrylic sheets have significant variance as far as thickness tolerance is concerned.

On the contrary, extruded acrylic sheets exhibit better thickness tolerance. Moreover, you can still attain tighter tolerances by prior arrangement using an extrusion mill.

In essence, extruded acrylic sheets are more dimensionally stable since they have a consistent thickness.


It is easy to color a clear MMA monomer by using masterbatch pigments. This allows cast acrylic sheets to attain several colors in fairly small production batches.

Continuous production process often leads to short production runs, thus limiting coloration of many pieces.


Cast acrylic sheets are relatively more expensive than extruded acrylic sheets.

Essentially, this is majorly tagged on the production process of the former, which is seemingly quite involving and costlier than the latter’s process.

Malleability and Polishing

Extruded acrylic sheets exhibit greater tolerance when bent or heated, thus more malleable than cast acrylic sheets.

Moreover, you can easily flame polish the extruded acrylic sheets than you would do to cast acrylic sheets.

Overall Quality

Cast acrylic sheets offer the highest quality with better optical clarity, thermal stability, and resistance to solvents than extruded acrylic sheets.

Can you Cut Cast Acrylic Sheets to Size?


There are several ways you can use to cut acrylic sheets to size, which include the following;

Laser-cutting – This technique entails a technology, which uses a laser beam to slice cast acrylic sheet to the ideal size.

It is fast, efficient, reliable, and offers accurate smooth-surfaced cut edges.

Using a knife – A scoring knife is often preferred in cutting cast acrylic sheets and is usually regarded as the easiest method to use.

Using a handsaw – It requires relatively high concentration than using electrical saws. An ideal way to attain best results is by using a saw with uniform teeth.

Using a jigsaw – A jigsaw is a small handheld tool, which cuts sheets with a straight blade in a fast motion by function up and down.

It a suitable method for cutting cast acrylic sheets in a non-linear fashion.

Cutting with a band saw – It is the most suitable technique for cutting cast acrylic sheets into intricate shapes and curves.

However, you always need to be meticulous when selecting blade and feed rate of the equipment. It minimizes chances of the sheets chipping or melting.

What Determines Cast Acrylic Sheets Price?

There are quite a lot of factors, which influence the actual cost of selling price of cast acrylic sheets, such as follows;


Typically, cast acrylic sheets come in varied thicknesses.

Thus, the price, to a large extent, depends on the thickness level of the specific sheet you are purchasing.

Mostly, the larger the thickness of cast acrylic sheet, the costlier it is and vice versa.

Customization Needs

You can always find cast acrylic sheets in numerous personalized variations.

Technically, a highly customized sheet is more likely to be pricier than a less personalized sheet.


Most suppliers and manufacturers often base their pricing on the general order quantity you are purchasing.

In many instances, higher quantity seemingly attracts better discounts compared to lower quantities.


Cast acrylic sheets come in different sizes.

The bigger the size, the costlier the sheets and vice versa.


The specific brand of cast acrylic sheets you’re manufacturing also determines the actual pricing.

Mostly, renowned brands tend to be more expensive than less popular brands.

And this got to do with brand positioning in the market based on its reputation and market dominance.

Can you Produce Color Cast Acrylic Sheets?

Colored cast acrylic sheet

Colored cast acrylic sheet


Naturally, cast acrylic sheets come in a clear shade.

However, it is easier to color the MMA monomer by using masterbatch pigments.

This makes it possible for you to attain this sheet in a wide range of colors.

You can get cast acrylic sheets in as many as 50 different color variations other than a transparent option.

Furthermore, you can fuse multiple colors on a single acrylic sheet to give you a multi-colored shade.

And this is important if your application would be ideal with rainbow-colored hues.

In general, you can always find cast acrylic sheets in as many color variations as you would wish to.

Can you use Cast Acrylic Sheets for Laser Engraving?


The surface material of cast acrylic sheets is generally soft.

As such, you can permanently engrave different patterns, images, logos, and graphics of your choice on the surface material of this component.

Laser engraving produces a whitish or clear engraved image on the surface material of these sheets based on the selected settings.

The machine produces comparatively polished cutting edges as well as inner contours.

Notably, laser engraving cast acrylic sheets produces high-quality results with unmatched precision within shortest time.

And there is no additional post-processing required on the material.

It is thus a suitable method for engraving several pieces of cast acrylic sheets.

What are the available Thicknesses for Cast Acrylic Sheets?

Ideally, cast acrylic sheets are available in wide-ranging thicknesses.

And this is imperative because different applications often require varied thicknesses for efficiency and reliability.

Nevertheless, you can always find cast acrylic sheets in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 50mm.

Moreover, it is possible to order custom sizes based on the specific demands of your application.

You can get up to a thickness size of up to 230mm.

In such instances, you need to inquire and provide the relevant details to allow the manufacturer to produce the respective thicknesses for your sheets.

Which are the Recommended Surface Finishes for Cast Acrylic Sheets?

Generally, typical cast acrylic sheets have a soft surface, which you can easily infuse with a different type of finish.

And this is necessary since it gives you a wide selection of the most suitable options for your particular applications.

There are several surface finish recommended for cast acrylic sheets.

However, the most widely used options include the following;

Cast acrylic sheet

Cast acrylic sheet

Glitters Cast Acrylic Sheets

This type of finishing features an assortment of small reflective particles, which come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Glitter cast acrylic sheets reflect light at varied angles, thus making the surface material to become shinier or sparkle.

Pearl Cast Acrylic Sheets

This surface finish is made up of tiny crystals making the material appear smooth and reflective.

The organic-inorganic composite, which covers this coating, is relatively gritty.

Pearl cast acrylic sheets are suitable for numerous applications, especially those where aesthetics is a concern.

Non-glare Cast Acrylic Sheets

It is a surface finish featuring a matte component designed to reduce glare and light reflection from different viewing angles.

You can always opt for this surface finish for applications surrounding well-lit areas as a way of minimizing the glare.

Engraved Cast Acrylic sheets

It is more or less of a surface finish design featuring an incised design onto the acrylic sheet material.

Cast acrylic sheets with such surface finishes have different patterns, logos, and graphics inscribed either wholly or partly on them.

Such sheets are used primarily on traditional religious buildings such as shrines, mosques, and churches.

Frosted Cast Acrylic Sheets

This surface finish features a decorative matte texture often produced on cast acrylic sheets by an etching treatment in an alkaline solution.

It is permanently achieved through the use of etching cream.

Moreover, this surface finish scatters light and hopelessly blurs any image seen through them.

You can use them in different applications where there is a need for limited light.

Perforated Cast Acrylic Sheets

These are types of cast acrylic sheets finishes with patterns of shapes removed from the surface.

The perforation patterns allow the cast acrylic sheets to be lighter and provide more traction.

Also, these patterns prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface material.

Do you need Special Coating to Enhance Cast Acrylic Sheet Performance?

Cast acrylic sheet

Cast acrylic sheet

Most definitely.

Notably, cast acrylic material has immense resistance to a wide range of mechanical, environmental, and climatic conditions.

However, it is always important to integrate or infuse the surface material with different special coatings for absolute enhanced performance.

There are several options to choose from when in need of special coatings to apply on these sheets.

Even so, the most preferred choice is dependent on the actual application of your cast acrylic material.

The common special coating often integrate into these materials include the following;

UV stabilizer – The essence of this special coating treatment is to enhance the resistance of cast acrylic sheets to ultraviolet rays.

You may choose to add it during the manufacturing process or later on as an aftermarket component.

Anti-scratch coating – This special surface coating is integrated with cast acrylic sheets to reduce or prevent the material from scratching.

Since cast acrylic sheets are relatively soft, it would be imperative to apply this treatment in preventing abrasive materials from causing scratches.

Anti-reflective coating – Also known as anti-glare coating, this surface treatment helps to reduce or eliminate unwanted or excess light from penetrating the surface material.

Anti-fog coating– The essence of this treatment is to prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface material of cast acrylic sheets.

Anti-fingerprint coating – It is designed to prevent fingerprint marks from forming or sticking on the surface material.

Antistatic coating – This is an ideal choice of special treatment designed for reducing or eliminating build-up of static electricity.

How does Cast Acrylic Sheet compare to Polycarbonate Sheet?

 Cast acrylic sheet

 Cast acrylic sheet

Technically, cast acrylic and polycarbonate sheets tend to share quite a lot of similarities with marginal variance regarding technical specifications.

And this is important because it means they can be used interchangeably in a wide range of applications.

Some of the parameters on how these thermoplastic materials compare include the following;

Optical clarity – They both exhibit incredible optical clarity hence can allow sufficient light to pass through them. However, polycarbonate sheet is more transparent than cast acrylic sheet albeit marginally.

Lightweight – Cast acrylic and polycarbonate are more or less weigh the same. They are both about 50% less the weight of glass material of similar dimensions.

Thickness tolerance – Polycarbonate and cast acrylic sheets have varying thickness tolerance. You can, however, find them in different thicknesses and select the ideal based on your project needs.

Color – Both options are available in different shades of up to 50 hues or more. You can also find them in your preferred multi-color options.

Strength – Polycarbonate sheet is slightly stronger than cast acrylic sheet. However, both can hardly break and have incredible resistance to impact pressure.

Dimensional stability – Both polycarbonate and cast acrylic sheets have incredible dimensional stability. They can withstand extreme temperatures without deforming or altering their configuration.

Scratch resistance – Cast acrylic sheet exhibits better scratch resistance than polycarbonate. Naturally, polycarbonate sheets tend to have a softer surface material than cast acrylic sheets.

As such, polycarbonate sheets tend to be more susceptible to scratches than cast acrylic sheets.

Are Cast Acrylic Sheets Safe?


Typically, the base material for manufacturing cast acrylic sheets is derived from natural organic components.

This makes it quite solid, and it cannot easily break even when subjected to high intensive mechanical pressure.

Nevertheless, if it breaks due to a deliberate attempt, it can hardly shatter.

Instead, it only fractures into large pieces with dull edges, making it difficult to harm people or property around.

This makes it relatively safe, especially in applications where high human traffic is a concern.

Secondly, acrylic, which is the primary material for making cast acrylic sheets, is derived from inert gases.

Therefore, it can hardly produce toxic fumes even when it comes into contact with corrosive chemicals.

Thirdly, this material is 100% recyclable, which is vital since it makes it environmentally friendly.

You’ll rarely find cast acrylic sheets in landfills.

Instead, they are recycled and reused in molding or creating other relevant acrylic products.

In short, cast acrylic sheets are safe both to the users and the environment in general.

Are Cast Acrylic Sheets Durable?


Since these materials exhibit excellent technical specifications, it shows they can last for a relatively long period.

For instance, these sheets have incredible resistance to a wide range of elements, including harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and corrosive compounds, etc.

The fact that they are also resistant to impact adds to their durability.

However, the actual longevity of cast acrylic sheets is dependent on a host of variables such as the following;

  • Material thickness – Generally, cast acrylic sheets with relative thickness tend to be stronger and more stable and vice versa.

Therefore, you are guaranteed more extended durability with a thicker cast acrylic sheet than a thinner one.

  • Application – Some specific projects expose cast acrylic sheets to relative abuse and harsh environmental conditions.

This tends to wear out these components quite faster hence reducing their durability.

Cast acrylic sheets used in gentle applications will, of course, last longer.

  • Maintenance – Properly maintained cast acrylic sheets last longer than those poorly taken care of.


Cleaning, polishing, and repairing are some of the routine procedures you can always undertake to enhance overall durability.

Does Cast Acrylic Sheet Break Easily?


The molecular structure of cast acrylic sheet is exceptionally solid.

This makes it challenging to break easily even when subjected to intensive tensile or impact pressures.

Ideally, the manufacturing process of this material also contributes significantly to its resistance to impact or stress.

In most instances, a typical cast acrylic sheet can hardly break when subjected to everyday circumstances.

And even when it breaks under unordinary conditions, it can only fracture into large pieces and dull edges.

Does Cast Acrylic Sheet Scratch?

It depends on the specific conditions it is subjected to.

Technically, a cast acrylic sheet has a somewhat soft surface.

This can make it susceptible to abrasive components, which easily scratch marks on it.

However, during the production process of this component, an anti-scratch additive is always integrated to prevent it from scratches.

Moreover, it is also easy to remove the scratched marks from the surface of cast acrylic sheets.

How do you Remove Scratches on Cast Acrylic Sheet?

It is quite easy to remove scratches from the surface of cast acrylic sheet.

But this is mainly dependent on the specific type of scratch on the material surface.

If it is light scratches, an ideal way to remove it is by cleaning the scratched area and apply a small portion of toothpaste.

Rub the toothpaste gently on the applied surface for about 20-30 seconds gently until it dries.

Let it stay for about three minutes and rinse it off using clean water.

Allow it to air dry once more, then apply acrylic polish on the surface material.

You’ll have a spotless cast acrylic sheet surface.

However, for relatively deep scratches, you’ll need to a bit intensive and use more materials.

Ordinarily, you’ll need to clean the deeply scratched surface using clean water.

The next thing to do would be to use a wet and dry 600 grit sandpaper to sand the scratched area in a circular motion around thrice.

Do the same thing with a wet and dry 800 grit sandpaper.

Finish it up with alternating wet and dry 1200 grit sandpaper.

Dry the area using a soft wet cloth and restore its glossiness using acrylic polish.

Between Cast Acrylic Sheet and Polycarbonate Sheet; Which one Yellow Faster in Sun?

Ideally, cast acrylic sheet seems to be relatively glossy and retains its water clarity over time before it starts yellowing.

This material has a soft surface, but it is naturally resistant to ultraviolet rays, a major cause of yellowing in thermoplastics.

Polycarbonate sheet, on the other hand, has a slight greyish or bluish tint.

But it can yellow quite easily when exposed to direct sunlight since its surface material is softer.

As such, it makes it easy for ultraviolet rays to penetrate through the surface and attack the molecules, weakening them and leading to yellowness.

In other words, cast acrylic sheets have a better tolerance to yellowness compared to polycarbonate sheets.

How do you Customize Cast Acrylic Sheet?

You can use several techniques to customize cast acrylic sheets depending on your project and the tools and equipment you have.

Of course, this is entirely possible since this component is thermoformable, easy to cut and bend.

Some of the methods you can thus use to customize this material include the following;

Drilling – Entails cutting the surface material of these sheets to create holes or circular cross-sections.

Cutting-to-size – Involves cutting, splitting, or slicing of the cast acrylic sheets to suit the specific dimensional needs of the respective application.

Laminating – It makes the cast acrylic sheet in multiple layers to allow the composite material to attain improved strength, appearance, insulation, and stability.

Welding – Involves joining different pieces of cast acrylic sheet or with other compatible materials to form one component.

It uses different techniques such as high heat to melt the different pieces and letting them cool.

Painting – This is about infusing different colors on the surface material of cast acrylic sheets to attain the ideal one for your needs.

Machining – It is the use of different types of lathe machines to cut the surface material of cast acrylic sheets into desired final shape or configuration and size.

Shearing – This is a process involves slicing cast acrylic sheets into long cuts with the essence to trim down the edge of the sheet.

But you can do it on any part of the cast acrylic sheet.

How do you Test Quality of Cast Acrylic Sheet?

 Cast acrylic sheet

Cast acrylic sheet

In most instances, cast acrylic sheets are constantly subjected to a wide range of tests to determine whether they meet the required quality standards.

These tests revolve around many parameters such as tensile strength, temperature tolerance, machinability, optical clarity, and impact resistance among others.

Ideally, most of these quality tests are carried out in high-end laboratories with all the necessary facilities and machinery.

Also, there are a number of agencies, both at national, regional, and international levels, that test the quality standards of these components.

Most of the time, these agencies carry out independent quality tests using various techniques.

Therefore, it would also be prudent to ensure you purchase cast acrylic sheets certified by most popular quality regulatory agencies.

Some of these agencies include ISO 9001, SGS, ASTM, RoHS, and REACH among others.

How do you Manufacture Cast Acrylic Sheet?

There are different techniques often used to manufacture cast acrylic sheets.

Generally, though, the manufacturing process entails casting liquid methyl methacrylate (MMA) between two glass panels.

The MMA then polymerizes at a set and regulated temperature to allow the PMMA panel to cure and ultimately produce an incredible desired quality.

Nevertheless, the entire production process of cast acrylic sheets involves using two techniques; batch cell and continuous production.

Batch cell technique is often used for producing cast acrylic tubes and rods.

However, continuous production, also known as a casting, involves a faster process, which runs nonstop throughout and requires less labor.

Can You Machine Cast Acrylic Sheet?


Cast acrylic sheet is highly machinable; thus, you can use it to form different shapes and sizes out of its workpiece.

The most important thing when machining this material is ensuring you are using the right equipment and tools.

Also, the settings for the respective shape and size of the particular cast acrylic sheet are fundamental in the machining process.

At WeProFab, we offer a range of cast acrylic sheets.

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