• Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

WeProFab is the entrusted impact-resistant polycarbonate fabricators in China. WeProFab offers various types of polycarbonate sheet products that will suit your construction and building demand. We also offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Send your instant quotes!

Get WeProFab Impact Resistant Polycarbonate to Delight Your Customers

Our impact-resistant polycarbonate is in demand material since it has plenty of unique features that will fit your requirement. We provide you high-quality, high durability, and affordable prices.

Clear Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

WeProFab impact-resistant polycarbonate is available in clear which is highly transparent to visible light with better light transmission. We offer highly competitive rates and guaranteed low prices.

Colored Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

WeProFab offers different colors for your impact-resistant polycarbonate that includes clear or transparent. We can provide your preferred color in a high-quality and affordable price.

Frosted Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

Our impact-resistant polycarbonate is available in frosted which perfect for decorating applications. WeProFab offers high-impact strength, sturdy, and a wide variety of designs for your construction and building material needs.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Manufacturer

WeProFab is your leading impact-resistant polycarbonate manufacturer in China. We offer a wide variety of selection of sizes, shapes, and designs for your requirement. We also offer high-quality guaranteed low price products.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Panel

Our impact-resistant polycarbonate is ideal to use for panel since it provides high durability and strong material that make long-lasting use. WeProFab is your best solution for your construction and building material needs.

Transparent Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

Our impact-resistant polycarbonate is transparent which provides excellent optical clarity that will suit in any type of application. WeProFab provides a durable and high-quality transparent impact-resistant polycarbonate.

WeProFab: Your Leading Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Manufacturer

As WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, we are pleased to offer the best solution for plastic and metal fabrication. WeProFab is the entrusted fabricator of the construction and building material needs. Our impact-resistant polycarbonate is one of the in-demand material due to its unique features.

We offer different types such as transparent, frosted, colored, clear, panel, enclosure, solid, corrugated, rib-types, and so on. WeProFab provides a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs that will meet your requirement. We offer high-quality, high durability, and affordable prices.

As a CE certified company, WeProFab manages the quality of the product and provides the customer with a good quality and high standard impact-resistant polycarbonate product. If you want to have an impact-resistant polycarbonate for your construction needs, WeProFab is your best manufacturer.

Custom Impact Resistant Polycarbonate to Expand Your Business

Impact Resistant Corrugated Polycarbonate

Our impact-resistant corrugated polycarbonate is flexible, UV resistant, fire-resistant, and sturdy. WeProFab offers you perfect material that will suit your demand at a low price.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Enclosure

Our impact-resistant polycarbonate enclosure can withstand wind, heat, water, and more to protect the sensitive components inside. WeProFab offers a durable and long-lasting use material.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Our polycarbonate sheet has an outstanding impact-resistant, polished surface, UV stabilized, and ideal for glazing uses. WeProFab has a wide variety of selection of polycarbonate material that meets your demand.

Impact Resistant Rib-type Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab offers an impact-resistant polycarbonate sheet that has rib-type which perfect for roofing applications that provide UV protection and long-term weather resistance. You can purchase it here at WeProFab.

Impact Resistant Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab polycarbonate sheet has solid structures that provide higher impact-resistant, higher insulating property, and virtually unbreakable. We offer a durable yet guaranteed low price that suits your requirement.

Impact Resistant Multiwall Polycarbonate

Impact-resistant multiwall polycarbonate offers a high level of strength making it perfect for construction and architecture purposes. Highly impact-resistant with a multiwall design which strengthens the structure of the material.

Impact Resistant Textured Polycarbonate Sheet

Impact-resistant textured polycarbonate sheet is designed with a patterned finish. Designed to last a long time and is generally transparent. Guarantees outstanding degree of light transmission with an opaque property.

2mm Impact Resistant Flexible Polycarbonate

2mm impact-resistant flexible polycarbonate is delivered with exact specifications. Offers exceptional impact strength and weather ability. Guarantees admirable light transparency and offers brilliant design flexibility.

High Gloss Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

High gloss impact-resistant polycarbonate is ideal for highly demanding applications. Arrives with a high gloss finish and is more transparent. Can be heated and molded to shape. Easier to machine than any other material.

Patterned Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

Patterned impact-resistant polycarbonate arrives with UV protection on both sides. Includes a patterned surface with extreme impact strength. Widely used as lighting fixtures, balcony guards, and door partitions.

6mm Polycarbonate Panel

6mm polycarbonate panel is equipped with additives for long life and durability. Guarantees a finished professional look and is easy to use. Easier to handle and install. Available with a 6mm thickness with various colors.

Solid Polycarbonate Slab

Solid polycarbonate slab is popular in the industry due to its excellent internal structure and its high thermal insulation properties. Features greater structural strength and greater impact resistance.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Bar

Impact-resistant polycarbonate bar is made of a durable material that provides outstanding physical properties. Commonly used to make machine guards, windshields, etc. Applicable over a broad range of temperatures.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Marble Sheet

Impact-resistant polycarbonate marble sheet is virtually unbreakable with exquisite mechanical properties. Constructed using high-quality materials with admirable weathering resistance and excellent impact strength.

Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Sheet

The light diffuser polycarbonate sheet is designed with light-scattering properties and ensures uniform illumination. Applicable in the overall lighting system. Arrives in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 6mm.

Impact Resistant Translucent Polycarbonate

Impact-resistant translucent polycarbonate will not be penetrated by excessive weather impact. Commonly used in greenhouses and skylights. Built with durability and great structural integrity in mind.

Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet

Hard coated polycarbonate sheet offers outstanding light diffusion properties and is highly flexible. Designed to last a long time without breaking. Guarantees unmatched mechanical properties.

Tinted Customized Polycarbonate Sheet

The tinted customized polycarbonate sheet remains flexible enough to be fabricated and machined. Widely applicable as bullet-resistant windows and display cases. Designed with premium quality appearance.

UV Block Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

UV block impact-resistant polycarbonate has significant frost resistance. Comes with a clean and smooth finish. Highly recommended and can be used for various applications. Offers protection against involuntary breakage.

Impact Resistant Matte Polycarbonate

Impact-resistant matte polycarbonate is made of durable and top-quality material. Commonly used to make machine guards and safety shields and other see-through applications. Guarantees enhanced-impact-resistance.

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Why WeProFab Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

Are you looking for a perfect material for all types of applications? WeProFab impact-resistant polycarbonate is just perfect for you. We can assure you with our products since we are exceeding 20 years in the industry and we have plenty of experience with regard to fabrication. Our impact-resistant polycarbonate will suit your demand due to its characteristics.

WeProFab offers plenty of different types in our impact-resistant polycarbonate that includes different sizes. We created it more effective and durable for many types of applications.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

We provide a wide range of applications that will suit and used for construction, decoration, and building materials.

Its applications include machine guards, skylights, indoor and outdoor signs, outdoor enclosures, safety, and security glazing, architectural glazing, face shields, POP displays, graphic holders, greenhouses, medical devices, automotive components, protective gear, transparent manifolds, and many more.

Our impact-resistant polycarbonate is also best for outdoor applications since it has unique features that include highly transparent to visible light, withstands nature’s most extreme hot and cold temperatures, strong and stiff.

We also have a polished surface, excellent optical clarity, outstanding strength, superior impact resistance, excellent UV protection, high durability, flexible, good thermal insulation, high tensile strength, lightweight, highly shock-resistant, and easy to fabricate.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

WeProFab impact-resistant polycarbonate maintains transparency, color, and shape for how many years. WeProFab offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs for your impact-resistant polycarbonate that will suit your construction or building demand.

We can provide you a high-quality yet guaranteed low price. WeProFab assures to have satisfaction with our products and meet your requirement since we do a production process such as thermoforming, bending, laser-cut, and so on.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, WeProFab strictly manages the quality and makes sure to deliver the products on the exact date. If you want to have an impact-resistant polycarbonate product for your business or construction needs, WeProFab is your best supplier and manufacturer for that.

WeProFab will glad to help you with your progression and construction demand. For more questions with regards to our impact-resistant polycarbonate product, please message us.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all information you’re looking for about impact resistant polycarbonate sheet.

So, before importing impact resistant polycarbonate sheet, read this guide.

Why Choose Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet?

There are many reasons why you should choose an impact resistant polycarbonate sheet.

 impact resistant polycarbonate

impact resistant polycarbonate

This includes;

Heat Resistance

Unlike other materials, impact resistant polycarbonate sheet can handle high temperature which makes it safe for usage.

Inside the raw materials used in making polycarbonate sheet, an insulation prescriptions are included to ensure best heat insulation effect.

More Efficient Insulation

Its thermal efficiency stabilizes and evens out temperature of a space.

Impact Resistance

It is comparable to Lexan and Hyzod materials.

It has the ability to resist force, shock and fracture over time.

Therefore, it provides safety and comfort in applications that demand high reliability and performance.

Chemical resistant

It is resistant to mineral acids. therefore, it does not corrode easily.

Impact resistance polycarbonate exhibits good chemical resistance against acids and alcohols, however, it is little sensitive to alkalis.

How Does Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet Compare To Acrylic Sheet

Both polycarbonate and acrylic are well known thermoplastic materials.

However, there are some differences between impact resistance polycarbonate materials and acrylic sheets.

 impact resistance polycarbonate sheet

impact resistance polycarbonate sheet

Impact resistant polycarbonate sheet; does not scratch easily. Unlike acrylic sheets, they scratch easily hence require correct maintenance and appropriate cleaning.

Unlike acrylic sheet, impact resistant polycarbonate is heat resistant.it can be used for safety applications such as windows in buses and even cars.

acrylic sheet

acrylic sheet

However acrylic sheet is lighter than impact resistant polycarbonate sheet .it is easy to cut it to size. It also can be transported easily.

Where Can You Use Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets?

Impact resistant polycarbonate sheets can be used widely;

It can be installed in different settings, i.e.;

  • Both indoor and outdoor,

It can be used in indoors where it can be used as a case display for different commodities such as make up and jewelleries.

It can also be used in bars and restaurants for nice food display.

In outdoors it can be used in outdoor swimming pools and even home gardens.

  • In architectural glazing; impact resistant polycarbonate sheets can be used in medical facilities since it provides a glass like clarity that is critical for clinical and diagnostic settings, where visibility of tissues and other body fluids is required.
  • Pop displays and graphic holders; impact resistant polycarbonate sheet mostly is always clear in nature hence its suitable for display cases in shops and Walmart.

How Can You Gauge Performance Characteristics Of Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet?

  • It is chemical resistant; it has the ability to resist corrosion from dilute acids and alcohol. Also, moderate chemical resistance towards oils and greases.
  • Light weight; impact resistant polycarbonate is light hence makes it easy to carry around comfortably during transportation. Also, makes it easier to cut.
  • Protection from uv radiations; it is designed to offer protection from ultraviolent radiations .
  • Toughness; it is called impact resistance since it has the ability to withstand shock and fracture hence providing safety in outdoor applications.

How Does Impact Resistance Of Polycarbonate Sheet Compare To Glass?

Impact resistance polycarbonate is over 200 times stronger than glass. It is tough hence cannot break easily.

glass sheet

glass sheet

It is also lighter than glass hence can be transported easily and moulded easily to any shape desired.

Do Glass Filled Polycarbonate Sheets Have Higher Impact Strength?

Yes, the glass filled Polycarbonate sheets have higher impact strength.

Can You Cut Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet?


Yes, impact resistant polycarbonate sheets can be cut.

The resistant polycarbonate sheets can be cut using the following ways;

Use Of A Circular Saw

The circular is a great tool to use while cutting the sheets especially in the event you need to cut longer and larger lengths of the sheets.

Despite the heat generation from the circular saw, the sheets will always remain safe since they are very insensitive to the generation of heat.

The recommended saw to use while cutting impact resistant polycarbonate sheets should have a standard blade of 250 – 300 millimeters.

Also, the circular saw should have a great working speed of about 4000 revolutions in one minute.

Use Of A Jigsaw

The jigsaw can be also used to cut the sheets; it should move at a medium speed thus allowing it to move gently through the sheet.

All this time, the jigsaw sole should be flat on the impact resistant polycarbonate sheet to improve the cutting accuracy.

Additionally, the piece of sheet should be pressed firmly when cutting it to prevent the down and up movements with saw blade.

Use Of Scissors

Small amounts of the sheets can be cut using the help of scissors.

The impact resistant polycarbonate sheet needs to be held down firmly on a surface that is flat to prevent the movement while cutting.

A right and consistent levels of pressure need to be put in place to enable smooth cutting of the sheet.

Laser Cutting Machine

Thin impact resistant polycarbonate sheets can be cut using the laser machine.

Is Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Scratch Resistant?


To make the impact resistant polycarbonate sheet to be scratch resistant, a coating should be applied.

Some of the ways coatings can be applied on the sheets are;

Flow coating which results into an anti-scratch sheet.

Dip coating which involves immersing the sheet into the anti-scratch coating but it should be at a constant speed.

The sheet should be immersed in the coat at a constant speed and withdrawn at a constant speed.

Speed determines the thickness and uniformity of the anti-scratch coating.

Spin coating, coatings can be spin to apply the anti-scratch substrates on the impact resistant polycarbonate sheet.

A small deposit of the ant scratch substrate should be placed at the material center then the substrate is spinning done at a speed of 3000rpm.

Since there are high speed levels, the centripetal forces makes the substrate to spread to the edges thus leaving a thin film behind.

Roll coating, in this type of coating, rollers are used to do the coating.

The rollers being used controllably release the anti-scratch substrates onto the sheet thus making it become scratch resistant.

Is Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Breakable?

It is so difficult an impact resistant polycarbonate material because of its high levels of impact resistant.

It has a resistance that is 250 times that glass thus making it to be more durable and reliable while using it.

However, the material can only break when subjected to very high levels of pressure above 9500 psi that is difficult to achieve ordinarily.

What Makes Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Safe For Many Applications?

Due to its collective safety features such as heat resistant and retardant flame properties, it is associated in many products.

Are There Limitations Of Impact Resistant Polycarbonate?

Yes, the exist limitations of an impact resistant polycarbonate.

The main limitation of the polycarbonate is that it is not scratch resistant thus it can easily scratch.

Secondly, due to their temperature resistance, they need higher temperatures to process them which makes them to be costly in their processing.

Can You Machine And Fabricate Impact Resistant Polycarbonate?


Yes, impact resistant polycarbonates can be machined and fabricated in the following ways;

Bending Polycarbonate Sheets

Bending is done on polycarbonates to making amazing products.

The bending requires a polycarbonate machine to perform the task, the machine can be a computer controlled one, or one allowing a range for bending options.

There is hot bending and cold bending.

Cutting Polycarbonate Sheet

The polycarbonate can be cut using different ways such as use of the laser machine, circular saw, jig saw and the use of scissors.

Cutting is done when a certain dimension should be achieved.

Milling Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

If sections or parts of the polycarbonate are to be removed, milling is the best option to consider.

A rotary cutter is used to remove the specified particles from the work piece.

Drilling Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Through drilling, particles can be removed from the polycarbonate material.

To accomplish effective drilling, high speed drill bits made of steel should be used which should be controlled at a drill speed of about 350 -1750 rpm.

The polycarbonate material and the driller should be cooled from time to time using water or air.

Joining Polycarbonates

Sometimes, one needs to join the impact resistant polycarbonate materials.

The polycarbonate can be joined by assembling, bonding or welding.

Assembling is done by using fasteners to join various parts of the polycarbonate material together.

Bonding is done by adhesive application on the exact point that needs to be joined.

Welding is also used in the machining and fabrication of polycarbonates.

How Much Force Can Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Panel Withstand?

The impact resistant polycarbonate panel is able to withstand large volumes of pressure which are about 9500 psi.

That is the amount of pressure the panels can handle before permanent breakage or deformation.

How Does Solid And Multiwall Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet Compare?

In terms of resistance, the multiwall impact polycarbonate sheet has a higher resistance than the solid polycarbonate.

This is because the multiwall has several polycarbonate layers which increases the resistance strength as compared to the solid polycarbonate.

multiwall impact resistance polycarbonate sheet

multiwall impact resistance polycarbonate sheet

In terms of durability, the multiwall polycarbonate does not lose it durability in fluctuating temperatures as compared to the solid polycarbonate.

Is Impact Resistant Polycarbonate UV Resistant?

Impact resistant polycarbonate is not UV resistant.

The polycarbonate being hit by UV rays, it leads to photo degradation that impacts material breakdown leading to loss of toughness and yellowing.

To restrain the polycarbonate from degrading, UV protecting surface should be applied to both sides of the polycarbonate.

Applying a UV surface hinders UV rays from affecting the polycarbonate thus enhancing its strength, clarity and durability.

Can You Apply Other Coating On Impact Resistant Polycarbonate?


The coatings that can be applied include the following;

Anti-fog Coating

By applying the anti-fog coating, fogging problems which are likely going to occur on the sheets are done away with.

The anti-fog coating contains hydrophilic agents that reduce surface tension and give a well clear vision when humidity and temperature changes.

Changing levels of humidity and temperatures causes droplets of water to form on the surfaces which brings diffraction and refraction that hinders visibility.

Anti-fog coating is important since it has the ability to spread water droplets into a single clear layer thus enabling a visibility on the surface.

Anti-Scratch Coating

An anti-scratch coating should be applied onto the surface of an impact resistant polycarbonate sheet to hard it and make it scratch resistant.

Best anti-scratch coatings are diamond coatings that can be used to increase durability and strength in environments that are harsh.

Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Coating

Having the sheets coated by hydrophobic coating prevents any fogging characteristics while hydrophilic coatings improves chemical resistance to organic solvents.

Anti-Reflective Coating

This is a thin multilayer coating that can eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of the impact resistant polycarbonate sheet.

Anti-Glare Coating

This type of coating is used in the instances when there is high levels of light transmissions which causes the impairment of vision.

The coating has a major function of preventing any possibility of a reflection from the impact resistant polycarbonate sheet.

Anti-Static Coating

The coating has a function of denying static charges that tend to build up onto surfaces of the sheet hence enabling a clear visibility.

The coating is easier to use and clean thus saving time and labor.

Photochromic Coating

Applying this type of coat onto the impact resistant polycarbonate sheet, due to its properties, it is able to adjust according to the light intensities.

Is Impact Resistant Polycarbonate The Strongest Plastic?


Yes, impact resistant polycarbonate is among the strongest plastics.

The material is around more 250 times stronger than the ordinary glass and it is also harder than acrylic with about 30 times harder.

The impact resistant polycarbonate has the following characteristics and advantages that makes it to be among the strongest plastics;

They offer a higher transmission of light of about 82 -86 %.

In high temperatures, it has high rigidity making it less likely to being affected by higher temperatures.

The electrical properties of the polycarbonate is excellent compared to other types.

The polycarbonate can be treated using UV resistant coating.

It is built in frame retardancy.

How Can You Produce Parts Using Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Material?

The following are some of the ways parts can be produced using the impact resistant polycarbonate materials.

Injection Molding

Impact resistant polycarbonate material have a higher level of viscosity thus making it get processed at higher temperatures to reduce levels of viscosity.

The result polymer is then pressed into a mold that contains higher levels of pressure.

The mold is left to cool which that gives the molten polymer the desired characteristics and shape.


The melted polymer is passed through some sought of made cavity that aids in the bringing of a desired shape.

When the melted polymer is left to cool, a desired shape is achieved.


This is a process where the polycarbonate material is heated to softening point.

The softened material is then stretched on a mold then altered and left to cool.

On cooling, a desired shape of the mold is achieved.

To achieve the best desired shape, it can be through mechanical forming, vacuum forming and pressure forming.

What Makes Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Highly Impact Resistant?

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are highly impact resistant since they are several layers of polycarbonates.

Basically, they are a sandwich of several polycarbonate layers which can be two layers, three layered and even more.

When the number of layers increase, the strength qualities also increase making it to be highly impact resistant.

Therefore, multiwall polycarbonate multiwall sheet design makes it to be of highly impact resistance sine the material structure is strengthened.

At WeProFab, we give you high quality impact resistant polycarbonate sheets.

Contact us today for all your impact resistant polycarbonate sheets.

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